MD #003: Captain Wescott I Presume
Captain Wescott I Presume
Summary: A ghost that's not a ghost walks into a Raptor Toby's working on.
Date: 11/04/17
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Toby Melissa 
Raptor 686 - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion - Hangar Bay
The Super Raptor is fairly cramped quarters. A hydraulic hatch over the port wing allows entry, opening into the main body with prefitments for a doorgun built into the floor and hatchway. A bench runs along the rear and port side of the interior, with seats and harnesses for five passengers. The cockpit area at the front contains side-by-side seats for the pilot and co-pilot, along with banks of displays and controls for the avionics and sensors. A large canopy provides good forward and side visibility for the crew
MD #003

Toby is slowly settling back into shipboard life. He's reported in to the MaA, that went… well, it went. He's had his medical, reclaimed his bunk, been down to stores and drawn new gear, now all he has to do is actually do some work. He's had a few hours being bored to tears by a well-meaning PO3 who he could almost be the grandfather of but has finally managed to get out of the beginners’ induction sessions by pointing out that he designed the system about to be covered. It's only a few hour reprieve, but he's grateful for it. Having check the jobs list there’s an O2 supply check that needs doing on one of the raptors that was damaged three days previously so he takes that. Better than bashing dents out of the other hanger bay with a mallet to get it serviceable after the bombing. His coveralls and boots are new, his gloves are not, and he's having a but of fun trying to get the new touch-screen gear to work with them. Old dog, new tricks and all that.

A glance to the door and he would swear to Colonial Gods he just saw Kelsey walk past in a flightsuit. There's the scraping sound of someone boarding, boots on the exterior skin, and a hop up. She ducks through the hatch and the woman looks so much like Kelsey it might bring a LOT of pause. She's older, by close to a full decade. There's more spring in her step and the woman looks all around healthier, less drawn. Its the ghost of Kelsey's potential future, if the war had not eaten her soul alive and spat it out. Captain's pins to boot. She's the same height so she doesn't need to stoop inside the Raptor. Seeing Toby, her smile brightens, "Heya. Don't mind me. Just checking a flight log. Think I could squeeze by ya?" No, there's a smidge of green in her eyes and her hair is just a shade darker.

It's the scraping sound that gets Toby's attention, he's half concerned it might be the PO come to tell him his pass out of the class has been cancelled, but the sight of a flightsuit boot coming through the hatch has him relaxing again. So much so that his eyes are actually back down on the tablet as Mels makes her entrance. "Yeah, sure," he replies in a strong Minoan accent before he glances up to see where's best to move to and just freezes. It might be odd to just be stared at in dead silence for three or four seconds before he manages to blink, which breaks whatever hold he seems to be under. "Ah.. umm.. Captain Wescott I presume?" He's thankful of the heads up from Knox or he might be thinking ghost not family. He's forgotten about moving out of the way entirely and while iit might not be a flat out stare it's still a few more seconds until he can actually look away. "Ah.. sorry."

The Captain chuckles a bit and nods easily. "Yeah, hole in one." She looks a bit bashful at the stare and nods, gaze down with a slight laugh. "Don't worry about it." She looks back up and Toby can see what her mom would have looked like if she'd been able to grow up and flourish. "I've been getting stares from some of the veterans returning. Freaks a few people out. I'm trying to not let it bother me." Her voice is -exactly- the same. "Though I figured I might go crazy-eyes freakout on someone just for giggles." She looks back at him with a grin as she steps around. "Most of the people who look at me were, and are, officers. I didn't know she was friends with anyone on the Deck after she left," she says over her shoulder as she plops easily into the pilot seat.

The O2 supply can wait, and Toby just sets the diagnostic device down on the ECO's seat before turning to lean on the bulkhead that separates the cockipit from the passenger compartment. He's struggling to get over the similarity, but equally trying not to be rude. In the end, he actually breaks his newest silence with a test, something he's not sure will work, but can't resist trying, «Hello,» he greets in his native tongue, a phrase that, if he remembers correctly, he might just have taught her all those years ago. "If," he starts, switching back to standard, "if you do wig out on someone, pick a younger one, there's some of us who's heart might not stand it." He is going grey at his temples after all. "She had friends all over," he then manages, just, "deck looks after their own, and she did a stint with the marines too, for one of her quals."

Melissa punches things up on her tablet and plugs it into the main panelling. Its going to take a few to download all the data. The Tauron word gets a quirked smile. «Hello to you as well, sir.» She even gives a respectful tilt of her head with it. «I took three years of Tauron in school and had some friends in the Academy. My great gramma made sure I would learn.» It has just a touch of Pican accent to it but she knows the nuances very well. Not perfect, but she could easily get by at a dinner table. The information about her mother has her look a bit odd, like she's trying to compartmentalize something. It takes a few seconds before she speaks again, being careful with her words. "I did not know. Some friends of hers have sort of adopted me in some ways, but I try not to dig too much. GG told me that the war killed her before she died. I barely remember her, let alone knew her." And her dad split the scene before she was born. Its a wonder Melissa seems so assembled and not a bubbling puddle of abandonment issues. Then again, they just met.

Toby raises an eyebrow slightly as the reply comes back in Tauran, and immediately switches back to the much more familiar tongue. The words about her mother cause genuine sadness in his expression for a few moments and he even dips his head slightly. «I lost touch with her a few days after the ceasefire was announced,» he replies quietly, «didn't find out about the funeral until a few months later.» Wouldn't have been able to go if he had known, but thats a story for another time. «She was a good person,» he adds after a pause, «and she loved you. Never doubt that.» If she looks there's clearly more he wants to say, he's just utterly failing to put it into words.

When he goes back to Tauran, so does she. It seems a comfortable language for her. Not quite as natural as Standard, but well enough. She can see his sadness and she nods. «The last time I remember seeing her was about.. I think it was the summer before the ceasefire.» She still looks like she has to force herself to speak carefully. Its a subject that obviously has some sort of effect on her and there's something about her that, the more he looks at her, he can see the effects of what the girl went through. Mom abandoned daughter, even after the war. «GG died when I was just about fourteen. Few weeks to the birthday. When she was dying she made me promise that I couldn't judge mum because I'd never seen what she had. That I needed to be fair, even if it felt horribly unfair to me. A lesson about being selfish early on that keeps me from really talking about it.» She looks at him and there's more he wants to say and she looks sympathetic. «You cared more than most, I'm guessing?»

«I hope it's a happy memory,» Toby replies, giving himself a kick in the emotional gut as he does so given the nature of his final memory of Kelsey. «Speaking as someone who can at best be described as flawed I won't try and tell you that she was perfect, but she was decent, hard working, and she cared. Sometimes I think she cared too much, but it wouldn't have been her if she didn't.» He's half tempted to take a seat in the co-pilot's position, but that might be a bit too mush of a personal space invasion so he parks himself on the ECO's instead. «I managed to get to her memorial, before the toaster-hugger made us leave orbit. It's nice there.» He remembers what Lilah said, about Mels never having visited, so doesn't labour the point but instead moves to answer her query. «I guess, we.. ah.. broke a few regs together sometimes, and I spent a little over a year killing APF for her, so she could… rest.. you know.» Rest, yeah, that’s awkward given what he was told at her grave side, but again, how to bring it up. «I was.. considering, so you know, tracking down the files of her last jump. See if there's anything anyone missed. Slim chance I know, but U want to anyway.»

The pilot shrugs impishly. «She was asleep on a couch. It was her visiting time and she'd missed the last couple. I kept trying to tug on her leg to wake up, but she wouldn't. I think she was just exhausted.» Melissa stares at nothing in front of her. «That was the last time.» The phrase 'cared too much' seems foreign in the application and she looks at Toby like his head was on sideways. «GG and some other people have tried to tell me she loved me and cared but.. Tell that to a seven year old. I think about her too much and.. that's how I feel again.» No wonder she's being careful with how she speaks. «Nobody has ever accused her of caring too much, at least not that I've heard of.» When he mentions the memorial she just looks down and he knows Yamoha was right. Melissa has never been out there and it doesn't look like she wants to go. Yeah, things run deep for Kelsey's daughter. «You broke a few regs together,» she chuckles and looks back, a low half-smile on her face. «I don't think I need further detail there. ..But you went and killed APF- because of her? Because of her disappearance?» She looks him over, then back to his face. «You loved her, didn't you?» Its a softly spoken query of the heart. «That's why you want to look. …Just don't become a conspiracy theorist. Please. They all want to talk to me and I hate them passionately. I've had a few even stalk me like I had something to do with it or knew a dark government secret.»

Well, since they're being candid. «I was in the brig, I made her cry. I still don't know if she ever forgave me.» Toby's silent for a few moments after that, composing himself. «Your great grandmother was right, she spoke about you a lot. She was young though, so very young.» Far too young for him many might say, but they can go frak themselves. «It's a Tauran thing,» he notes, «avenging the dead so they can rest. I couldn't get the APF who got her, but I could get a whole load of others. Did I love her though? We.. cared deeply for each other. She's one of the few people onboard who bothered to actually get to know me. I mean.. it was never going to be a long term thing, we had wildly different plans, but yeah, I guess I did. And I miss her.» He stops again, hard conversations are hard, but this time he's not bursting into floods of tears like he had over al Yamoha. «I want to look because something Lilah told me doesn't sit right. Now, I can think of a dozen reasons why without trying, and she agreed it could mean many things. I'm not expecting answers, but I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't at least take a look.»

Melissa doesn't really know what to think about her mom visiting a lover in the brig. Crying over him or a conversation. She looks down. «I do try to accept that mum talked about me. Its just.. hard. A big dark part of me wants to hate her and my father. Its difficult to keep in check sometimes.» That's a tough thing to have to admit and visibly so. «Aye, I had Tauran classmates who wanted to join the fleet just to kill APF and Cylons. Machines these days, I guess. Blood cannot be shed without the scales being balanced,» she notes in return. «I guess it does help to know she had someone that meant something. And it hurts, too, for obvious reasons. I.. Gods, the jealousy is intense.» She fidgets with her hands just the same way mom did. Her gaze travels back up, «Lilah? Someone else that knew her? That knows what happened? …So much of it is unknown or classified I.. figured nobody knew anything that could say anything.»

«Him I never knew,» Toby admits freely, but then Melissa likely can already guess that. The remark about jealousy brings him up short though, it's not what he'd expected, but logical when he thinks about it. «You ever want to talk about her, come find me, but I promise I won't bother you with it,» he offers, figuring thats it's probably fairer to leave that ball in her court while he works out exactly how to try and get hold of the information she seems to have no objection to him pouring over. There's a flash of an apologetic smile at the request for clarification though. «Lilah. Captain al Yamoha. You knew her when you were small, but I don't know how much of that you remember. She doesn't know what happened no, but she's told me what she can, or atleast, what I thought to ask.» His mind drifts back briefly to a small kid on Piraeus enthusiastically telling him she wanted to be just like the Ghost when she was big, and here's that kid now, with her very own wahptor.

«The CAG and DCAG have made similar offers. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I get.. weird.. if I have to say too much. I try to stay away. Tauran is easier.» Another nervous fidget. As he explains who Lilah is, her eyes go wide. «Oh my GODS. I still have this hoodie I got when I was last on P. Before we left. It has her on the front. Fits like skin and I love that thing…» There's that return of brightness before she settles to the side, leaning on the backrest of the ejection seat. «Wow. So that was real?» The woman shakes her head. «Lilah is real. That's.. I started to believe she was just like an imaginary friend that I had. Her and her soldiers.» A pause. It settles in. al Yamoha is a ghost. A real ghost. Maybe. Maybe not a ghost, but something real. And knows something about her mother. There's a pensive, nervous look on her face and all at once Toby can tell Melissa isn't sure how to take this information. Given what she's said about her emotions, no wonder.

«She's real,» Toby confirms with a slow nod, «I spoke with her before we had to leave orbit. I wanted to say more.. but I wasn't exactly in the best of mindsets, and figured we'd have more time than we did.» There's a faint smile as he remembers the hoodie, «word is she's still protecting the kids down there, from what Knox said. Kids don't die in accidents on Piraeus.» Noting that she's having trouble he pushes himself to his feet again, «how about I leave you to your flight log? I can come back and do my stuff once I've figured out how to make the damn things work with gloves on.»

That's clearly a lot to take in. The ghosts know something about her mother. She feels ill, partially because of how this makes her feel. There's pain in her eyes and she looks down. Knowing about the kids being protected is all well and good but this is too much at once. She looks down and gives a shaky nod to the question. "Yeah, I'd apweciate it," she whispers in Colonial, not even catching that the impediment has slipped back in. Melissa is going to just stare at the floor long after her tablet is finished.

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