MD #190: Change of Plans
Change Of Plans
Summary: Adeliza, Lleufer and Robin meet in the Map Room to discuss Emily. The past few days hadn't gone well and there may be a need for a change of plans.
Date: 14/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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Map Room, Deck 2, Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The table has the most updated holographic capability and can project the largest displays on the ship. The risers to the sides are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have large LCD touch displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED touch displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. In the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds updated maps and table models.
Tue May 01 20:16:33 2049

Adeliza had promised to keep Lleufer in the loop of she found anything, and, in this case, she's opted to pass the information on to the Admiral, as well. So, she sent messages to both of them, requesting they meet her in the Map Room, a place usually only occupied the Commander when he's trying to think, and the two Lieutenants that pester him on a regular basis. One of the said Lieutenants, Lt. Wynn, is present in the map room, in her blues with sidearm, and stands next to the coffee maker with a cup of milk, waiting for it to finish. "Come on," she mutters under her breath, glancing over her shoulder at the door.

Robin is used to people waiting till they can access her, or coming and knocking on her hatch to her stateroom, so when she gets word from the junior tactical officer about something, and especially because it's /that/ tactical officer, she hands over watch to Petra and heads over to the Map Room for a spell. She also carries her sidearm now whether she's in her blues or anything else. Granted, people pretty much only see her in her blues. "Lieutenant," she offers when she steps inside, eyes settled into a soft squint.

Lleufer arrives a couple of minutes later, his very short hair damp from a shower. His MP uniform looks about as crisp as if it just came out of his locker. Which is nothing on the crispness of an officer's blues because, ya know, enlisted Marines just don't do crisp. They do … rugged and ready, at best. Ynyr closes the hatch behind him and comes to attention, "Sirs." Even after all these years it's hard to step into the map room and not try to smell the faded scent of cigarettes, or to reach out and drag a finger against the bulkhead to see if it has any sticky yellowed trace of Elias Gray's addiction. But, that was long ago.

The Lieutenant is just pouring a drop of coffee into her milk to give it some kind of tan color when Robin enters, and she gives a little guilty startle, turning around with her coffee flavored milk. "Admiral," she settles herself. "Thank you for responding." She walks over to her tablet on the table, and sets down her cup after a sip. When Lleufer arrives, she gives him a nod of greeting. "Ynyr," she replies. "We have a problem," she launches without preamble. "It seems that we gave our crew members too much credit in being able to behave in a civilized manner. Emily Benning has been targeted rather severely, in no small part due to the encouragement of, I have reason to believe, Shackleton." She lets out a breath. "Ordinarily, I would say, new recruit, she needs to tough it out, etc. Except that, in this case, Benning has told me that she now 'knows' she's been lied to, by us. She also mentioned that perhaps Atticus was right about us."

Robin offers a nod to Lleufer. "Can you elaborate? What does Benning mean by being lied to? About what specifically?" Robin's lips stretch into a prim little line, that deep groove between her brows being exercised, but her tone is as even as always. True to her reputation and historical behavior, she's jumping right into business.

What Adeliza says makes Lleufer blink. Like something she just said took him by surprise or didn't add up. He frowns, "Not Shackleton, I think. /He/ is the one who just informed me this evening that others were targeting Benning and warned me she didn't sleep in quarters last night. Gave me the heads up to look into it. I was about to, when I got your summons, Lieutenant." The Gunny's brows knit to go along with his frown, "She's been lied to … by whom?" If he'd ask more along that thread, he stops because the Admiral beat him to it.

"Do you many other older crewmen with tattoos that have been consistently refused in their applications to join the Marines?"Adeliza asks Lleufer. "If there are others, I may be mistaken, but that pool is rather small. And because of this person, if it wasn't Shackleton, telling her that if /he/ couldn't be accepted into the Marine Corps, there is no way an enemy like her would be accepted, she now believes that when she was offered the chance to train as a Marine, it was a lie." She grasps her wrist behind her back. "I helped her launder her belongings that had been spoiled by ash trays dumped on them, and she has also been spat on. Which," she turns to Lleufer, "is definitely something to look into. I know you are aware that some of your personnel do not like her overmuch, but to allow that sort of thing to happen to her borders on negligence. When I found her, she was curled up in the obs deck with her bedsheets, with intent to sleep there. It does not surprise me that she probably returned, even after we cleaned her bunk."

"Well frankly, those people aren't in control of her fate and do not make the decisions around here. But she's going to face that wherever she goes. The military is not a place filled with wildly sensitive people. Even the new Recruits who don't come with associations of Skath royalty have a difficult time, experience hazing, and so on. That's life. Just because we met the Arpay who were wildly more sophisticated technologically than we were and more ideal in the general mission of their society, didn't make them any less fallible than any other human genetic offshoot society. No one lied to her. She's just being naive, but that is not her fault," Robin's tack finally changes. "If she's going to make it anywhere, even with the civilians pioneering down on Pitchfork, she's going to have to buck up. I'm glad that you have spent time with her and helped her through it. Just because she's going through it doesn't mean she has to go through it alone and that allows the opportunity for some realignment. If someone has dones something criminal, I leave it to our Master at Arms to deal with it. If you think me having a more soft talk than what I've presented here will help buoy her to weather the storm, I'm all for it. But if I go in defending her to the people she's bunking with? They'll treat her ten times worse and make sure they can't get caught. If she wants respect, she's going to have to lean into military life just like everyone else here had to. In any case, if she's not already seeing the ship psychiatrist, she needs to for observational purposes and to help work stuff out."

The Master-at-Arms grimaces, "No, you're right, that sounds like him. Of course he /didn't/ mention that part to me." Asshole. Against his will, Ynyr's gaze slides to Robin, but then the Admiral is speaking. Whatever Ynyr had on his mind to say, he just … doesn't. Nope, he clams up and stands a little rigidly except to shift his hands behind his back to stand at parade rest. Instead he takes a slow breath and waits.

"I agree that she needs to find a way to toughen up and fine her own way, sir," Adeliza replies. "That is not my concern. My true concern is what happens if she does an about face, and becomes as much of a problem as Atticus? It is becoming doubtful that she will give any assistance, at this point, where it comes to the man, and may even decide that he was right, after all. She may decide that the Skath haven't tampered with her after all, that it's a story we told her to make her want to be loyal to the ship. Then we have two hostiles that we need to figure out how to handle."

"I appreciate you wanting things to work out Lieutenant Wynn, but our job is to give her asylum. We're doing that to the best of our abilities. We cannot and will not," why did Robin phrase it /that/ way? "change her constitution. I realize you are not suggesting that, but because of that, we are not responsible for her conclusions. In fact, that she can draw her own conclusions from her experiences with us is what /gives/ her freedom. I don't want anyone trying to sugarcoat or control her decisions. If she decides to give into her own delusions and lies, that's a case best left to the professionals anyways, our ship psych. Plus the way I'm hearing it, we already have two people we have to figure out how to handle anyways. Regardless of how friendly she is to our ideas and what we say, it's clear she's very easily swayable. That requires handling." Robin shrugs as if just doing some mental math about the situation out loud. "If she were the only one and we didn't already have a hostile captive, I'd be inclined to agree with you, but figuring out procedure for two hostile captives is no more difficult than doing it for one in a logistical sense. In terms of the burden of the mind and the heart? That's a different matter, but nothing anyone else here has to carry, since that is my decision alone. We will do our best, and if our best isn't good enough for her, well that's all we can do." She sighs softly through her nose, lips still gently pursed. She may have dampened it with her logic, but it's clear she's not exactly unaffected by this news.

Lleufer doesn't look pleased but he listens to Adeliza, then looks to Robin. But listening to the Admiral only starts to make the Marine look … rather pissed, actually. Ynyr's nostrils flare, his heart rate and blood pressure picking up enough that his pulse becomes faintly visible in his cartoid artery in his neck. Yet, the Gunny keeps his baritone cool and low, if firm. "With respect, Sirs, NO."

His silvery rimmed Arpay eyes lock on Robin, "Admiral, I think you are about to make a serious mistake here. This isn't some random healthy, fully adjusted human being we are talking about who's applied to join the Fleet. What we /are/ talking about is a young woman who has been lied to and forcefully manipulated all of her life by the Skath and their clerics since she was a child. We /are/ talking about a person who has come from something rather close to a bronze age culture who has suddenly been thrust into the modern age, who is totally lost and alone, and scared as hell." The Gunnery Sergeant eyes them both, "With no transition whatsoever from brig to being pushed into the ocean in a storm and expected to sink or swim?" Yes he's angry but he maintains self control over his anger and keeps his voice low and level. "I believe this is creating a Security risk that did not, and would not have, existed if this situation was better handled." Yes, he's objecting. "Sirs."

Adeliza remains impassive as she listens to Robin, her lips thinning slightly. One hand reaches up to tuck her hand behind her ear, and she starts to say something, but Lleufer breaks in. She keeps her silence, then, and leaves the response to his objection to Robin.

"Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr. If you have something to say you can say it in a respectful tone and with full control or you can leave this room right now. If you are ready and willing to do that, I would love to hear your views further, but I think you mistake what I'm saying and are placing a lot of weight on some things and not on others. I said I want her to see a psychiatrist. I have my own reasons for why I decided to put her in the enlisted berthings, which you did not ask for. Some of them include /normalizing/ her so that she knows she's being treated with equal footing as everyone else. I could be wrong, but that is /exactly/ why I want our psychiatrist to be weighing in. If you believe she is a security risk, then she shouldn't be in the berthings. She should be in the brig. I do not want to make a habit of keeping people under lock and key in Medical. Instead of getting angry at people, I suggest you put forth your ideas and see if, because I'm sure they have merit, they are listened to."

Lleufer is taking great effort to control his tone and keep his anger in check. He gives Robin a nod, "Yes, Sir." A breath or two before he adds quietly, "I think she should not be sent back to the brig. She was ready to transition, but not so hastefully. We didn't even have a chance to show her around the ship, or teach her any basics. How to use the laundry, or the head, or know emergency safety procedures. Even a totally new, raw recruit goes into training long before they'd be thrust onto a ship assignment. So, I think assigning someone full time to mentor her of sufficient rank to keep others off her back until she's had time to transition and get her feet under her, would do a lot more to support Benning's trust in us. Instead of undermining it. Now we have lost ground, but I disagree it's because 'her constitution' can't improve. If -I- were as knocked off balance and my world turned inside out as hers has been, I think I would be about as lost and confused as she is. Which makes her an especially vulnerable target until she can adjust. A psychiatrist could be helpful, yes. But that's another stranger to her. I've tried to pair her up with Corpsman Yari Sawyer to start. Otherwise, she trusts me and Lieutenant Zahav. I am asking you both please, do not destroy the trust we have worked to achieve, Sirs."

"Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr and I have discussed assigning a more regular MP to her, to help her around as well as guarding her. That could act as a buffer/mentor as she adjusts. We also thought that making sure Corpsman Sawyer could spend more time with her might also help her adjust, as Sawyer has gone through the same kind of adjustment in circumstances, sir." Adeliza explains to Robin. Her hand strays to her tablet, but then she reaches over to grab her coffee flavored milk, and takes a sip.

"Our Recruits now do not. In the past, when we had a base that was true. But our Recruits today come in fresh as daisies. I think assigning a mentor is an excellent idea. Keep someone in her corner." Robin's tone has eased back on its sterness, even if she can detect Lleufer's barely contained emotions. "I never said her constitution cannot improve. I clearly pointed out that she was fragile. I agree with you Ynyr. The psychiatrist is needed because frankly /everyone/ here is out of their depth. I think your suggestion of keeping someone close at all times is good, and I want to clear someone to do it, but I don't want her to know that this person was /assigned/. That will be a slap in the face and be counterproductive. Do you think Corpsman Yari Sawyer is adjusted enough herself? I would not suggest her alone. She'll need a network of support. You have too much to do to be with her all the time Ynyr, but I do want you still involved if she trusts you. I have already encouraged Zahav to stick with her and they see each other every day. I will talk to Doctor Stone about allowing her schedule to be clearer so she can play a more critical role as a friend and not just her being her patient. Thank you. Please, speak up more often and earlier. I need your perspective on things." She nods to Adeliza as she informs the Admiral of the intermediate steps. "Good. Let's make sure we don't just lean solely on people who are obviously assigned. In addition, fantastic. Wynn, if you're informed on the full picture, as Ynyr I do not want to take up your time if you could spend it continuing to build trust with Benning, I'd like us to inform the psychiatrist of our strategies. That's not to wait on the psychiatrist's approval or anything, go ahead and keep on, but to help inform us better and figure out a gentle approach to lining up her more professional treatment in supplement. Is there anything else either of you are concerned about? Ynyr, you have dealt with Shackleton before. It's a problem that he didn't let you know that bit. I'll leave that in your hands if you see anything needs doing or not doing there. If you would like official action, I'll be looking to you for recommendations."

The Gunny kept his under control almost at once, pushed it down. He is breathing more relaxed now as he listens, his mouth no longer that hard, stubborn line. "Yes, Sir. Thank you." Ynyr pays attention to the rest that is said then twists his mouth, "I can deal with Shackleton and what he said to Benning. Now I am made aware of it, I can simply explain to her why he's bitter, Sir."

The coffee-like milk tastes really good right now. The cup is pretty much empty as she listens to Robin, and then Lleu. "There is one more thing," she offers, her shoulders steeling her posture as she looks between them. "It could change how people view her, and other assylum seekers in the future." The coffee cup is set down carefully. "When she started remembering more things, she said her family name was Romo. It bugged me, I felt like I heard or read it before." She picks up her tablet and quickly pulls up a file, the sets it down for both of them to see. "It's the missing persons registry." Her finger points to Kelly Romo, relatioship, daughter. Her finger continues backwards towards the person who wrote the listing. Rance Hood.

It suddenly looks like the blood partly drains out of Lleu's face. He says something to himself really softly that only a keen ear might pick up.

"Thank you." Robin nods to Ynyr. "I appreciate the follow up on both counts. I will be spending some time with her too as my schedule permits," which means Robin's going to make time where there is none. She doesn't belabor any points anymore or reveal hidden efforts on her part to either of them. Robin's pretty familiar with the registry, but it's been awhile since she's looked at it and there so many lost souls on it. She sighss, eyes flicking towards Lleu at the revelation. "This is going to make things difficult. Hood is rather feisty. Ynyr, you are most familiar with him as he works with the Marines. What are your thoughts on this?"

A glance to Adeliza, then back to Robin before Lleu speaks, "That first, Benning," he's being careful to use only her last name, "Requested /not/ to be informed of who she might be related to on board this ship. That, of course was back when she still thought she might be sent back to the Skath clerics. I see no reason to inform Mr. Hood at all for now. He's not going to know her on sight, and she won't know him I think. It's been too many years. Give Benning /time/ to find that balance I mentioned, then they can be told." Ynyr shifts his jaw, "Alternatively, -ask- her if she wants to know and then go from there. Hood would be a potential anchor for her to steady herself on, give her strength and someone to look to who can help her. Someone she might trust more than any of the rest of us once he and she know. And he would … definitely help keep the wolves off of her if they know he's watching her back, Sirs. If she wants to know." After a moment, the Master-at-Arms adds, "The problem then would be Hood. If Benning's birth mother is actually the Queen? Then what? Hood's wife was force converted and is now the King's wife? Or was Benning only adopted by the Queen? I'm not certain which was the lie and which now is the truth. So, I think we need to know that first before we proceed with any disclosure."

"If she is his granddaughter," Adeliza says slowly, "and the Queen is her birth mother," she looks to Robin at that, "it may also hit hard when people realize that nobility among the Skath aren't just loyalists who joined willingly, but also our people who have had their brains wiped to turn them into figure heads. Hood is well respected by many, and even those who are too young to know him, I'm sure they'd respect him soon enough if they messed with her." She gives a final look, then stabs at her tablet to close the page. "The real question, is whether she's changed her mind about wanting to know. If she doesn't want to know, this may have to stay here. Unless, for some reason, she reads the registry on her own some day."

"I agree that the decision lies with her. I think it might be wise to hold off a little. As you said Ynyr, she's fragile. Introducing such a powerful element would surely be a gamble for the better or worse. I don't see it playing out anywhere in between, but it's still a dangerous gamble. This is pure conjecture, but from what I've heard secondhand about Hood, so take this as you will, is that he will likely have an explosive reaction or need space before he can create a positive interaction with her. If and when we take this step, assuming she wants to know, I say we don't set up a situation where she's /expecting/ him to come talk to her at any particular time, so that he can take his time to adjust to the idea and avoid her feeling stood up by her own kin." Robin looks to Adeliza and nods. "Yes, some of us it will be hard, others it will be hard for other reasons. I am not sure you are aware of the Garden Planet Lieutenant Wynn? It's a place that the skinjobs manipulated by One in the second cylon war where they transported brainwashed civilians to live in the same fashion as the Skath have our Colonies living now. None of those people wanted to come back to the Colonies. They were lost to us. The APF were our own brainwashed children. This is not a new concept to the veterans, but it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. We need to ask her when we feel the time is right. I suggest we wait until we know more information about the situation, and if the opportunity to probe for her wishes without tipping her off is available, you two have authorization to seize it."

Lleufer gives a slow nod of full agreement to what Io says about Emily and Hood learning of their blood connection. "Understood, Sir. We'll wait and see." Yep, happy his concerns weren't blown off.

"My Uncle was lost in such a manner, sir," Adeliza replies, not looking up from her tablet. "That's why I never listed my parents for anyone to look for them. I'm too afraid of what I might find out." She takes a deep breath, and then picks up her things. "Waiting is good, sir. I did not know if anyone else would make any connections, so I wanted you to be aware of the possibility of it coming to light, sir." She nods to Lleu, and then looks to Robin for dismissal.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't mean for that to sound like a lecture. I appreciate the heads up, about all of this. It's important to adjust. We do not know if our first decisions will always work out. If either of you have anything more in the future, please do not hesitate to pay me a visit, as long as it's before," Robin gives a random time after her duty shift down to an odd minute. "At that point I'm not decent." Was that a joke? She nods to Adeliza. "You're dismissed. And you Ynyr."

"Thank you, Sirs." The Master-at-Arms makes it sound as respectful as it should be, his anger completely gone. Ynyr turns and opens the hatch and then steps on out to return to his duties.

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