Captain Ceres 'Redux' Garrido
Ceres.jpg Garrido, Ceres J.
CPT Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
32 F
Hair Eyes
Black Brown


A Captain. A Pilot. A VIPER Pilot. Likely there is not much more to Redux then the basics. Virgonese to the bone, stubborn and prideful as well as vain to an extent. She is competent and approachable even if she holds a lot of her cards to her chest. She's spent the last eighteen months on board the Orion and is about to hack out another eighteen with some fresh faces as others rotate out.

That's about what everyone knows. Not much else save a few.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Period Position Station Notes
1998 Ensign Battlestar Atlantia Top Dogs Squadron
1999 LTJG Battlestar Atlantia Top Dogs Squadron
2001 LT Battlestar Atlantia Top Dogs Squadron
2002 LT Battlestar Pegasus Green Bats Squadron
2004 CPT Battlestar Pegasus Green Bats Squadron


To Note - if you are not on Ceres' contact list, its not that she doesn't recognize who you are, its likely that she doesn't have much to say. I put here only what is obvious as Ceres is not an overly sociable character.
File Image Name Notes
Aios_icon.png LT Daniel "Talkshow" Aios I will find Jamie. I promise. This coin is not you, but I will damn well try to give you your vengeance like you deserve. My apology comes too late. Rest well, Daniel
Holtz_icon.png CAPT Kurt "Storm" Holtz A capable pilot with a good head on his shoulders. He was a good choice for SL
Phin_icon.png ENS Phin "Dolly" McBride Dolly. He's more than just a good pilot, he's a good kid. I see so much potential. So much of everything. He has the focus and a hidden passion for what he does. Of any of us, I think he will become something remarkable.
Duke_icon.png MAJ Richard "Bumper" Duke They say never kick a man when he's down. But sometimes a kick is what he needs to rise once more. Now? I am not sure what to offer. There never seems to be enough words and I never seem to find the right ones.

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