Lieutenant Cassandra Cora
CassandraC01.jpg Cora,Cassandra
Lieutenant Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Doctor
Age Sex
29 F
Hair Eyes
Blonde Blue


Cassandra was born on Aquaria, her father was a scientist that ended up staying and marrying her mother, eventually going on to teach at the college there. Like many from her home planet she has always been content to spend time thinking, alone or with others. Growing up she would follow her father around, soaking up any and all of the information she could from him. It was due to his job as a marine biologist that she developed her own love for the sciences early in life.

When she was old enough she began attending the college her father taught at, her emphasis was in biology the same as his. After a while she wanted to expand beyond that, and eventually was able to gain entry into Delphi University on Caprica.

At Delphi University she studied medicine, with an eventual specialization in surgery. She ended up graduating near the top of her class, and started work right away. She went with several other doctors to a convention on Picon right before the attack happened, and that's where she was on war day. Almost immediately she decided that she would join the fleet with a direct commission, and went right to work. She's been busy while on Picon, putting both civilians and military personnel back together. However, while she's skilled as a doctor her understanding of life in the military is rough around the edges, and she still has to catch herself and remind herself of the rules and regulation. Recently she received notice that she was to be transfered up to Orion, that they were in need of a few more hands.

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