AWD #101: Cathartic Sport
Cathartic Sport
Summary: Recruit Shackleton and CPO Fairfax take some time out of their day to let off some steam.
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Fairfax Toby 
Naval Enlisted Berths and Fitness Center
Pyramid Court
AWD #101

The hatch creaks open to the naval enlisted berths and Fairfax enters, orange coverall already zipped down a fair distance and dog tags jangling around her neck. She rolls her shoulders, getting herself free of her work gear and tying it around her waist as she crosses towards her locker. The rattling sound of the door opening is accompanied by a faint hum, low, airy and something meant to remain mostly unheard. Dragging out her sweat pants, she leaves her locker open and moves to take a seat in the center of the room, lowering down and facing outward so she can unlace her boots.

Her hair is damp, falling freel of the short ponytail. Pieces cling to her forehead and there is more than her fair share of grease painting her forehead and jaw.

Toby has been off duty for a while now, long enough that he's showered, eaten, been to the fitness centre, showered again and is now sat on his bunk bouncing a pyramid ball boredly off the floor, He glances up briefly at the new arrival and offers a faint nod in acknowledgement of her existance then goes back to mindless bouncing the ball.

Fairfax catches the nod and she gives one of her own. The laces come undone and she drags off her work boots, setting them beside each other and then stuffing the laces in. Spray with some foot jam preventative and that can gets stowed in one of the boots. She then stands, unbashedly shucking off her coveralls and setting them aside as she starts to pull on her sweats, "Just going to sit there?" She offers, glancing over at him and then pulling her tanks out of the waistband of her sweats.

Toby catches the ball after another bounce and then turns back. Shrugging once he thinks for a moment then replies, "yeah, probably. Might even lie down at somepoint I guess. Who knows?" Starting to bounce the ball again he glances round the rest of the berthings, "not a huge amount else to do until I need to get my head down."

A brow lifts and the engineering chief nods her head, grabbing up her coverall, covered in grease and grime and shoves her shoes in her locker. The laundry bag at the back of her locker and hauls it out. "Well if you are bored and have some laundry, we could head down that way. Or if you are up for a bit of Pyramid, it's been a while." She glances to the ball in his hand with meaning.

Toby holds the ball still for a moment once more as he considers the offers. In the end he has to check his locker to be sure of the state of it's contents, but it seems that he's happy enough with what he spies for when he turns back to the engineer he bounces the ball towards her. "Sure, why not. I already took Rutlii in a game earlier, no harm in trying for two for two."

THere is a faint smirk and Fairfax tosses her laundry back into the locker, hanging her coverall up to spare the rest of the bag from the grease. She turns in time to reach for the ball, trying to snag it back towards her. Clumsily she fumbles it and then presses it to her hip. "TWo for two…oh Rutlii." She shakes her head, moving the ball to sandwich between her knees so she can adjust her hair tie. Pulling her hair back and trying to sandwich the loose strands back into place, a few already break free or promise to. "Alright, lets see how you do." She lifts the ball in two hands and heads for the hatch.

It not being all that long since he was here last, facing off against Sera, the Pyramid goals are still set up and ready to go as Toby arrives back at the fitness centre. Were there more people around he'd offer to open it out into a proper pick-up game, but it seems the place is actually relatively quiet for a change. After a quick glance round he turns to Fairfax, taking a defensive position since she has the ball. "Ready when you are."

The pyramid court is something a little foreign to Fairfax and it shows with the way she eyes the goals and the set up. Her brows furrow and gaze narrows as he positions himself. She tosses the ball from one hand to the other, then taking a side step as she lowers as well. That smile fades and it becomes something of concentration as she eye the goal behind him. The court gets a look and then she is back to him. A few strands of hair break free, swaying against her freckled cheek. She steps forward, going straight at him before dipping to the side and trying to zig zag back in behind him with her hand reaching up to try to get to the goal.

Toby is by no means a leading expert on the game but he has played pick-up games like this for years. He's rusty for now though, havning barely played in the month or so that he's been on Orion. WIth her coming straight at him he guesses there's going to be a move one way or the other and so holds his ground until it comes, then moves sideways with his opponant, trying to force her wide so she can't score.

As he steps in towards her, Fairfax lets herself be bulled rather than just throw herself inwards and slam her way towards the goal. SHe stumbles out of bounds after catching his shoulder and nearly hits the side of the goal. A few quick steps stop her from going further before she turns. Straightening, up, she turns and narrows her eyes at him as she throws the ball at him and moves to take up defensive on her side, lowering down into a ready stance as she nods to him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Fairfax=body+pyramid
< Toby: Failure Fairfax: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Toby smiles a little as he successfully defends then straightens and rolls his shoulders a couple of times to get them limber for the next point. Catching the ball as it's thrown he passes it from hand to hand a moment as he comments, "not a bad try, lets see what you make of this though." That said he goes for a trick shot, he's in form so why not. Eyeing the engineer he bounces the ball a couple of times off the floor then starts towards her as if to repeat her own move. At the last moment though he twists sideways, rather than a full on dodge round, and hammers the ball towards the floor of the court, aiming for a rebound up and into the goal.

"It's been…quite a while," Fairfax admits but doesn't seem to be asking for him to go easy on her. In fact when he moves in, her arms lift and she dodges into his move. Pressing him back, his sliding movements cause her to turn and roll with him, hip brushing his back as she spins as well to try to compensate. Her hand reaches out for his chest, tangling in his arm oddly and brings her closer - slamming into his side as her foot tangles then and gets caught between his two a she slips forward.

<FS3> Toby rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Toby rolls Body: Success.

Toby knows exactly what is about to happen as soon as things start to get tangled, but there's really very little he can do about it as the collision occurs. In fact, pretty much the only think he does manage is to twist himself away as they go down so that he doesn't end up landing on her. Instead he lands on his shoulder and rolls away instinctively before slowly pushing hismelf back up to his knees and glancing across. "You okay?" he asks, rubbing his shoulder a little, but he seems satisfied that there's no damage done.

She goes down hard on her back, pulling her chin in to keep her head from rebounding off the ground. Fairfax gasps, the wind knocked from her a moment so that her honey brown eyes open wide and she finally heaves in a breath. She grunts, letting her racing heart slow as she rolls to her own side and winces. "Frak me to Hades.." she rumbles, "I am too old for this.." She pushes herself up slowly and nods her head, bracing herself on her hands and knees a moment as she catches her breath. "Lets do that again, your ball still." She pushes herself up and turns to look at him, rolling her shoulder. "You? Hopefully my blunder didn't harm you overly."

"I imagine I'll live," Toby replies as he pushes himself to his feet and goes to fetch the ball once more, he does keep half an eye on her though, just to make sure that she does get back up okay. Bending to grab the ball he passes it from hand to hand once more and raises an eyebrow faintly to silently check that she's ready before he starts in again, going fo a slightly wider path time.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Fairfax=body+pyramid
< Toby: Failure Fairfax: Success
< Net Result: Fairfax wins - Marginal Victory

Setting her stance a bit more wide, shoulder width apart. Lowering down, she nods to him to say she is ready. Her feet work forward, as if to preemptively goad him into moving. Her hands spread and she flexes her fingers, bending her knees, eyeing the ball and then him.

Toby smiles as it's game on again, abused shoulder forgotten entirely it seems. There's another couple of bounces of the ball as he watches her stance and movement and then he's off, trying to lure her out to one side and then rebound the ball back towards the goal of interest from one of the others.

He doesn't even get close this time, she seems to be able to react a bit faster than usual. Fairfax watches him drag her out but she pushes off her outside foot and back in to grab at the ball as he rebounds it. Her hands grasp it out of the air and she pivots, twisting to redirect the flow of her momentum back towards her goal and pas him, her shoulder tucking in as she carries the ball, ducking back to the other side he had feinted towards before in order to try to get around him before he can stop her.

Toby mutters a curse in something that is definitely not colonial standard as he has to quickly turn defensive. If she were a guy, and this a game in the dirt outside a bar he might well have simply tackled her into the floor (or tried to at least), but as is he reverses direction as quickly as he can, aiming to put put himself bodily back between her and her intended target.

Toby manages to get between her and the goal, causing her to come up short and get past him. Fairfax moves from one foot to the other, attempting to get past but he holds strong and she's not giving up that ball quite yet. Her brows furrow and she locks her arms around it, pushing in past him if she can. She takes a step to the side and comes up short, but manages to whisk past him, digging her shoulder into his direction and just manages to get up and past him. Her hand goes up, carrying the ball and with a sound of delight, she slams the ball past and into the goal. Coming down on her foot, she takes a few steps to slow her momentum and allow him a chance to claim the ball as she gets back into position.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Fairfax=body+pyramid
< Toby: Success Fairfax: Failure
< Net Result: Toby wins - Marginal Victory

Toby just shakes his head a little as he finds himself once more fetching the ball. "Nice interception," he conceeds, starting to think that maybe he has under estimated his opponant and deciding to cut the cheap tricks and get down to real playing to try and even the score once again. With the ball once more in his hand he weaves left and right a bit, back and forth, not really commiting to anything at first, just keeping moving and seeing if he can spot a chink in her defense.

Fairfax is back, feeling suddenly more alive with the fact she just managed to score a point. There is even a light smile upon her face that slowly fades again now that he looks rather focused as well. Redoubling efforts - or so they say. More hair is free of her short ponytail and the engineer eyes his movements, honey eyes flicking back and forth to follow each step. "Come now…" She shakes her head as if to say he won't get by and tries to rush him suddenly and force him out of bounds near his own goal, trying to grasp at his arm. Unlike him, she's not shy and she looks like she means to tackle him.

With his eyes watching her, Toby see's the charge coming and neatly side steps outof the way. It's close, but he makes it past clean enough that his shot, which follows almost immediately, isn't deflected and finds it's way to rest in the goal to his left. Looking faintly happier as it goes in he nods back to Fairfax, "you're turn."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Fairfax=body+pyramid
< Toby: Success Fairfax: Failure
< Net Result: Toby wins - Marginal Victory

Fairfax stumbles past as he makes it around her and has a clear run for the goal. She turns, but is unable to catch up with him and a few heavy steps bring her to a stop as she rumbles faintly and nods, "Good job," play nice. She moves over to gather up the ball and retake her position at the center line and wait for him. She rolls the ball from one hand to the next, eyeing him and then the goal. She hesitates a moment and goes straight for him again, this time however, she doesn't move, she turns her shoulder and attempts to push him out of her way.

Toby assumes for a moment that there is going to be another faint and keeps himself light on his feet for a moment until her actualy tactic becomes clear. Dropping his shoudler a little he has to quickly adapt his footwork to set them solid and prepares to take the charge, and indeed, push into it when it comes to try and dislodge the ball from her grip.

It's like meeting a wall and Fairfax grunts, trying to keep the ball locked as her arms ache from the dig of his shoulder. The lowered position he takes causes her foot to give and the woman twists, trying to get free, but she looses her footing. Scrambling to get her foot back to stop her fall, it only serves to drop her to her hip with a resounding whoosh of air and her eyes squeezing shut. Her shoulder connects next and she rolls, trying to keep hold of the ball but its sliding free and nearly popping out of her grasp.

Toby is neither an officer, nor a gentleman and so goes for the ball. He doesn't put the boot in though, simply contenting himself with stealing it from her grasp and slamming it home through the third goal on the final apex of the court. Then, after he's retrieved the ball once more, he heads back to Fairfax to see if she needs a hand up, "two, one." He informs with a faint smile before bouncing the ball back to her and taking a defensive stance once again.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toby=body+pyramid Vs Fairfax=body+pyramid
< Toby: Success Fairfax: Failure
< Net Result: Toby wins - Marginal Victory

She's muttering beneath her breath and that polished Caprican accent is heard in quiet exclamations. Fairfax is already to her feet by the time he returns with the ball and her hands lower to accept the rebound off the floor from him. Repositioning herself, her hair tie has been lost and she gives her hair a toss to clear her gaze. She bounces the ball and steps to the side, then back the other way. She wets her lips and then leans down and tries for a sudden dodge to the right, skirting along the edge of the court to then dodge back inwards and taking a side step, rolling through the motion.

Toby seems to be firmly back in his stride, dust and cobwebs blowing away as he moves. It's not elegant, nor is he on top form, but he's on form enough it seems and that'll do. Shadowing her movements he keeps half an eye on the position of the goals and the other one and a half on her and the ball. He stays to her inside relatively as she moves down the court and while he doesn't see the sudden direction change in advance, he does react quickly enough to it to keep himself bodily inbetween her and her target.

Coming up against him when she tries to dart in, eyes narrow as they meet his and the CPO is shifts again, trying to dodge quickly and roll past him, bouncing the ball off the floor in an effort to get it past him and herself as well, the ball to one side and herself to the other so she can meet up with it on the other side of him. Its not all together executed amazingly fluid, but she might be able to pull it off.

Toby has to choose quickly, go for the intercept or the take out. With no particular momentium behind him he goes for the former, reaching out an arm and leaning to snatch the ball out of the air as it rebounds upwards once more. It's not a clean take, and he can't get his hand round it, but it's deflected back in his direction as he makes to scoop it up with both hands this time.

Noticing a moment too late what Toby is doing, Fairfax digs her foot in and tries to pivot. She slips a little but pushes herself forward after him, hair flowing across her face that she reaches up to try to tuck back out of the way. Breaking the rules, she attempts to reach out for him and grab at his hip to help shove him off course in hopes of breaking his position and keeping him from scoring a goal. Shoving herself up against his back, there is a hope to cause him to overrun and tackle him to the floor.

Toby just about manages to secure the ball in his grip before he's hit from behind. Stumbling he knows he's going down, her momentum adding to his in a way that can only end in him hitting the floor, but he does just manage to reach out and throw the ball home on his way down. Knowing the landing is coming his has his arms set properly to break his fall but there's still a definite 'oof' to be heard on impact before he's looking up at the goal to see if his throw was good.

Fairfax moves herself slightly to his side, but when she hits, she lands on his hip and her shoulder, causing her to grunt again. She begins to feel the ache from the several falls she's taken and lays there a moment, rolling to her back next to him and pulling her knees up to plant her feet on the floor. Knees in the air, hands on her stomach, she lays there a moment staring up at the white stark lights overhead. "Gods.." She says, brushing hair from her face as she then looks over at him. "You okay?"

Toby remains on his front, as he fell, and thumps the floor in victory before turning to look at her once more. "Three, one," he says with a grin, "maybe next time you and Rutlii can play-off and I'll go against the winner?" Then, and only then, does he start to push himself to his feet once more, "yeah, I'm fine, although I should probably start thinking about putting my head down or it'll be time to go back on shift before I know it. You? You okay?"

Despite him pushing himself up, she lays there a moment more, sighing before she rolls to one side and then up to her hip and a hand pushing her up the rest of the way to her feet. Rising upwards, she glances over at the goal and then to him. Running a hand through her hair, she offers him a mild smile, "Just fine…I think I shall live." She admits and then moves over to get his ball. "I am going to have to practice now or something, normally I just hit my bunk after a few hours going over repair logs. I could get used to several games a week." She tosses the ball up, catches and then turns, offering it back to him. "Thanks for the game."

"It can be very cathartic I find," Toby replies with a smile, "certainly more fun that taking everything out on one of the punch bags. There's a couple of pilots play too I hear, and the lawyer, or at least, she played on Picon." Reaching his hand out he accepts the ball back then offers, "I'll leave it on my shelf, if you want to practice a bit then feel free to grab it so long as it makes it's way back there when you're done. On that note though, I should go, aforementioned sleep and all that." There's a quick nod in parting and then he's off for the hatchway back to the berthings.

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