AWD #039: Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer
Summary: Death has never been so sweet. (The hordes descend upon Zander's cereal and syrup concoction!)
Date: 14/02/2013(OOC Date)
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Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
14 February 2005

It's a late enough hour that dinner's been well cleaned up by now, leaving the long stretches of tables lightly populated. It's not exactly the most quiet of places, what with a loud group of deckies clustered near where the serving line would normally let out. Still, it is here that Moira has found a place to camp out with a flat surface for her flipped open notebook to rest upon. And coffee. There is definitely coffee, and it's by the line of always-on carafes that she's stationed near. Her gaze is distant as she sips at a mug, her pen left propped against the page. A close inspection will find, damningly, that it points to a random scribble of doodles instead of actual notes.

Zander "Buttons" Sava has been kind of on the quiet and missing in action side. But not in the way that missing in action really sounds in terms of this whole military shenanigans. No, in this case, he's been kind of quiet even when he's around. Which is why his sliding into the Mess Hall may or may not be noticed by… the group of Deckies… the Coffee Drinker… or Anyone else. Not that Zander actually is trying to be noticed.

At any particular rate, Zander is making with the quiet movements to get himself off into a direction that leads off towards the kitchen or whatever passes for a kitchen around here. There's some fumbling and bumbling and the sounds of boxes falling into arms, as well as a large metal bowl and a handful of spoons that clang into it.

Soon enough, Zander is coming back out to one of the tables with about five boxes of cereal balanced in his arms, a big bowl, lots of spoons and he's barely hanging onto the milk by the time he gets to the table to prepare for Operation: Mix Master Crunch.

Phin is also attempting to fly under the radar. He slouches into the mess in the company of another air officer, semi-chatting about something-or-other. They're doing more of the chatting than he is, though. Mostly he just gets some coffee and gets in line. Though he does tip his head toward the sound of fumbling and bumbling boxes. One might note he's sporting a fairly impressive black left eye. Though otherwise he's hale and hearty.

Somewhere between the bumbling and fumbling (probably those spoons into that bowl, really), Moira's gaze loses its distance and instead turns towards the kitchen's exit. Dark eyes follow the ECO's path as he makes his way to the table, a bit of a wince around the edges for the precariousness of the milk. It gives her enough time to close the cover of her notebook over her doodles and drop her pen on top. She covers the quirking smile of her mouth with a sip of coffee. "I didn't realize we'd brought in refugees yet," she notes with a hint of jest warm under the dry tone.

"Just cookin' the only thing I know how to cook. Cereal." Zander explains, though he doesn't sound as excited about it as he usually would. "Annnd… I forgot the chocolate syrup. Do we even /have/ chocolate syrup?" As everything gets dropped down on to the table, probably nice and loud but whatever, he's turning to head back in the direction of the kitchen. "Uh. Whoa. Dude." Zander stops upon spotting of The Phin. "How'd you get such a Low Score?" His gamer speak is still intact, even as he tosses a nod in the direction of Phin's ruined eye.

Ygraine moves along with Phin, right at his side, and a fierce expression on her face. A few people who try giving some eye get it right back, and Ygraine for the moment seems to be able to staredown any comers as she gets her food alongside Phin.

Up loft Moira's brows, but the look is softened a touch by that bemused smile still flittering about her lips. "I see… syrup?" She gives her head a slight shake as she watches Zander turn, fingers lifting away from her mug to tuck her bangs more neatly into place. Its in following his path that she notices the two other members of air wing arriving. There's something a little frozen that comes over her features as dark eyes fix upon Ygraine and her fierceness and Phin and his shiner.

Given that they're almost exactly the same height (they could probably fight over quarter-inches to see who's taller), Ygraine as Phin's blonde pseudo-bodyguard doesn't look as silly as one might expect. "I'm not going to get shiv'd in the lunch line, Yggs. This isn't juvie," Phin deadpans to her. Though there's a certain amount of warmth to the joke. He's not exactly ungrateful. He catches sight of Rozzen, offering the captain a little nod of his head. Though no verbal greeting, when he catches her expression. Zander's words just get a slight wince and shrug that's some sort of attempt to be blase. "Dude, you should see the other guy."

"I could go sit at another table if ya want." Ygraine says with a grin, but it's pretty plain to see that even if he agreed, she wouldn't go anywhere. "Hey, Buttons. Sir." the latter to Rozzen. To Phin, "Is Bear havin' trouble?"

"I hear ya'. You should see what I do to people that try and hang with me in Rumble in the Jungle. I'm a beast on that game." Zander makes a couple of boxing motions with his hands before backpedaling into the kitchen to dig around in the fridge for… "Boo and Yah." is said as he holds up the chocolate syrup as if it was some new powerful item he'd acquired for his mission. When no victory music plays, he's slinking his way back to his table. "Hey Milkshake!" is tossed with a wave of the syrup yielding hand. "I'm about to introduce the Captain here to a little Cereal Killer. You two want in?" He's back at the table by now and holds up like seven spoons. "I got spoons."

"Good evening," Rozzen lifts her voice in smooth return of the other woman's greeting as Ygraine and Phin make their way in. From dipping her chin slightly in echo of Dolly's nod, her eyes slide briefly over towards those deckies camped out around the table on the other side of the room. She sips from her mug. Zander's return to the table touches a brighter crinkle at the edges of her eyes. She sets aside her drink in favor of folding her arms upon the table's surface so she can lean in for a closer study of his many cereal boxes. "So those are for sharing, not part of the process?" she wonders of the seven spoons.

"Afraid to be seen with me?" Phin asks Ygraine with a half-smile. He assumes she is not. "Nah, we can hang." As for Bear, he shrugs. "Hasn't yet, he says. People're a little less apt to frak with Marines, and I think the guys in his unit would have his back." Zander's gaming motions are watched like he's not sure whether he should laugh or not. Ultimately he restrains himself. Possibly just so he won't lose out on the food. "Boo…yah. Yeah. I'm starved. That looks solid." He is enthused about cereal.

"That must be it." Ygraine smirks to Phin. She peers at the seven spoons and the cereal and the chocolate syrup. "I am intrigued and want to know more." she declares, peering at Zander.

"Don't tell me none of you have ever mad a bowl of Cereal Killer." Zander is already switching himself into cook on television mode, as he's yanking open the boxes of cereal and pouring some of each into the big metal bowl. There's nothing but a mix of delicious sugary foods in this case and then he's moving on to the milk. "All you have to do is just get like four or five of your favorite cereals, pour 'em into a big bowl…" And then he's grabbing up the milk, popping the top and setting it apour. "Add milk. But just a little bit. You don't wanna' sog up the deliciousness." And then the milk is traded for the chocolate syrup. "And for my final ingredient…" He starts squeezing the chocolate syrup all over the semi-dry cereal!

Another person is soon enough in the mass hall as well, chewing on something. Luc let his eye wander a bit, still trying to fit in with the new squadron. Gaze shifting a bit and he just makes his way along. Offering a nod to whomever he recognizes. "Busy day in here?" He asks and just let his gaze go to each person and offer a nod to them.

"I'm not sure I have four or five favorite cereals," Moira muses. Her smile remains tilted lightly into place even as she drops her chin into the prop of one palm in order to better watch Zander's production. While it occurs under a cast of light humor, her expression twitches a little more horrified as each sugary flavor gets added. And then the syrup. "I think I can feel my teeth rotting from here." There's the suggestion of laughter under her voice and, perhaps, an odd hint of sadness. She looks up as Luc arrives. "Cereal killer," she informs helpfully.

Ygraine reaches out and snags a spoon. "I'm in." she declares. "But it's only fair if you get the first dip, Buttons." She then looks up. "Hey, Crater! Want a spoon? It's Cereal Killer!"

Phin snorts something suspiciously laugh-like at Zander's Iron Chef of Cereal routine. But he clears his throat and mostly restrains himself from outright chuckling. Ahem. "That's looks…wow, man." He has no other response. But he's totally in. "They have that sugar-corn stuff still in stock? I've never had it with chocolate." He sounds kind of wary of the prospect, but he'll give it a try. Luc earns a nod and polite, "Hey." (Phin has a giant black left eye, by the way.)

"Si, Mademoiselle Shakes du Milk! Tis only au naturale that such a task be undertaken by the creator of such deliciousness!" Zander is just passing out spoons to everyone, Crater included, even though he doesn't really now that guy. Whatevers. "My horrible accents aside, though, Captain, the whole teeth rotting thing? That's the Killer part of the Cereal Killer. Normally, there's wagering and stakes when engages in such delicious battle but… I think I may just go easy on you virgins." Zander cracks a smile. "Unless, of course, you think you can out eat me. Then it's on like Wreck It Kong." Open Challenge!

"Oh, I ain't a virgin." Ygraine offers, and adds impishly, "But I used t'be."

Whatever Luc had in his mouth he has now swallowed it. Though still in need of having to chew on something. Grinning at Rozzen's words and Yggy's. "Ah, I see. Well not too much harm about that, is there? Well if it's offered, why not." He offers and grins. Raising a brow to Phin's black eye. "Cute." He offers about the black eye, with a slight tease in his voice. Perhaps having ended up with one or two of those himself some time ago. Perhaps not lately though. As for being a virgin, he chuckles. "There's a reason I'm called Crater." He tells Zander with a wink. Grinning at Ygraine's later words as well.

OK. The accent and virgin comments are too much. Phin has to set his coffee down so he doesn't spill it while cracking up. "Sorry, man…" he apologizes to Zander in a way that's totally not convincing through chuckles. He will need a minute.

Rozzen accepts her spoon with something like trepidation. Holding the end of the handle between her fingertips, she lets it bounce absently as she slides her gaze between the pilots before her attention again is captured by Zander. And his terrible accent. She responds with a prim arch of eyebrows instead of laughter to the whole virgins thing, mouth skewing rueful. "I think I'll just be having a taste," instead of a competition, she remarks dryly. But, chef first, so while she slides her spoon into better balance she turns an expectant look back to Zander.

"I think that means I'm still the Cereal Killer Champion. I can live with that." He gives his spoon an actual twirl across his palm. It's almost like a gun or something the way he spins it, which probably shows how good he is with his hands, before he's immediately digging to send that spoon down into the slightly milked, crunchy, chocolately, pile of deliciousness. A second later he's crunching it. And a second after that he's dancing around with it. "It's like a party in your mouth, guys! Dig in!" So this is what the Zander gets up to when he's not gaming and not working hard on simulations!

"Aww, what's the matter, Captain? Competition is good for ya." Ygraine casually elbows Phin with a mock-stern be serious! gaze and then she too starts to giggle, a spoon now clutched in hand, spoon poised and hovering. "Grab a spoon, Crater."

Luc chuckles and takes a spoon. Taking a full of the cereal as well, "Damn, the way you move it seems quite good." He tells Zander with a wide grin. Digging in and perhaps a bit much. Eating and nodding with his mouth full. "Great!" Comes a muffled word, behind a hand. Nodding for the others to join in. He doesn't seem to mind too much, other than it being quite a new flavour. Though he eats anything and almost all the time, so it is all good.

Phin elbows Ygraine back playfully, finally overcoming the general hilarity of this enough to wield his spoon. He does take a quick gulp of coffee first. To cleanse his palate for whatever sugar rush this'll lead to. "What chemicals did you put in this stuff, man?" It's a joke. Mostly. He digs in without much evident concern. He does blink at the sheer insulin-shock-inducing amount of sugar, but after chewing the first mouthful kind of experimentally he seems to get into it.

"I think it might," mean Zander is still champion, Moira will allow. There's a worried sort of peak to her brows as she watches him dig in to the cereal. And then, at his encouragement, she releases a resigned exhale and nudges together a small bite for herself. One of the puffy bits, not dyed, and with a good dose of syrup. "Oh, I'm not opposed to competition in principle," she says with a smiling look tipped towards Ygraine. "Just some… rewards." Her eyes drop skeptically towards her spoonful. "Aren't worth the risks." But, here goes, a neat bite. And, hey, at least it seems to go okay with her coffee.

Ygraine takes her first bite and her eyes go PING wide as she says, "Ohholyshitthat'ssweet." And then proceeds to spoon up some more. Here's Ygraine. Here's Ygraine eating corn syrup sweetened cereals topped with chocolate syrup. Any questions?

Luc laughs and nods at Ygraine's reaction and grinning at Phin's words. "It seems to be every sugary item on this thing." He tells them with a shrug, "It will at least keep one on a rush to do a lot of things." Giving Zander's shoulder a pat. "Seems like quite the cereal. Name's Luc Raynor by the way. They call me Crater."

"Like…how do you win?" Phin asks, around a mouthful of sweetened cereal and chocolate syrup. He has to chase it with coffee, to kill some of the sweet with bitter. Caffeine will no doubt make the impact of it more awesome, anyway. He extends a hand to Luc, when the guy introduces himself. "Ensign Phin McBride. Dolly, or Dolls. I can deal with either. You're flying with us in the Strikes now, yeah? Think I saw your name on the board."

"I think ya gotta eat the most. Or get the last spoonful. I'm not sure." Yggy starts bouncing in her seat, as she consumes more sugar-chocolate awesomeness. Oh, Zander. What have you wrought?

"I would guess by eating the most, first," Moira agrees with the blonde in answer to Phin. She turns her spoon over to absently get the last of the chocolate sauce off of it with a drag over her lower lip. She watches as the sugar seems to be taking its effect upon her tablemates, particularly between Ygraine's pinging eyes and Zander's dancing. Tucking her spoon to bridge between two fingers, she returns to her caffeine as dark eyes turn up to listen in on the pilots' introductions.

"Indeed, that does seem the easiest." Taking another spoonful as well. Glancing to Rozzen as she cleans the spoon, "Way to get it all, captain." He offers with a wide grin. Taking his own spoon into his mouth.

"And then you have a victory seizure?" Phin dead-pans. Not that any concerns about the spazzing it might cause is stopping him from eating the stuff, mind. He shovels it down with the enthusiasm you'd expect to find in a frat house kitchen if one were eating over the sink.

Ygraine might be spazzing out. Or her next maneuver might be strategy. She gets up and changes seats. And by changing seats, she sits in Phin's lap and leans forward to continue shoveling cereal in her mouth. Oh, and she's still kinda sugar bouncey. So yeah.

"Moira Rozzen," she supplies to Luc as an introduction to go along with the rank he addresses her with, now that she's not interrupting. Dark eyes scan in academic study of the new Strike from over the mug of coffee held balanced between her fingertips. "Hardly seems the time to let chocolate go to waste," she reasons cooly. She turns a look towards Ygraine and Phin, a smile flickering briefly. "Something like that," a seizure. And while she's being a downer - "How are you all finding the new company in your halls?"

Phin makes a 'Glmph' sound when Ygraine plants herself on his lap, in the middle of chewing as he was. Which finally turns into an affronted, "Hey! You frakking cheater!" Because the sanctity of cereal competitions cannot be violated. He laughs as he says it, though. He retaliates by putting his hands on her waist and trying to tickle her. Because apparently he's momentarily abandoned being dignified in front of superior officers. Maybe he didn't hear Rozzen's question about the MPs in the air wing halls. He sure doesn't respond to it.

Luc chuckles and nods to Phin, "IT's like cliff diving, you just have to take a chance." Watching Ygraine and Phin both with a bit of amusement. Though Rozzen's words does get a shrug. "So far it's all been quite nice I suppose." Trying to figure out who they all are perhaps. Though the sugar rush from the cereal is still getting to him. At least enough for his grin to be beaming.

Ygraine starts laughing and trying to beat at Phin's hands, while also at the same time trying to eat more of the cereal killer. There's an air of familiarity to their antics as she whaps at him. "Cut it out!" she giggles. "No, no, no!" But she's laughing, so it's okay, and she manages to add, "It kinda sucks, Captain, but ya do what ya gotta do."

Tickling, at least, Moira seems to take in stride better than some of the rest. She's watching the black-eyed ensign rather closely in his non-answer, until Luc draws an easier nod from her for the nice settling in. Ygraine's comment has her humming in tentative accord. "Exceptional times, exceptional measures," she offers as somewhat of an echoed sentiment. "Well. I'm glad it's not totally sucking." She's a little too formal, making the borrowed phrase ring kind of awkwardly.

Phin does stop tickling Ygraine to swat her hands back, still laughing himself. "Well, cut out being a giant cheater, then," he chuckles. He semi-returns to the competition, trying to eat around her but making no particular attempt to dislodge her. This means his cereal-eating involves a lot of leaning and awkward angles. To Rozzen, he shrugs. Still no opinion on the MPs. "How're things in CIC right now, sir?"

Luc falls silent when he listens, letting his mouth keep busy with other things and just looking between them all with a smile. He does gesture for Ygraine to poke at Phin's side, helping her out in messing with the guy.

Ygraine does so, and with a grin for Luc over the assist. To Moira, she nods, "Yeah, no one's saying we don't get it or anything, sir. Just…kinda sucks."

"Yes," Moira nods a softer smile towards Ygraine. Phin's question has her drawing a long breath, using the inhale to straighten her posture. "More things to do than hours to do them," she answers with a sort of long-familiar dissonance of grimness and cheer. Her closed notebook gets swept up into the fold of her arm. "I have been looking into those maps. I'm hoping to have something to you in a couple of days," she notes to him as she slids up to her feet. "There're just a few other things I need to clear off my desk first. So, speaking of things to do." Her mug lifts to tip a farewell gesture towards the four of them. "Enjoy the sugar high," she bids with a sparkle of eyes and stretch of smile before leaving them to kill off the Cereal Killer.

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