Special Agent Catriona "CJ" Boyd
CatrionaBox2.jpg Boyd, Catriona (CJ)
Special Agent Civilian
Station Civilian Population, Piraeus
Position Secret Service
Age Sex
27 F
Hair Eyes
Black Green

God is a bullet, have mercy on us everyone.
-"Heal It Up" - Concrete Blonde



Catriona Jessica Boyd, or "CJ" for short, was born on Picon in the year 1977. At the time, Vermandus Beach was a sleepy tourist town with action-packed summers and slow, highly vacant winters that enforced a seasonal economy. Her father, David, worked as a commercial fisherman, which required a grand deal of his time away from home. The money, however, was more than sufficient to support his only child and his wife, Helena, who worked as a salesperson in a seasonal beachwear store during the summer and a data-entry specialist during the off-season months. They lived in a meager three-bedroom house in a part of down that was on the lower grade of middle class, but within walking distance of the beach itself. Her mother, a former lifeguard, took immediate priority in making sure their daughter knew what she needed to so that she would be safe around water, and it's rumored that she learned how to swim before she could walk…but that's probably a rumor that originated from her ever-congratulatory mother.


Their house was a collection of old swim-meet trophies, a shrine to the life and times of their prized daughter, and comfortable, sensible furniture with comfort far more in mind than style. Their house had the beat-up couches chewed on by the family dog, a girl's bedroom in which the bed dominated most of the small room and posters of surfing stars and pop bands lined the walls, and a fridge filled with beer and fish sticks that Catriona often had to heat up for herself after coming home from school. She and her mother were beach girls, and her father was a trucker of the sea.


Tragedy took a turn for the Boyd family near the end of Catriona's sophomore year of high school. Her father, while on a deep sea fishing expedition to the northern continents, was cast overboard by a rogue crab-pot crashing against him, sending him over the deck. His body was collected from the frigid waters, but not before succumbing to hypothermia. David was shipped back home for the funeral, and with the insurance money mixing with his collected savings, Catriona and her mother were greeted with some comfort room in which they could plan the next years of their life. Helena decided to spend some money to open a shop of her own. Catriona decided that she wanted to go into a field where she could help people, such as the Special Agent Service, which would require her to receive a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. She enrolled into the Criminal Justice program at Picon-Ayers University.

Graduating in the upper third of her class, her application to the Department of Defense's Special Agent Branch training academy was accepted. The months of hard work, conditioning, and investigative training for protection of Colonial assets yielded an eventual graduation from Academy at the age of twenty-four, and the first of her assignments. For the past three years she has worked as plainclothes security for diplomats and Quorum members, investigation of Sagittaron-based terror cells, andinternational arms trade tied to former political lobbyists.


Special Agent Branch, in the days before warday, was assigned to a partner to investigate human trafficking tied to anti-government hate groups, and a number of potential rumors of kidnapping threats to Colonial political targets. In the middle of a three month long investigation, Boyd and her partner have been separated, taking separate transports enroute to Caprica to follow a money chain to a rich investor on the posh planet. Signing on to keep an eye out for potential VIPs on the transport, Boyd awaits arrival at her destination so that she can continue the investigation, hoping to be able to complete it in time for the war summer season back home on Picon. It's been nearly a year since she's taken any time off. However, days before continuing into her investigation she's been called to be a part of a Quorum security detail. One last job…



Name Relation Status Notes
David Boyd Father Deceased Died when CJ was 16, Commercial fishing accident.
Helena Boyd Mother MIA/KIA Warday Last known location: Vermandus Beach, Picon

Recent Events

  • Extracted as wounded from Caprica City as part of a Secret Service detail (Jan 05, 2005)

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Extra Info

  • Secret Service: Catriona is a member of a civilian law enforcement agency that reports direction to the Department of Defense. Working hand-in-hand with the civilian government, they perform a number of investigative missions on behalf of Colonial Interests. She has extensive security clearance, and has provided bodyguard services for a number of Quorum members, both past and present.

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