AWD #085: Changing Places
Changing Places
Summary: First Stone has a request for Beckett followed by Knox having one.
Date: 01/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Battalion HQ
The headquarters of Third Battalion, Eighth Marines is the primary command location for all Marines associated with Task Force NOMAD. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, though it tends to explode with activity during duty hours.
AWD #85

The morning is the busiest time in Marine Country. Specially as the patrol routes are being handed out, as well as other assignments. NCO's are a common sight, coming either in the get orders for the week, or to fill the small duty hours with getting things posted. In a hive such as the HQ and SecHub in general these tasks are needed and often automatic. With the aroma of coffee mingled with cigarettes, today is no different from any other morning. Right now officers are discussing strategy and all else, while the Major focuses over his cup of coffee on a map of Picon. Beckett's back is to the door, but luckily there are others here who can direct.

Soon enough Stone is coming in through the doors. Nodding to the guards and talking in a low voice about wishing to speak to Beckett. "Major Beckett." Comes the gunny's words. Standing at attention as he wishes to speak to the man. "I am not sure if Lieutenant Colonel Petra has spoken to you about what I wish. Though I did think I would find you myself as well."

There's a look from an Ensign nearby, before he is looking to the Major who is slow to turn around. A brief pause as Beckett drinks in the Gunnery Sergeant's appearance and words before there's a faint flick of eyes back to said Ensign. With a sigh, there's a turn and the Major slides one hand into his pocket, as the other keeps a good hand on his mug. Steam is blown away before he sips. "At ease, Gunny.." comes in that slow and soft Aerilon drawl. Finally, a tick of his eyebrow. "Obviously, the Colonel hasn't told me a dang thing as to why you would want to talk to me. Perhaps it's because he is bettin' you'd come to me with whatever it is that's in your craw as opposed to the TACCO." another slupring sip of caffiene. "What's on your mind?"

Stone smiles and nods, "He did tell me to find you. I thought he might had given you a word or so. Though it is fine either way." He offers as he moves further in. "IT was on business of course. Wanting to speak with you. I am to send word to the marines' commanding officer. Though I thought that I should gain your support in it as well." Clearing his throat then, "The position of head for S1. So head of personnel I mean. Especially with things in a jumble at the moment. We need to get stabilization. I think I could help in doing so. If at first only for the marines. I do have the trust of most of the marines though." He offers and keeps his eyes on the major. Though eyes always moving and scanning. Searching for a reaction.

There's a faint smile there from the AUX XO, before he is pushing off from the desk. "So you've got aspirations to pick up some pins? I'd say that's good Gunny, real good. I tell you what-you get me a formal written up request and let me look over your personnel file. From there I can poke around and see what we can do. With the world being dead and gone we don't have a formal officer's school I can send you. But," and there one finger raises off of Beckett's mug. "If you're all green I am sure I can walk you through something that will hit all the basic criteria so that we can approve and promote you." And there he takes another sip. "If I might ask Gunny, since you are one of our senior NCO's…what makes you want to make the jump? You can do a lot of good where you are."

There's a knock on the door and Knox steps inside quietly. Clean uniform, right down to his boots, and his pistol belt. He goes to parade rest with the door being closed beside him. "Sir, if I might have a word?" A glance to Stone. "The Gunnery Sergeant may also have relevant opinions also, sir." He stands there like a rock, but seems prepared to head right back out.

Stone nods and smiles. "USually I would perhaps considered a bit old for such a transition but I think the situation craves it." He offers with a nod to Beckett before hearing Knox's arrival. "Sergeant." He offers as he takes a step to the side to allow him to step further in.

Demeter's tits in a magainze, there's a look shot over to Knox, and then a look back to Stone-the Sergeant is given a nod, before Beckett is clearing his throat. "Of course Sergeant, come on in." And there attention is giving back towards Stone for a moment, as one hand slides from his pocket and raises. "We'll talk more about this later. Just get me a request, and Let me look over anything before I start giving reccomendations out. We need good officers, but we also need good NCO's. Keep that in mind-and I'll let you know what we end up pushing for." There, that's done before he is turning his attention back to Knox and there he gives a brief nod. "At ease.." probably not needed. "Alright Cooper, what's on your mind?" Or how can the Major help you today.

Knox stands there. "Thank you, sir. Sergeant." The man dips his head. "Given the present attitudes towards me here in the Corps, which have been overwhelmingly neutral, I am faced with a situation I'm unsure how to handle. The Corps, ever damned day, does me proud. You all judge me on my actions and in return I trust the Corps to conduct in a manner becoming of Marines. I see honor, integrity, service, and support. I see the tenents of the Colonial Marine Corps in action." He adjusts his stance. "Sir, it would would appear that my sister's squadron commander does not believe in judging a person based on the merits of their actions and their want to prove themselves. The Marines have a proud history of making honorable warriors out of even the worst of society. If my sister will not be allowed to fly and prove herself in the Orion's Air Wing, I would like to know if she might be able to come here and prove her loyalty to the flags with people who by and large understand exactly what that means." A pause. "Sir." Knox's voice is firm, but stops short of being angry. Its been a long few days.

Stone nods to Beckett, "I understand. I will get it to you and let you send it in to Command." He offers before hearing Knox's words as he is heading out. "If things go as I hope, I will see to that she will fit in if the Major and the rest agree. Though having you both allowed to rifles could cause concern from other parts. I will do what I can in supporting it though. If you support her then I will as well. Don't let me down, sergeant." He offers before nodding to both and heading out. Though he will wait to see what they both have to say in return.

There is a smile there though it seems almost grudging. "It's because your actions have been consistent with the Corps and all it stands for, no matter what you are." The Major says, since he is keenly aware that others are listening. And indeed, there might be a curt nod here and there. "And we keep our own." that added in before he is half turning back to place his coffee mug down. "We don't leave people behind, and we don't frak with our colonies or our brothers in arms. And you have proven that, not only to me, but even to some of our brothers who would rather likely space you than shake your hand." he let's that sit. "But, they know one thing-and that is you're a godsdamned marine." And so he falls silent for a moment, before he is rubbing his chin. "If your sister." and the word seems strained, but Beckett comes out with it all the same. "If your sister, wants to transfer-I'd be amendable to it. She'd be an officer-so I might have to find someone for her to staff under." and someone who wouldn't cut her out. "She would also have to go through boot, so as to get her set up with the other Marines in what she is expected to do. It'll also earn her some respect and show she's damned earnest about it." And there he looks back towards Stone. "Wouldn't you agree, Gunny?"

As to Stone's concern there's a snort. 'She's an officer if this boat got taken over I am damned sure she would have a rifle from the arms locker up there. Being a marine won't change that."

Coop nods to Stone. "You keep putting trust in me, Gunny, you're just going to keep banking it away in my corner. I'll die before I betray the Corps. As would you, the Major, or any other Marine in this CP. But thank you." He looks back to Beckett and nods. "I'm not terribly concerned with whether or not she is an officer. I want her here with people who understand, not hanging out there in the cold with people wanting to kill her without giving her a chance. Boot camp might try and kill her, but that's Marine Corps Policy. As far as I am concerned, like my judgments, being a Marine is a yes/no answer. You either conduct yourself as one, or you do not. If you all give her the chance, I will stake my reputation on her ability to conduct herself as you would want from any other member of the Corps." Ooh-frakkin-rah.

Stone grins and nods, "True enough. And yes, I agree. If she can prove that she is what is needed by a marine, then so be it. I can even make first tour with her myself if needed." He offers before finally leaving.

Beckett is quiet for a moment and then there is a nod. "If she wants it, she can talk to me and we'll get her started. I'll support and sign off on paper work. I'll also let the CAG know we're poaching one of theirs, but only once she's crossed the rubicon." And so the Major gives a thumbs up. "If she's a good soldier, then that's all I need right now." Also it does give the added boon of having everyone in one secure place should the S hit the F. "Anything else, gentlemen?"

Coop gives a firm nod to Stone before looking back to Beckett. "I'll inform her of the option and have her let you know what her decision will be, sir. I would suggest stalling on that mention to the CAG just yet, as well. We have one last card to play, Major. If the TACCO believes it is time that we go, then its time that we go. Ceres and I made a pact, sir. We will do whatever it takes to protect this fleet at all costs. Right now, our presence is doing the opposite. We won't stand for it if this continues. We'll proceed with our own operations plan and remove ourselves from circulation in this fleet. It will lose its last active JTAC and one of their most veteran pilots, but we can't do any good if the crew is on the verge of ripping itself to pieces." He swings an arm around to salute the Major. "That's all I have, sir. Semper Fi." He performs a left-face and moves for the door.

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