Lieutenant (JG) Cassiopeia "Shoes" Pitera
cassie1.jpg Pitera, Cassiopeia
LTJG Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
32 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


A Viper pilot from Sagittaron who has a love of haiku and was a professional artist.


Name Relation Profession Status
John Pitera Father Unknown
Gina Pitera Mother Housewife Unknown
Alice Mason Sister Teacher Unknown
Kristoph Pitera Brother Manager Unknown
Casiopeia Pitera Self Viper Pilot Alive

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Known Associates

Zachary_icon.png MJR Zachary "Buzzkill" Shepard A man with great burdens upon his shoulder. The way he carries himself with such poise while bearing them is something I admire. A perfect example of how a leader should be tempered by the fact that he obviously cares for those under his command.

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