MD #263: Chapel Guidance
Chapel Guidance
Summary: Yari takes time out of her devotions to explain a few things to Atticus
Date: 27/12/2017
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Yari Atticus Inez 
Chapel - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. The ceiling is still constructed of heavy oak beams as support with the flat face airbrushed to a blue and white. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.

"…beams recall from night profound; Labour of every kind to lead is thine, of mortal life the minister divine…"
There are candles a'fire here in the temple, tiny flames dancing against a backdrop of sleepy, midnight blue. The smell of ash is barely perceivable as the first swirls of smoke suck upward to the air filtration system from the offering tray. In that tray, there's a paper being sacrificed, curling in agony as the bowed head before it chants ever on.
"…mankind in thee eternally delight, and none presumes to shun thy beauteous sight…" Yari's in off-duty fatigues, hair wrapped in a red shawl, fringed and speckled with beautiful embroidery. It's a stark contrast to the drab, unisex garb that swallows the rest of her. Beside that smoky tray is another folded paper.

Atticus has finished another day on light training and everything aches. Knox is still mostly focusing on class work as his wounds from Picon heal, but it won't be long now till physical exhaustion rejoins the mental. Taking advantage of the quiet time after dinner he slips out of the mess and into the chapel, hoping to find the Priest he'd spoken to while in medical. He has additional questions, tons of them, but he pauses just inside the hatch when he spots Yari. Having an inkling of how she feels about him and his presence he stops still and conducts a mental debate on the relative merits of backing out slowly and leaving her alone, verses sticking to his intent and finding that Priest.

Behind Atticus steps in Inez, so, his way out is somewhat blocked when it comes to make a noiseless exit. She stops when the person in front of her stops, and waits to see which direction they will take, rather than do the dance of trying to pass someone.

" "…with pleasing sleep oppressed; Men, reptiles, birds, and beasts, with general voice, and all the nations of the deep, rejoice; For all the culture of our life is thine…" Yari's still at it, either unhearing or uncaring about the sound of entering feets. "Come, blessed power!" she intones just a /little/ more loudly, fervently, "and to these rites incline: Thy holy light increase, and unconfined; Diffuse its radiance on thy mystic's mind."
And then all is quiet, save for the soft crackling of paper as it shrivels and sends bits of ashen remaining drifting like charred snow upwards.

Atticus figures he can go grab a drink in the mess, or maybe see how the showers are in the head and come back later. As such he starts to back up quickly, only at the last moment turning and spotting Inez -right- -there-. He startles slightly, not having expected anyone but his MP escort to be there, but since said MP doesn't seem worried that the pilot sneaking up on him is there to do him harm, he takes a few deep breaths to steady himself, then offers Inez a nod and a mutter, "sorry. I was just leaving," as he makes to step round her.

Inez has spotted her daughter at the altar, and has stood patiently waiting for Atticus to make up his mind, but her attention had left him for the woman giving her offering to the candles. When he turns, she blinks once and brings her gaze back to him, then nods, stepping to the side away from his MP so that he can reverse his direction if he desires. "That didn't take long," she grins to him, before looking back towards Yari.

Voices! Yari's hand freezes over the second offering as she turns head to sneak a look around the pseudo veil to confirm those her ears have ID'd. "Mum. Recruit Ommanney." He's been spotted! The paper retracts back into the fold of bent self. "You are looking more well than last I saw you." Which isn't entirely true, considering they now share marine quarters, but any incidental contact in the marine berthing is kept to minimal eye contact and fair distance, much as can be helped. When he was in the sickbay, however… "You are easing back into your exercises, yes?"

"I'll come back later," Atticus mutters to Inez with an apologetic expression and does take a step towards the hatch before freezing when Yari mentions his name. Turning slowly that apologetic look only deepens, last thing he wanted was to disturb her, but seems he's shit out of luck. "Recruit Sawyer," he replies, voice still quiet but it should now carry, "yes, as gently as Gunnery Sergeant Knox will allow." He starts to fidget a bit, uncomfortable with the situation and trying get a read on if she wants him to leave or not. "I hope you are well too?"

"Yari," Inez greets when her daughter sees her. She takes a step around Atticus towards her, since he seems frozen in place an it's a safe bet that he won't impede her progress. Her bangs flip out of her eyes with a practiced toss of the head, and she regards the two marine recruits with a bemused grin.

"It's Private Sawyer, now," Yari notes quietly. "I think. I've very much lost track of time." How long has she been in training? Two months? Three? More, by Ostia's clock, given their little time skip-jump back to the new homeworld. A sheepish smile bows her head anew and returns focus to the table long enough to slip another drawing of her children's faces into the sacrificial fire. "I cannot be counted among the wounded, so yes. I am well." Gods be good. Touching her brow to table, she whispers something, then scoots a knee's stride back and folds the shawl back over shoulders. "Please, do not be afraid to come inside. This is a safe place. For…everyone."

Atticus does not impede Inez, but lets her pass as he remains focused on Yari. He settles a little as she continues to converse, but he's clearly still ready to excuse himself at any moment should it be required. "I didn't mean to disturb you, sorry," he replies, head down a little given he has clearly, "but thank you. If you do not mind, then perhaps I will stay." He's giving her the veto, and doesn't move til he's got an answer anyway, but he does ask, "who are you offering too, if I can ask?"

Inez lays a gentle hand on Yari's shoulder just before she gets up, then she takes her daughter's place, kneeling on the cushions, but she doesn't speak or offer anything at the moment, except some sort of quiet contemplation and commune as she eyes the little floating bits of ash coming back down to settle.

"Mat—Aurora. This day." Yari answers with a slip back into the automated, obedient responses of yore. "Tomorrow, the mighty Poseidon. There are a few, to whom I commit my thoughts." Her eyes keep to the form of her mother as she takes a knee in Yari's stead and she backs up a few to perch on the end of a pew.

Atticus watches Inez as she takes her place at the altar, silently observing how she makes her offerings, and indeed, how the Chapel works in general. Yari's answers draw his focus back to her though and he listens carefully. "Aurora," he repeats slowly, "and Poseidon." Nodding slowly he then offers by way of explanation, "I'm trying to find out about the Lords and Ladies. I won't give praise to the Metal anymore, but I don't remember how to give it to the Gods of Kobol." Hence the questions, "I was hoping to find a Priest or Priestess here, one has been trying to help me understand."

After her eyes follow a flake of ash to its final resting place, Inez's lips begin to move. Unlike Yari, whose words were loud enough to be heard and easily identifiable, her voice barely whispers from the parted lips as she prays. From her pocket, she takes out an origami rose and smoothes the petals in front of her. Her head bows to look at it as she finishes speaking and she takes a deep breath.

Yari drops her gaze from that origami rose and slowly returns it to the former Knight. There's a degree of skepticism there, writ in her features as always is when handling the man, one that puts an eternally flighty vibe in her aura. But he's come to see about prayer. To worship - or consider worshipping - something holier than wicked metal. "What is it you wish to know?" she queries quietly, keeping voice low in this small, hallowed space.

Atticus is still half watching Inez, or at least her actions and what she's doing, but most of his attention is on Yari. He has to consider her question for a moment, and his conclusion makes him frown slightly as he confesses quietly, "I'm not entirely sure. Different people tell me different things. I've read some books about the sacred scrolls, but mostly those aimed at children, as I don't recall any of what I learnt before the invasion. I know my parents had a shrine, but I can't remember who to. So I guess mostly what I want to know is how to find something to hold onto, to take comfort in, and since people say I don't have to follow all the Gods of Kobol, how to find which ones… resonate, as it were. I have enough information to drown in, but precious little understanding."

Inez smoothes the flower one last time, then she leans forward and gently, almost reluctantly, sets it to the flame. She murmurs something more, then she bows her head and closes her eyes.

A man admitting his ignorance - it's like the clouds part above and holy rays drive away the depths of cold and fears below…
Yari couldn't be more contented, or amused, but she keeps all that sealed up in favor of being a decent human being and lifting a hand to motion him in. Even scoots a little aside to make room here. "All of the gods and goddesses serve a purpose. Some serve many. I suppose the best way to choose is to decide what elements of life are important to you. What guidance is it you need, in what moments do you feel most vulnerable? Where do you need another's strength to uplift where you may fall. These are things to consider. Ancestral tradition is important to some, but those who cannot remember or haven't placed emphasis on such things…it is like a clean slate. You are free to choose. All must be given respect, but you needn't seek counsel from Those who do not speak to your soul."

Atticus is hesitant when Yari beckons him over. He's fully aware of her background, and largely aware of her feelings where his is concerned, but she is offering freely. It takes a few moments but he does take the seat, although he doesn't seem a little on edge as he's ready to get out of her way at a moment's notice if he thinks his presence is too difficult for her. Keeping his voice low, so as not to disturb Inez more than necessary, he answers those of her queries which seem applicable. "It seems wrong, to be here, in my Dad's battalion, and not knowing who to make an offering to for him," he admits, "for me though? I guess I need something to call on when the part of my head that says only bad people do bad things is shouting louder than the bit that shouts back that I didn't have a choice given what they did to my head. Logically, I know I wasn't in control, but I remember things, and I remember enjoying them, being proud of them.." He trails off, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, dropping his head as he does so. "I need something, or someone, to draw strength from in those times, when everything else is bleak."

"You need a healer," Yari whispers, resolutely after a moment's silence following his weary confession. Her hands squeeze together, between knees, to quell the trembling there. He is the embodiment of what her husband once was..or may have been, if he'd also been given the chance to wipe his brain clean of the hold that some entity far away had instilled there before he was transplanted on Piraeus. Titos didn't get that chance, though. And she still can't be sad for it. "Perhaps Asclepias holds the power to put a peace in your mind."

From the brief expression of surprise on Atticus' face it's clear that Asclepias had not featured on the small mental list he'd been trying to compile. "But I'm not a healer," he replies turning his head to look at her in confusion rather than dismissal. "I know a lot of the marines follow Ares, but I spoke with the Commander who said he'd had a vision from Ares, but still couldn't really bring himself to believe." He clearly doesn't understand that at all, but hey ho. Dropping his head again he asks, "why Aurora and Poseidon? Aurora is supposed to be new beginnings isn't she? Perhaps I should embrace her?"

"Asclepius may heal the soul as well as body, should you find favor with him." Yari sounds kinda sure of it. "But yes…Aurora is the maker of new dawns. Every day is a fresh start, under her eye." Yari reaches up with a finger to touch her right brow. "To mothers made, she is also Matutina. And giver of omens to sailors. I /am/ a mother made, Atticus. I am also a child of Picon. My father made his living on the sea, giving great care to Poseidon's broken children, the creatures that live in the depths." On this note, she passes a knowing look to her mother's bowed back. "My grandmother once told me he is half selkie, as she was never able to call him home from the shore. She once told me I am much the same. Onboard this ship, we are all sailors, are we not? At the mercy of a different sea, very far from shore. I pray to these to grant us safety. To bring good rains and weather to Ostia, our new homeland. To put crops on the table so my children may have food to eat. So they may thrive. To protect them against beasts. I pray also to Demeter to give them that bounty. I have many reasons to seek favor from the gods of my choosing. I owe much to them, for blessings bestowed."

At the mention of Yari's father, Inez's head lifts, and she turns it sideways. Her fond, somewhat sorrowful, smile, can be seen in her profile. "He was always smelling of the brine of the oceans," she adds with a wistful tone. "No matter how many showers he took."

Atticus nods slowly as he adds the God of Healing to his mental list of those requiring further study. He nods along to the further explanation of Aurora, and Yari's family past then notes, "my Dad was fiercely proud of being from Libran. Enough that I suspect Athena would have been one of those he followed, but I can not be sure. I have no feel for her yet, though I suspect that is a thing that will come with time. Perhaps Aurora for now, and Asclepius. They do not seem like a bad duo to get me through the initial confusion. Then perhaps when things make more sense I can look to others as well." Inez gets a glance as she chips in, and he looks guilty again for disturbing her worship, but he nods at what she says. "Dawn then," he says, since that is apparently when Aurora is best spoken to, "I'll be up by then anyway, Gunnery Sergeant Knox will see to that. Thank you, for listening, and for your help. I will leave you to your devotions though, as I should probably be doing some of my reading." Knox has given him a lot to do. Lots and lots. Pushing himself to his feet he gives both of them a nods in parting, then heads towards where his MP escort waits near the hatch.

"Rest well," Yari offers softly, lips settled into a sad smile with the thoughts of her salt-sprinkled father and what he must have smelled like. She can't remember, having been so very small when he passed.

Her devotions done, Inez rises easily from her knees, and gives Atticus a nod and a slight smile as he takes his leave. She sits down on the pew next to Yari, shoulder lightly to shoulder in silent thoughts.

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