AWD #498: Chain of Command
AWD #498: Chain of Command
Summary: Major Gray visits Commander Spree on Picon, asking her permission to bypass the chain of command.
Date: 01/11/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Dropkickst 
Command Post, Anvil
If it were not for the cramped size of this Command Post, it might be mistaken for a Combat Information Center on a battlestar. From this nexus Commander Carolyn Spree heads up all Resistance Forces on the Twelve Colonies and takes in intelligence information. Guards are posted outside the hatch at all times and this location is full manned every single hour of every day with duty and watch officers posted when Spree is away.
At ten yards by five yards this room is lined along each wall with radio equipment, encryption/decryption gear, intelligence processing stations, and laptops for a variety of tasks. In the center of the steel room is a rather unique table. Built from a base of sandbags, this rectangular table is a holdover from the early days of fighting. The tabletop is a 6 foot by four foot piece of aircraft skin, the white/grey paintjob indicative of a Predator. Hanging over it is a variety of microphones and radio sets with wires leading up through vent holes to the air above.
Fri May 19 2006 AWD #498

The ride in is pretty close to what Elias might have remembered from the last time he saw the place. Except this time they are escorted by four Vipers. One on each wing and two flying nearly boresight with their guns close to the Raptor. There are no chances taken with anyone coming close to Anvil via air. Once on the ground there is a young MP waiting for Elias. It would seem Spree didn't want to send a kid and the guy is wearing Staff Sergeant pins. Given the scars on his neck, he looks like he earned the rank a little early.

Walking through Anvil is like walking through a more complex battlestar. Clearly the maze of tunnels was designed to confuse anyone who was not intimately familiar with the base. Every wall has the same steel plating and structural reinforcement that someone would find on a major combatant ship. The CIC looks exactly like one, too. The only thing its missing is a Tactical section dedicated to the guns. There's even a damage control section built. Spree is in her uniform and standing at the command table listening to a report when Elias entered. The woman looks significantly more rested than any prior photos he's seen of her. The woman has a very severe look about her and the build to the map table, with her expression, gives the air of 'don't frak with me' unmistakably.

As Elias enters, "…ade strength by this time next month. Estimate currently at ten combat battalions. There are more arriving every day, sir. We've had to completely sever location with them due to the size, but they are highly motivated. We've left two liaisons per battalion. Reports come in every twelve hours. Nothing untoward, Commander. End report. Mike-Charlie, out." Spree was just listening to a recording. Given the distance between planets, its probably rare she can actually talk directly to anyone.

Elias disembarks the raptor and returns the Staff Sergeant's salute before following the MP into the base. He's cleaned up a bit and come dressed in a clean pair of blues, sidearm at his hip and clipboard under one arm. He sneaks in a cigarette after the flight, getting in a quick smoke before they get to ANVIL's command post. There he grinds the butt out underfoot before ducking inside. The young Major quickly finds a spot in Spree's line of sight, but out of the way of anyone needing to move around the CP. And there he is content to wait, studying the personnel working here rather than the maps and charts, keeping an eye out for anyone paying attention to the ongoing comm call.

Spree waits until the report has finished before she looks to Elias. Leaned at the table, she comes to a slow rise and smiles easily. "You have certainly come a long way since you left, Major. I'm glad to see you found your way. I was hoping Jameson might make good use of you. Glad you called." Apparently she isn't looking for a salute, moving around the table. "That was from the MCCS on Caprica. You've been busy." The smile spreads to a grin, gesturing for him to move. "Come on, lets head for that private chat. How have you been? Got a smoke?"

Elias' answering smile is a bit thin, but present. "Thank you, sir. Good to see you as well. We've all come a long way in the last year." There is no complaint from him for the lack of saluting, and the Major offers a small nod for the information about the comm call. "I assumed as much." Not many places in direct comm range that could be seeing recruitment on that scale. "More Sixes?" He falls in a half step behind the Commander, following her lead. "Mmm," he says for the private meeting, answering her final question by digging out his pack of smokes and handing it over to Spree. All four that are left in it, at least.

"Sixes and the Nines. You missed the Nines. Looks like the MCCS on Cap has more than they know how to chew. The Sixes are approaching the strength of two brigades. They're keeping to their day jobs and keeping it low key, but they're swearing allegiance." She glances over, keeping her voice low as they walk. "They were swearing to the Articles of Colonization, they still are. But there's word of a video. Its taking them by storm. They've started to defect without downloading, Elias." She knows full well what that means. "We've got another brigade of Nines on Caprica and another forming on Leonis. The Leonis Ninth Brigade is roughly four battalions. They don't frak around either. Stone killers, that lot. They've been subtly targeting the APF weenies and the loyalist dirtbags. It just looks like local reprisals, but they keep it soft and sparse enough that the canners can't justify their own reprisals." She takes the pack of smokes and shifts one out before handing the pack back. The zippo in her pocket is lit and the cherry glows before she speaks again, "Don't lag behind. You walk with me here." She then continues. "How have you been? I know you all have been through some shit, eh."

"I see," Elias says for the news of so many new Nines. No surprise, just simple acknowledgement. "The Nines seemed to have been keeping fairly quiet…" he muses, then gives a small shrug. He is certainly not going to complain. "But the more the merrier." He considers for a few steps before he adds, "I have a transcript of the video, if you'd like to read it. It's a message from one of the original skinjobs to her line, but it … has wide ranging ramifications, sir." Picking up the pace a step, he starts walks alongside Spree. He waves off the few remaining cigarettes. "All yours. They're easier to get in the Fleet." Then the personal question causes Elias to hesitate a second before making a neutral noise. "With regular meals and hot showers? No complaints. The biggest risk I face these days is getting a paper cut."

"Par for the course with the Nines, to be honest. They're a serious bunch. After Sisters of Ceres started showing up here, and we cleared them, I made it a point to get them better accommodations. They're quiet and serious. Honestly, I like them more than the Sixes. Just a feeling, maybe personal." She drags from the smoke and glances over with a quick grin. But she stops and reaches over to tuck the smokes back into his breast pocket. "Keep them. I was just bumming. I've got a care package. I live on a planet ripe for fresh supplies. You live on a ship." She taps the pack with a hand and a laugh before continuing walking. "Yeah, please, I'd love to see what you've got. I bring up the video because I was actually working on a memo to be handed off in a week or so. I was going to give it more time to see who showed up. We've got visitors in lock-up. They're nervous. Seems a couple new lines want to know whats going on."

Elias pauses long enough to have the cigarettes returned to him, offering another faint smile in response. "If you say so, sir." On the subject of Sixes vs. Nines, he offers a cautious nod. "It's a difference in philosophy; between the Sixes and Nines, that is." The young Major doesn't rush to dig out the transcript immediately — that can wait until they have some privacy. But he does quick a brow at her mention of new visitors. "More new lines than Seven and Twelve?" And now it's his turn to tap out a cigarette and light up, taking a puff before nodding. "Things seem to be moving quicker than I'd anticipated. How many have we got?"

"Yeah, that's pretty much what I suspected. I still like the nines better." Spree gives him a wink before she segues off another corridor. This one has a few Marines guarding it. High ranking officers bunks, likely. None of them salute, only nod. "Yeah. Leave it to Boldness. Your Seven has been busy. Seems Sevens have been offing themselves to get the download. But we've got three more in the brig. Two, Four, and Eight. That rounds the majority of the lines, best I can tell. Eight seems downright pissed-off, though. Wants to go to Piraeus or be released. She's only been here about three days." She chuckles and opens the hatch to her quarters, leading him in. Spacious, lots of relics from the war. Momentos. A whiteboard with numbers on it. And of course a nice big king size bed. A hotel room with all the amenities. There's a desk and chairs set up, too. She gestures him over before she moves to sit behind the desk.

"Mmmm." Elias gives Spree a sidelong look when she winks at him, then offers a small, tight smile before taking another hit from his cigarette. He'll just leave it at that. There's little surprise for the news of Seven being expeditious, but those other models? That gets his attention. "Much more quickly than I'd anticipated. And a Two … that's unexpected as well. I'll make arrangements to take them off your hands, whenever you're ready." The Major follows and takes the chair on the opposite side of the desk, settling in to flip through his clipboard. He peels off a few sheets and leaves them on the desktop for Spree: a transcript of Captain al Yamoha's video. "Any new activity around their ressurection site here on Picon?"

Spree smokes her own cigarette, nodding slowly as she leans forward to ash into the tray. "Please do. I can't use them. They won't talk to us. They've got no interest in any of us or making nice. Seems they just want to find out on their own." She reaches for the transcripts, and then leans back in the chair. "No," the Commander breathes out. "I run a recon package by it once a week looking for tiretracks or footprints. Nothing." Her voice trails as she reads. When she's done, she glances up from them. "This is legitimate. You have a ghost on video, saying all this? And you sent the Seven and Twelve back with this? Because this intense, Major."

Elias gives a curt nod. "I'll make the arrangements as soon as I get back, Commander." Then he's thoughtful and quiet for a time, giving Spree a moment to read the Captain's speech. "I can verify that the … entity calling herself Captain al Yamoha recorded that at my request, and that a copy was given to the Seven and Twelve. She appears to have once been a Five. What exactly she is now …" he takes a long drag, then breathes out smoke. "I can only guess. Some sort of … personality recording? One that can take physical form." He gives a small shrug. "Technological or not, she is effectively a ghost, yes." There are so many unanswered questions in there, it might even seem that the Major has decided not to even try and puzzle them all out. Or at least, not right now. "As for the rez facility, we may need to take a crack at that in the near future."

Spree watching him, not having moved. She's still facing the page but looking over it at him. "Whatever she is, I don't care. As long as she isn't a threat to us and she's helping us. Motive is everything but at this point I don't see how this could hurt us in the long run. If the lines are defecting…" A looooong breath taken, she tosses the papers to her desk and folds her hands in her lap. "Just let me know what you find at the rez, if anything. …So what put you on a transport here? You said this needed to be private, about coming operations?"

"Mmmm," Elias makes a noise of general agreement for the Commander's point of view. The results are a godsend. A quick note is made about her permission to check out the skinjob download site on Picon, and then Elias settles his clipboard back in his lap. Her question is answered with a slow nod. "Yes sir." He hits his cigarette, buying a few seconds before he says, "I wanted to speak with you privately, Commander, because I assume we still have APF infiltrators in our forces. We've been hitting Aerilon, and we want the Cylons to continue to believe that's our primary objective. But we're considering a major offensive elsewhere instead — Leonis or Scorpia, most likely. I'd like to send Fleet personnel to make direct contact with the resistance commanders on both Colonies. Covertly." Keeping most of her people in the dark.

Spree smokes her cigarette while she watches him, listening to whats being said and the gravity of what that means. "You can understand my frustration of that with how many people have died on Aerilon." Quite an understatement given her tone. "But I understand the strategic logic. The two make sense and have their own pay-offs. Either one will leave them with a black eye. And I doubt that if you do something like that, that the lines will sit back and watch. You could be looking at a full-on rebellion. But they might also follow orders." She ashes into the tray again. "I can make the arrangements and get you locations. But if this gets the ground commanders killed, you won't be able to gain back that trust. These people have been in hell for the last year while you all have a bar. That's important for your people to remember. Understood, Major?"

Elias doesn't rush to try and reassure the Commander about Aerilon, though he nods his understanding. She has a point. "The Cylons need Aerlion to feed Caprica, and so do we. I believe we'll get there, sir. But we're not ready to tackle both at once. Not yet." And then there's a more guarded nod for the note about the skinjob lines. "After this latest batch has been to Piraeus, the plan is to get all the Lines we have together to … discuss where we go from here. It's my hope that they'll give the Cylons a bit of payback for us, when they turn." And then Spree's last question is answered with a grave nod. "Understood, sir. I will personally make sure that everyone involved hears that, loud and clear."

Spree finishes her cigarette and stubs it out, looking at it while the last tendrils of smoke wisp away. "I'll coordinate with the Admiral and get you locations and contact protocols. Your people will follow the orders they are given on the ground, though." She settles back into the chair again and nods a few times, letting the silence linger. "In the meantime, I've got a box of cigarettes and a case of Aerilonian whiskey. Take a couple cartons and a bottle for yourself when you get back. All I ask is that you give one of each to the commanders your teams run into. Do what you will with the rest, but those are going to need to be delivered compliments of me."

"Appreciate your understanding on this, sir," the young Major gives a quick nod of acknowledgment. "I'll keep you apprised." He takes advantage of the momentary silence to note the Commander's instructions regarding respect and the chain of command. Then he glances up, brows arching in surprise at the extra condition. "Yes sir," Elias says with a small, wry smile. "Fleet will deliver."

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