AWD #030: Catching the 'Redeye'
Catching the "Redeye"
Summary: Cassie visits Zach while he's recovering in medical and they have a friendly heart to heart.
Date: 05/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Cassie Zachary 
Recovery Ward - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
05 February 2005

Early morning in medical is early. Zachary has a fun way to fill medical with people, it's kinda sad. Amongst the beds are Afton, with claw marks across her face and her head shaved. Ygraine has bandages wrapped around her throat. As for himself, he has bandages around his head and arm and hand and his foot is in an elevated boot. He's leaned back, eyes closed, apparently either asleep or napping.

Cassie comes in, looking around at all the people here, each one getting her heart to sink a bit although it's the sight of Zachary that truly gets her to feel… well, sad. Moving towards his bed, she watches at first, not sure she should bother him or not, but then she dares to reach out and touches one of his hands. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to try and protect you all," she whispers, voice hitching.

The touch on his hand causes the DCAG to start to stir and his eyes struggle to open and focus back into the world. "Hey." he offers in a tired and drug-addled voice and yawns, his mouth dry and cottony from the surgery and recovery. His skin is cool to the touch, apparently he lost his fair share of blood to the Piraeus dirt.

The way he wakes up actually startles her and Cassie yanks her hand back, her eyes going wide. "Frak." Takes the pilot a moment before she finally calms down and she blushes, feeling sheepish for her shock. "Sorry, sir. Didn't expect you to wake up." Hands now behind her back, Zach is watched, the sheepishness melting away and then the sadness returns. "Do you need anything? I mean…" The dryness in his voice is not difficult to miss but Cassie doesn't want to offer him anything to drink, uncertain as to whether he's allowed to take in anything.

At first, the touch is warm and comforting. He only sees a blurry silhouette of black hair and feminine shape. So, the conclusion he draws may startle Cassie even further. "Eden? You came up here? Is the…" he stifles a yawn, "…how's our little flower?" he asks, eyes drifting down her form to her stomach.

And then Cassie actually clears her throat, and Zachary becomes far more aware as he blinks a few times. "R-Redeye. Oh. Shit." he murmurs, and offers a bevity of laughter as he struggles to find focus and get the red out of his cheeks out of the suggestion as he gestures, "Ice chips." he comments, pointing towards the container down by the end of the hall.

Her time down there should give him time to recompose after that faux pas, hopefully.

"Sir? No… not Eden, I am sorry." The mistake is taken in stride and not made a fuss over, especially when Zach realizes his mistake and seems to feel awkward over the mistaken identity. When the request for ice is made she's grateful for it as he's not the only one who has to recover from that little error.

While making her way to the ice machine, cup in hand, Cassie mulls over what just happened although doing so only makes her blush the longer she continues to dwell upon it. Makes for a very red-faced Redeye by the time she returns. "Here you are, sir," she says while smiling bashfully, the cup held out so he can either take it or take ice out of it, more than happy to keep it in hand if he'd rather do the latter. "How are you feeling?"

She holds the cup, which is great, seeing as his left hand is still bandaged up. He takes a few of the ice chips out of the cup and sticks them in his mouth, swirling them around so they melt and chase away the driness. "Sorry." he finally manages. "I expect her to come through the door and be not very pleased at my leading a combat mission and getting torn up in the process." he says with a chuckle.

He finally manages to gain some focus. "And.. about the other part.. don't go telling everyone?" he requests gently. "It's great news, and I am excited, but I only found out the night before the mission over Aerilon. I do not want to be celebrating my thrill at being a father with the fact that one of my pilots is still missing."

"It's fine. It isn't the world's worst thing to be mistaken for someone's wife. And don't worry, sir. I won't say anything." Taking a deep breath, Cass looks around before pulling a wheeled chair over, one that's high enough to let her look at him and still hold the cup despite making herself comfortable. "What is it like," she queries quietly. "Learning that you're going to be a parent, I mean."

"In this day and age?" Zachary asks, a weak smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, though when his forehead crinkles it brings a new wince of pain as that stitched and bandaged area is moved about. "It's scary, Cassiopeia." What the hell, he knows her proper name. "Very scary. But it gave me hope. We had come here in the first place because she was in love with Piraeus. She had done the initial tour while I was at CFA Leonis and she came home to convince me to come back with her." he comments as he takes some more ice to suckle on.

"The original plan was that I would do the second tour with her, and when it was over, I would retire and we would start a family here. It was so many hoops to jump through, but we had finally gotten it approved." he confesses quietly. "Since it seems that my retirement party is on indefinite leave, she wanted to bump up the timetable, so. I feel a pit in my stomach. You, the rest of the pilots and ECOs, you're family to me. I want to scream and shout from the bridge how excited I am, that my little sprout will have so many Aunts and Uncles. But I also have to keep it subdued. Not everyone wants a family. Not everyone wants to see me bouncing off the walls excited about it. Which is why I apologized, in case you were of the later, worried that I cannot take care of the wing if I am concerned about a child. Which isn't the case, I see both of my duties as husband/father and CAG as very similiar. I'm just not married to all my pilots." he offers her a wink.

"I will avoid the question of asking if you want to have a family. I asked that of Ygraine while we were shot down, and I think it put her off just a little bit."

It really isn't often that Cassie hears her full name outside of her family and it has her a bit surprised. It isn't that Zach knows it as he's read through her files, undoubtedly. It's that he chose to call her by it, that managing to get her to smile once that all sinks in. "I wish I could experience that myself. That level of happiness, I mean. It sounds so… wonderful." Sighing wistfully, Cass sets the cup down for a moment, that hand then used to brace her chin. "I know my parents were hoping for me to settle down someday. Get married and have kids. I instead married to my work. And then I joined up after that. I… think I have fairly well dashed all hopes of grandkids." A shoulder lifts while she smiles.

The last has her pausing to think. "You can ask me anything, sir." Another pause. "Do I want kids? I'm not sure. I have someone here I am close to but I don't know where things will lead us. Marriage and kids…? Who knows?"

"How old are you, Cassiopeia?" Zachary asks, measuring the young woman up as he considers her. He holds his follow up until he gets his answer.

Cassie grins. "Thought you guys weren't supposed to ask women that, sir." Sitting up again, she looks at him and sticks her tongue out. "I am thirty-two."

"Eh, I'm too old to beat around the flirting bush." Zachary chuckles and then squeezes her hand with his good one. It's still cold from all the ice, but the smile he offers is warm. "We're off duty. Zachary, Zach, or Pie is fine." he points out to her, before he continues.

"Thirty-two. Eden is thirty-four, I'm forty-four. We're just now trying for a family. This first attempt may fail, we don't know, but we do know we want to try. Now I'm not saying rush out there and try to get so fat with child that I have to take you off the duty roster. What I am saying is if there is someone, and he doesn't know how you feel yet?" he asks. "You should let him know. I nearly lost Eden because I was too blind to see the signs of what she wanted." There's probably a story behind that.

The span of Cassie's lower lip is bitten into, her eyes held to his when she's given leave to address him in a manner less formal. "Alright… Zach." It does a lot to put her at ease, really. It's a lot easier to talk about things like this with someone you can be casual with, after all.

Zach's willingness to touch upon such personal subjects makes Cassie smile, the warmth shown to her by him returned. "Forty-four is not that old, Zach," she points out, her hand allowed to stay where he can hold it if he'd like. When the conversation continues she looks up, clearly thinking. "I think it's a bit belated to profess any kind of deep, honestly-loving feelings," she eventually says quietly. "Right now we are just enjoying each other's company. We haven't known each other long at all. I don't want to freak him out by declaring my undying love for him and how I want his babies. I'm very content with what I share with him. It might change, it might not. Who can say?"

"Fair enough." Zachary agrees easily. "But if you get to three years into the relationship and you start to leave around the easily found bridal magazines, ring ideas and bringing him to me to ask about cake flavours and he's still not paying attention, then he may need to be hit with a clue by four." he says with a thin smile and chuckle. "Or to be taken to a point known for marriage proposals."

His hand withdraws to maintain propreity as he takes some more ice to chew on as he considers her. "I do not see you around much, Cassiopeia." he offers gently, "I didn't see you at the paintball battle or many of the other social events. Is there something I can do that may help you with getting comfortable with being out and about, or is this just a personal thing? I do not like seeing any of my pilots wallflowering, especially when I am trying to get to know him or her better. So, consider this like.. an informal one on one. Instead of talking about your performance, I want to know what I can do to help you out." It's the end of the universe, the rules have changed.

Zach is good at making her have to think, darnit. And right now she's not exactly sure it's stuff she wants to think about. Weddings and babies and all that? All subjects that threaten to be over-whelming, really. Cassie almost says something about that but then he is moving on, giving her an entirely different thing to have to work out in her head.

"I didn't realize I had done that. I think I am alright." She hasn't been doing too bad despite the stuff that has transpired but maybe she just has herself fooled or something. "I like everyone and I get along with them. I think we've established a good relationship with each other. I just…" A deep, slow breath is taken in and exhaled, Cassie's expression faintly sad. "Maybe you should push me a bit if you see me doing that again, though. Proverbially smack me and tell me to knock it the frak off, Zach."

Zach did say years from now. Not tomorrow! At her comment, he offers a fond smile and reaches up, lightly placing a cold hand on her warm cheek and pats it. "…knock it the frak off, Cassiopeia." A wink at that as he lowers his hand again from her face. "So, tell me, what type of things do you enjoy?" he asks the pilot. "I mean, I want us to all be able to bond over things we mutually enjoy but also want us to share things we enjoy with each other." He is such a husband, she can probably tell. It's all about sharing and delegating.

"I enjoy baking, so I cook and invite the pilots to join me to either help or try it out. What type of things do you enjoy?" he asks her curiously. "If you could share anything with the Air Wing, what would you pick?" Such hard questions, right?

Cassie's cheek warms under that touch, probably enough for the DCAG to feel for as long as he pats her. "I like to play pyramid. And I sometimes write haiku. And I draw. Used to be a professional artist and I like to share that with others." Except for the pyramid the activities Cassie does enjoy aren't exactly something that can be done with others. Or at least that's the assumption she's under at first. Something does come to her, however, and she gives Zach such a big smile it just might swallow her face. "Maybe I can hold art classes for the Wing from time to time."

Zachary smiles brightly, despite it hurting his head. He's pleased to see her so happy. "I know Tiptoft is considering a Pyramid team, maybe talk to him as well." he offers to her. "But I love the idea of art. I have tattoos and all that stuff. I talked to the Master Chief about maybe drawing up some nose art for the birds." he considers, and then reaches down to take off his shirt. Right there in front of her. On his left pec is the mark of Aurora, but when he turns slightly to her, covering is back is a winged vision of Aphrodite lifting a wounded Marine into her topless caress. "…this was the nose art on my bird when I was in CSAR." he tells her in explanation. "Yes, I got it before I married Eden." he laughs. "But maybe you can help them come up with ideas? Even if it gets turned down, we would still have it."

"Pyramid team. That'll work. Perhaps we can invite some of the other departments to do the same. Have a ship-wide tourney." The details are already being thought over, Cassie thinking about how many departments there are on a ship and how many people are in each one. Logistics can wait however. Looking at the shirtless man once he tugs his shirt off, Cassie reaches out to trace a finger over some of the displayed ink while he speaks. "I could do that," she murmurs while looking at the tattoo of Aphrodite with no small amount of interest. "I will get with Master Chief, see what he has in mind."

"Sounds like a plan." Zachary says, the touch causing his back to stiffen for a moment against her warm fingers before he pulls his shirt back down and settles against the bed again. "Or, you can see if you can find a tattoo artist or kit on board and branch out." he teases her as he gives her a grin. "I'm always interested in new ink."

The way he tenses gets Cassie to pull her hand back, just in time for him to lower his shirt. "I would be more than happy to try my hand at drawing a bit of art for you to get tattooed if you'd like. Frak… it'd be a big honor, really. Will keep an ear out, see if anyone does tattooing." Whatever else she might say is never spoken as she falls quiet quickly after that leaves her lips.

Zachary chuckles, apparently the touch may have been unexpected, but not unwelcomed. "Sounds like a plan." he says, eyes drifting closed slightly as the medicines start to overtake him again. "So tell me whaat else you like?" he asks her, apparently speech slightly slurring as he considers her. The momentary lucidity is starting to leave him again.

"I like cupcakes," comes a nearly-whispered answer, Cassie busying herself with straightening Zachary's covers when she notices that he might be dropping off on her. "But we can talk about that later. You should rest if you can get it." Once the blanket and sheets are fixed she pats him on the arm, her smile fading. "I will pray for a speedy recovery for you and the others."

"…what type of cupcake.." Zachary murmurs, but it's too much. Being tucked in, touched so kindly, he leans into the pillow and drifts off again, unable to say much else, and allowing Cassie her privacy with the DCAG to say as she wishes.

A quick look around her puts Cassie at ease, there being no one to notice what she does next. Reaching over, she touches his cheek and then runs a few fingers through his hair a second, the latter done to try and tame what is probably an epic case of bedhead. "Next time let me go out with you guys," she grumbles, disgruntled. "How am I supposed to keep everyone safe if I'm stuck here?" Heaving a sigh, she stands up, brushes the sheets smoothe one last time before she turns to go.

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