AWD #334: Catch Them All Too
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Summary: A Marine team goes after a suspected collaborator. The fate of an entire ship and crew is decided in an instant.
Date: 23/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Fairfax Lleufer Perry 
Aboard the Munitions ship Mallfut.
It's big and full of things that go boom.
AWD #334

Once the marines selected for the operation are gathered, Captain Fairfax stands up and approaches the podium to begin the briefing. "Listen up, Marines!" He begins, as is traditional. "You've all been selected for Operation Human Resources." Who comes up with these names? "You've been divided into fifteen teams. Each team is going to attend a particular personnel review, and apprehend the individual being reviewed. You will then take them to Pireaus, where we have forces ready to detain them. Each team leader has an envelope, to be opened once underway, that contains a dossier on the individual being arrested." A pause. "These individuals should be considered armed, dangerous, and possibly suicidal. Therefore, you are authorized weapons hot and to shoot at the first sign of resistance. Tasers and other nonlethal devices are preferable, but these people pose a great threat to the security of our fleet. Do not risk your lives or the lives of others to apprehend them alive, if it comes to that." Another pause. "Any questions?"

"Sir, are these Jacks or skinjobs we're apprehending?" asks one of the MPs, Sergeant Dreyer.

"Great question, Sergeant." Fairfax responds, in the tone of one who may have been hoping not to answer that part. "This is going to be hard for a lot of you to swallow. I know it was for me when I first heard it. But as far as we know, neither. These are human collaborators. There is some talk of brainwashing, but we don't know the specifics yet."

Perry was told to show up. She's in her full kit, right down to her radio gear. All she needs to do is get her rifle from the armory and head out. She hears all that, though and looks ill. The folder is opened and she looks over the face and record. Great. She peels the picture out and tucks the edge inside the wrist of her wristwatch band. Nope, no questions.

Lleufer glances over the others in the room. He's in his MP uniform and listens attentively to see who among them have been handed envelopes and are these 'team leaders' so the Sergeant will know who to look to for orders or to have a look at the dossier for the face. He looks like he might ask a question but thinks better of it. Instead he shifts one of his boots, waiting for further input or orders.

Fairfax looks out at the teams of marines gathered, fixing his gaze on each man and woman for a moment. "I know this is a disagreeable task. I know this news is not what you want to hear. You've all been chosen because Marine Command believes you have what it takes. The people we're sending you after will, potentially, be looking to take others down with them. Remember that." A pause, and then a nod. "Team leaders, look to your teams. On my command, move out. Dismissed." And off they go. He himself leaves the podium, geared up with to include a pistol, no rifle, and heads over to where Perry is. "I'll be joining your team for this mission, Staff Sergeant." That…is unusual.

Perry rises from her seat and slings up the radio pack. The single-side phone is wrapped around her neck. It's brough up to her shoulders and she tucks it all together with her plate carrier. It probably didn't look awkward without the radio bag until she slipped it on like some sort of centerpiece. When she looks up, the Captain is right there. Oh. "Ah, copy that sir. YNYR!" she calls over to him and gestures him over. "Looks like you're our arresting rozzer. Cap is joining." She looks to Fairfax. "Your command, sir." Hopefully. Please. She's not an MP.

Ynyr hears his name and gets right up to come over, "Sir, Staff." Lleu has a sidearm, nightstick, flashlight, handcuffs for his usual MP kit. He looks to the folder Perry's holding but the photo she already slipped out. So he turns his head to their XO, "I can pick up a tazer or rifle as you think is best warranted, Captain."

"Thank you, Staff Sergeant." Fairfax puts Perry out of her misery, after making her squirm for a moment over whether or not he'd actually have her lead the mission. "I want both of you with rifles and tazers, actually, in addition to your sidearms. Make sure the rifles are slung so you can switch between at a moment's notice. Presuming you're tazer qual'd, Staff Sergeant. Otherwise just rifle and sidearm for you." And they're ready to go.

Fifteen teams of Marines gear up and board fifteen different Raptors that are waiting in the Orion's hangar bay. Many of the buses are not from the Orion, but their team is assigned to one based off the Battlestar. The pilot and ECO are old hands who are agreeable enough, but they just want to get this routine ferry trip over with. So it is all business on their part, with no banter to speak of. Once the Marines are secure aboard, the envelope with target information can be opened. Their 'target' is Petty Officer First Class Karl Ekrixi, an ordnance maintenance specialist serving aboard the auxiliary ship Mallfut. Not a ship most people in the task force have ever heard of, as the Mallfut has a less than glamorous mission: carrying the huge load of munitions needed to keep the Fleet and the Marines fighting. That's right, things that go 'boom.' Ekrixi himself looks middle-aged, with cropped blond hair and round-rimmed spectacles that give him a very bookish look. His dossier even says he was a college chemistry professor on Picon before War Day. Since then he's been working on munitions for Spree's forces, and then his recent transfer to the fleet.

"Yeah, I've never handled a tazer in my life, sir. I'll leave it to the professionals." Perry is pretty up front about it, clearly. No intent to use something she's dumb as a sack of rocks to. She grabs a sidearm and her own rifle from the armory and screws on the suppressor. As ordered, the rifle remains slung and she keeps her hand near her sidearm. Once on the Raptor, she looks over the file. "Boy looks like he'd sooner order a book and brew than a strike. I hope this is accurate. I'd hate to lose a professor over something dumb, aye?" she offers, glancing over to Lleufer and then Fairfax on the ride over. But she does keep glancing to the photo under her watch band.

"Understood, Captain." Lleu goes to get the rifle and tazer from the Security Hub and rejoins his team assignment. He gets his ass on board their Raptor and strapped in, then listens up for their target briefing. He leans over to get a good look, "Yeah, but I trust our intel not to frak up like that. Besides, if the guy is innocent, he'll come along quietly for questioning and be sent back to his ship after. If he's not… then we need to be ready." That is offered low to Perry, since she seemd to ask his opinion. He'll skim over the information provided and frown, "We also need to be careful. In case he's carrying any explosives, or worse, makes a run into an area our shots might set something off." A glance to their Captain.

"Alright. Let's open the…" Fairfax begins as the raptor door closes. "Ah, ahead of me there Staff Sergeant." He doesn't seem to mind. There's a pause at her latter words. "Well, the thing about collaborators is they can be anyway. They're not professional soldiers" A nod to Lleufeur, then. "Exactly, Sergeant. Our information indicated these people were trying to gain access to nuclear weapons. He is ideally situated to do so." His jaw is set and lips thin. "We must be very careful."

The Mallfut is a big ship, but not a pretty one. She has a 'spine' of engines, crew compartments, and command deck, but otherwise she is made up of massive modular cargo containers. Two cargo boats, used for ferrying munitions, are docked under her belly, and they all get a good look as their Raptor comes in 'beneath' them and then maneuvers straight 'up' and onto an elevator-style landing pad that is extended below the belly of the ship. After touching down, the whole thing retracts inside the Mallfut, and they airlock into a small hangar bay where the Raptor crew cracks the hatch to let them out. Looks like they intend to wait with the bus.

There are only two crewmen in the hangar to service the Raptor, and a one person welcoming committee. They're greeted immediately by a young Ensign with green eyes and curly red hair, pulled up into a bun. She's in work coveralls, rather than blues, and there's a smudge of grease on her face. Looks like she's in charge of some kind of work detail, as opposed to command crew, and the way she greets the Marines seems rather relaxed. "Hello, I'm Ensign Kafto. I hear you guys are …" and then she spots Fairfax. "Officer on deck!" She calls, and the deckies come reluctantly to attention. "Sorry sir," she apologizes to the Captain. "I wasn't told there was an officer coming."

Perry seems to understand it. And then she reads the part in the file about the Mallfut being a munitions ship. It's like someone can physically watch her stomach drop down to her ass. Uhhhhg. Great. Once they land, she piles out without any weapons drawn. She looks to the Ensign, then around. Nope, not going to address her. She's scanning faces for the one on her wrist. It's even held up a little to the side so Lleufer and Fairfax can see it.

Lleufer has had his look and gives Perry a nod. He's stepped out and stands a bit behind and to the side. He's lowest ranked on this mission, and hasn't been in that position for a long while now. But it's nice not to be in charge! Do what he's told, keep his eyes sharp. And so the MP stands quiet, alert and looks like he's Captain Fairfax's personal security detail. Lleu studies the Ensign and then has a good look around the hangar without being too obvious about it.

"As you were." Fairfax calls out, as soon as the deck is called to attention. "Quite alright, Ensign. Nobody was supposed to know until I arrived." He doesn't elaborate on the reason for that, but presses on. "Please, continue with whatever you were going to say. Don't let me presence change your wording." And then he waits for whatever the Ensign has to offer.

Neither of the deck crew resemble their target, and they both go straight back to work as soon as Fairfax gives the word. No one else is in the hangar. Ensign Kafto seems to have adopted a much less informal manner, now that she's talking to a Captain. "Yes sir." She checks her watch. "I was going to say that Petty Officer Ekrixi's review was scheduled to start ten minutes ago. My instructions are to take you there so you can detain him. And then I make it a formal arrest, sir." There is some nervousness on her part about this, but then it's likely the young officer has never had to deal with anything like this before. She gestures towards the hatch, and the ship's central passageway beyond. "It's this way, sir."

Perry finishes her scan and then looks back to the Ensign. There's nothing about her demeanor that looks friendly at all. It's the typical Senior NCO face. It was scheduled to start ten minutes ago? Formal arrest? Perry nods easily and then takes up a position to follow.

Yep, so far all's good to go when the officers are ready. Sergeant Ynyr remains silent and watchful, his black brassard bearing the white MP lettering on his upper right arm, rifle slung on a carry strap. He'll follow the others when they get moving.

Fairfax nods to that. "Sounds like an excellent plan, Ensign. Let's move out." He gestures to the other two, and as they go he'll follow the Ensign, commenting "Sergeant, you're going to put the cuffs on. Staff Sergeant, draw your weapon. As soon as the target is in sight, I want him covered at all times." He also draws his pistol, readying for the same. Poor Ensign Kafto. A veritable baptism by fire. Hopefully not nuclear fire.

Most space vessels have narrow passageways. The Mallfut's main central corridor is wide enough for a large forklift to drive down, and in fact there is one coming as they step out of the hangar bay. The other thing they are likely to notice? Large spaces and relatively few personnel do not make for the cleanest ship in the fleet. "Do you mind me asking what this is about, sir?" Kafto is curious, and a little concerned by Fairfax's orders for cuffs and drawn weapons. "We've never had anything like this happen before." And then she spots the forklift coming, and as if it were second nature, she sidesteps over to stand against the bulkhead, out of its way. There's a quick warning given to all three of them. "Make a hole." And then without missing a beat, she's talking to Fairfax again. "Ekrixi's a dependable worker, sir. Never had a problem. People like him."

"Aye, sir." Perry seems to have no concerns about her orders. She draws the pistol from her hip holster and moves in behind the Ensign. Her finger flicks the safety over to FIRE and she press-checks the slide. Yep, good to go. No suppressor on this one. She walks with the pistol held in front of her and across her chest, held lightly with her left arm ready to come up at a moments notice. Easiest way to keep it out without looking like an immediate threat. When the forklift comes down the corridor, she steps to the side and checks back behind before looking forward again. "Heard that before about a couple people. Turned out they weren't people," she mutters to Fairfax.

"Sir, yes Sir." That to Captain Fairfax. Lleufer's fine with this and doesn't mind that he won't have a firearm drawn. He has an eye for detail and frowns if anything on board isn't ship shape and relatively spotless. Then there's the fork truck coming down the aisle. Ynyr steps aside to let it pass but he's real watchful of it to see whether or not the driver looks like their target. No taking the Ensign's word that the fella is in that interview. A fork truck could crush somebody.

Fairfax steps to one side to make a hole, and much like Lleufer he's watching the driver of that truck. "I don't mind at all, Ensign." He tells the junior officer. "But I will have to ask for your patience. After the arrest has been made, I'll be happy to fill you in. Right now…well, it would lead to a lot of questions and a rather lengthy conversation. And they're expecting us any minute."

Lleufer and Fairfax both get a good look at the driver of the forklift as it trundles by, and can clearly see he is not their man. The ominous sound of Perry chambering a round draws the young Ensign's eye to the pistol, and her reference to skinjobs causes Kafto to look ill. Oh frak. "Aye aye, sir," she says quickly to Fairfax. There are no more questions, and she moves out at a much quicker pace. Shit just got real for somebody.

The red headed Ensign leads them further down the corridor, then through a large double hatch and into one end of a large workshop compartment. Workbenches and large machine tools line the walls, and there are two other open hatches leading out of the compartment — one in the center, on the opposite side from which they entered, and another at the far end, which leads back into the main corridor. Near them are tree crewman in coveralls at work — or rather one is working at a workbench, disassembling the nose of an AGM-114 laser guided missile, and two are standing next to the workbench talking. Further down the compartment there is a desk and some file cabinets, and it is there they spot their quarry. Petty Officer Ekrixi is in coveralls as well, and seated on the near side of the desk, his back to the hatch where they entered. Across the desk from him is a balding, grizzled looking Chief Petty Officer, who must be the one stuck with personnel reviews on this ship. There's a stack of papers spread out between them and they're talking calmly.

<FS3> Perry rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Fairfax rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.

Perry steps through the hatches, ignoring the Ensign's comments. She doesn't look like she's going to crap kittens anytime soon. No, the woman steps into the work room and ducks well enough to keep the suppressor from dinging the hatchway as she moves through. The pistol is still held to her chest, across it. When she spots the quarry, she grips the pistol tighter and walks right towards him. The pistol doesn't come up immediately, but it drops and goes to be carried in both hands at the low ready. The MP can call for arrest. Or the Captain.

Oh boy. Not somebody's office, this. Not a great place for their interview at all. Ynyr gets a look around, notes their target, and at once he frowns - or tries to with the right side of his mouth. The left side of his mouth just sort of thins faintly. He stays slightly behind the other two, both Captain Fairfax and Perry, while moving through the hall to this point. When he's able, Lleu will ease up to casually stand by the hatch that is nearest to the desk to block that exit. The MP Sergeant waits for his Captain or Ensign to announce the arrest before he'll pull his cuffs.

Fairfax stops fairly quickly once they get close, and it's clear he's seen something he doesn't like. Pistol is raised, and pointed square at the back of the target's head. 'Taze him' he mouths silently to Lleu, before loudly calling out in Command Voice. "Petty Officer Ekrixi. This is Captain Alastor Fairfax speaking. I order you to remove your hands, empty, from your pockets slowly, and raise them into the air, slowly. If you fail to comply or move too quickly I will shoot you."

The working technician doesn't even look up, but the two chatting crewman look at Ensign Kafto and the armed Marines with blank incomprehension, their conversation coming to an abrupt stop. "Hey Ensign, what the frak?" one them asks, and Kafto is quick to move towards them, one finger on her lips for quiet. It looks like the unarmed young officer is perfectly willing to leave the apprehension to the Marines. The team advances toward the desk, but despite the reactions of the others in the compartment, including a scowl from the chief opposite him at the desk, Ekrixi doesn't move. "I'm warning you, Captain," the man says without looking back. His voice is rich and deep, a teacher holding forth to his students. And he sounds profoundly untroubled, given the situation he is in and what he has to say. "I have a detonator in my hand, right now, and I will destroy this entire ship if force me to."

<FS3> Perry rolls Reaction: Failure.

Fairfax spends 2 luck points on If this doesn't work we're all dead.

<FS3> Fairfax rolls Reaction: Success.

<FS3> Elias rolls 2: Success.

Perry? Naw she ain't having that. While she approaches, she listens. Nope. Not OK. So this mission wasn't BS. The chemical professor is legitimately nuts. Great. She moves to lift her pistol just as someone along the path stands to get out of the way. He nudges her badly, a shoulder going into the wrong place, and she wavers away before bring her pistol back up. No shot fired, she just tries to get back onto her position.

"I warned you." is all Fairfax says. He's pulling the trigger even as he says it. He'd already been aiming at the Petty Officer's head, and he's continuing to stare at the back of it. Doesn't flinch, doesn't hesitate. Just a smooth trigger pull, as though this were a training exercise.

Lleufer's hand started to move for his tazer but when he sees the Captain tighten his finger to pull the trigger rather than to give them an order to hold, Ynyr's hand shifts at once to pull his sidearm instead. Fairfax fires his pistol and Lleu raises his own to put an additional slug into Ekrixi to be certain the deed is done. The MP is off to the side so his shot won't hit anyone else, aiming for the Petty Officer's chest.

There are those moments, in the heat of the action, where time seems to slow down. Across the desk, the old Chief Petty Officer's arms instinctively raise as he sees Perry and Fairfax preparing to fire, like he's somehow going to ward off any stray shots. The gawking crewman takes that single step that bumps into Perry. The muscles in Ekrixi's back and arms tense.

And then the Captain's bullet hits Petty Officer Ekrixi at the base of the skull, spattering blood all over the desk and paperwork as it exits somewhere on the far side. Lleufer's gun is out and his bullet strikes the suspect between the shoulder blades less than a second later. Shot twice, the man sags and slowly topples forward. He rests face down on the desk, unmoving, as one hand slides from his pocket, and a small device drops from his lifeless fingers to clatter on the deck. No enormous, life-ending explosion occurs. There is a huge collective relief throughout the compartment — or at least until the Mallfut crew has time to process the sudden shooting death of their crewmate.

Perry gets her sights back on the guy as he flops forward. She see's the detonator flop out of his hand and continues walking forward. Nope. Ten years of Nope! for her. The guy might be already slumped forward but she isn't going to take chances. Not on a munitions ship. She walks forward and fires right into his head. Two, three, four times as she walks right up to the guy. Stopping about five feet from him, she holds the gun on him and stands there, staring. Seconds pass. "FRAK!" she huffs out finally. Yep. Overkill. Typical JTAC.

"Secure your weapon and that detonator, Staff Sergeant." Fairfax orders calmly, though one has to assume he's somewhat surprised internally by the overkill. "You may unseal and read the arrest warrant now, Ensign. It will answer many of your questions, as well as those of your crewmates who just witnessed this."

Ugh. The Staff Sergeant's overkill action makes Lleu Ynyr distinctly uncomfortable, especially after his last mission he reported to Fairfax about. He draws a slow, deep breath and does not holster his sidearm, but waits to see what the rest of this crew's reaction will be to the bloodshed. Otherwise Ynyr stays silent.

Blam, blam, blam blam! Somehow those extra shots of Perry's sound louder than the first two. Shock turns to abject horror on the faces of the crewman and the Chief, while their Ensign-escort has the presence of mind to start shouting. "Cease fire! For Gods' sake, he's dead!" This hangs in an instant of silence until Fairfax issues his orders, and Kafto takes a moment to process what she's been told. "Yes sir." She reaches into her coveralls for the sheet of official hexagonal paper, and her hands have started shaking by the time she gets it out. She reads it in an equally shaky voice. "Petty Officer Karl Ekrixi, you are … under arrest." She licks her lips and looks uncomfortably at the bleeding corpse, then continues. "On suspicion of treason and collaborating with the enemy during a time of war." The old Chief slowly stands up, the first of the enlisted to do more than gape. "Seriously? Ekrixi? Frak me," He grumbles in a disbelieving tone, then shakes his head. "Captain? Should we call Medical or …?"

Perry stands there for a moment staring at the mess of what used to be a head. She looks a bit of angry and scared shitless. It takes a mo or three before she reaches forward and swipes the detonator off the table and walks backward. Only after does she holster the sidearm. A footfall back has her look unsteady as she steps on one of her own shell casings. It causes her to get back with it and she looks down, pulling the battery from the det in her hand.

"I'm afraid so, Chief." Fairfax confirms with a nod, before agreeing. "Yes, go ahead and call Medical. They'll be the ones to handle biohazard cleanup and corpse recovery. You'll also want to get engineering and EOD figuring out this detonator business and what exactly he planned to blow." His sidearm is holstered. "The Petty Officer was killed by the first shot." His shot. "Penetrated the skull. The official record will reflect that." It's an authoritative voice. There won't be any whispers of murder of a helpless man. "Unless your CO wants to see us, we'll get out of your head. Marines, with me."

The crew looks to be in shock but not going to attack them, so Lleufer Ynyr holsters his sidearm. He looks briefly at the mess but mostly his attention is for the crew, with a long look at Perry while he waits for Captain Fairfax's orders. "Yes, sir." The MP Sergeant moves in to flank his Captain and watch Fairfax's back.

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