AWD #489: Catching Up with Command
Catching up with Command
Summary: Marcus catches up with Amos on several projects.
Date: 23/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Marcus Amos 
The MOUT room is a training facility located forward of the engine rooms and stores, and only allows the use of specific paint, rubber, or frangible rounds. Housed within a large, empty hold the area is bounded by structual bulkheads and the interior walls can be moved so the space is entirely customisable for whatever the instructors or Marines need. Being in the bowls of the ship there is also enough space between the decks to allow for an overhead series of catwalks for instructors and others to observe and critique what is happening down below.
10 May 2006 AWD #489

With his platoon on leave, Marcus is down in the MOUT watching Charlie platoon and it's leader on their training and taking diligent notes. It helps to observe others. His dog-eared notebook is out as he jots down notes, settled into a viewing position on one of the catwalks to watch the platoon at work as they go from cooridor to cooridor to clear the room.

While a large part of the S3's job is planning future operations, another significant chunk is co-ordinating training and so, having escaped from behind his desk, Amos is also down in the MOUT room. As a proper break from his work he's been assisting Charlie's Enslgn by playing one of the 'baddies', but having had his position overrun he's now heading back up to the viewing gantry. "Lieutenant," he greets as he stips of the outermost layer of his PPE and grabs one of the white armbands that signify he's switched from combatant to instructor, "how did the gunnery work go on Picon. Anything I need to know?"

Offering a brief salute, Marcus chuckles. "I've never seen my platoon so damned excited. They did well in their gunnery - but I may want to get Sergeant Flynn more training." he comments as he flips back the pages a bit to look. "Sergeant Kapali and Corporal Angelis scored the highest. I'm not sure our Carballas will ever see the battlefield, but they're trained up for them, sir." he says as he considers for a moment and flips a few pages back. "I spoke with Sergeant Knox on using the Raider for our infil and exfil on Scorpia and Leonis. He's in, sir." Then he continues. "He also recommended that Sergeant Flynn lead the team on Scorpia as the resistance leader there is special forces and would smell the green on me a mile away and not take Orion as seriously. I agreed. But I want to attach a request to it, sir."

"We used tanks in the liberation of Picon," Amos notes, "they might be hard to transport, but there's also the possibility of using ones on planet." He's thinking of Santos Ridge, but isn't going to bore the young Lieutenant with his personal war stories just now. As for the rest he nods at the suggestion of using the raider then adds, "this is no besmurch on Sergeant Flynn, but it should be you or I ideally. If the logistics don't work out then they don't work out, but for this sort of mission you want an officer present, we can speak with a degree of authority that our NCOs can't." Leaving Charlie to get on with things he adds, "any news from the Wing on new intelligence?"

"Then if it's you or I, sir, I'd suggest you. I'm taking the mission to Leonis." Marcus says, looking thoughtful as he leans on the bar. "Talked to the new CAG, Colonel Io. She and I went to the TACCO to get into the loop on the information ANVIL's getting, but I haven't heard back yet. As soon as I do, I can finalize plans." Putting away his book, he folds his hands together to watch the combat training. "If you want on board the Scorpia mission, I'll let Flynn know. But.. that doesn't change what I'm about to request. I know I'm allowed only two Staff Sergeants. And I have two currently. But I think Flynn's earned her fourth stripe, sir." he comments, before drawing in a breath. "She's earned the respect of her platoon mates and shown her dedication in the field. As much as I hate to suggest it, but Sergeant Stone's inactivity on missions as of late has shown a lack of drive. I want to reduce his rank to Sergeant and move Flynn into the squad leader position."

"Pencil me into your plans then," Amos replies, "but keep Flynn in the squad too, it'll be good experience for her." Listening to the comments about the CAG and TACCO he nods once to demonstrate both understanding and agreement, then moves on. "I'll be frank with you Lieutenant, Sergeant Flynn is on my watch list for promotion, but she's not there yet. She made a couple of questionable decisions on past missions, and I want to make sure she's leveled her head out and got those entirely out of her system before booting her up. She's doing well, don't get me wrong on that, but I need to be sure. If we were talking about the jump between Lance and Corpral then it wouldn't be such an issue, but this is Senior NCO territory, and I need to be a hundred percent convinced." As for Stone, well, he shrugs, "put the demotion request in and I'll sort the rest of the paperwork for you. If nothing else, it'll give Flynn a tangible target to aim for."

Marcus nods. "Yes'ir." he says, agreeing with the assessment as he draws in a breath. "Speaking of questionable decisions, sir. I nearly made one, and I need to self report." he admits quietly. "A week ago, while celebrating with my platoon mates, I slipped from the command tree and had a thing with a NCO in the Naval group. I know that such an action is regrettable and punishable. Or anything else. If you wish to further any punishment, I will accept it, but it was my own lapse of judgement in allowing myself to carouse for too long with my platoon."

Amos keeps his expression carefully neutral as Marcus makes his confession, although he does glance around briefly to see if anyone else in the vicinity might have heard. "Lieutenant," he then replies after an intake of breath, "if you'll accept a word of advice from an old man, don't go try and explain yourself unless you're prepared for everything to get complicated. Speak to her in public and people might get the wrong idea, speak to her in private and -she- might get the wrong idea. Be careful, or don't speak with her at all. Now. Since you've come and told me before I found out from anyone else I'm prepared to accept that this was a learning experience and will never happen again, but it has to be just that. Do you understand?"

"Yes'ir, I understand. She's one of our corpsmen, so eventually I will have to address it, and will tread carefully, sir if she brings it up." Marcus says with a nod of his head. "Thank you, sir." he offers honestly, before he sits up a little. "Alright. The Scorpia infil is going to be through heavy raider making planet-fall, with the team being dispatched and Knox going to wait for a signal to pick up. My thought was that he return to near orbit every other day at a pre-determined time, and once he has signal, return to the planet. As far as Leonis goes - the suggestion was made for a HALO drop. I'm going to run the platoon through a training mission next week for it, if you're interested in joining in."

Amos makes ever so slight a face at the mention of it beign a corpsman, that does complicate things ever so slightly, "yes, in that case it might. Tread carefully Lieutenant, and if you feel out of your depth at any point then I'll do what I can to assist." With the conversation going to back to operational matters he listens intently, then nods once, "if Sergeant Knox believes that to be a manageable timescale then that's fine by me." There is perhaps just a faint flicker of something in his expression at the mention of a HALO jump and he nods slowly, "I'd say that it's a long time since my jump quals were indate, but they're one thing I never managed to pick up, had to spend the time convincing the Corp I'd make a terrible lawyer and that they should just let me loose in the field instead. Worked in the end mind, but yes, if there's a spare spot in the training group, then I'd be very interested."

"I'll make sure there's room on the bird for you, sir." Marcus says with a small chuckle as he nods. "As soon as I have the intel from TACCO or CAG, you'll get it in a memo." he says as he pushes back and straightens up into attention. "If I have anything else, I'll be bringing it to you sir, do you have anything else for me?"

Amos considers for a moment then shakes his head, "I have nothing at the moment but equally, I'll let you know if anything does come up. Do feel free to tog up and go shoot at Charlie for a bit if you want though, it's surprisingly cathartic to get the chance to just keep respawing and go in again."

Marcus laughs. "I'll keep that in mind, sir, but I still have a lot of operational planning to do." There's a smile offered, but Amos may notice those first stress lines that suggests that Marcus is trying too hard and is starting to feel the stresses of going from Engineering to Infantry.

"Oh," Amos adds, as he suddenly remembers something, "hows the plan to install that airlock down on Piraeus going? I've not heard anything from the CMO for a while so I assume you have it in hand, but drop me a memo with the progress when you get a chance."

"It's completed, sir. I'm surprised you didn't get the memo from command. A group of Marines went in with the CMO and recovered.. something. I'm waiting still to get the report myself on what was found, but I'm sure we'll see soon enough, sir." Marcus admits, his own brow furrowing in confusion that the report hasn't come yet.

"It's probably buried under a pile on my desk," Amos answers with a shrug, "it wouldn't be the first time, nor likely the last. I'll have a hunt though and ask the good Doctor for another copy if I can't find it. IF that's all though Lieutenant, feel free to consider yourself dismissed at your convenience, I should probably stay and watch this to the end though, just in case someone manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."

"Sure thing, sir. And when we have a chance, I'll have the Dogs go against the Charlies, sir." Offering a salute, Marcus turns to head off to work on more of his duties as needed.

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