AWD #472: Case Closed
AWD #472: Case Closed
Summary: Crewman Toby Shackleton reports to Tactical to confirm the fate of Lt.Col. Sheperd.
Date: 06/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Toby 
The Map Room
Where Maps Hang Out
SUN APR 23 2006 (AWD #472)

It's a few days since Toby was summoned to see Elias, and this time he's come of his own volition. Ducking through the hatch dressed in dirty greens he strides over towards the Major, leaving the occasional flakes of dirt from his boots. Once he's a few foot away he reaches a gloved hand into his pocket, retrieves something small, then tosses it onto the desk infront of Elias. It's a colonial dog-tag, the one you remove from a corpse. It's Shepard's.

Elias' lateral move to Tactical Officer hasn't changed his digs, but the Map Room is no longer his personal domain. Staff personnel come and go, while others work at the riser desks. And the central map table is actually being used to display maps — at present, a chart of the Helios Delta system, heavily annotated with grease pencil. The Major stands alongside the table, flipping duty log pages on a clipboard while a yoeman waits to take it away. There's glance at Toby, and then the dog tags, and back to the man. "Mmm," he tells Shackleton with a faint frown, then flips the last few pages of the log and scribbles his signature at the bottom. Handing off the paperwork, Elias turns to pick up the dogtags and verify the name before offering Toby a grim nod. "Were you able to confirm the manner of his death, Crewman?"

Toby seems content to wait to let Elias finish with his paperwork, this whole mess has waited about a year, a few more minutes won't matter int he final reckoning. "Single bullet wound to the skull," he replies matter of factly, "can't be entirely sure there wasn't anything else, as the local wildlife had had their fill, but that's all I saw." If anything he's a tad nonchelant as he continues, "got you a present though Major, if you want it."

"I see," Elias replies, nodding when the gunshot to the head is confirmed, at least. "Case closed, then." Not that this confirmation seems to ease his mind, as the Major's frown only deepens, and he lapses into thought for a moment. When he does respond to Toby's offer, Elias is guarded. "That depends on what it is, Shackleton."

"Case closed," confirms Toby with a slow nod, "good thing probably, can't say I wouldn't have prolonged it a bit more than that had it been me." He shrugs though, it wasn't him after all. Then, after offering a faintly amused grin to Elias' reply he digs into his pocket again and pulls out a shell casing, then tosses it over for the Major to catch. It's not colonial by its dimensions, and while it's not fresh, nor is it thousands of years old.

<FS3> Elias rolls Reaction: Failure.

Elias reacts to the gesture as Toby flings the object his way, but the Major isn't quick enough to catch it. He bobbles it, and then the shell casing pings on the deck and rolls a feet feet across the floor. The acting TACCO pauses long enough to give the Toby a strained, droll sort of smile, then he steps aside to pick the evidence up and examine it. He pronounces it, "Interesting." The shell casing is then slipped into his pocket. "I don't suppose your ghost friend has explained how they … materialize?"

Toby watches Elias' attempts to catch with a facial expression that suggests the JTACCO has just gone down his list of picks for any pickup games of pyramid. However unlikely he finds it that the Major would involve himself with such things. As the question is put though he just shrugs casually, "didn't ask."

"Mmmm," Elias responds with a neutral noise, then takes a few seconds to weigh the matter before he decides he doesn't have anything else to ask, at least at the moment. Clearly there are a million questions, but likely none that anyone can answer, save the mysterious entities themselves. "Thank you, Crewman. That will be all."

Toby gives a brief nod to acknowledge the dismissal, then starts to trapse the remaineder of the mud on his boots back out the hatch. As he ducks through though he does pause and look back. "One other thing you might want to consider though Major, along with how they materialise and all, is how they're communicating with our dead, those who died in the colonies. I didn't ask that one either," and then he's gone, striding quickly away to be legitimately out of earshot of any reply.

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