AWD #271: Checking Up and Checking Out
AWD #271: Checking Up and Checking Out
Summary: Medical staff and wounded converse about recent events.
Date: 04/Oct/2013
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Battlestar Orion - Deck 3 - Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
Wed 05/Oct/2005 (IC Date)

Sickbay, and indeed the entire medical area onboard is busy, as it has been since they jumped into Picon space a week ago. Most incoming wounded are marines, although there's a few aircrew in there too, as well as other member of ships crew with non-combat related injuries. Toby is stil under orders to check in twice a day to have his hand examined and right now he's sat out of the way by the entry hatch, waiting for his doctor, or indeed anyone, to be free to take a look. The injured hand itself is resting on his chest, held there by a foam figure-of-eight sling that there more to keep it from getting bashed around then becuase it actually needs support.

Had it already been a week? Jena has kept so busy that the time seemed to just fly by. Currently she has just finished changing the bandage on a particularly nasty wound on a Marine's face. Shrapnel was a bitch. Her smile she wears is friendly, polite. "You'll be out of here in no time, Olsen. Trust me." At least her bedside manner isn't as brusque as some of the others. Leaving the bedside, she walks over and washes her hands, applies hand sanitizer and looks around with that, 'Next' look. Upon seeing Toby, her smile warms considerably and she walks over. "Hey Crewman." Back in full form, not using his name, "Like me to do that bandage change for you?"

Toby glances up towards Jena as he hears her call to him, he'd utterly missed her heading over so there's a momentary look of faint surprise on his face before he's pushing himself upright to follow where she leads. "Sure," he replies briefly as he turns back to grab the book he'd been utterly failing to read and slip it into the pocket of his sweats, "not sure if Dr Walker will want a look at it as well though or not, but he seems to have his hands full for now."

When he follows her, Jena leads him over to one of the unused beds, ushering him up and on it if he will go. "Finding interesting reading?" So she had seen the book he had pocketed, but it was a passing glance. While she awaits him to climb up on the table/bed thing, she begins getting the items ready. "I could leave Doc Walker a note, or actually, just note it on your chart."

Not seemingly bothered about sitting on the edge of the bed, Toby shifts himself up there and uses his left hand to rub at his face and chin a moment before shaking his head. "I'm sure there's a load of good stuff in there, but it's all way over my head." Slipping his wrist out of the sling he presents his hand for inspection, he doesn't know the medical protocal about dealing with someone else's patient so he'll just let Jena do as she things best.

Studying him as he rubs his face, Jena keeps the sympathy in check. Usually people didn't go for that. So with her usual gentle bedside manner, she reaches for his hand. "Way over your head?" Her lips curve as she works on tenderly removing the old bandage, careful for any areas that stick to the wound. When it's off, she tosses the old one in the red trash can. Cradling his hand, she looks over the wound, biting her lip. "It's.. not healing the fastest it could heal. You're not overdoing it are you?" Looking from his hand to his eyes now while continuing to hold his injured hand.

Toby nods once, slowly, in confirmation and it's a couple of moments later when it twigs that she might actually he making conversation, or after a bit more information. "Yeah," he starts, looking at Jena and not his hand, "I think it's more for those with specalised knowledge, not an introductory thing. Most of the words make sense individualy but I'm not making heads nor tails of it so far." There's a distinct lack of enthusiasm in his tone there, which doesn't improve when she gives her verdict on his hand. "No, or at least I don't think so. I'm barely using it, bar the exercises I was given."

"Ah, I see," Jena assures, cleansing the wound first off. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for the mediocre news he was given, the encouraging smile she gives him is genuine enough. "Yeah, just try not using it at all until the skin isn't broken anymore. Once that's healed up you can do the exercises." Time for the antibiotic. Applying it, she concentrates on the task at hand, deftly treating him for the wound.

Kelsey is up and at 'em. She's leaning on a cane and dressed in her blues, shuffling down the rows of exam beds. Looking little worse for wear, she makes her way down the line with a bottle of painkillers in her free hand before she see's Toby. Hopalong Wescott hobbles that direction and gives him a weak smile. "Sorry about that, Tobes." She gestures the cane at his hand. "Thought my Raptor might be a bit more of a bunker than it actually was." At least there isn't too much weight put on the cane in her hand.

Toby tightens his jaw a fraction as the medic sets to work, it's still painfull by the looks of things, but not enough for there to be any form of verbal acknowledgement. He's nodding his understanding of Jena's instructions when Kelsey's voice distracts him and he glances over to watch her progress. "Plenty of room if you want to take the weight of it," he offers with a faint smile, given he's only perched on the edge of a bed while the PJ works, "don't worry about it though, I mean, it's not as if there aren't plenty others who came of worse." Kelsey herself included in that of course.

Jena can change a bandage in seconds when she has to, but at the moment there is no immediate rush so she continues taking her time. Once the antibiotic is on, the bandage comes next. She attempts to be gentle after seeing his reaction, the pain he was still in. Her lips slant into a half smile. "You know, last night in the fitness center I was speaking with a Corpsman. He told me I was babying the Marines too much." Wrapping the remainder of the gauze, she gets to the punchline. "He told me if I continued, I'd have them lining up and bitching at me about gangrene and concussions." Her smile widens as she hears the Pilot. Just as she finishes the bandage, she turns and smiles, a warmth in her eyes. "And how are you feeling?" Of course her eyes drift down, taking in the cane, the way she carries herself. The pain meds. "Don't go overdoing it…"

Kelsey shakes her head. "Thanks. The Doc said I need to walk on this leg so it heals properly. I should be back on flight rotation in a couple days, though, if I keep listening to the Doctors." She shakes her head. "Yanno its amazing how much faster you can heal up if you just shut the hell up and listen to their directions. Its like they've studied anatomy and physiology or something." She makes a 'Who Knew??' gesture. "So. I remember you killing a few toasters. How'd it feel to shred some cans, Tobes?" Squire is all but waggling her brows at him. Its good to get off the Deck and kill things, right?? Looking back to Jena, Kelsey shrugs. "I feel foggy-headed and happy but I think that's likely the fabulous drugs you all have. But nah, I'm going to play easy for a day or so. The leg is stiff, I think I just need to walk on it. I want to get back in the fight but I know better. That shot almost killed me. Unless I want to die anyway, I gotta relax. Can't kill canners if I'm dead, now can I?"

Toby grins faintly at Kelsey's comment regarding Docs, "that so? Might have to try it sometime then, see if it's any better than pigheaded stubborness." Jena's joke though, that he fails to get, but he does recognise it as such and offer her a smiliar smile as thanks for her efforts. Hand apparently finished with he brings it back into his chest and shrugs once to the pilot before finally offering, "good. Could have done without the rest of it but a change is as good as a break or so someone, somewhere once said. I'm not sure Picon likes me though, not the first time things have got hairy there for me." He stops there though, lifting his good hand to rub his face again rather than elaborating.

Lifting her gaze once more, Jena nods somewhat hesitantly. "You almost died just a few days ago, just remember that. Even the Crewman here is still having trouble with his hand, so.. just be careful and don't overdo it okay? I know you want to get back out there, but don't push yourself too hard." Says a person who is always pushing herself too hard. Do as I say not as I do. Now that she's finished with Toby, she nods towards the sling. "Not to contradict your doctors orders, but you may not want to depend on one of those too long. Your arm is fine, it's the hand that's hurt. If you sling it too long the whole arm will get lazy and you'll have to work on more than just the muscles in your hand when it heals."

"Toby, darling, you're Tauran. Being stubborn is pretty much genetic." She grins happily at him, though. "Hey, Picon doesn't agree with me either and I was born there. Shot down and ejected once, then I take you out for some joyriding and we both get shot. That sucks. BUT! You got the taste I was hoping for. I'd love to get you out there again when you have the time. But next time? No getting shot." Sagenod. Looking back to Jena she shrugs. "I'm not running any races. I'll even use my cane as directed, probably even beat a few people with it." Its just how Kelsey rolls. "But I'll be good. Promise. Just don't blame me that you all fixed me so fast. Got nobody to blame but your damned selves." MmmmmHMMMMMM.

"It's just for the hallways and such," Toby replies to Jena, "so it doesn't get banged or bashed as people pass. I'll be careful though, keep it off when I can." As if to prove that he lets his hand rest on his lap, rather than easing it back through the wrist loop. Kelsey gets a nod to indicate her point about his hertiage, then he fills in a bit of his own Picon history. "Ended up down there for two months after War Day before they shipped me here. I know you did you best an' all but that ain't the cloest this planets been to killing me." With Jena apparently finished with him medically he slips off the bed and back onto his own two feet. "Don't fly into a hail of bullets then," he retorts to Kelsey, tone light for a moment before it drops serious again and he asks, "those marines, you remember them? They really as young as they looked?"

Jena can't help but chuckle at that imagery. "Beating people with your cane. I can just imagine someone coming into sickbay with that complaint." With a look of chagrin, she watches as he leaves his hand out of the sling. "I don't mean to contradict the doctor, honestly I don't.. I just want you to get better." When Toby stands, she tears off the paper covering from the bed and rolls down new, unabashedly listening to their conversation.

"Ew. Yeah, Picon is a bad place to get stuck on the ground. Course, then again, I'm not sure there are many good places left. Even Caprica is still occupied. I guess its just pick your environment. Fear on Cap, War on Aerilon and Picon, Isolation on Aquaria, Prison on Leonis… goes on." Kelsey shakes her head, glancing to the Doctor with a smirk. "Injuries are good for the soul. Reminds us we can get hurt and gives us an excuse to take drugs." Nodnod. But Toby's last question gets a slow nod. "Yeah. Most of the resistance fighters on Picon are orphans. At 13 you can sign up to carry a rifle. Younger if you can complete a march. We tried to pull some out and relocate them here." Squire shakes her head slowly. "They won't leave. Parents are dead? No home? They don't have much left. There's concern what's going to happen in a few weeks if we can clean the toasters off."

"I know," Toby replies to Jena with a slight nod, "besides, you can always just blame me for being stubborn, as she says," a tilt of his head towards Kelsey, "it's most likely genetic anyway." Moving half a pace or so away to give her room to reset the bed for the next patient he gives the pilot what could almost be a fond smile of recallection. "13 eh?" he echos, "we counted that as of-age on Tauron as well, when a boy became a man." Then more solomnly, "been a long time since I've seen rifles in the hands of those that young, long time." He takes a long, hard look at the pilot for a moment then judges, "before you were even born I reckon," then he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, "but anyway, back to the present. Either of you hazard a guess as to what's for lunch?"

Jena once again chuckles at the pilot. "Drugs are good, and Pilots aren't invincible as much as they sometimes think they are." After cleaning up from her morning shift, she stretches. "I think I'm going to go find food.. ahh a nice hot meal would just about hit the spot I think." They are few and far between for just about everyone now with the invasion. "I'll see you both later."

Kelsey nods slowly. "That's probably true. I'm twenty-one. You were probably already older than thirteen when I was born. But yeah, nobody on Picon is innocent anymore. I think that after this war your people and my people have some kinship. Maybe the Taurans can find a home on Picon. Help each other adjust." There's something sincere about it, an innocent and hopeful thought from someone that, despite everything else, still has youth to them. No idea about lunch, though. She waves to Jena. "Thanks. But I just try and not crash anymore Raptors. Two is enough." She's crashed more, but they weren't totally. Toby does -not- have to mention that fact, though.

Leightner enters Sickbay, looking about idily rubbing the knuckles of his right hand with his left. Long strides take him to the front desk, where he signs in, reporting in for duty. Straightening, he looks at the duty schedule, nodding, "B an' B." Mostly spoken to himself as he turns, making for the equipment cabinets and instrument station. Of course, the first things are always first, and that means, it's scrubbing time.

"Twenty one?" Toby repeats shaking his head slowly, "now I fell old." Then in a lighter tone, "thanks for that Sir." The comment about shared kinship has him thinking for a moment but then he confesses, " honestly, I'm not thinking about afterwards yet. I figure we get this done and see what's left. Might be we can find more planets like Pireas, start a new Tauron, a new Gemmanon and so on." He shrugs again, "I dunno. Maybe Minos will be livable again one day, it's not home, but it's the closest thing." He can sense that his thoughts are starting to get bogged down into the 'never going home' spiral though so he makes a move to shift the conversation to something else, "was talking to a couple of your ECOs yesterday, bright bunch. I tell you, between you making me feel old and them making me feel stupid I can't wait to get back to actual work."

Just about to leave the sickbay and find food in the mess hall, "Sounds like a good idea, not to crash them," Jena inputs with good natured banter. "Pilots are too hard to come by." Passing Leightner when he arrives, she smiles. "Good seeing you again, Corpsman." But quickly after, she's stepping back out.

Kelsey watches Leightner come into the medbay and she stamps her cane gently before looking back at Toby. "Hey, I do what I can to make people feel old. If it makes you feel better, I'm going to probably be working with an ECO coming up the pipe who won't be twenty-one for a few months." She leans a little on the cane, lazily testing it. "Well whatever works, Tobes. I'll just be glad if we can win something back. I'm super proud of Picon but we have a long way to go." the mention of ECO's, though, has her quirk. "The Bears? Yeah, they're pretty ridic. I originally wanted to be one. Turns out I'm better at flying and you seriously need to have actual college time to do that stuff. I opened a training manual once and was lost by the end of the first chapter."

Leightner elbows the sink on, and taking the brush and soap starts scrubbing his hands down in the practiced, efficient technique of Medical workers. He listens to the room talk, speculating on the future, and he glances over as his hands seem to continue scrubbing themselves without his watching. At JEnas greeting he nods, "PO." Oh, Virgonese accent. Very thick. He looks back to the others discussing. He inclines his head politely as he rinses his hands, and shakes them dry as he moves to a small device, looks like a Microwave oven with a safe door on front. He checks it over and opens the front, beginning to load instruments in it.

"I think I've met her," Toby replies as Kelsey mentions the nugget ECO, "she was one of the ones I was talking with. I swear to you, she started talking and I was lost in seconds. I'm hoping a load of it was technical jargon because I got about one word in four if I'm being generous to myself." Reaching into his pocket to draw out the book he'd pocked earlier, a text on electromagnetic field theory, he adds, "I've been trying to read up, see if I can get my head round it and I think I'm even more lost now that I was yesterday." Spotting Leightner he gives the man a brief nod, not recognising him but knowin genough to realise that by his scrubbing he must be a medic of some flavour.

Kelsey listens but seems surprised. "No kidding. I gave her an orientation flight a little like yours. Less doorgunning, more sitting in the back and praying. She got back to the hangar at Anvil and got her helmet off and puked -everywhere-. It was completely awesome. Luckily the knuckledraggers at Anvil had a hose for the interior of the Raptor." She just grins, but seeing the book her brow raises. "You'll probably have as much luck with that as I would. I know nothing about fields. EM is something I leave to the ECO's, normally. I just drive the flying tank and bomb things." And get shot in the leg and almost die. Her eyes settle on the Corpsman, though, watching him for a moment.

Leightner continues loading the device, scalpel handles and forceps sliding into place in the interior racks, with a quick neatness born of repitition. He closes the door and twists a knob, a small red light coming on as he moves to take a tray and begins assembling instruments on the tray, in a careful prescribed format. IT's obvious. He then covers the instruments with a cloth and takes the tray, moving to the treatment area, next to the pair conversing. He nods to them as he passes, and stops closeby to rack the instrument tray in the ready position.

Pocketing the book again, Toby then raises an eyebrow to Kelsey, "more sitting in the back and praying? You considered just going the whole hog and getting a shrine put in there?" Tapping the book through his pocket he adds, "I'm starting to think I might just have to 'fess up and admit that she was talking well above my head, going to go hit the library again at somepoint point first though, see if I can see an idiots guide or something at least so I know what a couple of the terms that came up mean." As the corpsman approaches he moves a little to enure that he's not in the way, or about to knock anything then watches the man's preparations for a minute.

"Look, people just like to pray in the Raptors." Or maybe its just her Raptors. "I can't do anything about it. Shakes seems perfectly happy back there. The only thing she ever prays to in the back is her big console. She calls it Bitchcakes and keeps it sated by using the keyboard furiously." Kelsey says this all matter of factly. "But best of luck with that. I need to get on out of here and see about letting the CAG know that I'm officially gimped until Sunday, then I'm back in the air. And I'm dragging you up there with me, Tobes." She pokes his boot with her cane. "See ya down there!" She seems a little too pleased. …How many of those pills did she take?

Leightner lifts his brows as he listens to the promises of Raptor riding. The tray gets slotted where it can be gotten to directly and he moves on, heading AWAY from drugged Raptor pilots throwing rides at people. He tries to make good his escape to the.. Instruments again. Well, no masterful escape here. He starts loading another tray, and continues.

Toby glances down to his boot as it's so cruelly assaulted, then back up to Kelsey, one eyebrow raised half in question, half in amusement. Lifing his right hand with it's crisp new white banade he then glances round to the various medics around, "guess that depends on what they say," he states with a shrug, although he's certainly hoping that it'll be in a fit state again by then or he's likely go nuts with the enforced inactivity. "Good luck with that," he states, with regard to the CAG, "I think that I myself am off for an early lunch, before the crowds hit." Leightner's escape is noted, clever man.

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