AWD #086: Chaplain's Address
Chaplain's Address
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AWD #86

This is Captain Sister Iphigenia Arden, Senior Chaplain of the Orion. I am reaching out to you all, hoping to gain the ears, hearts, and minds of those of you who carry faith, whether it be in the Lords of Kobol or some other you hold sacred. We have been greatly divided in these past days with the revelation of the Cylons amongst us, and like you, I have held grief and anger in my heart that could find no other outlet than those who have foresworn their kind in favor of ours. I sought guidance from those I have the most faith in; the Lords of Kobol and their words as written in our own Sacred Scrolls.

On the eighty-fifth night since War Day, I sought answers from the gods. On that night, I also received them. I say to you all now, that Ares, God of War, revealed a vision of the future to me of what is coming. Aphrodite, in her great love for us all, gave me this words, which I know share with all of you:

Be strong for each other. You will need all in the time ahead. Do not lose hope in the darkness.

Today, I sought for more answers, and found them in our own Sacred Scrolls:

And though they were outsiders, they assisted the chosen to traverse the darkness.

I ask all of you, particularly those of you who find comfort and faith and truth in these words to consider what they mean very carefully.

It is my belief that these outsiders spoken of are the rebel Cylons who are recognized as crew members of this ship. And it is my belief that in the future, others may join them in the choice to side with humanity.

I will never ask any of you to forget, or forgive. Your grief, your anger - even your hatred - is righteous, for the scriptures also say blood calls out for blood. But the passage I ask you to remember is this one: all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.

This is not the first time that we have faced great strife as a people. We have done so before, with aid from unexpected places. We will do so again.

I ask you for your faith. I ask you all for it, so that we may allow what must happen to happen again, that we may yet find victory. And I know that I ask of you a difficult thing. And I know that no one can command you to it. But faith is never meant to be easy, and that is why it is faith.

My prayers are with you all. Each and every one of you. The clergy is at your disposal to discuss the relevant passage and to aid any troubled soul who seeks us out.

May the gods lift those that lift each other.

So say we all.

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