AWD #274: Ceres in Recovery
Ceres in Recovery
Summary: Lleufer comes to medical to meet this Ceres Nine on his way back down to Picon. He asks after something he probably shouldn't have and tensions rise. It ends well enough, for now.
Date: 07/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Rocovery Ward, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flat screens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
October 7th, 2005

Having been reposted to the sickbay from the brig, a restless, newly dressed nine named Ceres is pacing near the back. "I forgot how restrictive this all is," she half addresses her MP's who are standing guard - likely for her benefit. Her hair has been let loose, swaying down her back as she runs fingers through the black strands. She stops, eyes darting as she seems to be going over something mentally, fingers brushing her bottom lip idly in thought. Eyes narrow and then she starts again with her slow pacing, hesitating when medical staff needs to get back and forth. Rolling her shoulders, she sighs and turns again, back to the far entrance to the recovery ward.

Last night, Lleufer was flat on his back sleeping like a log in the sick bay himself after getting some bullet bits pulled out of his chest. His armour stopped most of it so today, after a nice 12 or 14 hour nap, the Marine's been up and about to do various things and prep for his return to Picon. Back to the front line, boyo. Or at least back to Crandall.

The MP returns in his partial battle kit. Damaged heavy body armour has been swapped out for a replacement set, side arm, but his helmet, rifle, grenades and heavy bits Sergeant Ynyr will pick up at the Security Hub on his way out to hop a Raptor dirtside. As soon as he steps in, Lleu looks for his fellow MP's and starts in that direction. Though he hasn't met a Nine before, he's seen Ceres's picture more than a few times. He gives her a careful looking over as he comes to stop by one of his fellow Leathernecks and says low in his baritone, "How's she doing? She looks … strong willed."

Bennett arrives from the Sickbay.

"She's doing just fine, Sergeant, thanks for asking," this is said from over her shoulder before her brows furrow and she looks at him. A sardonic grin paints her lips and she lets out a huff, turning to face him. "I am very strong willed, part of my charm," she gives him a flash of white teeth. Her arms slowly cross before her, "My name is Captain Ceres Delacroix, if you would care to know this." THere is no threat there, just something that seems to be repeated more often then not. "And my shoulder, thanks to the Corpsman is doing rather well," she makes a motion to her left one and then studies him in turn. "I don't remember you," she intones, motioning at him as she takes a step closer, a slow casual movement.

Lleufer twists his mouth into lopsided smile, "I can see that." The charm or the will, he doesn't say which. But he looks amused. After the introduction he glances to his fellow MP's, then back to her, "Then, /if/ that has been verified or otherwise accepted by Coop, I'll welcome you back, Captain." He shifts his jaw, having been chewing on something as he'd walked in. Eat everything in sight up here before he has to go back down to only one meal a day and MRE's. The Sergeant studies her, "Others of your model have been real helpful. More than once, for missions I've been on. Made'm possible." Lleufer half crosses his arms and skims one hand over his jaw, his combat gloves tucked into his web belt, "I've been on board for about a year now but no, we hadn't met. You eh …" he hesitates, "wouldn't have had any /recent/ news about the Eleven models, would you?"

"I am no longer in the Brig, so I am trusting that I have been cleared - save for the fact I can not leave the sickbay currently. I am told its for my safety." A nod of her head, "Yes, it's been that long hasn't it?" Ceres sounds as if she might be giving it some thought as to how long she has actually been gone. Her arms uncross and her thoughts are drawn back swiftly as she hear his question, a brow rising slowly as dark eyes search him and her lips press to a thin line, "I am sorry? No, not that I have known of. Why do you ask, Sergaent?" Her focus is now on his answer, rather intent.

Bennett slips into the recovery ward just as a nurse is ducking out with a trolley, and holds the hatch for him with a wink to his tired smile. Hands clasping behind her, she filters properly inside— and the first thing she spots is the Nine, up and about. Her brows knit together a smidgeon, then smooth again as she turns to approach Ygraine's bed. She'll not, for now, interrupt the discussion between the Captain and marine Sergeant.

There might be a flicker of disappointment at Ceres having heard nothing. But Lleu shifts his jaw, "Personal interest. Doesn't matter." And very possibly doesn't, anymore. He tries not to frown, then glances aside to his his fellow MP's, "Keep a sharp eye. Maybe they'll rotate me back up after things settle more down below." They obviously know him and Ynyr knows them, putting a hand out to lightly smack the shoulder of the nearer who's lower in rank to himself. Someone's arrival turns Lleufer's head to see who it is and if he catches Bennett's eye, gives her a nod, "Captain."

Ygraine had been sleeping. Perhaps it takes someone looming over her to get her to stir, or she's taking advantage of getting as much rack time as possible, albeit in a hospital bed. She's still not considered ambulatory enough to be walking. Wheat colored lashes flutter against freckled cheeks as she starts to wake, and she moves her mouth a little as if it tastes dry. One side of her neck is bandaged, the edge of tape pressed along her jaw and collarbone.

"Personal interest…" this causes Ceres to study him and then she shakes her head, tilting it. "No…I think perhaps you do not understand. You speak of the elevens, but they are more of a personal interest to me. Explain yourself, please, Sergaent." There is a more stern expression on her face, causing her brows to crease and pull upwards. Arms recross again, having lost her need or want to pace at this given moment.

Bennett's chin comes up, and her red-rimmed eyes alight upon Lleufer for just a moment. "Sergeant," she answers in kind, with a watered-down smile that quickly flits away. Another glance to Ceres, and then her attention shifts to Ygraine as she sinks into the chair beside her bed. One leg is missing a piece at the bottom, and the thing thumps crookedly when she sits. "Good morning, sunshine," she murmurs softly to the ECO.

Lleufer incidently has a bandage on the back of his neck up by his skull, and another on his right hand. Recent injuries but not serious. His gaze follows Bennett's direction and lingers on Ygraine over there. He's quiet a moment as he watches them both before his attention returns to Ceres. "I will not." It is a firm refusal, but Lleu at once holds up a hand to forestall her wrath, "Forgive me, sir. I'm not at liberty to discuss it. Orders." Nor frankly does he wish to even if there were no such orders. Instead, he folds his hands loosely behind his back to stand at parade rest, "I know your 'brother' and if he vouches for you to be the original Ceres, that's enough for me, for now. Knox and I work together."

There's a vague 'mmmm' sound from the Leonese woman on the bed. "Is it mornin'?" Yggy responds, eyes finally opening. She can't turn her head too for, lest she aggravate the wound, but she does her best and darts her eyes sidelong. "'hey, Bennett." Something she heard registers, and right after that, her brows furrow in confusion. With effort, she turns her head the other way, as much as she's allowed, and then with the stolid aplomb of of a girl who's enjoying her morpha, "Holy shit."

Wrath? Its more frustration that causes her dark eyes to glint. Ceres firms her lips into a thin line and stares hard at him, "Where is Naomi?" This is asked lowly and she studies him again. "Good for you, that you work with him and all. Do you want a gold star?" A brow arches upwards and her arms unfold, resting at her sides as she looks him over. "I understand orders, Sergaent," she lets out a long breath, "But I can't suppose you understand that we can have feelings towards each other or consider some of our Can you possibly tell me who might well be able to tell me?"

Ceres's firm question of Naomi gets Ynyr's attention. Lleu can't quite keep himself from swallowing but he meets her glaring eyes easily enough. "Perhaps you should ask Captain Gray, Captain. Because I do not know." Which may or may not be truth, or some of both. The MP Sergeant has tensed a little, wary. He's stubborn though, refusing to say more. He's studying Ceres though as much as she might study himself.

Bennett glances over her shoulder for a few moments at the tense situation developing between Lleufer and Ceres, and seems for a heartbeat like she might intervene. But unless things come to blows, it really isn't any of her business. "I will skip the obvious question of how you are feeling," she tells Ygraine, tucking her knees together and crossing her ankles beneath her chair. "And ask you instead if you need anything?" Her voice is soft, and her slim fingers drum repeatedly on her knees while she observes the blonde. Tap, tap, tap, tap, to some beat only she hears.

Ygraine is awake, but still not ambulatory. There's a bandage on her neck and she's only permitted minimal movement of her head. "Thirsty." she says, "But th'nurses say I shouldn't strain m'neck muscles too much. Said I could have ice chips. That Ceres? Tell her that her hubby's an assface."

Quiet. Ceres is quiet and there is not further tension that spreads along her shoulders and back at his refusal. "I suppose I will have to ask Captain Gray at that," her words stick in her throat, dark eyes still watching him with great uncertainty, narrowing further before she lets out a breath and something like a brilliant smile curls her lips. Such a quick turn around. "It seems you know more about the elevens than I do at this point..Sergaent." She makes a motion with her hand, "You watch out for my brother, yes?"

Lleufer watches Ceres closely, wary stubborness mixed with curiousity. No comment to her first but to her second part, he turns and leans a hip on side table halfway between her and where Bennett and Ygraine are located. The doctors or nurses would fuss at him for that if they see it. The MP doesn't smile, "Marines look out for one another." As if Knox were one of them, or close enough. Lleu turns his head to what Ygraine said and lifts a brow at Ceres, something about her husband? Ynyr's eyes flick briefly to Bennett.

Into the recovery ward wanders Phin. In his flight suit, though he at least looks recently showered, if not exactly refreshed from it. Long combat hours over Picon, and no relief from them in sight. He scans the beds, and it's Ceres' that he seems to look for. His eyes rest on it for a long beat, at least. But, after a moment's hesitation, he doesn't approach it. Instead, he keeps looking until he spots Ygraine and angles in that direction. "Hey," he says to her, with a slight smile. "Hey, sir." The latter to Bennett.

Bennett's initial response is to laugh. It's a rich, sweet, slightly throaty sound like her years of cigarette smoking are beginning to catch up to her. Or maybe it's just the double and triple shifts, and the strain of using her voice too much. "Her husband is.. used to be a friend of mine." That word, friend, holds all kinds of baggage. "I assure you I am well acquainted with how much of an ass he can be." If she notices the marine watching her, she gives no indication. Then, after a pause, "Do you think they would object to just a sip?"

Bennett adds, when Phin wanders up and addresses her, "Hello there, Doll." Oddly, she doesn't look tired. Anything but.

"So I keep hearing, but that doesn't mean everyone agrees. I am asking you to," Ceres says plainly enough, a shrug of her shoulders. The brief mention of husband and her name does catch her attention and the nine lifts a brow, noticing familiar faces that she seemed to have missed with her concentrated study on the Sergaent. She half turns, arms unfolding once more from their stern crossing at her chest and she hesitates, watching Dolly a moment before she nods to him and then glances back to the marine. "Stop getting shot, too."

Ygraine's reaction to Dolly's presence is silent and simple: the splaying out of her fingers on the available side of the bed. "They'll let ya give me ice chips." she remarks to Bennett, though her eyes do occasionally dart over to Ceres and Lleufer. "I can't believe I'm stuck here." she complains sullenly. Surely she'll freak out about Ceres returning when she's got a little less morpha in her system.

Phin gets a nod, though Lleu doesn't know Dolly too well. Bennett's laugh is nice to hear. Lleufer turns his attention back to Ceres and looks amused, folding his arms over his chest's heavy body armour, "Knox doesn't need me look'n out for him more than usual. He takes care of himself. But I did used to look out for Dr. Tamsin. MP escort." Lleu thins his mouth a little with a hesitation before he then looks a little incredulous. Did she just say what he thought she said? He blinks, "You know there is a war going on." She's heard, right?

Phin watches Ceres watching him, before noting Lleufer's nod, returning it, and looking away. He reaches out to clasp Ygraine's fingers when he's near enough, squeezing them gently. "That's what happens when you catch bullets with your neck. Might want to stop doing that," he says, in semi-reply to her complaining.

"Oh yes, Sergaent, I know very well there is a war going on and likely you have not seen as many bullets as you could have because of some nines dedicated to trying to thin the ranks before they get too far," Ceres intones sharply, a smirk curling her lips up. "But if you really do wish to be shot, then by all means. I figured I would just give you some words of wisdom. I didn't know it was the new thing," she intones, shaking her head at him before she watches the interaction between the airwing members, something crossing her gaze before she rubs at her neck. "One I get things cleared with Captain Grey, perhaps then you will talk to me about Naomi. Until then, be safe out there, Sergaent. Knox needs more help than he lets on," she tells him and then takes a step back, turning to sort of try to seek her own refuge and perhaps allow the others some quiet and privacy to visit with the ECO.

"Did ya see that? That sounds like Ceres." Ygraine informs Phin, adding, "On a tear, it sounds like. Ain't like I got shot up on purpose, ya know. Ricochet off th'hatch as it was closin', I think. Not like I embedded half my viper in m'chest." Glare.

Well, that was interesting, goading her a little to see what reaction he'd get. Lleufer watches Ceres with not anger or annoyance but maybe a touch of amusement. "I'll try, Captain." And there she's riled up Ygraine a touch. Which isn't a bad sign either, really. Ynyr pushes off the short table to stand and smiles faintly, "Well, back to work dirtside for me. Behave yourselves." /That/ is the MP talking. Lleufer leaves Ceres her space and turns to walk on out but not before he comes over to Ygraine's bed to lay a hand briefly on Bennet's shoulder. Doesn't say a word, only gives the Captain a look before he turns and heads out. Man's got a Raptor to catch.

"Yeah, it's Redux," Phin replies soft to Ygraine. He doesn't try to qualify the statement with any doubts of the identity of this particular skinjob. "Showed up a day or so ago." He doesn't add anymore details than that, but it's quite possible he doesn't know. The glare at him makes him look a little sheepish. "It was a Predator." He corrects her, on which sort of aircraft that got embedded in his chest. "Don't look at me like that. I'm just saying…you look better. I'm really glad you're looking better." A parting nod and, "Evening Sergeant" is offered to Lleufer as he passes.

Lleufer adds "Lieutenant" on his way out. He doesn't remember Ygraine's rank. She can kick the enlisted Marine later.

Lleufer leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

"Wouldn't have happened if I'd been in th'backseat." says Ygraine with certainty. "Next time they need Pred runs, ya bite th'bullet and let me ECO for ya. Or I'll kick ya in th'head."

There is a knowing smile on her face as Ceres can not help but catch some of the conversation. Fingers hook at the back of her neck, allowing her hand to rest there as she cradles her elbow in her hand. There is an itch that enters her step and she starts for the three, but stops herself after only a couple of feet, starting to return to her earlier pacing.

Bennett seems to have been lost in thought for a few moments there, while Phin and Ygraine were chatting. Somewhere in the midst of it, Lleufer passed by, touched her shoulder, and left— and when she thinks to glance up, he's gone. "Here, please, have my seat," she tells the viper with a blink like she's suddenly realised she's been hogging the only chair. Back to her feet, and she turns to flag down one of the nurses for a cup of ice chips.

"Deal," Phin murmurs to Ygraine, pressing his thumb gently against the interior of her palm. Like a shake on it. Or something like it. "I should…umm…say a couple things to Redux. I'll be right back." A little reluctantly he lets go of the ECO's hand, shaking his head some at Bennett. "It's all good, sir…" Whether or not she hears him before she's off in search of ice is unclear.

"Bring her over t'say hello if she ain't too much of a pussy." drawls Ygraine. Blame it on the morpha, y'all. She sinks back into her pillows when Phin does slip away, her now empty hand's fingers curling in on themselves.

As if Ygraine is hard to hear, Ceres keeps to herself, her hand brushing her mouth as she tries to hide the laugh that is edging its way free. A brief glance is enough for her to note the approach of Dolly and her arms slowly lower to her sides as her eyes flicker across him. As he gets close enough to hear her, "Dolly." Unlike with Lleufer, there is an uncertain tension to her, as if preparing for something.

Bennett returns a short time later with the cup of ice chips, and none the wiser to Ygraine's challenge to the Nine. "Do not say I never do anything for you, Vashti," she teases with a wink, setting it down on the small table beside Ygraine's bed. "Anyway, I don't mean to keep you. It seems like you and McBride have some things you need to say to the Captain. I am glad you're getting some rest, at the very least."

"Redux. Hey." Phin sounds more than a little uncertain himself, though he's too tired to be properly tense. "I didn't…Sergeant Knox kept saying you were probably alive. Didn't think I'd see you back on the ship, though."

"You and me both, DOlly. I didn't expect to ever make it on board, but then here I am. I am glad he had faith in my ability to survive being boxed," she admits and a rare smile takes hold of her lips. Something genuine as dark eyes focus on him. "Glad to see you are still flying, though I do not think I could ever doubt you would be continuing to piss off those Raiders."

"Ya don't gotta go nowhere. Thank ya." Ygraine can at least manage to put the chips in her mouth this time instead of someone feeding her. That was embarrassing. At least when it's ice chips and not drippy chocolate. "If ya gotta go, though. And ya always do for me, Captain. Me an' Squire may have crazy luck, but you bein' in th'pilot seat is when I learn t'be a better ECO an' a better officer." Aww. Yggy's sappy when she's stoned.

"Not for.." Bennett's eyes flick to the clock, for the seventh or eighth time this past hour she's been here. "Thirty-five minutes, yet." Her smile remains, but she claims the edge of Ygraine's bed for the nonce, instead of the rickety chair. Perched there like she's prepared to flit away at any moment. "They really are giving you the good stuff, aren't they?" she remarks with another warm laugh. The cup's nudged closer when the blonde reaches for it. "And being a better officer is overrated," she murmurs, mock-conspiratorial, behind cover of her hand.

"Still flying," Phin confirms. "Well as I can. I…umm…" He stops and starts, like there's something he wants to say, but doesn't know where to begin. "I heard you talking to the Chaplain and I…I'm sorry. It probably wasn't my place. I asked Sergeant Knox awhile ago if I could have it from your stuff to…hold on to, until I could get it back to you. I figured you'd want it back. I had this idea I might see you again on Picon, or see if I could find you or…I don't even know. Made sense at the time, can't say I had a plan, though. I just knew it was important to you and I figured you'd want it back. It doesn't have any sharp edges or anything, so the MPs said it'd be OK…" He stops babbling and, with a deft little motion, produces a coin from up his right sleeve. One of Charon's, meant to be kept for the ferryman. He offers it to Ceres.

Ceres smile fades some, a curious expression spreads across her face as she waits expectantly for something as he goes on. Her brow quirks, furrows briefly before she nods, trying to urge him on through his hesitation and stuttering. She keeps her peace but as the coin is revealed, she hesitates, staring down at his hand where it rests. There is a tensing of her jaw, a heavy swallow as she finally manages to remember to breathe as she blinks a few times. "Daniel's coin," she observes, glancing back up at Phin briefly, her smile faintly returning but somewhat sheltered by the other emotions she does her best to hide. Finally she reaches out for it, her touch just as warm as his and takes the coin carefully to look it over, her thumb brushing over the surface. "Thank you, for keeping it safe…its the only thing I have left of him," she explains. Dark eyes meet his and she gives Dolly a nod, one that is more than just a simple movement of her hand before her hand lifts to touch his arm if he allows. It's brief and easily shakin free if he wishes.

Ygraine grins a little bit. "Maybe, maybe not. How'm I supposed t'be Phinny's XO if I don't become a better officer?" Phin's XO, huh. Girl's got ambition.

"Yeah. I know you…" Phin trails off, and seems to reconsider what he was going to say. When he continues, it sounds like he's going along a slightly different path, "I know it was important to you. I think it probably would've been safer where it was, truth be told. Sergeant Knox knows where the rest of your stuff is. I don't think it's been…I think most of it's still intact. Unless Lieutenant Garrido took some of it with him." He hears his name, though he's not listening well enough to quite get the context. It does make him turn his head and blink back at Ygraine.

Bennett does, surprisingly or not, get the joke. "You get through this war, Vashti, without getting yourself killed," she mock-admonishes. "That is how. Which reminds me, we are going to have a chat once you are out of here." Rarely does the squadron commander's voice gain that cool, sharp edge like a finely honed blade, but there's a flicker of seriousness in her eyes as she moves back to her feet. Softly, "Rest up. I need you out there." I, not merely 'we'.

"I trust he is alive? What we had is gone, til death do us part and there is no room for that now," Ceres says, perhaps a bit too sternly before she curls her fingers around the coin. "I can't stay here, Phin, I wish I could. So that stuff is better left where it is," she admits and then nods her head. "I heard he left…look. If I get a chance, I would like to talk to you, see how you are getting on." There is sort of a big sister vibe taking over from the nine and she smiles warmly, clearing her heavy throat as she swallows and keeps the coin. Is that a misty eyed look? "Go back and visit with her," she glances to Ygraine as he does.

Ygraine blinks. "Did I do somethin' I wasn't s'pposed to?" she asks in confusion. Then, "Ya got it, Boss. I'm takin' advantage of th'rack time like whoah."

"Yeah, far as I know he's OK. He was transferred out of here awhile ago. Don't know the details on that but…I'm sure it was weird being on the ship, after…" Phin shrugs. "I'm sure Command or Captain Gray would have the details. And yeah. We can talk later. Yggs asked if you were up to coming over and saying 'hey', actually." He does not add 'unless you are a pussy,' so it's not a direct quote.

"Once you are out of here," St. Clair repeats, gently but firmly. Her thoughts seem to wander again, perhaps to the conversation nearby between Phin and Ceres. Then with a breath, and a smile for Ygraine, she pivots on her heel to depart. Phin receives a wink as she passes, and the Nine, a polite nod that communicates less than nothing in terms of how she feels about the skinjob.

Nodding to Bennett, Ceres considers going over to see Ygraine and hesitates. "Very well, if she so wishes," the nine intones, looking a bit perplexed by the level of acceptance being offered. She leads the way back over towards the ECO once Bennett has vacated and she clears her throat, lifting a brow as she leans over to give a look. "I wonder, how you managed to get shot there…you are an ee cee oh, yes?"

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

"We were pickin' up some marines from a hotzone, and a bullet ricocheted off th'hatch door as it was comin' up." Another ice chip is placed between her lips, eyes darting briefly to Phin. "Ya look confused there for a minute." Back to Ceres. "Don't talk t'me like ya don't know who I am and what I do. I was your frakkin' backseater. I was there on th'mission when your hand got frakked up and I had t'pilot back. And chucked on the deck. I put a gun in your face."

Phin takes advantage of the chair Bennett vacated and sinks down in it, extending his hand toward Ygraine again. He says nothing, just watching the interplay between Ceres and the ECO.

"Hmmmm I do, but your sense of humor is rather lacking. I see you have a long way to recover though your memory seems to be working just fine," Ceres intones. She smirks briefly and straightens up, looking down at the heavily freckled blonde. "I remember you landing, knew you could do it," she chews the inside of her cheek. "You did stick a gun in my face, still want to do that?"

Ygraine's hand seeks out and slides into Phin's like a magnet. "Not really." she says. "At th'time I didn't have enough info. I had t'do what I did based on what I knew and we both know that. Also, my sense of humor's just fine, ya just got shit delivery for joke tellin'." Ygraine informs Ceres without batting a morpha-heavy lash.

Phin still keeps his mouth shut during this exchange, eyes coming to rest more on Ceres than Ygraine at the end of it. In part, he just seems grateful for the chance to sit and semi-collapse for a bit. Not that he can exactly relax.

"Is that so? Then I will have to work on my level of sarcasm for you next time," Ceres says, looking between them as her coin is rolled around in her hand. "Not really, it is an improvement, I will take it." Her eyes flicker over the young woman and then to Phin once more. "Besides, I was not certain who would still be alive…glad to see you are both still flying…though you really should stop ending up here."

"Thanks. Tryin' t'keep th'visits infrequent." Ygraine replies wryly. "Seems like you're gonna keep me company while I'm recoverin' anyway. Hope ya don't snore." She looks over at Phin, brow knitting in concern. "Ya get some rack time? Coffee? Takin' stims?"

"I'll get some coffee before I'm due up again," Phin replies. He says nothing about his stim intake, but it's fairly clear from looking at him he's still not so much doing that. "The deck stuff almost tastes decent at this point." Which seems to remind him. "I've got an Alert shift coming up in an hour. Should try and hit the mess before I'm due. You need me to bring you anything?" To Ceres, faint smirk. "We're working on it."

"I couldn't tell you if I snore, never been awake to find out," Ceres steps back, hesitates and then touches Ygraine's arm as well, lightly, briefly. "Get some rest, I have a meeting with intel again. I trust you both will be around enough for me to bother you some more." She holds up the coin in silent salute to Phin before she turns, taking a step back in the process before the MP's move to join her on her way out of the sickbay.

"Kay." It's not clear who that is to, exactly. "See ya." Ygraine's tone is weary as she watches Ceres depart, and then looks at Phin. "Don't get too dragged down. It'll slow your reaction time as bad as th'stims."

"You worry about me too much," Phin says. He's still not exactly complaining about it, though. He sounds touched, if a little bemused. He gives her hand a last squeeze before letting it go. "I'll see you soon." Eyes briefly look away from the ECO, to follow Ceres' departure.

"Better." Ygraine says. And something else, but it's lost in a murmur as she drifts off to morpha induced sleep.

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