PWD #07: Charlie's Run aka 'Frak Me'
Charlie's Run aka 'Frak Me'
Summary: Thank you Petra, for the title. A night out for…a healthy portion of the crew at Checkpoint Charlie's. Dancing! Drinking! Fights!
Date: 28/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's — Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
Fri Dec 28

It's New Years! Rumor has it, Checkpoint Charlie had planned for this New Years since he restocked during the anchorage, and even cut a deal with the deck crew to help make a still. The result is that the drinks are abundant and, most importantly for the liver health of the people on Piraeus, free if they go for well drinks from the still. Snacks are equally abundant and on the house. The place isn't decorated particularly nicely, but then again, judging by the amount of alcohol laying around, that's not needed.

One of the first arrivals is an dark-eyed young man in his early 30's with short, curly hair sitting at the bar, munching on nachos. He's dressed in dark civvies, a v-neck pull-over and leather pants, making rank and branch impossible to garner. More especially since Sebastian has kept an extremely low profile since coming aboard.

Kelsey would kick down the door if she had any right to do so. But like Noble told her, 'Just act like you belong here, dawg' so she does. She pushes through, takes off her jacket, and slings it onto a hanger. Black Skort, check. Tight blouse, unbuttoned, check. Cowgirl shitkickers? Doublechecked and certified. Kelsey heads into the bar and takes up a position to the side to watch the festivities. For now. …With a Diet Soda.

A few arrangements to make sure he DIDN'T get stuck with Watch Duty, and Petra made for the bus quickly before anyone could say 'but wait!', resulting in a humorous almost-collision with a pilot on the deck. But by the time he makes it down to Checkpoint Charlies, Petra's even holding the door open for Cassie and snickering under his breath, "I dont think I should be the designated driver for anything on this planet, so yes, I might be drinking."

Apparently, Sera and Madeline didn't get the memo about the lack of fancy decor. In fact, it looks like that memo got delivered to a whole different colony, after getting wrinkled, stomped on, and soaked in the rain. The two women arrive arm-in-arm, snickering about some inside joke or another, and looking like they must be all dolled up under their coats. No girl goes to the trouble of wearin' shoes like that and killer eye-makeup just to slouch around in her sweatpants. "Seriously? It just, like, clips on or somethin'? Or it combs? Please tell it's not combs."

The pilot Petra met up with on the way to the party is actually dressed up although it's probably safe to assume Cassie borrowed the outfit she's wearing. Cassie's entirely way more comfortable in sweats than a skirt, after all. As she passes Marc on the way in she gives him a quick glance when he mentions drinking, her eyes going wide. "Does that mean I can get you drunk and take you back to the ship…" The suggestive joke ends there, however. Cassie pauses and looks around, staying close to her 'date'. "Shall we?"

Where there's drinking, there will be pilots. Phin wanders in with a group of them. He's dressed down in civvies, but they're the same 'Friday at a college bar' civvies he tends to wear when out and about, so they aren't terribly special. "So does this place have like a real bartender?" he asks one of the other Viper jocks he's with. He has not logged much time at the Checkpoint yet.

Simon Noble? Yeah, he's been down here for hours. After the trek to the Living Quarters to set up his lodging for the night to try to arrange for some sort of privacy, provided the night ends well for the man, he's greased enough palms with favors and beef jerky to be ready for a night of festivities. In the corner of the room, the tall marine sticks out like a sore thumb at a table of enlisted marines, each of them in the process of playing a game of quarters.

All of the sudden, the loud boom of voices going OOHHH all at the samt time erupts from the corner of the room, and Noble starts laughing with the others and slapping them high-fives. The last one, a black-skinned male, hands over a pair of drink vouchers to Noble and the two do a bro-fisted shoulder hug. Noble, with new drink vouchers in hand, heads towards the bar with a little strutter in his walk. "You don't…frak….with me." He says under his breath, counting his earnings. "Bartender! Beer me."

A glance is given to Kelsey and her diet soda. Sebastian then flashes a rather charming grin, given his almost dour expression, and leans forward to talk to Charlie, nodding towards her.

The result is that a drink is brought out to her. "Likes your boots, wants to buy you an ice tea." Kelsey is told by the man that delivers the drink to her, with a nod towards Sebastian. Who gives her an airy salute. Meanwhile, a beer is pulled out and slid down the bar towards Noble.

For a month, Madeline was down in the medbay recovering from appendicitis. She finally gets back to duty and she gets insulted, mistreated, looked down at snubbed, and otherwise treated like dirt by a bunch of men that feel that the best way to impress a girl is to try to smack them with their man meats and drag them to a corner to unf. She tried to hide her past celebritydom for the most part. Not went around, flaunting it. Instead, she gets called out on it. Constantly. "It's more like a little rounded stub." Madeline confines as to Sera as they walk in and she starts to unbutton and untie her coat. "It rubs against his tip and then bounces against your clit and it's just sooooo frakking good." Yes, they are discussin that type of jewelry.

So tonight? Frak it. Madeline decides to go tits out. Removing the jacket she wore down to the surface to keep her warm, the young redhead steps up, and smiles, as the light reflects off of the multiple jewels that decorate her barely covered body. She's a starlet. She's a shining ruby. And if you insulted her, YOU CAN SUCK IT. She is Madeline FRAKKING Price-Cervantes, and YOU ARE NOT, WORM.

Flicking her red hair over her shoulder, she smiles brilliantly, that row of top white teeth chewing down on her lower lip as she scans the crowd. "First round's on me." she tells Sera as she waits for the other woman to remove her jacket so they can head to the bar. "Three cosmos. One for me, one for her." She gestures to Sera. "And tell her.." she points to Kelsey. "That it's tropical fruit juice." she smiles and makes sure to add an extra 20 cubits for the bartender to keep their secret.

"As much as I imagine you'd like to string me up for asking such a thing," Ward begins as he approaches the Bartender, a sheepish grin on his face, "Could I get a glass of water?" As he waits for his drink, he fishes a cigar from his breast pocket, bites the end off and unceremoniously lights it. A big, wafting cloud of fumarella smoke hanging about his head like a storm front.

Petra slips in after Cassie and laughs, "I'm a cheap drunk, so I won't push my luck too far. As for the rest, what I dont remember I cant be blamed for later, right?" He grins brightly and glances around the rapidly filling room, stepping in closer to follow her lead to the bar, or, wherever she might have decided to perch.

Kelsey seems totally happy to sit at the table on her own, legs crossed, watching everything. She notes Noble and his success with a wave but it eventually falls to Sebastian. "Oh! Hi, thanks!" She takes the offering and tries it. "Ohgeez, this is GOOD! I havent had iced tea this great in a long time. Thank you!" Addict. She pulls on the straw again and drinks half of it. Annnnnd then a fruit punch is delivered and she looks around. Lordy!

Richard Duke also wanders into Checkpoint Charlie's, he is here with the group of Pilots that just wandered inside the place. He has his hands in his pockets at the moment and he just looks around, trying to see what's going on at the given time. It's amazing how booze can bring people together…booze should be the main drive of world peace. Or not. Regardless if Phin asked him or not, the Major looks at the younger Pilot and then nods to the bar "That's as close as it gets, but they have a lot of things so…go get yourself wasted" And with that, he wanders inside, not leaving his jacket behind, because he loves his frakking jacket, dammit.

Bennett arrives from the Living Complex.

"Ho-Lee-Shit, Kelsey you should have seen what I pulled off just there." Noble starts, nodding upwards to Sebastian as he takes his beer from the bartop. A long, hearty drink is taken before he sets it back down again, replacing the beer with a cigarette to his lips. Scratch-scratch-scrape, and his brass lighter comes to life, lighting the tip of it. "This guy bet me I couldn't go four in a row, which bought this here beer. You want one? I've got vouchers out the a—" Noble starts and then turns, blinking. "Holy shit, is that Madeline and…who the frak is that with her?" He nudges Kelsey. That can't be Sera…

"As long as you're willing to make an honest woman of me in the morning…" A shoulder brushes against the Major's before she leads him on, finding a place fairly close to Kelsey, Ward and the others while leaving Petra a seat to her left. "I wonder how long it's going to be before their tongues start wagging," she asides to her companion. Yes, she's fully expecing people to start talking about how she's with the JTACCO tonight.

Phin approaches the bar. As close as he can get to it. Which has him slotting in somewhere near water-ordering-Ward. He offers a vague, "Hey" to the Raptor pilot. He probably knows the face but not the name, ship-newb that he still very much is. "Can I just get a beer? If you've got any of the Picon locals on tap, that'd be sweet. If not…whatever actually is on tap." He makes some space for Duke while he's ordering. "I guess it keeps people from getting too stir-crazy. It's kind of like a piece of civilization. With booze." Another "Hey" is offered to Cassie, who he legitimately probably does recognize.

Gods help her, Sera starts to blush. It starts somewhere under the boatneck of her dress, then creeps up into her throat, and her cheeks, and her ears. She doesn't look mortified. Not even close. Instead, she starts to laugh, her pearly whites put on display as this bright, happy, decidedly easy laugh starts to pour out of her. "Oh. My. Gods. Madie, I swear, you're worse than me. We have to find Judah. Ten seconds of listenin' to you talk like that and forget his ears burnin' red, he'll probably start blowin' smoke right out of them." It's a prospect which Sera finds immensely funny, as more of that infectious laughter comes rolling on out past her glossed lips.

Sera begins unbuttoning her coat, a plain thing that gives absolutely no warning whatsoever as to the bombshell of a dress that's underneath. (Although really, that might be a a bit generous. It could probably be mistaken for a really, really long shirt.) She drapes it over her arm and gives Madeline a nod of thanks for the cosmo, but a quietly chastising, "That's mean," in reference to Kelsey's drink. "But the girl does need to live a little."

Kelsey shakes her head to Noble with the offer. "Sorry, I don't drink." She proceeds to finish off the LIT. "Gosh that was pretty good! And fruit juice?" She reaches for the Cosmo and holds it up primly. There's a wave to Cassie, too. And Sera. "She looks beautiful, right?" she nudges to Noble. Uh huh.

Sebastian continues to sit on his own at a quiet corner of the bar, watching the new arrivals with amusement in his dark eyes. The ECO just offers Kelsey a sunny smile at the delivery of the tea, and gives Noble a chin-up that's brospeek for something or other.

Petra waits until Cassie's picked a spot, bowing his head a bit at Kelsey and the others at the table while he places a hand on Cassie's shoulder, "Hey there…be right back…" Withthat warning, he alters course to step over to the bar and hold up two fingers, "Two of the wells. What the hell, might as well start out with that." A murmur of thanks escapes him when glasses are returned, then carefully carried back over to the table.

Duke takes the spot that Phin is saving for him and then leans against the bar a little, looking at the different options "I'll have a glass of Whiskey…Scorpia if you have it" Yep, he might be familiar and all with that drink. Now, he clears his throat and looks around for a little bit, spotting some familiar faces and some not so familiar faces…also, spotting a lot of his pilots. Well, let them enjoy themselves, that is what he thinks at this particular time. Now, he extends one arm to the left to take one of the unattended peanut bowls and sets it between Phin and himself.

"If I would have told her what it really was, she'd gone all 'But I'm a mommy' on us." Madeline confines in her friend as she sucks down on her cosmo like a pro, and then she notices… PHIN at the bar. The young pilot gets an utterly bright grin. 'Watch this.'. she mouths to Sera, and waves to the pilot. Hopefully, once she has Dolly's attention, she sets her hip.

"Hey Phin, the dres needs to be washed in delicate.. but you don't have to worry about underwear with this one." She totally just lets the implication hang in the air that she made as she turns back to her drink. "My sister does shit like that all the time." she admits to Sera. "She looks almost like me, excpet five years younger. She even made a frakking sex tape to use our similiar looks for some extra cubits. Bitch."

"What? Are you serious, you're still bearing that torch, Kelsey? It's the new year, and you can be a year older. I mean, who's your guy, right? I am. I brought you into this bar and gods-willing I'll carry you out of it." Noble replies to Kelsey, moving to stand with his back to the bar. Of course, that still can't be Sera next to Madeline by the door, right? He stands up on his tippy-toes, trying to get his eyes into a better focus. "Bullshit. That's someone else. I think she's in engineering. Besides, Sera and Madeline don't hang out, because they're both frakking pissed at me and they'd never gang up. That would be wrong of them. Don't get me started." Noble turns his back to the rest of the room and resumes enjoying his cigarette.

Bennett steps into Charlie's sporting a somewhat familiar outfit — seeing as there are only so many one can count towards personal allowance — and a pack of smokes already wiggled out of her pocket. Blue eyes scan the faces at the bar, and the tables arranged nearby, taking note of several familiar ones as she hunts for a likely spot to interject herself.

Cassie waves to those who notice and greet her, her eyes positively agleam. No, she doesn't party often but she seems to be in her element if how she seems so much at ease is any indication. "Hey, Phin. Kelsey. What are you up to, huh?" Thankfully for her she has no clue that people are lying to her about the drinks they're giving her otherwise she might have to get pissed. Ward is given a smile when the Raptor flyboy's watched, his choice in drinks the cause of it. And then it's the waiting. Hopefully the bar isn't so busy that they are made to have to wait for the booze.

"'ey," says Ward to Phin with a nod of his head, moving his cigar from his mouth for a moment as he clears his throat, "Nice turnout, eh?" He takes another puff off the cigar, blowing a billowing cloud up into the air to add to the murk and mire. Then, his manners are remembered and he leans on his elbow to offer a hand to the other man along with his name, "Greyson." To Cassie he simply smirks, nodding his head as if to say 'Yes, it is water. Shame on me.'

"I bear my torches. And stuff." Kelsey blinks to herself and looks at the drink. Then back to her fruit punch. She slings an arm up onto Noble's shoulder from behind and sorta hangs there. "Nope, that's Rooti. She looks pretty hot, right? She tried to get me to dress up but I said NO." Kelsey slides her drink out, nearly sloshing the fruit punch/cosmo. "Wow. I think I'm dehydrated." She she proceeds to drink half the punch. Fingers get waggled at Cassie. "This fruit punch is FANTASTIC!" Yep. She's already tipsy. How much goes into an LIT? Yeah.

And the cause of Kelsey's intoxication sits as innocent as a saint in his corner of the bar, feet propped up on the seat beside him as he watches the crowd with dark, dark eyes, munching on nachos.

The cosmo she's offered gets plucked off the bar, balanced carefully in Sera's (for once) manicured hands. No grey-stained fingernails tonight. They're fire engine red, to match those boots of hers. "Totally fair," she mumbles in regards to Kelsey, to whom she raises her glass. Fruit juice, indeed. There's even a reassuring smile to accompany it, shot towards the younger deckhand. It looks like now that Sera's paired up with Madeline, they're out to be total witches tonight.

"She did?," Sera asks, brows shooting up. "If I were you, I'd cut off her allowance. I mean, rich girls on Caprica. They totally survive off those, right? Like, allowances, and ten-cubit lattes, bleached hair, and bottled air, the way I hear it. My little sister, she's down on Virgon, goin' to school. Looks an awful lot like me. If she went and made a tape, I don't think anybody'd care save me and my mama, both of whom would smack her silly and drag her to confession down at the Temple of Hestia, for goin' and doin' somethin' like that. I mean, and gettin' caught, anyway."

Petra settles into his seat and slides one of the two glasses with him over in front of Cassie, while eyeing Kelsey with amusement, "Some people starting a little earlier than others, I see. Gonna make it to midnight, my dear?" He does, at least, grin and nod his head at Noble, "Hey there…don't think I've had a chance to run into you yet?"

Phin calls back to Madeline, "I don't have to worry about it at all, because underwear wasn't part of the deal." He supplies no context to that for the bar at large. Then realizes this, clears his throat awkwardly, and mutters a "Thanks" to the bartender when his beer is delivered. He sort of sheepishly returns Kelsey's grin, and manages a low "Hey" and return wave. He clears his throat again, before replying to Ward and reaching out to shake his hand, "Uh, Phin. McBride. I just got assigned to the Lucky Strikes. You fly with the Ghosts, yeah? I think I've seen you around, but there are still a bunch of pilots I haven't met."

Scoprian Whiskey for Duke it is. The man gets his glass just at the moment in which Madeline says those things to Phin. He looks at her, then looks at Phin, back her and back to the young Viper Pilot. The man chuckles with amusement and says "Doing people's laundry?" He nods his head to this and then takes a sip from his whiskey, licking his lips afterwards and taking some peanuts.

"No. That's not Sera. That's N—shit that's Sera. What the frak?" Noble leans in against Kelsey as she puts an arm on his shoulder, using his height and weight difference for support. "She looks, yeah…hot an-AAaaaaand she's with Madeline. I'm dead. Frakkin great." Noble gripes, plucking the cigarette from his lip in time to see Petra giving him a nod. "Hey man! Corporal Noble, CMC I've seen you around. Don't tell me you're one of those deck two pukes eh?" He laughs, throwing on a little bit of smarm to ward off his nervosa of seeing Sera with Madeline.

"Nooooooooooooooooobes!" A dark haired girl, filthy drunk, steps up and throws her arms around his neck and gives him a long, sweaty kiss. She laughs, pulls away, and ruffles his hair before she goes dancing back into the crowd.

"Err…" Noble blinks, reaching for his beer. "…well looks like Anna made it."

Oh yes, Noble, it is your worse nightmare. The two killer witches have teamed up and become BFFs. Madeline tips back her cosmo to sip down some more, and giggles at Phin's response, before she returns her attention to Sera. "No shit, right? I think my mom gives her an allowance. And she keeps asking me what roles I turn down so that she can try to audition. Whatever." Madeline smirks, and hmms. She taps her fingers on the bar, and ohs. "Give me three Caprican mudslides, same order as the last. Maybe she'll think it's a melted milkshake." she says with a glance towards Noble and Kelsey. "…are we going to stop them if they go to make out?" she asks Sera finally.

Spotting what seems to be a gaggle of officers over at one of the side tables, Bennett fishes out a smoke, tucks it between her lips, and sashays on over without so much as a hint of wobble on those heels. "Having a good time yet?" she enquires of Phin, leaning a hip against the table and digging about for her lighter. Ward gets a bright-eyed smile. "I don't think we've officially met. Who's your good looking friend, McBride?"

"MAJOR RADS!" Kelsey blurts at Petra. She still doesn't know his name. "Wow, no, I'll totally make it to midnight. Why wouldn't I?" She sips at the drink again and spots Phin's reply wave. She wags her hand at him and stares for a few seconds too long. But she looks back at Noble and nods a few times. "Yep. You're in trouble. Here, actually.. don't burn yourself." She plucks the smoke from his hand and takes it to smoke herself. She looks entirely too content with it. Its pulled on for a moment before she exhales and takes a drink.

The Major's return means Cassie can start playing catch up with all those people who have been here before them and she does with gusto. A good half of her drink is drained while everybody chatters around her, the potent homemade swill going straight to her head almost immediately. Bad thing about not really being one who drinks often - you get buzzed quickly. The kiss Noble gets from the girl gets her to laugh and hurriedly put her drink down, her face scrunched. "Oh fraaak," she says while leaning in against Petra who actually gets a kiss to his cheek if he allows it. "Thanks for getting the drink, Marc." And now she looks from face to face, trying to figure out what's going on. Maddie and Sera are seen and she waves. "Hey, girls." Wow. Lots of people.

Sebastian continues to chill in his quiet little corner, content to watch the party come to life around him. Like any good artist, he's only deftly manipulating events around him by slipping something strong to someone not drinking. Hi Kelsey! Like the tea? Have another! But for the most part, he's content to watch.

Petra pauses for a moment as his brain tries to figure out the 'major rads' nomiker, with with a roll of one shoulder, apparently gives up and just grins at Kelsey, then watches Noble get mobbed by an enthusiastic Anna. With a laugh, he nods, "Why yes, unfortunately, I'm one of those Deck 2 pukes. Marcus. Good to meet you…and sounds like you're a pretty popular guy." The kiss on his cheek from Cassie is taken with a little surprise, but he turns a grin on her and murmurs, "You're very welcome. Keep that up and I'll get the next round too." FINALLY, he takes a drink from his own glass. Almost forgot about it!

"No I'm not in trouble, Kelsey. I'm just…kind of going to need to hide sooner or later. Oh and not that I'm your dad or anything but when did you frakking start smoking, and at what frakking point did smoking become okay but drinking didn't?" Noble sidelongs to Kelsey, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he leans out and steals another peek at Madeline and Sera. All but rubbing at his eyes to make sure he hasn't been roofied with some kind of Gemenese beer goggle potion, he frowns and shakes his head. "You see, Kelsey??? This is the bullshit women do. nng! Beer." He shakes his head, bringing his beer back to his lips.

"Cassie! Hey! I didn't know you knew this guy!" Noble laughs, pointing to Petra, but then the word major catches up to him. "Major?" He asks Petra, eyes lifted. "You're a Major? No shit? You play beer pong, man? And naw, I'm not popular. They just think I'm Jameson when they're drunk."

"Yes," Sera says vehemently. "Noble can frak whoever he likes, then haul his fat ass down to medbay to get another round of antibiotics. Except Kelsey, because she's a sweet kid and, quite frankly, I'm sure she can do better than that. Last thing that girl needs in her life is a that man dumpin' whatever his frakked up 'needs' are on her." There's a roll of those pretty browns as Sera polishes off the last of her first drink. Cassie? Cassie receives a smile and a nod. Unmet, she doesn't have much to say on the subject, it seems. There's no way she missed her kissing that man on the cheek, though. Not a chance. Her sharp eyes convey that much. There's a nudge to Madeline's side. Check it out! Officers making nice.

"Yeah, that's us," Ward says to Phin with a nod, his usually posh accent giving way to something a lot less so. He offers a smile to Bennett in return, fetching his own lighter and holding it out for her as he speaks, "You tease, Butch. You're gonna make me blush."

Phin lets out a "Heh," and nods to Duke. "Yeah. The lance corporal and I had a bet, and I lost." He adds quickly, "Nothing inappropriate, sir, my word. I'm not even going to wash her underwear." Ahem. "We figured betting for cubits between officers and enlisted wasn't really a good idea, so I'm going to be taking her laundry duty for a month. Hey, Captain." The last to Bennett. "Oh, this is…Grayson?" A gesture to Ward. He thinks he got that right. He is at the bar, where several other people also are.

Kelsey just watches Sera and Madeline while Noble speaks. "Drinking? I don't drink. Im just.. The air is thin. I need this to help me focus. smoking used to help me a long time ago. Hush. Don't hate." Kels hangs on him heavily. "Women do NOTHING. You're just.. guilty. Or something. Go this punch is amazing." She sips at it once more.

Bennett abandons the search for her own zippo, and shifts so that her elbows are resting on the bar, with her chin in her cupped palms. Ward's mission, if he accepts, is to light her smoke — still tucked between her artfully painted lips — for her. The captain waggles her brows at him, and mumbles around the cig to Phin, "I'm not even going to ask, McBride."

Duke just smiles and laughs softly "You don't have to explain anything to me, McBride…a bet is a bet…" he shrugs casually at this and then he moves his attention to Bennett who just made quite the entrance. "Is that how you greet people, Captain?" says the man, showing a faint smile. He takes a sip from his whiskey and then leans his back against the bar, looking around at all the peeps. And…Kelsey seems to be drunk? That's….unexpected. Still, his attention goes back to the group of Pilots and he looks at Ward now "Ward, how are you doing?"

"I'm not hatin' Kelso. I'm not hatin. Smoke your ass away." Noble replies to Kelsey, pulling out a fresh cigarette to light. Clapping the lighter shut, he turns to the bartender, who hands him a shot and points towards a table where the drunk brunette, Anna, just went. Taking the shot, Noble salutes Anna with it with a beaming grin, and tosses the shot back. Feeling a bit more weight on his shoulder, he wraps an arm around Kelsey and looks to her glass of punch. "Hey, you okay there, Tiger?"

Petra oh nos and shakes his head at Noble, "You kidding me? I'd never finish the game. Probably pass out on the table. It'd probably be amusing as hell before that happened though." Kelsey's comment earns a smirk and a slow shake of his head, "No, no. Women are dangerous creatures. You must watch your step and your words around them, before they gang up and attack." A sage nod follows this statement, before Petra's drink is attacked again, sucking down a good part of it, "Hey, there's food tonight, right?"

Madeline nods her agreement to Sera's advice, and watches the officers make nice. "Awww, that's sweet." she lets out a little breath and fights off the urge to be a little depressed and instead digs around in her pocket book. She forgoes her usual Military issued pay script and goes directly into her slush fun. She waves the bartender over and slips him the chit.

"I want ever drink that has the word frak in it. Frak on the Beach, Frak Machine, Wild Frak, Hot Frak, Tauron Frak, Frakkin' Aphrodite. Any of them. Make them up if you need to." She reaches around the counter and pulls out a dusty copy of the drinker's digest. "Look in here, see if there's any other damn recipes. If I'm not going to get it up my va-jay-jay, I'll swallow it instead."

Ward's name is over-heard and Cassie leans over, offering him a hand. "Hey. Am Cassie Pitera. It's nice to meet you," she introduces herself with a smile, all manners and friendliness. All of it real. So into giving him her name that she misses Sera noticing the kiss she gave Marc and her trying to get Maddie's attention as well as his reaction to the gesture. "Hmm. This swill isn't half bad, is it," she asks of no one in particular, her eyes a little unfocused. "Hey Noble! What the hell… what is this stuff," she asks the Marine while holding her glass up, fully expecting him to be able to answer her. "Kelsey… oh, hey Duke, sir! How's it going." More and more faces are noticed and she reaches over, trying to poke at Phin. "How's the girlfriend?"

Noble points at Petra, nodding vehemently. "See, Kelsey, man knows his shit. Women use poison. Men use clubs." Noble adds, tilting his head back towards the corner of the room. "Bigass food tray back there man. I don't know what's in the drinks. We're all screwed as far as I'm concerned. Whatevs."

"Danged right, Simon!" Kelsey sings happily. She sways the drink, cigarette bouncing between her lips. The stick is plucked from her lips and she ashes on the floor and her boot. She takes a sip and looks up at Noble with a big grin. "Totally rad, Sime. I haven't been this relaxed in, like, years. Feels fantastic." She grips at his shoulder. "Hey, do you work out? I bet I know some ladies that would love a guy who does. So many jerks."

"Looking to have a properly good time," Ward says in reply to Duke, offering a toothy grin as he lights the cigarette in Bennett's mouth and then tucks the lighter away in his pocket once again, "Yourself?" While he waits for a response, he nods his head at Butch and shakes Cassie's offered hand, "Yeah. Greyson Ward." He takes a stealthy sip of his water before he deposits the glass back down behind his back.

Slipping in from the soul sucking cold that is Piraeus, Afton shakes off a flake or two of snow that has managed to live past the door. Fingers rake through her hair and she tugs off that military issue coat. She's wearing a pair of jeans and that pink corset top from Saturnalia. Wardrobe is limited out here. She slings her coat over one arm and noticing the chaos brewing, her eyes widen as she catches the sight of more than a few inebriated people. She heads for the bar, slipping her way through the bodies, "Damn, I hope there's something left."

Lennox arrives from the Living Complex.

Sebastian's dark eyes continue to scan the crowd, perhaps to pick out any familiar faces. Unable to do so, Booboo instead goes back to watching the drunks play. His own glass of rum and carbonated caramel soda are drunk like water. The benefit of a hollow leg, yo.

Duke turns his attention to Cassie and nods to her, showing a smile "Cassie…." now, he shakes his head and he offers "No need to use the Sir, we are all off-duty" Now, he takes a deep breath and says "Doing quite alright, how about yourself?" Then, his attention moves towards Ward and he nods to him "Doing as good as one can be given the situation" The situation being, there's a lot of booze around and a lot of people…so he's probably doing alright.

One brow arches sharply at Madeline ordering a drink list like that. Hell, if they're going to be there awile, she might as well ditch her coat and grab a seat. She hopes up onto a barestool, then promptly crosses her legs and leans back against the bar, propped up on her elbows as she surveys the room. "Honey, I am goin' to be carryin' you back to the Raptor tonight. That, or we're goin' to sleep in a snow-drift just outside the door." Her face splits into a chesire grin that suggests, really, she wouldn't much mind a night like that — not this week.

Bennett holds up a hand to Duke, one expertly manicured finger raised in a 'just a moment' gesture. Yes, she just told the CAG to wait a sec. Once her smoke's lit, she takes a long first pull from it that hollows her cheeks slightly, then smiles and gives him a little shoulder bump. "I could give you a better greeting, Bumper, but I don't think it'd be appropriate until we've both had a few moonshines. And I, unfortunately, don't drink." She plucks at his sleeve gently. "Love the jacket, though. There's something about a man in leather.."

"What?" Noble raises his voice, leaning in so that he can hear Kelsey. Feeling the squeeze at his arm, he finally understands what she just said and gives off a laugh. "Yeah, yeah I work my ass off. You know that cartoon in the newspapers about that girl that's always complaining about the fact that she can't fit into the right dress because she's addicted to cup cakes and never has the right boyfriend? Yeah. That shit ain't me. My ass is jogging every morning and everything I eat comes from the mess. That shit's naaaasty, especially that square pizza." Noble laughs, offering to tap glasses with her. Again, he steals a careful glance towards Sera and Madeline, perhaps accidentally making eye contact in the process.

Phin blinks up at Cassie. "The who? Umm…the ex one is back on Leonis." He sips at his beer. He is nursing his own drinkage, for his part. Though he seems pleased enough with it. "I think this actually is a Picon micro-brew. Sweet. Though I guess if you've got to resupply from Fleet Headquarters, those'd be easier to get than some."

Lola trundles in from outside, all bundled up in a wool coat, stubby cigarette hanging from her lips, all but smoked to its last breath. She's barely inside when she strips off a warm wool coat, and tosses it to the floor out of the way. Under it: black camisole, jean shorts, high heels. Nada mas.

"What are you talking about? You're sharing them with me!" Madeline points out so diplomatically to Sera as the poor bartender gets to work on the drinks. Vodka and Schanpps and Tauron Cream and Melon Liquer, and Grand Aquarian, and rum and good gods, he is going to use every bottle in the joint to fufill the redhead songstress' order. "And when I'm done.. when we're done, we're gonna sing a duet, then yeah, totally go to sleep in a snow drift!" she agrees. "We can make it a giant frakking snowcone!"

Duke arches one eyebrow as he sees how Bennett give him the 'just a moment' and just smiles at this. When she bumps his shoulder, he leans in a little to hear what she says and then chuckles, nodding his head "Isn't that always the case, Captain" Then, he looks at his jacket and nods again, smiling "Well thank you, Captain St. Clair" Now, he takes a deep breath and drinks some more of his whiskey, licking his lips before nodding his head and offering to Bennett "You look rather striking, Captain…it's nice to see people in civvie clothes, makes you think of home and all"

Kelsey hangs on Noble, nodding as she smokes. "Yeah? Well good. Someone as lazy as you needs to know how to run from zombies. But you got it." Yep, Kelsey is drunk. Blame Sebastian. She sips the glass again. "Square pizza is nasty. Hey, you should go talk to Sera. Tell her how hot she is. I would, but I'm holding you up and I need to go find some other Marine to hit on." She nods slowly, eyes surveying the crowd.

Petra grins at Noble's comment and shakes his head, "I dont know that eating what the mess puts out is always a good thing. Somedays you wonder." He eyes Kelsey's state of, well, /relaxation/ but doesn't add more, instead taking another drink and eyeing Cassie's glass, then getting distracted by Sera and Madeline's outfits for a moment. Offering his glass up in some semblance of a salute to the two, he calls out, "Evening to both of you. Clearly I underdressed for the party."

Lola finishes off her cigarette with one final, mighty drag, plucks it from her mouth, and grinds it into the nearest empty rocks glass. Mostly empty rocks glass. Hey, who's counting?

Ward takes the moments between conversations to drink from his glass of water, polishing it off and turning back around only to find too many people at the bar to actually get an immediate refill. Instead, he half turns and rests a hand on the counter so that the bartender knows to stop at him when they're down this way again. For now, however, he just stands there puffing on the cigar and tapping ash into an ashtray.

"Donies!," Sera cries over the din, holding out a slender hand towards Madeline. It's been balled up into a fist, obviously for fist-bumping. Because they're totally boilin' hot chicks, but that doesn't mean they can't be brows, too. "I'll even burn the pictures of you stumblin' around with my panties on your head before the paparazzi gets 'em, bein' as you oh-so-elegantly ain't wearin' any." There's a brow wiggle. It's lewd, and suggestive, and accompanied by a laugh. And Sera isn't even drunk yet. What happened to Rutlii, the deckhand who's made exactly one mistake in her life, ever? Where'd that girl go. "First, though… First… we've got to go rescue Kelsey. She promised me a dance, for one thing, and for another, I think if we don't strap on our chutes and dive in soon, she's goin' to get bored to death by officers. Or Noble tryin' to convince her he has abs."

Working herself some room, Afton leans into the bar, lifting on her toes to wave her arm up towards the bartender. "Here!" She calls down, not at all shy by throwing a little cleavage to get what she wants. She waggles her fingers then and settles into leaning on her elbows. "Here we go, a couple of shots to start then night then something a bit more smooth to sip at. Looks like I got some catching up to do." A glance back around has her catching sight of Sera and a grin spreads to her lips. "HEY KNUCKLE DRAGGER!!!"

"Ohhhhh no I'm not doing that." Simon Noble replies to Kelsey, lowering his shoulder just enough so that she can free her from his shoulder. When Petra goes to talk to Sera and Madeline, he points. "See? They're busy. I'll…tell Sera she looks hot later." Noble hees and then slips away from Kelsey, heading with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other towards the gaming tables. As he goes, Anna Kvetsky, the ex-girlfriend from the first eighteen months, walks over and throws an arm around him. The two talk on his way to the tables, and once again she slaps a kiss on his lips, ruffles his hair, and heads off.

"Alright, who wants to get circumcised with a ping pong ball!" Noble calls on during a particularly awkward lull in the music. A couple of off-duty marines start hurling obscenities towards him, and the games begin. Noble…has effectively dodged Sera and Madeline for the first time this evening.

"Oh honey, I saw those panties, I'll totally make sure to take them off with my teeth!" Madeline responds, fistbumping Sera as she grabs a couple of shots and lifts from her seat and glances over. "Where's Kelsey?" she asks. Did she just forget. "Oh, hey Cassssssiie!" She offers to Cassie, and hands her a shot of Frak Something or Other. "Happy frakking new year. Anyone else want a free shot of my frakking?!"

Petra just might have to play a little catchup as that first drink of Cassie's gone after a couple more swallows, the dreges of which gets her to shudder. Must be where all the booze settled. "Crap," she grunts before sucking in a breath, air hisssing as she sucks it in between clenched teeth. "Marc, what all are we drinking, anyhow?" So not smart, asking what someone's drinking after the fact but she was too excited over being here to remember that little fact. Empty glass put down, she looks around again, watching Sera and Madeline in particular for a few before she turns her attention to Kelsey. "You're alright, right," she asks, sounding a bit concerned. Might be a bit difficult to tell she's worried however as she's already slurring her words a tiny bit.

Bennett chuckles, toying with her cigarette between her thumb and forefinger while Duke speaks. "I look rather striking, do I," she repeats. "Well, thank you. Sir." She reaches past him to ash out her smoke in an empty dish. "Excuse me a moment, though, I'm going to go mingle a little." Knuckles touched to Duke's shoulder briefly, she smiles to Phin and Wade, and pushes off the bar before strolling away.

"Pass." Sebastian tells Madeline dryly, accent Canceroni as he continues to sip on his drink like it's water. The ECO continues to lounge casually on his corner of the bar, watching strangers make absolute fools out of themselves.

When offered the small glass Cassie balks at first, not wanting to drink anything too mysterious and unknown. The indecision lingers for a few seconds before she shrugs and raises a toast, mumbling something in Sagittaran just before the drink is downed. Whoo!

Ygraine arrives from the Living Complex.

"Coward!" Its shouted above the crowd as a laugh, but Kelsey done laid that down. She watches Noble move off with a grin and she's left swaying by herself while another Marine slowly moves in to chat her up. She looks like a kid in a candy store. Giggity, Momma Gangnam Style. She drinks up the rest of her fruit juice and sets the glass aside, plucking on the smoke. Ah yes, this gentlemen, despite being a jerkfas, looks plenty conversational to her.

For Madeline's edification, Sera makes a point of jiggling some ladybits at her. Which doesn't really do much, as that's basically the one part of Sera's dress that's strayed passed decent and into decidedly conservative. It's perfect timing, as that's when she just so happens to catch Petra's look. And greeting. "Ohh, lords, I just had to do that in front of the JTACCO, didn't I?," she swears under her breath, before painting a pretty smile across her face.

"Hey, Major," Sera drawls out to Petra. "I wouldn't worry about it, if I were you. I mean, I think you look just fine as it is. Dressed to the nines? I don't think you've got the legs to pull of a party dress — no offense." Ohh, well. If it's already out there, might as well roll with it, right?

Petra grins at Cassie's question, "No frakking clue. Not exactly what I'd call 'smooth', is it?" He knocks back the rest of his glass and makes a swipe for hers and Kelsey's empties as he rises up to his feet, a moment of hesitation once upright to maintain that elusive balance when moving quickly, "I'll get something different." So for the moment, he leaves he pilot in the attention of Sera and Madeline while he heads to the bar. Setting all the glasses down and waiting for the bartender, he chuckles at Sera and winks, "Awww, you're saying I couldn't pull off a Size 2? Well, I'd probably be taking people's breaths away for all the wrong reasons…"

Madeline blushes too. The hard drinks may be pounding home, but she has some resources left, as she offers Petra a shotglass in his hands. "This is Aphrodite's frakking. It's really good." And then to Sera quietly. "Don't worry, Sera." she offers. "You're like me. We barely have anything worth shaking." she winks and then nudges as she sees Afton. "I think someone waaaants you, Sera." she says, pointing to the parajumper.

Duke nods to Bennett and then offers "Go for it, Captain…I'm going to stay here and enjoy this drink" he lifts his glass, adding "Which is going to be my only drink" Because, well, he doesn't drink that much anymore. With that said, he takes a very small sip from his glass, and then leans against the bar again, just looking around. His attention moves to Kelsey and he smiles a little, just shaking his head "Petty Officer Kelsey Wescott….what…are you doing screaming like that?" There is a smile of amusement of course.

Ygraine meanders into Checkpoint Charlie's. How does she already have a bottle of something in her hand? It is a mystery, possibly involving that land side stationed marine she greeted when she first came down and disapeared with for a while. Yep. That's where she's been. Her ears strain, because if there isn't music, there needs to be. They go together like tall girls and miniskirts and vodka.

Lola winds, dodges, coaxes, and elbows her way to the bar, finally. She steals a drink on the way there, and calls out, "Booze me!" Presumably, this is for the bartender's ears. Bystanders will do, however.

Even as she reaches to take her first shot, Afton is knocked into and she grunts, nearly spilling the precious drink. "Frak…calm yourself." she says below her breath and then smirks. Spreading her feet a bit wider in order to stabilize herself and prepare for drunks She downs her second shot then and snaps up her drink, leaving payment before slipping away, twisting out of the mass near the bar so that she can quickly find a place that is a bit more safe - but sadly - further from the alcohol. She eyes th bar again and then notes Sebastian all by himself and away from most of the mess. Right. She starts that way and slips closer.

Bennett is just in the process of turning and wading away from the bar as Petra heads over for refills. As luck would have it, the captain isn't quite watching where she's going, and pretty much walks right into the JTACCO. Quick reflexes are all that keep her from going down like a cheap hooker. "Shit-" Cue her realisation who it is. "-I mean, sorry, sir. Pardon me." A quick grin. "Those all for you?"

Augie arrives from the Living Complex.

"Look…I'm not saying that you're a chickenfrakker. I'm saying that you look like you come from a long line of chickenfrakkers. I mean look at you, all beady eyed n' shi—-" Noble yells across the loud table towards the marine he's starting playing beer pong with. The ball ker-plunks into the man's cup and he raises a fist, pounding it against the knuckles of a mocha-skinned deck-hand girl next to him. He points across the table to the Aerilonian that he was just calling a chicken-frakker. "Drink that shit. This is my house tonight, man."

Left all alone. At least there is the promise of more to drink to help soothe poor Cassie and her injured feelings. Openly ogling Marc when he makes his way to get more for them to get frakked up on, it's fairly obvious that she is admiring the view of the Major's aft section. "Anyhow," she murmurs once sitting upright. "How are you guys," she asks Maddie and Sera, trying very hard not to blush when she sees how forward the two act periodically. Definitely not in the mood to be caught blushing tonight.

Kelsey waves a hand happily at Duke. "I'm just having some juices and teas! Very delicious!" She grins at him before looking back up at the Marine she's talking to. Oh yes, he's got the eyes. She isn't shy about touching his arm, either. Ohhhhhyez.

Scooting along the edge of the crowd is a cowboy hat. Augie's back and down on the planet, and carrying his guitar. But instead of attempting to mingle in with the crowd, he gets terrified of the whole redhead patrol down here and passes on by, heading towards the officer's club. But he makes it a point to swing by Bennett as he passes through.

"Honey," Sera says with unabashed and entirely false bravado, accompanied by a lopsided grin. "Everybody wants me in this dress. Except the ones that want you." She shifts in her seat, before lifting a hand, waving Afton over to where Madeline has collected an alarming number of poured drinks. Petra gets a sidelong glance, half-concealed by her sleeve draping down between them while she flags the pararescue jumper down. "I'd say your at least a Size 4, Major, but you can make up for it if you shake it. Speakin' of which, if you're goin' to keep starin' like that, I'm goin' to make you dance with me. And Madeline. And Afton. And Kelsey, too." She scoots over to make room for Cassie, promptly adding, "And this young lady, whose name I don't yet know. She needs a dance, too, and it would only be //gentlemanly for you to oblige."

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Another series of cries boom out from the beer pong tables. Boom goes the dynamite.

Petra already had one glass on an empty stomach, so wasn't paying a whole lot of attention…and then Madeline is blushing and offering him a shot, riiight before he collides into Bennett and almost drops the glasses, swearing under his breath as a quick juggling match manages to prevent any glass breaking. All of the empties are set down before he shoots Bennett a smirk, "No, no. Just refilling the table. Good to see you here, Captain…" Madeline's offer is taken with a lifted brow, and a murmur, "Does it make you feel like you ARE frakking her? Cause that would be pretty damned incredible…" and while the bartender works on the refills, he simply slams the shot back.

Mingle? Frak that noise. Sebastian finishes his drink and is forced to make his way into the crowd from the safety of the sidelines to get a refill of his drink. His lanky, short frame manages to slip through the drunks effortless, until his leather panted self is at the bar, and he's ordering an LIT for himself.

There is music? Huzzah, there is music! Bottle in hand, Yggy with bottle in hand, heads for the dance floor, or what passes for a dance floor, or no shit she wll start dancing wherever she's standing, by herself, vodka in hand. In a miniskirt and heels that push her well past six feet tall. Milkshake will, presumably, bring all the boys and bitches to the yard.

"You can frak me, Petra. It'd be damn close." Madeline knows the name of the drink and it's dual purpose. She gives him a wink. "It's not frat if you're on top." But she lets Sera drag her on her merry little way.

"Juices and teas…" repeats Duke, just shaking his head at this. Well, she's drunk, that's for sure. With his glass not even halfway done, he makes sure to make that thing last, however, he drinks just a little bit more and then clears his throat again, idly watching the crowd. Oh look, there's a Petra right there.

Phin continues sipping his beer, amidst all the much heavier drinking. He does raise an arm to offer a wave to Lennox and Ygraine, from where he's planted at the bar. He does shift, a little, to keep upwind of Ward's cigar. He is not smoking himself. But it's not something he seems too uncomfortable with, beyond the slight shifting. He covers a grin - or is it a slight wince? - as he watches Duke and Kelsey. He also seems content to fly-on-wall it a bit.

Beer pong generally means unguarded beer. Lola makes her way that-a-way, finishing off the already stolen drink in hand. Phin's greeted with a smackeroo laid right on his shoulder as she passes by. Drive by kissing! "MWAH."

The flagging down is noted and a smirk curls her lips higher as she notes the group again. She swirls the drink around in her hand and considers waging war with the crowd again. Afton hesitates and then slips over clsoer, lifting a brow and noting Petra drinking. "Major." She says warmly, her lips drawing up a bit more before she looks to Sera and the others. A snort leaves her and she reaches out to try to score one of the drinks already poured. "Room for one more?" She asks, trying tp spy a chair. She catches the tail end of what Madeline has to say and laughs.

How long as Ari 'Janitor' Cole been here? Hard to say, as he emerges from the bathroom, still fiddling with the web belt that keeps his cargo pants up. Festive bloke, this one, getting all fancy in his…standard reg off-duties. Glancing up at the sheer volume of the room, he notices the population has increased ten fold since the time he went in there. AWKWARD. "Frak me sideways with a chainsaw."

Nope, nothing dropped, nothing broken. Bennett grins and starts to say something to Petra when someone in a cowboy hat brushes past for a drive-by grab. That could only be.. yes, it's definitely Augie. The presence of whom almost, but not quite, distracts her from what just came out of Madeline's mouth. "What are you doing out of sick—" But the Engineering officer is already ducking into the Officer's Lounge, and the pilot purses her lips slightly as she debates whether to pursue or not.

Kelsey, sans a new drink from anyone else, is handed one by the Marine and she takes it with a grin. It gets a quick sip. She lifts it to cheers Duke in the air and Petra too. She's looking totally infatuated with this guy. And that may not be a good thing.

"Phinny! Phinny! Come dance with me! I promise not to stick my tongue down your throat! Lolo, c'mon, come dance! It's just like back on Caprica!" Ygraine shakes the booty, shakes the booty, dancing with herseh-elf.

Noble, momentarily distracted by the sudden emergence of Ygraine on the dance floor, pauses to watch for a moment while his Aerilonian opponent bounces a ball into one of his cups. Again, a large call of oooOOOhh! sounds from the pong tables. Fishing out the ball, Noble downs the cup of beer and sets the cup aside, holding up the ball to line up his shot. The entire opposite side of the table launches into a series of tirades, insults, shirts lifted to bare sexy midriffs. Noble shoots….and scores.


"Hey, what's up, Lola." Noble calls out when he sees Lennox nearing, giving her a wave with his cigarette in the air. "Oh, frak, you know I could have killed your ass for that hot chocolate thing. By the way? frakkin NICE, where'd you get those duds, girl?"

Augie leaves, heading toward the Officer's Lounge [OL].

"Messy," is said to Cole as Lola sidles up to the pong, and steals one of the goal cups. Blatantly. Hope nobody spit in that one. "Drinking first!" The ENS yells back to Ygraine. Before she replies to Noble, she chugs the contents of the cup she just liberated.

Petra is all calm and collected, well, that is, until Madeline talks about him frakking her instead. He blinks, reaching for the refills, and looks at Madeline for a moment with one raised brow, chuckling under his breath, "Well now. I need to make more of these parties." He glances around at the other faces while she talks about dancing with them, color creeping into his face, "Ah, can I bring the drinks back and give the young lady I came in with the first dance?" See?? Women hunt in packs.

Madeline frowns a little, looks at Sera. "I guess I'm just not hot enough to be frakked." she smirks, and rolls her eyes with a slurp of another shot. "It's a little sad." she admits as she twirls about next to Cassie. And then turns her attention to Sera. "Will you dance with me?" she lip quivers.

Sebastian happens to be by the restroom when Cole emerges. The Viper pilot's given an once over by the ECO in his leather pants and black v-neck, and then a quick grin. "Way this party's going, don't discount the possibility." He drawls, his accent Canceroni (the san francisco treat!). He eyes Madeline. "Quick. Want to head off the hunting women with a dance? I promise to keep my hands above your belt."

Cassie does not hunt in packs, for what it's worth. She's not some lioness who hangs out with the other lionesses and goes out together to hunt and then get mani-pedis after it's all said and done. She's more like a wolf bitch who is goes out alone, all fangs and grrr and stuff when she is on the prowl. "Marc," she shouts, "I am getting thirsty here…" Pausing, she turns to try and keep an eye out for Kelsey but the deckie isn't really in her line of sight and for a moment she worries. Where did that girl run off to?

"The chocolate thing." Lola snorts. "You remember that when the man comes around." She frowns, quite belatedly, staring down into the now empty pong cup. "That tasted like paint thinner and feet." Burrp. "Found my clothes at the bottom of my locker. Didn't smell funny, so I said, hey. Backwater honky tonk chic it is." She waves the cup. "S'have another."

There is a melodramatic siiiiiiiiiigh that pours out of Sera — greatly exaggerated, no doubt, either be the liquor or her own sense of humor. "Fine. It's only polite. But if you're usin' that as an excuse to get on out of here, Major, I should warn you — we've caught your scent. We'll come find you. Ever seen a pack of lionesses take down a gazelle? It ain't pretty."

Phin cannot miss being called 'Phinny!' repeatedly. Not that he really wants to. Even if he's not exactly putting himself out there, he doesn't hesitate to hop off his bar stool, take a final swig of his beer, and jog out to join Ygraine on the dance floor. Such as it is. He is kind of stiff at first, but he's not a bad dancer once he gets going. "Something tells me this is nothing like Caprica. Not that I'd know."

Kelsey gets an arm around her and she gets led off to the officers lounge by the Marine and she looks alllll too happy to get out of the crowded room for the moment.

Kelsey leaves, heading toward the Officer's Lounge [OL].

"Dude that's my…okay well that shit's gonna get refilled." Noble replies to Lola, placing a hand to the small of her back as he leans past her to a tray. Grabbing a few drinks, he plunks them down on the beer table. They don't look like beer. He then grabs the pitcher of beer and refills the emptied beer pong glass to be fair. "Alright, so you gotta help me. I'm avoiding some people tonight, I'm starting to feel it, too. I got an ex around here somewhere tonight." Noble sidelongs to Lola, and then the Aerilonian plunks a ball into another cup.


"Frak it." Noble laughs and retrieves the ball, lines up the shot, and sinks another. Noble's winning, but this game's going to be a long one.

Duke finally finishes that glass of Whiskey he's been working on for a bit and stands up, tilting his head from side to side for a moment. He looks at Petra and starts making his way towards him but then, he focuses on Kelsey being led towards the more private room. The man narrows his eyes a little at this and shifts on that direction. Watch from a distance. Plus…Augie is there, this could mean DOOM.

Duke leaves, heading toward the Officer's Lounge [OL].

Petra grins at Sera and Madeline, "Oh, trust me, you're very frak-worthy." See, stuff like that, he'll pay for later, "And no, no escaping tonight…" With that said, he weaves his way back to his table, sliding the glass of something decidedly more fruity-looking in front of her, while he leans in close to murmur something to the side of her neck, giving her a meaningful look as his butt hits the seat.

Coughing, Afton watches the exchange between the group and shakes her head. The PJ sips at her drink, letting the smooth rum warm her stomach and extremities that had moments before been frozen by the outside chill. Biting her lip, she gives Petra and Madeline a look and then smirks behind a fanning of her fingers. The calls from the beer pong draw her attention, her head tilting back to get a better look and long hair shifting to fall free and dangle over the back of her chair.

Ygraine tilts her head back, and the bottle along with it, and takes a few healthy, robust swigs before espying Phin coming out to join her. "Woo!" she declares happily because OH GODS SHE'S ONE OF THOSE WOO GIRLS, and once he's close enough, she drapes an arm on his shoulder - more of a oh-hey-buddy-let's-jump-around-together-and-call-it-dancing kind of thing. Music, booze, boy, even if he's a platonic, these are a few of Ygraine's favorite things.

"Y'know," Lola begins, waiting as her cup's refilled. "I could help you out, but I'm not sure what there is in it for me, Nobby. Way I hear it, there's a freight train loaded with angry estrogen barreling down on your behind. What did you do?"

"I uh…" Noble starts, leaning in to Lola's ear, whispering something to her. Midway, he cringes.

"The way this party is going, half the crew is going to be sleeping it off in the brig." Ari answers Sebastian in a rather distracted manner, his gaze filtering over the various faces that fill the room. He lifts a hand to scratch at his jawline, fingers finding a bit more scruff than normal. Someone must be down here abusing his twenty four hour pass. "Madness." He shakes his head, eyes trailing Kelsey and a Marine before switching back to the beer pong and booty shaking. Cole finally turns to look at Sebastian, a long gaze drinking in the leather and the offer. "Maybe next time, Sailor. I think in my state, even above the waist is dangerous territory. Damn, everyone looks TASTY." Maybe Cole hasn't eaten in a while.

While the JTACCO is sober enough to still manage a whisper his date for the evening isn't and when she speaks as well Cassie's voice carries a bit further than she intends for it to. "What do you mean by that," she asks while leaning in, her hand nearest him braced against his knee. With no context she is left to guess over what happened and it takes no time at all before her over-active imagination gets the better of her.

"YOU TOUCHED HER WHAT?" Lola yells, mid-confidence from the maligned marine otherwise known as Simon Noble.

"I will totally dance with you," Sera says to Madeline. "And Afton." The latter doesn't even get invited. Sera just snatches ahold of the parajumper's wrists and begins dragging her towards the dance floor. Since all of this was obviously Madeline's idea, clearly, the Marine is going to follow, making a perfect blonde-brunette-redhead trio. They might as well start a girl group. "You keep those seats!!!," Sera calls to the bartender, as though that ever holds any weight. Of course, given the coats and the amount of alcohol Madeline paid for, well….

"No biggie." Sebastian says fatalistically, and nods to the bartender once he gets his attention. "Next drink on me, though, hey? Watch out for the Long Island Ice Teas. They're killer." The ECO sounds not the least bit drunk, as he gives Cole a companionable clasp on the shoulder. He then makes his way over to the beer pong game. Just in time for the shout. He winces.

"VAGINA!" Simon Noble yells out loud, making a completely fake angry look to Lennox. "I touched her VAGINA."

Phin deadpans his "Woo" in a dry way that's probably supposed to be ironic, but he can't help but laugh when he does it. He will boogie and have fun, in spite of himself. He drapes an arm companionably around Ygraine's waist and gives her a turn. "What is that?" He means the bottle, probably. Then Lennox and Noble start screaming entertaining things, and he cranes his neck in their direction.

"Maybe you need more practice if she won't see you again." Lola's reply is much more sedate this time.

Bennett rolls her eyes skyward with a little sigh like 'Gods, what's he getting up to now?', and pushes away from the bar finally to stalk off for the Officer's Lounge. Duke's fled, Petra's with his date, and Phin's off dancing with her sometimes-ECO. Fun just doesn't seem to be in the cards for her tonight. "'scuse me," she mutters, shouldering her way past the lanky, fatigues-clad man practically barring the entrance to the quieter lounge. Oops, was that a little hard? She's irritated.

"I don't know!" Ygraine says, holding out the bottle as the dance to him. "Try it! It's from Aquaria!" At least that's what she thinks. Tall blonde is dancing. The vaginas thing kinda hits her radar, but really, there's booze and dancing and boy, so.

Taking up another ping pong ball, Noble stares downrange at the last cup on the other side. There's a small army of insults again, cat calls, middle fingers, bared brassieres. The red-headed marine laughs and brings the ping-pong ball around to tap it against Lennox's forehead and then throws it. Ka-Boom. The other side of the table throws up their hands and Noble pushes the five remaining cups from his side of the table over to the Aerilonian. "Pay up. Pay up." Noble gives him a middle finger, then turns to Lennox.

Eyes to the dance floor, Noble looks over Lennox for just a moment and then steps closer, lowering his eyes to hers. "Hey, what was up with all that coughing in the Rec the other day? Someone say something that make you uncomfortable?" He asks, shit-eating grin as he offers to tap liquor to hers.

Madeline smirks at Petra. SMIIIIRKS. "You're just saying that. I'm a frakking tiger in the bed. I like the cuffs and the toys and the creams and the oils and all of the frakking bondage and stuff." She says, but no more comes out before Sera drags her into a dance with her and Afton. "I'm gonna write a song. And I'm gonna sing it here. Tonight. Ode to my lonely va-jay-jay."

Lola punches Noble on the shoulder. "If you can't work it, don't touch it. Gimme the pong." She snatches the plastic ping pong ball.

Petra considers for a moment and takes a drink from his glass, before smiling at Cassie, "I'll tell you later, just…trust me on this for now." But then someone's yelling VAGINA over the music, and even through a growing buzz, the Major can make out that much and lift his head to look across the room with a very good 'who the frak was that' expression. Something he finally gives up and shrugs a shoulder on, with a mutter, "Someone starting early, apparently. Dont you save that until after midnight?"

And Afton. Afton is busy watching the exchange by the red headed marine and some blonde. She tilts her head and tries to take note when her wrist is snathced up. Her glass of rum nearly becomes an innocent bystander. Fumbling for a moment as she is dragged to her feet, she cries out. "Wait wait..alcohol abuse!" She cries and then manages to snatch the rim before it falls, spilling half of it over her jeans and her hand. She frowns and then laughs, "Frakkn' hell, Sera. Now I need another drink far sooner than I had hoped." Her glance back to Petra is given and she laughs brightly, shaking her head at him as well. Yep, needs to catch up.

"What, you wanna go, Lennox?" Noble asks, taking another sip from his glass of something that's far stronger than beer.

Sebastian finds a chair to lounge against as he watches Lennox go at the beer pong. "I'll give it a try next." He offers almost diffidently to the marine and the other ECO.

Cole is about to turn down a drink from the man he just turned down a dance from, but before that can get verbalized, he's getting shoulder-checked by an irritated Bennett. He spins both from momentum and to turn on his attacker with a, "What the frak's your problem?" The normal jovial Cole is a little thinned right now, and it takes him a moment to recognize that it's Bennett in his cross-hairs. "…Captain." There.

"Sweetheart," Sera says to Afton, calling out over the music. "Madeline bought half the gods-damn bar. You're drinkin' free tonight, as long as you stick with us, are downin' somethin' with the word 'frak' in it's name, and are willin' to engage in a little light-hearted sing-along. About va-jay-jays, it seems. Lonely ones!" And then, "Hey! Speakin' of, where the frak is Knox? Shouldn't he be here makin' googly eyes at you in the corner or somethin'?" There is pointing at Afton for Madeline's benefit. This, apparently, is the other JTAC's girlfriend.

Lola flicks the pink pong ball in a gentle arc that splashes down in a booze filled cup. The raptor driver points to the ball, points to Noble. "Once again, my point."

Petra perks a brow and listens to Madeline as she gets carted away by Sera, amusement on his face even if that color remains stuck to his cheeks for a little longer. The man is a little lost for a response. 5 Cylons showing up on DRADIS? He's already yelling directions. Cute drunk marine propositioning him in the middle of a party and going into detail? Speechless. Thankfully for him, she gets dragged into a dance, at which point a breath escapes him in a sigh, along with a mutter to Cassie, "I either have had too much, or not enough."

Okay. Some of that was over-heard by Cassie who snorts and roll sher eyes. "Stop making the moves on my boytoy and find one of your own, Cervantes," she half-shouts but while she would like for that to come across as seriously… serious she laughs afterward, too tipsy to really sound too put out upon. "Frak, Major," she whispers while turning slightly in her seat to give him a wry grin. "I never knew you were so popular with the women."

Noble looks from Lola, to Sebastian, to Lola, and then to the cup she's just ker-plunked some pong-ball into. "Hey, man!" Noble speaks up, waving Sebastian over to them. Without being asked, he smacks Lola on the backside and moves over to the now emptied side of the beer pong table and starts pouring a full ten-cup spread. "Alright, let's make this shit interesting. Place some bets. Convict here thinks I don't know how to do this right. Sebastian? Are you a ponger? Got any drink vouchers or c-band you wanna spread?"

"It's the JTAC women's club. Except I'm a JTAC and I'm not taken! Shit." Madeline says, twirling with Afton and Sera. "Oh, is Knox like Hook? I mean, your should totally experiment with Hook, Sera." Madeline points out. "If he's new to all of this, that means you get to mold him in your image.. we'll, your sexual image. I mean, if you want him to bang you from behind, this is the time to teach it!" she points out. The girl has lost the battle with alcohol, and apparently talking about frakking is her idea of increasing morale.

Bennett pivots rather expertly to face Cole, considering the skinny heels her feet are tucked into. Maybe she's about to lay into him for being in her way, but whatever was about to come out of her mouth is forgotten when she sees who it is. "Oh. Cole. Hi." His name isn't even said with that little press of her lips that normally accompanies it. She lifts her hands, palms toward the man in a gesture of supplication. "You know, I think.. I think I'm just going to step outside." Blue eyes flick to the door of the officer's lounge, then away again. "I'm not nearly drunk enough for whatever's going on in there."

"Sure, why not." Sebastian grins, and pulls out some drink vouchers. "I'll give it a shot."

"Nice to meet you," Afton offers to Madeline, "Thanks as well for the free drinks. That is lovely of you." The PJ still has all her faculties and full ability to walk so easily recovers after the dragging. A light laugh escapes her and she looks to Sera. "I..well..I don't know to be honest. I thought he might be down here already. Oh well, I at least have someone to dance with." She admits and grins, hitting the dance floor with the girls and doing a turn, quickly and rolling her hip as she sways her way back down to the floor.

Phin tries Ygraine's bottle. He gets into the spirit of things to do enough for a proper shot, whatever it is, before passing it back. Wince. "Woo." His dancing takes on something that's more akin to hopping around in time with the music, but he does seem to be enjoying himself. "I heard the bar was, like, the first thing they finished on the surface. Well, probably before the super-vital military stuff. Still. Priorities, huh? There's not a bad selection of booze, either."

Lola doesn't even react to the smack on the ass. Stoic. "Convict," she corrects Noble, "Thinks you talk too darn much. You ever heard the phrase a little less conversation, a little more action? This could be the root of your ex problem." She leans against the table.

Petra grins at Cassie and shakes his head, "Neither did I. Maybe I'm spending too much time on Deck 2." Another drink is taken from his glass, and his eyes close for a moment, letting the alcohol and juice settle for a moment. Only then does it register, "Hey…Wescott left?" He opens his eyes, glancing around, then shoots Cassie a curious look, leaning a little against the table and her for the moment.

Ygraine continues dancing, happy as a pig in shit, occasionally leaning on Phin when she feels she's going to teeter or totter because that's what friends are for. "Lolaaaaa, come on!" she calls out, because she's persistent.

Those red cowboy boots were meant for showing off. So are her legs, with a skirt that short. There's a little two step, and then a twirl, before Sera finds the beat and puts her hips into it. Nobody knew they existed under those hideous orange overalls, but there they are. Gods damn. Who taught Sera to shake it like that? She giggles, trying to cover it with her hands. It doesn't do much to cover the blush coloring her cheeks, or that may be alcohol flush starting to settle in. "I'll tell you what, Maddie. Why don't I just set him down to have a nice long talk with you, and we'll see if his brain puddles out onto the floor, first," she says to Madeline, probably loud enough for Afton to hear.

Lola throws a hand up into the air — the universal 'in a few minutes, Grainy!' gesture. She appeases the blonde one by dancing in place, making an offering of booty shakin' for the glory of the raptor squadron. Gotta get some trouncin' on in the beer pong arena first.

There is a subtle grind to Ari's teeth, making the muscle along his jawline pop with the sudden tension. Fighting past some sort of pride or hatred or other strong emotion, he reaches out and touches Bennett's shoulder lightly in an almost protective gesture. "I'll walk you out. Things are getting a little…chaotic."

"Oh, what the frak ever, Convict. I'm not that overtalky guy and you know it." Noble replies, glancing up at her raised finger and then turns his attention to the dance floor. The cigarette dangles from his lips at the utter display of women on tap. Ygraine. Madeline. Sera. Afton. "Lola, don't go out there. Don't go out there, Lola. Don't go out there." Noble says, shaking his head and coughing a small cloud of smoke. He shakes his head and motions for Sebastian to step over to the other side of the beer pong table. "It's like fishing for boners, ain't it, man?"

Still, he catches another look back to the dance floor, shaking his head and chuckling softly at the sight of Sera, dancing in her dress. "Gods damn you, girl." He mumurs and then goes back to pouring beer.

"If you like," isn't the most inviting line a girl's ever given a guy offering to walk her out, but Bennett looks just a little bit stifled by the press of bodies, and possibly in need of some fresh air. Tucking a few wayward strands of dark hair behind her ear, she meets Cole's gaze for a beat or two before weaving her way toward the door.

Music be pumping as soon the drinks will likely continue to do so. The door to the bar opens as another has been either lured in by the promise of booze, or dancing, or something else. Still-another is going to crash on the rocks. Clad down in flannel and denim, Hook, more or less looks like some country poke, than a marine-the only thing giving the sergeant's profession away would likely be the Jacket he's got on, and will soon sling over a free chair, once he's sure of where his cubits are. ONe hand ticks up to scratch at his half ear, before he's making for the bar-first things first. Beer. Then a smoke-followed by dancing. Hopefully with his partner.

"Sure sure. Communication is the first step in a great relationship. I was communications. And so was my husband. Until he had to be a frakking idiot and tried to show off and killed himself." Madeline's facade breaks for just a moment and she hugs her stomach tightly before muttering. "I think I'm gonna be sick." And with that, she starts stumbling towards the door.

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Sebastian squints back at the crowd. "I'm half afraid my junk would fall off with those." Booboo tells Noble dryly, "They look like they'd eat me up and spit out the bones." Pause, "Too much carbs in the bones, don't you know?" He snorts and eyes the pong, watching Lennox toss her ball around.

Lola readies a ping pong ball, flicks it, and bounces it off Noble's head. Dancing while ponging = dangerous business.

"If I'd like…" Cole mutters under his breath, the words sounding like a string of explatives as he follows after Bennett.

Cole leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

There's a sigh and a laugh from Cassie, given to Petra and Petra alone. "You'll have to carry pepper spray or a stun gun or something to heelp all those needy women at bay, Marc." A joke! Mostly. When Kelsey's mentioned she frowns again, her worry welling. "I don't know where she went to," she grumps. "But let me tell you. If I so much as hear anyone talk about having dishonored her in any way… you'll have to come visit me at the brig."

The side of Noble's head jerks and he laughs, turning around quickly to see where the pong ball has gone, only to find that someone's already stepped on it. "Frak." Noble grunts, stubbing out his cigarette and then motioning for Sebastian to take a throw. "Really man? Girls aren't all that much trouble. I mean, they're the worst and the best all in the same." He nods his head towards Sera and Madeline. "See them? They're hatin my ass right now, otherwise I'd be out there."

Kelsey arrives from the Officer's Lounge.

"Oh, shit," Sera says, her face falling. "Maddie!," she calls, shooting Afton an apologetic look before trying to trail after Madeline, ducking this way and that through the crowd, trying to keep sight of her. "Maddie!" There's a string of swear words that come out of the deckhand's mouth, all wasted, all entirely unheard under the noise. Noble's pointing? It's at nothing more than a retreating back, trying to follow her friend towards the bathroom. Or the door. Either one.

Madeline leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

"Drop it in hot water." Lola's probably referring to the ball. She grabs up one of the cups, and starts to bring it to her lips. She pulls a bit of a face. "Hey, Simon? What did you say was in these?"

Phin cranes his neck over in the direction Ygraine is shouting, but mostly he's concentrating on bopping around and half people-watching the crowd. "Seriously, what is that?" he asks of her bottle again. "Did you drink that when you were clubbing on Caprica? Or…whatever it is they do on Caprica."

Augie arrives from the Officer's Lounge.

Augie leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Ward pushes himself away from the bar, grinding out the last of his cigar and leaving it in the ashtray. That done, he offers a brief nod and a half-smile to those near the bar and makes for the door.

Ward leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

"I don't know, the bottle's blank!" Yggy holds it up for Phin's review, but if he makes a grab for it, she'll lift it away and take a swig. Leaning close, she asks, "Oh, Phinny, I am totally like…you're wing man tonight. Who you wanna score with?"

A few steps are taken from the bar, with beer in hand. A chug given, before the pint glass islowered with a quarter left. Blinking the sergeant moves to a small table top held by a couple of marines, and there he slings his jacket, with a nod. 'Gents..' And he turns, catching sight of Noble and some others at the beer pong table. A two fingered salute, before he is catching one slide off towards the bathroom, and there, something-or someone that is all legs, and red. Which leaves him grinning fiercer than he was before. And a stripe of scarlet at his neck-before he's moving out towards the floor-glass left back to guard his coat. A quick grouse of hair, and Jude slides in.

Petra grins at Cassie and shakes his head, "My dear Pilot, I think there's going to be a LINE if anyone does anything unwelcome to the girl. You wont get a CHANCE to get thrown in the brig, most likely." His glass his eyed for a moment, but the wavering in his voice is enough for the man to think twice about killing the second glass off so quickly. Instead he eyes the dancing and quirks a brow at Cassie, "If you have two right feet, I think they'll match my two left feet…"

Sebastian slips away from the crowd, towards the exit door himself.

Noble, with eyes starting to glass over as alcohol fills his veins, wraps a hand around Lennox's slender waist and drops his teeth to her shoulder for a gnaw. "I don't frakkin know, it tastes like ambrosia, maybe some beer in it. I didn't check the pitcher." At the sight of Noble, he lifts his head and gives the man a mock salute, only to find that Sebastian has left the table. "Hey, where'd that frakkin guy go? He put drink vouchers down." Noble murmurs, and then scoops them up before Lennox can. "Score."

Somehow, even in a dress that bright, Sera manages to lose track of Madeline. She brushes her fingers through her bangs, a look of crushing disappointment flashing across her face. And guilt. Mostly guilt. There's no way she's happy about losing sight of her friend. She turns back to look for Afton on the dance floor, then tosses up her hands and makes her way back to the slew of drinks the trio left at the bar, to be guarded by the bartender or poached due his lack of attention. There's a little hop and she's back up on her bartstool, legs crossed once again. Bright red nails slide to her hem, tugging it down as best she can, sitting and waiting for one of her ladies to reappear.

Afton is /still/ on the dancefloor, only moments before left in favor of upset stomachs. She frowns, watching them both take off before she sighs, looks at what is left of the rum in her glass and downs it. She holds up her empty glass to the near vacant dance floor now and feels her foot catch on a wet patch of something. Never ask what that something is. She feels her leg give, twist just a bit and she tanks, slamming into the floor on her hip. Graceful! The PJ takes a moment, blinking as she lets out a laugh sits there, leaning over one knee as she lets the room slow from its spinning.

"I am not drunk en — " Lola's protest is cut off. "Quit droolin' on meeeee." She's dragged over, since Noble never let her go. When he grabs up the drink vouchers, they're still within her frakkin' reach too. Yoink. She snatches those right out of his hand. This is becoming a thing. "You suck at this game."

Despite whatever sweet grace, Jude thinks he has, he totally moves like a Gemenese farm boy should. His rythmn is there, but the moves are terribly antiquated, and likely easily scoffed at. And there's a glance as he moves around them others cutting rugs and the like-eyes catching Afton going down quicker-well Jude wouldn't really have an analogy for that. Still he's moving over to where the woman is leaning, and offers a hand-likely to hoist her up. "Saint Clair." called out, as if to be heard over the music. "You alright?" Hand still there, if she needs a help up.

Madeline arrives from the Living Complex.

"Frakkin fine, dawl. Okay, I'm gonna go get some more drinks. I'm gonna hit the floor and meet up with Milkshake in a second, I'll bring some out to you two, okay?" Noble replies, brushing a hand over Lennox's back in an all-too-friendly manner before he lights the two of them each a cigarette. Giving her one of the two, he turns and heads to the bar. A little too drunk to notice, he slides into the bar next to Sera and leans out to hand a voucher to the bartender. When he leans back to full height, he glances to the side and sees who it is that's beside him.

"Hey." Noble says to Sera, exhaling a cloud of cigarette smoke to the ceiling. It's a cold war hey. They're not supposed to be talking right now. "So…you look frakking awesome."

Cassie nods slowly but doesn't look overly-happy, not when it sounds like she'll have competition when it comes to defending Wescott's honor. Oh well. As long as the end results wind up being the same what difference does it make if it isn't her kicking ass and taking names. And heck, she almost says so but then she's asked to dance, that enough to bring Cassie up short and almost panic. "I suppose we could make a try of it," she whispers, just about sober now. Yikes. Nerves will definitely get rid of a buzz. Getting up, she offers Marc a hand, inviting him to lead her onto the dance floor. Hopefully a slow dance will come on.

"I know," Sera says with a smile. If she looked any more smug at Noble's admittance, not only would she be the cat that ate the canary, she'd have feathers and a bit of blood stuck to the corner of her mouth. She leans over to him, as though to whisper, but that doesn't really work in a place this crowded. "It ain't for you, muffin." There's a flash in her eyes. Yes, Sera went there. Ohhhh, she did. Then she reaches for another glass of liquor that's accumulated under earlier orders and knocks half of it back in one gulp.

Phin laughs, squinting at the blank bottle. "We might go blind. You realize this, don't you?" Not that he sounds too worried. He might've been worried a shot or two from it ago, but not so much now. He almost trips when she mentions getting him laid, just stopping to laugh for a second. "Damn, Yggs. You don't think that'll get super-weird? I mean, if you bang the wrong chick in a supply closet and they end up being all…I don't know. Whatever. It's not like you can just lose their number for eighteen months. We're all traaaapped." He draws it out dramatically.

There's a good chance Lola allowed all of that simply because of the cigarette and incoming drinks. Whatever was in the last cup didn't quite agree with her. Solution? Drink more. "Yeah, yeah." She jams the smoke into her mouth and totters off for the dance floor, three inch heels a bit unsteady. Hey, they're deadly little stilettos. Jabby, jabby. Watch your feet! "Hurry it up!" Now, where's Ygraine and Phin go?

"Oh, shit." Yggy turns, disentangling herself from Phin so she can dance at half speed and ask Afton, "You okay?" She mms absently to Phin, and tosses over her shoulder at him while still dancing, "You worry too much." They're still on the dance floor, and when one song ends and another begins, it's just the rhythm of the bouncing that changes.

Finally coming in out of the cold, Madeline coughs a couple of times and wipes her mouth and recomposes herself as she heads back to the bar "There's a really colorful pile of vomit in a snowpile outside. May want to watch out for it." she murmurs as she settles back in her chair next to Sera. Noble is ignored for the moment. "Soda water." She's not quite ready for round two yet.

"Babies!" Lola announces, finally locating the other dancing ensigns. "I made it!" She grins and joins in the dancing, body just a little behind the beat. Whatever three things she slugged back were strong enough to make it so.

Afton blinks, peering up at the voice directed at her. Green eyes focus on Ygraine and she can not help but laugh again. "Yeah, yeah fine. Going to be sore and I don't have much to show for that yet." A wink is offered and she slowly pushes herself up. Noticing Phin with her, she nods to the young pilot. "Well helloa gain. Enjoying yourselves?" She asks them both, brushing off whatever she landed in from her backend and the only pair of jeans she likely owns.

Petra takes Cassie's offered hand, amusement showing more pronounced on his face when she seems to shift to deer-in-headlights look and get all serious. "I promise to shuffle my feet so I dont step on yours. I think you need them to fly, right?" Once upright, he captures her arm with his to walk her over to the mosh pi…I mean dance floor, eyeing the other squirming and wriggling bodies for a moment, "Oh man I feel old now…"

Out of the Officers Lounge, Kelsey reappears, straightening her tops. Ahem. Hands run over her skort as she looks around with a smirk. Did that Marine leave just before her, loooking pissed? Probably. Ahem. She heads to the bar, hips swaying. "Hey. HEY! Hey, can I get another one of those fruity things?" The bartender stares at her, "A cosmo?" Kelsey stares back. "Whatever. Gimme more. ..Doyou have a smoke?"

The look Noble gives Sera is a complex one. A little confused, a little defensive, and a little bit of how the frak am I supposed to take that, the tall marine frowns to her and reaches out for his drink. He turns his side to Sera without another word, but it's obvious enough by the look on his face that his mood, whatever it was, has been jostled pretty hard. "Right. Whatever." Noble grunts under his breath and turns his head at the sight of another person there. Madeline.

"Hey, Madeline?" Noble calls out, a little drunk and filled to the brim with honesty. "Hey!" He salutes her with his cigarette. "I know what you said in the letter and she?" Noble points to Sera. "She's pissed at me because I'm an asshole too, okay? I just wanted to let you know that the shit I did was because I was trying to get your attention and I was being a frakkin' idiot. I'm sorry." Honesty like this doesn't often come sober. He looks down to Sera, gives her a muted look, and then heads off. "You ladies have a great night."

Taking his drink into his hand, Noble leaves some vouchers behind and heads for the other end of the bar. A dark haired girl, Anna Kvetsky, waves him over to herself and a small group of Engineers.

"Oh, okay, great! Yeah, we're having a great time!" Yggy beams at Afton, and then oh, there's Lola! Ygraine does a little turn in place so she's facing Phin and Lola again. It involves rolling her hips in a they-don't-lie sort of way; farmgirls and their hips, man. One arm gets draped over Phin's shoulder, the other over Convict's. Dance! Dance! Revolution!

With the PJ taken care of, Hook shrugs ever so slightly, before he's making his way over to the bar. Likely to snag a beer or two-before he tries showing everyone how to milk the cow-or is it picking apples? Which ever dance has the most ridiculous arm gestures. Sauntering up, Hook's stealth is only aided by the general noise of the bar. So it should come as no surprise, before the half eared fella, slides in between Sera and Maddie. "Another pale, if you will." called out before he is looking back towards Noble, as he bungles off from the bar, and there's a brief pause-before he is reaching for the next drink passed to him.

"Right." says, Hook, before looking back towards Sera. "Did I just-He's alright?" And a slug of beer to join the rest in his belly.

Duke arrives from the Officer's Lounge.

The moshing or whatever it is that the others are making with has Cassie stopping in her tracks and sigh. "You know, if I break something I can't flight," she whimpers, observing how everyone is bouncing off of each other. Noble is watched and then she shakes her head, turning so she can lean against Petra some while looking up and over his shoulder. "This night's been… intersting."

Young and familiar airfolk, the PJ is a fish out of water and turns about, looking for water. In this case, alcohol. Brushing off the back of her ass again to try to dislodge more of whatever she slipped in, she tries to ignore the fact it might still be there in favor of walking her way confidently back over to the bar after unsuccessfully shaking her business. Spotting Petra with Cassie, she winks at the major and slips across to get herself something to drink, setting the unscathed empty glass of rum down. "Another rum please, straight up." She adds and slides into a seat, helping to hide whatever is painting her backend.

Duke steps outside the officer's lounge and makes his way towards the bar. He takes a seat without paying much attention about who's near him and asks "A glass of water please, with ice" Yep, it seems he's pretty much done with alcohol, even if he just had one glass of whiskey. He takes a deep breath as he waits and then closes his eyes, rubbing his fingers a little against them, perhaps already feeling a little tired? He must be getting old, that's for sure.

A frown hits Madeline's face. That's it. She sets down her drink, and looks at Sera. "Excuse me." And with that, she crosses the floor to where Noble is sitting. Pushing that Engineering ho out of the way, Madeline practically shoves back the rifleman and straddles his lap.

"Look, asshole." She slurs, "You were an asshole to me. And I'm pissed. But if you wanted in my gods damned pants, just try being nice, asshole." Three times in one paragraph. Impressive.

And then she blinks and giggles. "But I'm not wearing pants." she points out to Noble, and leans in and kisses him hard and deep, even forcing in a little tongue. "OWWWWWWWWWW!"

And that's when Anna grabs her by the hair. "Bitch, he's mine!"

And Madeline gets yanked off, and the little Marine takes a swing, "Shut up, rod rider, I called dibs!"

Petra tilts his head a little when Cassie pulls up and talks about not breaking anything, but stops when she does and slips one arm around her waist when she leans. A soft chuckle escapes him, "Well, I think there's going to be a lot of 'not looking at each other' tomorrow, and the infirmary is going to get flushed out of analgesics, so yes…I think this counts as an interesting evening." He gets as far as turning his head to press a kiss to her temple when the screaming starts. Ohboy.

"I don't think so," Sera shouts in response to Hook, too busy with her eyes trailing after Noble to recognize who it is that's talking to her right away. It takes a second for that to sink in, for the familiar voice to register in her slightly sloshed brain. When it does? Well, hot damn if Sera doesn't just light up like a firefly, all smiles and bright and worries washed away.

"Heeeeeeeeeey, sugar," she says, turning towards him. It was gettin' so late, I didn't think you were goin' to come." A beat, and another, as she looks him up and down. "I like the shirt. It looks good on you." Her grin? It's stupid.

Hip action is contagious, you know. Lola grins and throws an arm around Yg's waist and joins the little ensign dance party. She grins at Phin. "Good to see you shakin' it, Doll." She glances over her shoulder to see what's taking Noble so long, but he seems to have disappeared into a gaggle somewheres. Huh. Marines. "Hey, you guys think the mess'd serve up some pancakes this late at ni — er." She just happens to be turned enough to catch the Maddy-Anna show. "Thirty cubits on snack cakes girl to rip out the first chunk of hair."

Phin protests to Ygraine, "I worry just the right amount!" To get in the way of his own fun. "Hey!" That lost hollered to Lennox, as she makes it onto the floor. "What were you talking about with that Marine? It was loud. And…" About vaginas. Not that he repeats that part. Afton is nodded to quickly. "Yeah. This place is cool. There's a way better selection of booze than I expected. But I guess they've got to order it to keep the troops happy."

Lola jerks a thumb over her shoulder, indicating the brujaja to Phin. "That."

Kelsey is totally oblivious to whats happening. The bartender whispers a few things to her, hands her a smoke, and gives her a reassuring nod. She lights the smoke and sighs, watching him pour shots. "I don't drink, hon," she points out. The bartender just shrugs and turns away. "Well, its not drinking if I don't care," Kelsey decides. She takes the first of four and downs it back. NOM! There's only a minor Fas to it. Kels is already reaching for shot Numbah Two!

"Right." Jude says for a moment, before he is looking back to said firefly, all shiny and everything bright. And his own grin seems to beam out bursting through watts a minute. Another sip of his beer, and he leans over to give her a kiss. See, that's what smiles and sugar get you.

"I know. I don't blame you for dancin' or drinkin. Right now I am trying to catch up. Though I do owe Tucks a favor for catching a shift." And with that he is turning his head. His own eyes romaing over the red-an all of it. "My Darlin'." a pause as his teeth shine through with that smile. "You look wonderful, tonight." And it seems he is about to say more-before catching the sudden brawl, that looks like is about to go down. 'Shit, that's your friend right?"

Ygraine looks over. "You know I don't take sure bets, right?" She's still sort of dancing, like her body's in default booty-shake mode. She adds to Phin, "Too much, but you always been a worry wart, Phinny."

Iphigenia arrives from the Officer's Lounge.

Iphigenia leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Noble is about to say something to Madeline in reply, but then her lips are on his. A second later his brain registers what's happening and he laughs his way through a torrid, drunken, tongue-filled kiss that nearly takes his head off when an ex-girlfriend of his intervenes with the rabid love affair. When Madeline is yanked back, Noble raises his glass and starts to stand, doing his best to keep from the drink spilling everywhere.

By the time Madeline is punching his ex girlfriend, Noble starts to wonder what the aftertaste on the kiss was. Was that vomit?. He takes a long pull from the glass of ambrosia and then steps in, trying to bar Madeline from Anna, breaking up the fight the best he can.

"Woah Woah Woah!" Noble calls out, cringing as Madeline's fist connects solidly with the side of Anna's face. Anna goes down. Engineers come up. Noble lashes out to shove one of them back and AMBROSIA GETS EVERYWHERE.

Phin bounce turns toward the brujaja Lennox indicates. Trying to continue to boogie while gawking. "Frak. Girl fight!" He does not exactly sound unhappy about this. "Damn." Then he frowns. "You guys know how to wash blood out of that kind of fabric?" He might need to know.

Duke receives his glass of water and then takes a sip from it, already turning around to look at what's going on there…and…there's a lot going on. Frak that, he's not getting in the middle of that. He looks at Afton now and tilting his head "Afton St. James" says the man, smiling as he nods his head, having remembered the woman's name. They only saw eachother once, and exchanged a couple words at that opportunity but other than that, not so much, no.

Afton can hear the altercation before she even spots it and while she waits for her refill turns to watch the throwdown over the marine. A brow arches quickly up, rising higher as she worries the side of her lip. Madeline, recently met woman gets a look before she whispers beneath her breath and pushes up. "This is going to ruin the fun.." Yes, yes its going to go horribly and the PJ's brows draw down as she looks like she is about to wade in. But its decided for her when the engineers sweep in. The PJ Is there, reaching out to try to pull one back. "BREAK IT UP!"

"Soda water?" Lola hazards, She doesn't halt in the dancing, but she does turn a bit so as to watch the show with her full attention — with the attention not diverted to staying upright and swaying, that is. "Hey! Quit wasting the alcohol!"

"Suck on that, ya piston pumping bitch!" Madeline announces, and when Noble gets in her way, hell, she takes a swing at him too. Because he's a you know what, and he probably totally deserves it. And then Afton is pulling her back, and the young woman squirms and struggles.

"You're supposed to tell me that I look positively indecent," Sera informs Hook as she wraps her arms around his neck and grins up at him. "And then whisper a whole lot of indecent things in my ear." The deckhand is perfectly content to sit there kissing her Marine, it seems, until that catfight breaks it. It's the sort of distraction that not even liquor and lips can distract her from. She snaps her head around, craning her neck so she can try to see what's going on. "Ohhhhhhhh, frak me," she mutters. "Is that Madeline and Noble?"

Kelsey looks over in time to see Madeline lay someone out. Engineers stand up. She pops her brow and grabs the second and third shots. Both are taken rapid fire. "BIIIITCHES!" she yells, pushing off the bar and running. Skort and cowgirl boots lain out like a diver, she tackles in on the nearest guy to Noble and throws him to the ground with elbows flying.

This is why Kelsey doesn't drink.

And yet…Kelsey's fucking drunk.

"Well, I was going to do that anyway." Hook says, albeit a bit distractedly. Cause shit-there's kissing and fighting. Both amazing things in the Padre's book. Another blink as Afton slides in and the other Engineers seem to be moving on Noble. "Ayup." That is the answer Hook gives towards Sera, as one hand drapes down, the other moving to keep the deckhand closer. Eyes drift to his knuckles, as Judah flexes his hand into a fist. "I could go in there." For Noble's sake-right? "It's not a bar brawl.." yet. No need to call the MP's.

SMACK. Madeline's face connects with the side of Noble's face and the red-headed marine stumbles into the small crowd of Engineers. When he realizes who just punched him, the drunk marine starts laughing. "WHAT THE FRAK WAS THAT F—AUGH!" Noble grunts as one of the Engineers throws a fist through the wall of soldier's and catches the side of his ear. "Son of a bitch that was my frakkin' nngg!" Noble lashes out giving the Engineer a hard shove back. The engineer stumbles…stumbles…stumbles…and knocks over a beer pong table.


Moving to back up Afton, Noble offers an arm to Madeline to help her back up, and lowers his eyes to take a look over Anna. Anna's groaning on the floor. She's had one too many. It's the end of the night for her.

Petra watches the ensuing fight escalate and draw in more people, murmuring, "Aaand now we're present for the first big barfight since we got back…I think. Maybe not yet." Cause 'not yet' means he doesn't have to do anything. You know, /YET/. A small smile is turned onto Cassie, "Feel special?"

"We in or out?" Yggy asks Doll and Lola. Though perhaps disapointedly, the magic time may be over.

PJ is only going for the nearest person she can grab and it comes up ginger JTAC. "FRAK!" She growls at the woman and tries to slip her arms around her and drag her back. The squirming does her no good and whatever caused her to slip is likely still with her because her footing is gone ands he slips and slides forward, nearly losing Madeline in such a way that likely will send them into a heap if she doesn't get her footing soon. "HOLD STILL!!" That twisting body slams an elbow to her bottom rib and steals her breath. She's nto had a chance to say hello to Duke, and likely will regret not taking that chance to stay out of the brawl. "COOL YOUR TITS WOMAN!" Then Noble is there trying to help.

Lola just holds onto Ygraine. "I say any more hoohas get involved, we wade in and punch some tits." She gives a little hiccup. "Uhn. My tummy didn't like that mystery pong drink…"

"Ow!" Madeline is ragdolled about by Afton and thrown onto the floor, where Afton comes down on top of her. The woman lays there for a moment. "Hi." she offers, and proceeds to pass out from drinking too much.

"Sugar," Sera says with an alarming amount of calm, considering how close she is to people flipping fraking tables over. "If you feel the urge to go get your knuckles bloodied up, I ain't about to stop you. But I'm tellin' you now, I don't think I can carry you home if it doesn't go your way. You're goin' to have walk out on your own or sleep where you fall." This piece of advice — a warning, really — is accompanied by an arch of both brows. "Go'on now."

Kelsey don't care. Kelsey is drunk. Kelsey is a honeybadger and don't give a frak. People throwin elbows at her girl? You stand up, you go down. The guy she tackles tries to fight her off but she rolls like a schooled cowgirl and throws an elbow into his face to a satisfying crunch. Other Engineers descend ans start grabbing for hair and skort while she doesn't waste time with a fist. Woman knows how to throw a knee and elbow. The guy is already howling.

Phin blinks at Ygraine. Or sort of aside to Ygraine. He's enjoying the spectacle, so he doesn't exactly take his eyes off it. "Damn. She went down like a Scorpian hooker," he winces at the poor floored engineer. He does add quickly, "I don't punch tits." He kind of points to the guy Kelsey tackled, as if to indicate why he has this particular policy.

Lola looks at Ygraine, then Phin. "Punchin' tits is a … yanno… um. Metaphor."

Special? Oh Lords, let count all the ways she feels special (feel free to note the sarcasm in that statement). First Maddie drunkenly hits on the man Cassie's been trying to passively flirt with and then the same person apparently starts a brawl not much longer after she had to rush outside to puke. Oh yes. Cassie feels very special. At least she's not having to fuss over dancing, thank the gods. "Shit, is that Kelsey," she asks while pointing, indicating the little spitfire who is throwing down with the best of them, her brows shot up as she watches. "She's going to not be allowed to fly if she gets into trouble…" Pause. "We are officers. We should do the responsibe thing and stop this, right?" Not that she's exactly moving in fast to do so. She's stymmied as to what she should do.

Madeline … zzzz (Hey, I just enlisted, and this crazy.. I started a brawl, in the middle of a pub crawl…)

At this point, Duke just stares at what's going on and shakes his head. "For frak sakes…one drop of alcohol and everyone turns into a rabid monkey" mutters the man to himself. And of course, he takes his glass of still water (with ice) and drinks from it. FRESH. Now, his attention drifts towards Phin and Ygraine and…well…at least his Pilots are not doing stupid shit, that's something. Another sip from his water. Finally, enough is enough and he turns around, looking at the bartender "Call the MPs…there's some cleaning to do here" Party pooper since 19…something. Now, he wanders over to Petra's table and takes a seat, looking from him, to Cassie, and back to him "Just asked the bartender to call the MPs"

The engineer, furious from being shoved back, rears up and charges at Noble, who in turn steps forward and proceeds to lay the bastard out with a hard right hand to the side of his face. CRACK. The nerd goes stumbling to the side, and that part of Noble that doesn't forget Anna and the months they spent dating urges him to kneel down and wrap an arm under hers, helping her off of the floor. When the Engineers see him helping Anna, they stop attacking Noble, and instead wade into the melee with Kelsey.

Then, from out of nowhere, one of the engineers steps in and cold cocks Afton across the cheek as hard as they can.

It's a ballroom blitz.

Anna in one arm, Noble tries to reach down and get Madeline as well, trying to wade out of the fight, but then someone gives him a hard shove from behind and he stumbles into a row of barstools, nearly dropping Anna in the process.

"Oh come one what the frak!" Noble growls, setting Anna down nicely. He's getting back up to fight.

"Honey.." Hook says softly, before he lets his arm drape from her, turning and looking back, even as sone engineer goes slip sliding over a pong table-and it seems the rest of the wrench jockeys are diving in. "All I ask, is that you make sure, non takes my boots, or pisses on me." And then there's a kiss-that follows. Sweet, and rough, before the Marine is turning back. As his arms coil up. "Frakkin' sons.. I am a brother." Of Ares, bitches.

With Sera letting the lease off, Hook's steps into the melee, one hand reaching to jerk some engineer backwards, and he throws him to the ground without a thought-while stomping his way over towards Noble. Bros, and all man. Bros. "Stop this shit!" the Sergeant barks, before he's throwing a punch. Because damned if he's not going to say he didn't try to stop it. Even if he just added to it.

Crawling off of Madeline, Afton curses rather colorfully beneath her breath, placing a hand to her rib as she tries to help get her off the floor. Turning to look up at Noble, that fist incoming catches her completely off-guard. That meaty paw slams into her cheekbone and sends the PJ stumbling to the side and nearly spilling again. "FRAK!!" She yells in pain and winces, her right eye already closing a little with the pain of tears sa she slips back in and tries to grab at Madeline and get her out. Navy enlisted looks pissed and her voice lifts again. "BREAK IT UP!!!" ANd her face is now sore has hell and starting to bruise, turning a hot red.

Lola can hear an utterance of 'MP' from like fifty paces, even in a bar, even during a brawl. "Cheese it guys, the fuzz." Convict is her callsign, yanno. "Mama's too young to spend another night behind bars. I won't go back!"

Ygraine rolls her eyes. "You know, I'm going to be convinced you've dedicated yourself to Hestia if you don't get some action. You're so tense." There's a pause. "I heard someone use the bad word." MP. "Maybe we ought to take off?"

Okay. Kelsey has a few Engineers to fight. She's yanked off the one and left flailing as more hits come inbound. A few connect with her face and body and she's bleeds, a nice hit to her chin drawing what will be a fat lip. But the last punch to her eye is the final straw and she flails. An arm lashes out and she connects a fist right into a nose. "FRAK YOU!" she calls over it all before she's hit again and tackled to the ground.

Petra grunts softly at Cassie comments and nods, "Probably so…" He's had a glass and a half, but the man is still a little uneven on his feet as he lets go of Cassie and tries to make it around the fight to, well, Kelsey's part of it. Fists and elbows still flying, the Major is trying to grab the young woman, bearhug her arms to her sides as he hisses, "Damnit Wescott, you heard him call the MPs. Knock this shit off."

The bartender does as he is told, but.. he also doesn't want the bulk of his business to be in the brig for the next month. Soo.. he reaches over and puls a switch, activating the last call foghorn that blows long and loud across the bar. "You have five minutes to get out of the bar before the MPs get here! If you're gone when they get here, I'm not pressing any charges. If you're still here and fighting, I'll have you arrested. NOW GO!"

Hey, the bartender's a vet and Madeline paid him a frakton of money, of course he's going to give them a running head start.

Phin is also kinda twitchy at the prospect of the authorities showing up. "Yeah, taking off sounds good. I bet we can evac quick while everybody's swarming the bar. Or…getting more punched."

Stepping in next to Petra, who is trying to grab Kelsey, Simon Noble leans down and grabs the Engineer on top of Kelsey by the back of his neck and upends him back towards the tumbled-over beer-pong table. Bleeding from the corner of his eye and a terrible, red bruise to his ear, Noble clears the path and then moves over to back up Afton. Trying to get in there and help Madeline from her other side, Noble offers a quick thanks upwards tick of his head to Hook and starts to lead the way out of the bar. Playtime's over.

Cassie sighs and turns to Duke, her expression crestfallen. "I would like to go on the record by saying I had nothing to do with this," she announces while sitting and slouching, her eyes lowing. Now, it should be noted that Marc and her really were not on an 'official date', only having arrived together since they wound up on the same ride here, but she is still pissed that what was shaping up to be a nice night out with him got ruined. Oh well. At least it keeps her from getting shitty and doing something they might both regret the next morning.

The MPs are a-comin'? Frak that. Sera's had one reprimand laid on her. Ever. She's off her bartstool in a hot minute, stuffing her fingers in her mouth and letting out a high-pitched whistle that's aimed for her friends — Hook, Noble, Madeline, Afton, Kelsey. Pretty much everyone at the heart of the fight. Coats are snatched up, all the ones that she recognizes and probably one or two she doesn't, and slung over her arms. "C'mon! It's time to get the frak out of dodge!"

Ygraine starts tugging on Lola and Phin's elbows. "C'mon. Let's go find pancakes." Because the MPs are coming!

Lola grabs onto Phin with one hand, Ygraine with the other. Let the daisy chain of egress commence! Like roaches when the lights come on, y'all. "PANCAAAAKES!" That's her version of warning the entire bar that the MPs are coming. Also, a battle cry.

Nobles help and Madeline is easier to get out of that mess, even unconscious. Rising up, Afton is pushing forward, "MAKE A HOLE!" Big voice here. When an engineer intending to leave a nice mark to match the other, Afton pulls back and releases her fist, catching the gut of the drunk woman that meant to throw down and get in her way. That clears the way some more and she glances around, dressed in that damned corset top, she is going to freeze her damn ass off. When she finds Sera, she will likely thank her.

"Alright Bru's, Break this shit up!" Hook is barking in his best Sergeant's voice. Even as a few engineers come in, he's quick to repell them, somewhat violently, but without the follow through. It's more or less directing them out of the way, in a very awesome Ares kata sorta of move. Seriously, the cinematronics of this scene are awesome. With a turn of his head, the Marine, nods towards Sera, and reaches for his coat-like shit he's leaving that here. Time to skeedaddle with girlfriend and company.

Slowly starting to come around, Madeline ughs.. and starts to stumble about with the rest of the people trying to flee the bar as fast as possible.

Yep, she's being pulled out, but that means Kelsey has a free arm to throw another punch. She extends an arm, her eye clearly on someone who had taken a cheapshot at a boob. Her fist connects with a jaw as she fights to clear out a grudge. But she's being pulled out. And drunk. Kelsey stumbles under the yank from Petra and still has her fists flying, looking for someone trying to mess with her or her friends. "RAAAWR!" she roars back at the Engineers.

Sera leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Noble leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Duke takes another sip from his water and takes a deep breath, now looking at Cassie. He nods at what she says and then says "I never said you had something to do with this, Redeye" and with that, he nods again "But, shit like this is not to be allowed, so…" He shrugs casually. Heck, the fight needs to be stopped…what better way to do that than with a bunch of MPs with riot control capabilities?

"Pancakes!" Phin joins the call, hastily, while he mostly just tries to work his way out before the law arrives. He links up with Ygraine and Lennox and plows through the crowd. Hopefully without getting bowled over by either one of his companions of a random passer-by. But not all of Phinny's hopes come to pass.

Petra is by no means a musclebound individual, he just stays in good shape, which means drunk engineer several years younger than he is is still a handful. Or two handfuls, considering he's using both arms, and no, we dont mean her boobs. Hauling the woman back to the nearest table, intent on shoving her down into a seat with a growled, "Petty Officer Wescott!" Uh oh, its like how Mom used to use your full name yelling for you when you were Really In Trouble.

Kelsey leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Thud. "Augh!" Lola down! Lola down! The raptor driver scrambles over her own feet, heels and alcohol combining to make a hurried introduction between her delicate self and the floor.

The little gaggle of fleeing personnel is given a shake of her head, Cassie very disappointed. The disappointed gesture is then leveled at the flailing Kelsey before she too bails out. "I guess she just blew her chances," she says as casually as she can to the DCAG. "And here I was, believing she could do it. Man up and be a pilot." Sigh.

"Whoafrak!" Phin's momentum carries him to the floor along with Lennox, where he sprawls. His random college bar civvies are at least kind of impossible to damage, so at worst he'll bruise an elbow.

Petra sighs when Kelsey takes off and just shakes his head, letting his breath go in a heavy sigh. He makes no effort to 'go back in' as it were for the others still duking it out. Instead he cants his head to the side to look at Cassie and offers a wan little smile, "Time to catch the bus, perhaps?"

Duke was looking at everything around him, calmly. However, his attention goes back to Cassie and he arches one eyebrow "Lieutenant, do you think a fight ruins a person's chances on…doing something else? I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken. You know how many times we had fights at the Academy? Or people doing things that got them in trouble?" And with that, he nods…perhaps Cassie will relate to that last one "A fight? That doesn't do shit…"

Lola's tangle of limbs with Phin might lead to some inadvertent groping, "Sorry," as she struggles to get up and drag him back to his feet with her, but somehow the cadre of ensigns will survive! "On your feet, pilot!" She teeters, but keeps her feet this time. "Crud. No more egress in heels, okay?" She nods to herself. "Okay."

Ygraine will go ahead and stagger out with Lola and Phin whenever the other two are ready.

Lennox leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Ygraine leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Cassie looks around quickly before rising to her feet when Marc recommends they go back, her own exit halted when she reaches out to give Duke's shoulder a squeeze. "I suppose not," she eventually concludes, following that with a softly voice, "I'm still disappointed but I guess there's no need for book throwing." Not that she's in charge. All of that rests on the shoulders of those higher up on the food chain. All she can do is try to lead Kelsey back to the light… so to speak. Offering a hand to Petra, she nods, ready to go home.

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