Colonial Fleet Air Base Nike


CFAB Nike is a Colonial Fleet Air Base located on the Caprican coast. It is one of the several bases where the Fleet holds Basic and Advanced Flight School. The nearest major city is Delphi.


Name Begin Date End Date Position
Jeremy Maddox 1987 1989 Nugget
Kurt Holtz 1989 1990 Nugget
Emilia Hallick 1990 1992 Nugget
Atalanta Franklin 1993 1994 Nugget
Ekho Lin 1994 2003 Science Officer
Kurt Holtz 1995 1999 Flight Instructor
Jess Karlsson 1997 1998 Nugget
Nicodemus Gallo 1999 2001 Nugget
Lionel Tiptoft 2001 2001 Nugget
Natasha B. Stryker 2001 2002 Nugget
Alexander Agrippa 2002 2004 Nugget
Ygraine Vashti 2002 2004 Nugget
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