AWD #281: Catching a Few Winks
Catching a Few Winks
Summary: Alejandro is found sleeping on the Obs Deck and both his sister Zhen, and Jena, give him a hard time.
Date: 14/10/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Various little RPeez not necessarily posted.
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Observation Deck, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
October 14th, 2005

CAP. One letter off from 'crap', ironically, something Zhen pointed out to her pilot while they were out, patrolling. Uneventful, thank the Lords of Kobol, but that meant it was just hours upon hours of flying patterns around the Orion while making sure nothing was getting too close for comfort. Freshly off the Raptor, she scooted her ass here, still in her flight suit, helmet held under the crook of an arm, her destination being a chair or couch or somewhere she can flop and doze for awhile.

Somebody has already beat Zhen here. Alejandro arrived a while ago, also in flight suit. Which he stripped out of and tossed inside out over the back of an overstuffed chair with a good view. Evidence suggests he had a tall drink of iced tea by the remaining glass set aside. His under garments are off duty clothes, a Tshirt sporting a sex Viper chick pilot with kill scores that reads 'Send more Cylons!' with fatigue pants and his boots of course. Hobo himself however is sprawled more sideways than upright in the chair with one booted leg dangling over the side, one arm hanging off the other, and his neck in a position that with his head tipped back will surely be sore when he wakes up. For yes, his ass is completely passed out asleep.

Just ending a half shift of duty in the Medbay, having been assigned the Recovery Ward, Jena is just now getting off. She's not even hit the head yet before coming to the Obs Deck. Seems like a good place to go for a little down time. Stepping in through the hatch, she catches sight of Zhen first and smiles. "Hey Rainbow, it looks as if.." she notices Alejandro and drops her voice to a whisper, "you've bene busy."

Zhen doesn't notice her brother even as Jena does, too tired to pay much mind to her surroundings. It isn't like she has to pay attention now that she isn't required to keep an eye on the DRADIS or whatever. "Oh hey, Jena. How are y…" Before she can get the last of her inquiry out as she throws herself into the same seat Al is sleeping on, it taking all of a nanosecond for her to get back onto her feet. "Holy fraaaaaaaaaa…. AL! Don't scare me!" Like he meant to be there for her to sit upon and startle over as a result!

What the shi.. !?! Something startles Hobo awake with a jerk of his body, boot flipping up into the air, arm to flail. Somebody or something fell on top of him?! He's suddenly wide awake, grabbing at Zhen but she pops right back up off of him before he knows what's going on. Ale blinks, grabs his flight suit and drags himself awkwardly to his feet with a stumble, "Yes, sir! On my … way…" What's going on? He stops and rubs his face, flight suit half on the floor and hanging out of his other hand. There's a bloody gash on his arm and his suit is likewise torn with a few rough spots. "Klaxon?" Jandro doesn't hear it.

"Oh there's.." Jena begins warning her, but.. too late. "Well it looks like a comfortable place to have a seat anyway, Rainbow.." She walks over to the couch as if to have a seat but is distracted as she reaches into one of her pockets for a packet of already shelled sunflower seeds that she opens. "Hungry.." Looking back up, her lips quirk into a lopsided smile and she laughs. "You guys.. we have to stop meeting like this. Next thing you know we're all going to be going to the head next. I already plan to."

Zhen grabs the flailing pilot, looking like she might throttle him but it's meant to get him to stop instead. "You hurt yourself. I am sorry if I made you do that. Cruz, do you have a bandaid for our little Viper jock? Maybe something in pink with little kitties or fairies on it?" Jena's joke about the head gets a light snerk and then a chuckle. "Gods, I'd hate to think what'd happen…"

Alejandro pulls his arm out of Zhen's grasp, the gash old enough to have clotted and dried. "I'm fine. It was shrapnal, not you. Don't worry about it." He rubs his face and tosses his flight suit back over the chair, not being rushed to return to his bird after all. A blink at Jena's comment and he straightens himself up from his slouch. Jandro needs a shower but one glance at his sister and forget that. He mumbles something to himself about eating.

Actually… In one of her pockets, she opens it and pulls out a couple of things. She walks over to Alejandro and gives him an impish smile. "I don't know, Rainbow.." She does look at the wound. "May I?" Too bad, she already inspects it and sprays it with a small bottle of antiseptic. What she does next is blow on it so it dries. Then she opens a cutesy little bandaid she usually saved just for kids, which she rarely met. It's Pac-Man chasing a ghost. The Pink one. "I think he's more interested in you than me." Giving her a playful wink, she smoothes the bandaid over his cut. "All better." She goes back to her shelled sunflower seeds.

Two startled double-takes happen, first when Al mentions how he got hurt and then one's given to Jena who mentions her opinion on who she believes Jandro's more interested in. Yes, her mind went there but she doesn't say so. Not verbally anyhow but that reaction might give her away. "Uh… huh." Nice, safe, all-purpose, all-encompassing answer there. Clearing her throat, she looks at the bandaid and then her brother, brow lifting. "Alright, fly boy. Spill it. How the frak did you hurt your arm, huh?"

Jena is eyed suspiciously but Hobo does not stop her from coming over to look at and clean his arm. The gash is a little bigger than a bandage will cover but it can bridge it until he gets it gauzed at medical. Alejandro rolls his eyes, "You two stop it. I didn't know she was my sister, you know that." And he's still tired, beat. As Jena finishes with his arm he mumbles his thanks and looks to Zhen with a frown, "I kind of skidded my Viper and it turned sideways and hit the hangar wall. Not very hard. It's still pretty hot down there on Picon if you haven't noticed and we got shot up a bit on our recon today. No big deal." No scowling at the silly bandaide. Jandro skims a hand through his soiled hair, "What are they serve'n in the mess tonight?"

"Now I am curious as to what would've happened if I wasn't your sister." An elbow is poked lightly into Jena's side, Zhen smiling very much like she is that disappearing cat in that one book. "Seriously, Jandro," she then says with a shake of her head. "Hot or not, you need to be fraking careful, dummy. Don't go and get yourself killed." There's a pause and then, with a sigh of resignation, she adds to Jena, "He's going to get himself offed as revenge for me being gone for so long." Joke? Miiiiiiiight be.

The double take response is amusing, but Jena tries so hard not to outright laugh, barely managing to succeed. The both of them together were hilarious, there was a strange tension there.. or maybe she was mistaken?Either way, it was never dull being around them. After pouring a few seeds into her hand, she offers the bag over to Zhen, in case she wanted to share, but she looks almost blankly at Alejandro. "Is that the only place you were hurt?" Suddenly turning professional, looking up and down his body with a more impersonal gaze. "No big deal?" The dubious clearly states her opinion. Jena definitely thinks it is a big deal. "Ah.. I think it's meatloaf. There was some red stuff on top of it, and there was corn and.. pudding?" Gods, she hoped so. "I saw someone carrying a tray to medical. You guys hungry?" Oomph. Jena gets poked and smiles. "Nah, don't kill him, he's too pretty."

-Him- pretty? Scruffy Alejandro. He gives Jena a look like he still thinks she's pulling his leg, her and that other blonde from that afternoon in the mess hall. He frowns, some of his hair sticking up this way and that, "I'm not hurt. I'd have gone to medical if I was hurt. I'm fine." Hobo sighs, "I am hungry." For lots of things but also too tired reall to care about any of them but food. He rubs sleepy grit and dried sweat from his eyes. Zhen is cast a 'wouldn't you like to know' kind of look, "If you hadn't been my sister maybe you'd not have told me to bugger off. Then we'd be gett'n along a lot better."

Catching the look from Alejandro, Jena laughs. "You must not hear it enough. I should make a point to tell you every day, but people may look at us strange if I call you pretty boy." Depositing the spray back in her leg pocket of her fatigues, she nods towards the hatch. "How about we all go eat then and head to the.. head afterwards.." She can't miss the sequel show. "How else is a medic to know you're really not hurt, right?" Biting her lip to keep from laughing, she fails to hide her amusement, because it's all in her eyes.

There would be a compliment from his sister but things are already odd and Zhen's not wanting to make it harder on poor, poor Hobo. What she does do is elbow him now, a bit less gently than she did when she made with the same gesture when joking around with the pararescue gal. "Let's go grab some food and that shower, huh?" She is hungry and hell, she probably stinks something awful, too.

Alejandro eyes Jena now, putting his hands on his hips and standing with most of his weight on his left leg. He drops his voice, "I don't know. My ribs ache some. Maybe you should come inspect me." His slips his sister a look and adds more loudly, "Maybe /you/ should go grab some food, we'll shower, then swap." Yes, get rid of the sister now, cue. And she tries to elbow him right in the ribs he said ache, "Brat." He'd be more playful if he wasn't so tired. Hobo picks up his flight suit and looks half a mind to just go find his bunk.

The two together were so fun to observe, siblings, even after so long apart were still siblings it seemed. "Food sounds good," she agrees with Zhen. When Alejandro eyes her, she laughs, lifting a brow. "Do they?" Not completely impersonally, she reaches out to touch the area that his sister just elbowed.. "Oh dear," her voice sounding alarmed as her eyes round. "There's no meat on there, you need fed. C'mon, Hobo, let's all go eat. Then we can shower."

"In a word? No. You want to commit frat then you do it without me knowing. I mean… I get that Jena's hot but no. No, no, no. I refuse to be a party to this whole thing." Tired or not, Jandro's arm is grabbed for by Zhen who then makes to grab onto Jena's with her other hand, the medic given an apologetic look. "Hey, sorry he's such a horndog, Jena. If he gets too bad you have my permission to give him one of those pills. You know. The one that kills a guy's labido. Or show him really bad porn. Bet that'd get the same result."

Alejandro rolls his eyes at his sister, "She's not about to bed me, relax. I'm not that lucky." Frat or not. He grimaces when his arm is taken and this time he doens't bother to shrug off his sister, "Yeah, let's have some chow." So he can go back to face planting somewhere. With his damaged flight suit in hand, Hobo adds, "I should go drop this off first to get it patched. I'll meet you two in the mess in a few minutes."

Jena keeps trying to contain her laughter, though when frat is mentioned, it's a little easier to refrain. "Officer.. right." Why hadn't she thought about that further? She shoves her hands into her pockets and looks between them, her gaze lingering a little longer on Alejandro. What? Lucky? Him? "I.. uh.. Last night, when you guys came to sickbay to see me, I wanted to say thanks. It really meant a lot to me that you both came." Offering Zhen a smile, she reassures her, "There's no need to apologize for your brother. He's a pretty amazing guy." Watching him gather his things, she smiles. "Sure, meet you there."

Well, damn. Ain't Zhen a joykill? A sigh and a mouthed 'sorry' is made to them both before she heads off, linking arms with Jena. "Let's go. I can tell you all about how he used to like to run around with his underwear on his head when he was a kid. Of course… when I say 'kid' I really mean fifteen…" Oh boy. Poor Al. His sister just does not know when to stop, does she?


Mess Hall Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion

Fri Oct 14 20:18:45 2005 AWD #281 — Mon Oct 14 20:18:45 2013

The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.


Zhen will have gotten a pinch on her rump for that, sister or not, "I did not, it was Katie Dowling's bra." Rawr, Katie. Another one he never landed. Ah well. Alejandro goes on back to drop off his flight suit while the two gals go to the mess hall. He'll be a little bit.

Leaving with Zhen, Jena dismisses the apology. "No need to be sorry." But that's all she says about it. "Underwear on his head? Must have been a good look for him.." Hearing his version of things is amusing. "I'm sorry she had to wear your underwear as a bra, Hobo.." her voice is deadpan as she heads out with his sister. Arriving in the mess hall, she walks to the line, it's almost completely non-existent. Here comes the meatloaf the corn, and what was that? Pudding? OH! Potatoes! "Sounds like fun having a sibling."

Zhen mock-glares at him but he's gone before he can see it, making her trying to seem disapproving for nothing. Grumbling, she slides behind her friend and grabs a tray. "It is mostly fun. But sometimes you get put through hell because of a sibling, too. Like how Jandro did because of me." That's a guilt she'll live with forever. Some food is spooned onto her tray but not too much, something that had been said recently removing her from the majority of her appetite.

Eventually he returns, still looking tired and in need of a shower. Jandro picks out a tray and takes whatever they give him, not asking for anything extra. He gets a drink as well and then looks around for where the girls went, a glutton for punishment. Meatloaf surprise it is and he doesn't care, rejoining them. "So … good to see you out of sickbay, Cruz. We know of any missions in the works being planned or just keep fly'n by the seat of our pants?" Jandro takes a seat with them and starts to eat without enthusiasm.

"Maybe, but sure doesn't look like he's holding it against you any," Jena offers Zhen with a reassuring smile. As she heads through the line, she grabs a small fruit cup, then milk. Powdered or not, it does a body good. With everything collected, she glances towards the door, spotting him returning. "So, frat huh?" This is to Zhen though while he's still too far away. Once her tray, drink, utensils and all are gathered, she leads the way to the nearest seat and slips down into it. As he approaches, she smiles. "I'm glad to be out of there, really. But it sure was a rush doing a low altitude, low open jump again." Opening her milk, she takes a sip. "I'm not sure of any missions at the moment other than the assists the wing is doing right now. Do you know of any Rainbow?"

Zhen stares at Jena before nodding slowly. "At least not yet. Going to see if he will once the shock of our reunion wears off. Will have to kiss his ass lots once it does, I bet." Frat? Newp. Not commenting although she does give her a quick smirk, amused. She makes herself comfy just int ime for the pilot to return, her lowered a bit. "Hi again, brother mine… oh, no. Not yet, Cruz. I'll let you guys know if I hear of anything."

Alejandro lays into his food, methodically shoveling forkfulls into his mouth. Tastes all right to him but Gods only know what the Cylons were feeding him for almost a year in a slave camp. Meatloaf surprise, probably. It's a conspiracy! Whatever the case Hobo's almost certainly had worse and been glad to have it so he just chows down. Conversation lull when he glances back to both women but doesn't say anything. "So … what do you do for fun these days, Zhen, Jen?"

"I think it'll be fine, he seems like a really good guy." Jena tells her friend. When there's no comment on the frat, she smiles, but digs into her food while she can, while it's hot, only pausing after being asked a question. "Fun? Low altitude, low open jumps," she teases. "Actually, I like sparring. I was in a fight club when I was younger, so I guess it's still part of me. What about you guys?"

Jena's really nice and encouraging which gets Zhen to relax where the subject of her relationship with her brother goes. "Yeah. You're right." Turning a grin at Al, she shrugs. "Well, I play Pyramid a little," which shouldn't be a surprise, considering she seems like the tough kind of woman who'd enjoy participating in a sport like that, but what she does say afterward might be a little shocking. "And I write poetry." Smirking, she looks at the blonde. "Fight club? You don't seem like the type. You're too cute for that."

"Sparring, eh? I should probably do that more and hit the firing range but never seems like I have much use for that stuff. I fly what I fight with." He digs around in his food and eats about half of it or a little more while Jandro listens to them both. Then he pushes his tray aside. Hobo blinks at Zhen, then lays his head down on his arms, "Poetry." She's got to be frak'n kidding him. Aaannnddd… that's all he says. After a long moment, or moments, of silence the two might realize that Ale must really be wiped because he's out like a light. Didn't even need booze, as if he could get any while they are at Condition 2.

Jena perks up. "Pyramid? I play too.. I wonder if we could get a group together." Poetry.. yeah that does surprise her. "Can I read something sometime? Bet Hobo here would put it to music." At the question, she grins. "Fight club, yeah. It's the reason I am in the Navy today, actually." As Jandro speaks, she nods. "Challenge you sometime then?" After a moment, she realizes he is sleeping. "Think he's allergic to the meatloaf?"

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