Character Generation: Origins

Character Backgrounds - Where do you come from?

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On Orion and her Fleet Pre-Leap

The easiest option for an established military character. You lost 20 years when the ship was close to the galactic core, although to you it only felt like a few days. You started out gearing up for a big war against the Skath, and then suddenly everyone one you knew outside the fleet was either old or dead, and the colonies completely under the mechanical thumb. You could have been on Orion herself, or one of the other ships in the fleet (Battlestar Group 114). You might also want to look HERE and at the pre-leap info below to get more ideas.

Restricted Colonies

Check with staff before creating a concept from these worlds.

  • Aquaria
  • Libran
  • Scorpia

Destroyed Colonies:

These Colonies were nuked by the Cylons and are uninhabitable now. Anyone on one of these worlds on War Day would have had to escape almost immediately to survive.
The only exception to this is Minos, the moon of Tauron.

  • Canceron
  • Gemenon
  • Sagittaron
  • Tauron
  • Virgon

Rescued Post-Leap

Your main option here is to from Piraeus, the Fleet's salvation during the Second Cylon War, and then given over to the liberated Lines to serve as their own homeworld. The original colonial settlement of Sheridan remained, and some colonials settled. Mostly veterans in good standing, or active service personnel assigned there. If you stayed loyal to the colonial ideal, and didn't succume to the Skath influence once they invaded, then Orion came back for you on MD #134. If you want to take this option then until I can get a coherant narrative up here, please ask on game about the Ghosts. If you were born on Piraeus then you're not going to be more than 22 at at the time Orion vanished, and your parents are going to have been military. From your persepctive, twenty years ago there was a big push to rearm the fleet, couple of months later Orion disappeared without trace, then not long after that the Skath invaded, and everything was terrible from then on. If you want to have been 18 or below when Orion vanished then things get complicated (see Kids in Stasis below).

As of MD #175 the refugees from Piraeus have been relocated to a planet currently codenamed Pitchfork.

Living Under Skath Rule

Short version? Everything is terrible.
When the Skath invade, their goal is to harness all that good, industrious work ethic of the native population and use it to support their own existance via mining operations and construction. Naturally, it takes a little persuasion to get the lawyers, doctors, and aristocrats of a world to trade in their white collars and liberties for a hard, short life of forced labor.
Orbital bombardments and devastating hellfire make one heck of a first impression. Ground units are deployed and get to work polishing off whatever local resistence effort is made against them. Their first target to be destroyed after putting a dent in planetary defenses is the power grid. Naturally. Without it, transportation, communications, health care, military defense, education, entertainment…civilization simply breaks down until it resembles life pre-industrial revolution. Horse'n'cart replaces bus and cars. Firelight replaces the light bulb.
Once the Skath have the resident humans' attention, they get to work quickly on installing a new social order. This step does not occur overnight. It may take years for cells of stubborn freedom-lovers to cave to the new system, or be ferreted out and executed, and for blackmarket items like batteries, /real/ medicines, and guns to be unearthed and destroyed. "Knights" and other Loyalists help enforce the new rules among pockets of population, and are the only ones permitted to carry firearms. It begins with a curfew, of course, a way to monitor human activity and ensure no funny business is afoot. Given that electricity has been taken away from the population, technology suffers a critical blow, and many people are without paying professions. Money, cash money, eventually ceases to be of real value. A system of vouchers is rationed to good human worker bees (miners) to take home and get 'x' number of supplies for their household. Those without a trade that can function and be of value in this devolved society are fated to work the mines, be shipped offworld, or starve, unless they are accomplished survivalists and manage to forge a life in the wilderness. Mostly, the economy runs on trade of real goods - crops, textiles, hand-made craft, livestock. And women.
In order to ensure the Skath do not run out of slave labor, the new world order supports a 'healthy' rate of procreation, which of course requires subjugation of the female population. Women are eliminated from the workforce. Girls are ejected from the classroom and sent to learn domestic tasks, instead. Women become property of their "paters" - the male head of household, be it brother, husband, father, or cousin. High ranking "Loyalists" and whatever superficially-reigning entity is put into office have their pick of wives, and a woman is denied the right to refuse 'proposal'. Only her Pater may agree/disagree, but his decision may be overlooked if he's of lower caste than the man doing the propositioning. Birth control is a thing of the past, and abortions are considered a crime, equitable to murder. Women must give birth at home with assistance from family or midwife.
Children born into a Skath-governed system often aren't aware that life exists beyond that oppressive culture, unless their parents secretly instruct them of what the world was like /before/ the machines came. As such, as they are resistant and fearful of change and not likely to go quietly with any would-be liberators.
Worship of the Lords and Ladies of Kobol is secondary to 'worship' and obedience of the Skath, the Clerics, and whatever local human authority they instate to office. The art of medicine and health care also backslides, reverting to use of herbs and alchemy. Folk medicine is all that's available to cure what ails ya.

Kids in Stasis (Piraeus Only)

So, if you were 18 and under when the Skath invaded, and your parents/legal guardians loved you very much and decided they didn't you to have to deal with the mechanical monsters, then the Ghosts of Piraeus will have put you in a sort of statis. 'What does this mean for character options?' I hear you cry! Well, not a vast amount, given PCs have to be 18, and the kids were released from stasis when Orion jumped back to rescue those who hadn't drunk the Kool-aid. So if you want to play an 18 year old who has just woken up after 20 years and then enlisted then you're grand. If you want to play someone younger, then you're going to have to wait until they become 18 IC before you can pick them up as a PC.

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