Flak Frigate Roland Reese



One of the old flak frigates whose predecessors first found use during the First Cylon War, the Nadiv class was not designed and produced until about ten years after the Armistice was signed. Fleet Command chose to direct all this classes' power into her DRADIS systems, now among the most powerful in the Fleet. The EXtreme LOng-RAnge DRADIS (EXLORAD) system provides triple the effective coverage of the standard battlestar unit, allowing her serve as an early warning ship and occasional scout. However it also has the capability to coordinate task force operations some distance away from the flagship. In addition to her sensor capabilities, the Nadiv-Class also possesses an impressive number of anti-aircraft guns, not to mention twenty anti-ship guns and respectable set of six heavy cannons. But all that firepower comes at a heavy price: the 2,300-foot ship requires nearly all of her 988 crewmembers to run and reload her guns.

Technical Specifications


  • 500x point-defense flak guns
  • 10x twin-barreled medium-bore anti-ship cannons
  • 3x twin-barreled large-bore assault cannons

N.B.: For reference, the Galactica has more than 500 dual PD flak cannons — double the coverage for twice the ship size.


Commanding Officer: CMDR Lissette Hargity
Executive Officer: LCOL Dwight Nejab

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