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Below is a basic overview of what we have for positions and likely need at this given point. If you have suggestions/questions/concepts please pitch them to us in a +request and we will get to them as soon as possible.

Military Characters Ranks & Positions What is Needed
Air Wing Raptor Pilot, Raptor ECO, Viper Pilot Air wing RP is not project-intensive (unless you want it to be) and there are plenty of opportunities for even casual players to get involved. Viper pilots are needed, but we also welcome applications for Raptor crew, particularly pilots's which are definitely needed more than Raptor ECO's. Raptor ECO's are currently closed. Characters ranked above Ensign would be appreciated as well.
Deck Technicians, Enlisted Air Engineering/Avionics Techs and Ordnance are needed and will get the most out of project and plot RP, most likely. This department needs characters.
Engineering Officers, Enlisted This department is project and plot heavy. We need some people here in all positions.
Marines MP, Riflemen, Engineer, Heavy Weapons, Officer, Wirelo We are overstocked with Sergeants. If you REALLY want to play an NCO, page Dropkick before starting cgen. EOD and JTACs are currently closed and will not even accept more IC training on the positions. We are in bad need of Military Police and pretty much all other specialties. While concepts need to fall within specific guidelines of cgen, the following background skillsets (enlisted or officer) may be useful: Intelligence/counterintelligence, mortar/artillery, anti-tank and SAM missileers, light/medium/heavy armor/tank crew, dedicated machinegunners. one airborne delivery specialist, combat instructors, combat engineers (not affiliated with EOD), vehicle mechanics/refuelers, etc.
Medical Doctor (Officer), Corpsman, Pararescue Jumper, Physicians Assistant, Psychiatrist, Nurse, EMT Medical is currently closed, completely, except for those interested in playing Corpsmen. We need more Corpsmen kind of badly. No other applications will be approved for this department. Pararescue Jumpers/PJ's are closed permanently.
Tactical Intel Officer, JTACCO Project RP to be had here and likely some dangerous deployments. We are in need of probably one or two more intelligence officers or enlisted to help out Flag Intel. Junior Tactical Officers would also be useful for coordinating combat operations between departments.
All Civilians Civilians are highly varied. At this moment the Orion only has scientists that were working on the surface with a few others to man the settlement. With Warday, we are taking on any ideas as long as they are pitched to us in a request. We have closed down civilian applications that are not pre-approved by staff. If you are interested in applying for a civilian then contact Dropkick before beginning you application. They must be pre-approved and have a reason to be on the ship. They exist but are rare.

Where Can My Character Be From?

The obvious choice is from one of the colonies, 'coming out of the background' to join the on-camera people who make up the movers and shakers — our PC's! This would involve a normal background, being from one of the post-Second War colonies. These are Caprica, Picon, Leonis, Aerilon, and in rare cases Scorpia or Libran. The latter two would be special cases where an applicant would want to talk to staff BEFORE writing the background. Not a requirement, just a recommendation.

But what if you'd like something a little more exotic? This will take more work, but the options are there.

Around MD #130 the Orion Battlestar Group rescued a whole lot of refugees from a Skath-controlled planet called Piraeus, an ancient home to a brother-race of the Colonials. These people were Colonial colonists living in the town of Sheridan and for the last twenty years have been living under the thumb of machine oppression. This environment roughly equates to living in something like 15th century England, controlled by a murderous church that worships the rule of the machines/Skath.

There will be more options available in the future and this page will be updated as this unfolds to the story, as driven by the players.

Not Allowed/Restricted

  • Twins are a big thing in our theme. They are very often mistaken for skinjobs and we want to keep this as a minimum. If you are truly interested in playing a twin of any kind, please contact us to check with us. These are extremely limited.
  • Arpay are not open for application. This includes new characters with Arpay modifications.
  • Criminals. The task force does not allow for known criminals. That being said those apping in with a survivor will likely be given different weight. By NO MEANS should a military character have a criminal background. That alone would have kept said character from being allowed to enlist/train, let alone be given a clearance to the initial task force project. Those with felony criminal histories (or multiple misdemeanor offenses) will have an exceedingly difficult time enlisting into the military and will not be permitted to be officers. Dishonorable Discharges are considered grievous felony convictions against military code (UCMJ) and will bar anyone from service or participation with fleet assets indefinitely.
  • Ranking Officers. These positions are highly important, rare, as well as requires time and commitment. If you are wanting to app in a higher ranked officer than is allowed in chargen, please pitch us a character concept. Make sure its short, concise and about a paragraph or two long. Some ranking positions will be competed-for.. Keep that in mind.
  • Special Forces. Special Forces/Warfare PC's have been closed to future apps. They will not be allowed except for those already approved. This will not be changing. This includes snipers, designated marksmen, people with advanced 'special training', etc. Airborne training is absolutely allowed.
  • Skinjobs. Yes, we are allowing players to play skinjobs. Contact staff about playing one of these before app. They are open but the Lines have all been defined.
  • Savants. Doogie Howser. Ender. That 14 year old gymnast that's already taking her 3rd year University courses. These are all, in general, referred to as 'Savant applications'. We don't do them. While some measures of exceptional-ness are perfectly fine (graduating university a year early, coming out in the top 25 percent of your graduating class, etc), extreme cases will not be approved and you will be asked to rewrite your background and rework your stats. So as tempting as it might be to app that double-doctorate Surgeon and Psychologist, save yourself the work and us having to tell you "No, just…no."
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