AWD #082: Captain Cylon
Captain Cylon
Summary: Phin gets to speak his mind during a run in with Ceres. Yes, sir.
Date: 29/3/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ceres Phin 
The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
AWD #82

Phin enjoyed the party on Piraeus, at least. The morning following, and reading the CAG's posting around pilot country, was a bit less fun. He's been up long enough for it to sink in, but not enough long enough to have had his first cup of coffee. He's presently in the Head, in the showers, standing under the running water. He does this for awhile, but when it neither serves to wake him up or improve things in any notable way, he shuts off the tap and gets out. His towel's retrieved, and he roughly dries himself off as he heads over to his locker.

Ceres has done her best to give her squad all the room they want but sometimes a girl has to shower. She's got her towel around her torso, tucking the flap into the front edge and she straightens, the rattle of her locker door closing before she turns and starts to set her handgun into the basket of her cleansers. She doesn't quite see him yet, but she's right there at the bench, undoing her braid quickly and fanning her fingers through the dark hair to loosen it.

Phin dries his hair vigorously, before laying the towel around his neck. He gets into his boxers and trousers in short order. He has a general 'eyes forward' attitude in the Head, by all appearances, so it takes him a beat to notice Ceres. But he does eventually. He doesn't say anything to her. But he takes his shirt out of his locker and SLAMS it closed. Which should call attention to his presence, if nothing else.

Ceres does notice him, she has her own version of the eyes forward which is 'don't talk'; it seems to get her into trouble. Yet its the slamming of the locker door that draws her attention and brings her up. The Captain hesitates and glances over at him as she grabs at the shower caddy. "Dolly." Her expression is a neutral one with a hint of apprehension, dark eyes studying him. "Excuse me." That said, she steps over the bench and starts for the stalls.

"Redux. You're not excused," Phin snarks at her. He studies her, too. He's upgraded from cold to cold plus strong undercurrent of pissed off. So…there's that. "I was just enjoying the accommodations while I could. I'm told a tour on Picon might be in my future."

Slowing, Ceres turns her head to look at him and is rather close now with having to pass towards the showers. "I read…" Redux says, her lips pressing to a thin line. "And it's Captain if you are going to get gruff, Dolly." There is a furrowing of her brows, still retaining her rank. "What is it you were going to submit exactly? As far as I knew, everyone still had voices of their own. I would love to see it."

"Yeah, well, guess you heard wrong," Phin says, as he tugs his tank top over his head. "Captain. Sir." There's far more venom in the rank than there was in her callsign. It plainly galls him to 'sir' her. "I was going to submit a formal protest letter, for the record, of my concerns about flying with an enemy agent who could be switched to frak-knows-what at any time, and undermines unit cohesion and morale just by breathing. Unlike those nine people in the mess who were murdered on her behalf, or those billions back on the colonies. But, whatever, right? Guess that's not really worth worrying about."

"Then submit it." Ceres does not move, watching him as she remains still. Her hand tightens on the caddy at her side, pressing it to her leg. "You didn't seem to mind flying with me before Dolly…" Her voice trails off and her jaw tightens when he speaks of the nine that lost their lives. "If you are going to blame me for their deaths, do it. But if you are going to blame me on the possible problem with the squad flying while I am out there with them? Then there is a larger problem than just me. So stop looking for someone to blame. You are all stronger than that if I am going to cause you all to lose your heads, to suddenly forget how to fly? Then the Lucky Strikes are more shit than good…but I know that not to be true. Can you fly? Or have you forgotten how?"

"It's going to get my ass tossed off the ship, Redux, because gods forbid anyone say anything about the CAG and the CO's pet toaster," Phin says. "So…whatever. I need to talk to the CAG later today about it. We'll see. Y'know, I'm not moron trying to start up a lynch mob, or putting head shots of you and Knox up in the firing range. I want to live by the book. But that doesn't matter anymore. Rules are exactly what our superiors say they are. So…whatever. Maybe Picon won't be so bad. I'll still get to shoot toasters, at least." He tries to make the remark glib, but it fails. The idea of being reassigned from the Orion, from the Strikes, from his friends, is plainly terrifying. "And I can fly just fine. I just don't fly with liars I can't trust."

"I am no one's pet, Dolly…I am a part of this crew. Just like you." Ceres shifts her weight on her feet, letting out a breath. "There are no new rules, there doesn't have to be. And..I didn't lie. That was my life…but this. This is my life now and I have made that decision. Just imagine, suddenly realizing what you are to people…what if you were to realize what you are..that everything you thought was real was not save for what is in front of you? Granted, I knew…this me. But let me tell you something. I had a choice…I have made it an whether or not you want to accept that, that's fine. You all outnumber me when we are out there. Shoot me the next time we fly and its all over. You can shoot your toaster. That life I told you about, was real. Its made me who I am so why does it have to be a lie? It's not." Pausing, she draws a breath and steps back. "Dolly, everything I said to you, in support is the truth. You are a damn good pilot and it was my pleasure to help you."

"You're a Cylon," Phin spits, when she speaks on being part of the crew. "You were planted in the Colonial Fleet as a spy. And what? Because you say you've gone all soft and gooey on humanity, I'm just supposed to trust that?" But, when she speaks of her life, that's what really seems to get to him. "Shut up." It's short and cold, and yet somehow angrier. "Shut up, Redux. I am done listening to your bullshit. Because none of it was real. So you can stow your sob story about your drunk daddy and everything else in your bullshit made-up life, because it was just a story that you either made the frak up to seem human, or that the toasters put in your brain. And you know what? I don't know which is sicker. But either way, I'm not your sap anymore. I never should've trusted you, and we were never friends. I'm not going to shoot you, Redux, but we are done. I never want to speak to you again unless I am ordered to do so. Do you frakking copy?"

That is what causes her to take a step forward, but she doesn't get in his face, instead she stares at him. "That's right. I had no father. I didn't get a family, I got something not even close to what you have. I was not born…I just came to be. Another copy. With the same motions and movements as all the rest. That's right. Same motions. Never different. No thoughts for myself. Nothing. I envy you, having that surety of being. Being an individual. Enjoy it. Lord it over me and hate me for everything that has happened." Its a deadpan in response to his venom. "I frakking copy. If you want to send in your letter. If the CAG gives you heat I can speak for myself." That thick posh accent is all there during it, her dark eyes pinning him and that notorious Ceres attitude and being aloof comes back into play, though its hard to hide the slight wavering in her gaze, the pain that starts to crack through. It's what causes the sudden turn and pivot, leaving him to his duties and her to shower as she stalks past a few others that had come to gawk and step back quickly from Ceres as she passes.

Phin's accent is far more drawling when he's shouty, or angry. Which he isn't often audibly, but he's done a mix of both right now. His blue eyes don't lower from hers, until she turns away. "Yeah. Lucky me. I'll go cry myself a frakking river for your synthetic ass." It's muttered, though, and she may not even hear it. His venom is spent. he lets out a long breath as he watches her go, more deflated than anything else.

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