AWD #230: Caprica - Meeting Jankovic
Caprica - Meeting Jankovic
Summary: Chase and Lleufer go to Caprica to meet with resistance leader, Major Jankovic, for intel on a secret mission insertion to assassinate former President Adar.
Date: 24/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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TP Room, Caprica Resistance Camp
Major Janovik's camp and command hidden in the pines.
August 24th, 2005

Getting to Caprica is a motherfrakking bitch. With basestars in attendance at all times and heavy patrols of Raiders, getting close is hard. Landing is even harder. After establishing comms with the 55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron, the Raptor was directed to jump in at extremely low altitude, fly to coordinates, drop off the crew, and leave immediately. The pilot and ECO look dubious but proceed with it, even though the ECO looks like he's going to wet his pants before initiating the jump. When they reappear, they're down -low-, maybe five hundred feet off the treetops. The pilot cranks out the throttle and they rocket towards the landing pad. Raiders are already inbound with an ETA of five minutes. The Raptor barely touches down before the Marines are being kicked out the door.

With a pack slung over her back and a rifle in her hand, Chase doesn't wait to be kicked out, she understands the seriousness of the situation. Even before the announcement had come about the incoming Raiders, she'd wished the pilot and ECO a speedy 'get the hell out of Dodge.' The moment the door is opened, she's jumping out, landing on her feet and ducking briefly to have a look to see if there is immediate danger to the Raptor that she can offer cover for. With inbounds, she doesn't linger long though.

Lleufer likewise doesn't need to be told twice. Hatch open, he kicks his own ass out and as soon as he hits ground, goes for cover. He carries a rifle as well as a small pack strapped on securely to his armour to keep his hands as free as possible. His little finger on his left hand is taped to his third finger to keep it safely out of the way. Makes using that hand easier. A quick look to Chase as thier ride takes the hell off and then he starts moving. Lleu makes certain he keeps visual with Corporal Baca.

The Raptor is lifting off before Lleu even hits the ground. They find themselves in a small clearing in the woods. Overhead, the Raptor barely clears the trees before it starts the climb. A few seconds later there is a massive -BANG- as the Raptor jumps away, the sound like an artillery shot going outbound. Its very early morning, though. The sun has barely kissed the sky to the east and its just getting light. Its cold enough to see their breath. Far in the distance the sound of Raiders approaching can be heard. While they go for cover they'll notice movement off to the right and there is an 8-wheeled armored vehicle there with branches and trees tucked all around it. The armor on the outside is ugly as all hell, but the dark, dirty brown/green seems to have actually helped with aesthetics for once. There are two 'soldiers' there gesturing them to 'HAUL ASS' and get inside the vehicle. The guy has a good size beard and the woman with him could barely be identified as such under all that gear and dirt except for the pitch of her voice. The inside of the vehicle has a few others just like them, nobody saying a word. Just giving a grim stare towards the new arrivals.

With her superior taking cover, Chase does the same, staying with him. Safety in numbers and all that, right? With no immediate threat to them that she has seen yet, she watches the Raptor, hoping for it to jump before the Raiders can scream in and harm it in any way. Safety is flicked off and as the Raptor disappears, she breathes a sigh of relief. "They made it. Now, our turn." Nudging Lleu, she nods in the direction of the movement. "Looks like the only friendlies we're bound to find on Caprica. Without waiting, she cuts off towards it, ducking as she jumps, almost dives, inside. The grim stares are met with a brief nod, but she says nothing, preferring to leave that to the boss.

His first thought is get out of the clearing and if their pickup isn't right on them, get a slight distance incase the Raiders raze it. Before Lleu needs follow that action, he notices the others waving them over and changes his direction with a hand motion to direct Chase too, if she didn't already see them. A quick, short run that aches his mending leg and then Sergeant Ynyr ducks his head to get on board. Chase beats him on board, "Yeah, no kidding." He keeps his baritone low, finds a place to sit down as soon as they are in. The Aerilon Marine looks around to study the faces and ranks of the others whom they have joined.

Once there and regarding the others, Chase does manage to find an available place to sit down, holding her rifle in both hands but the barrel is pointed straight up at the moment and the safety is definitely off. So, as good as she can, she looks over the 'friendlies' if only to reassure herself there's no dataports on any of them that's visible or if any of them appear to be any known skinjobs.

Once inside, the two at the rear hatch climb in and slam it behind them. The woman turns the latch and locks them in, the lights overhead a dull red glow. At the front, the driver seems to need no cue and he starts the vehicle. The vehicle starts pulling through the trees and rolling, the sound of hte Raiders overhead firing into the clearing and hitting nothing. The sound fades wuickly as they drive farther away. But all eyes are on them and as their eyes adjust the two Marines may realize that there are guns pointed at them. Its subtle so as not to raise alarm, but they are there. One of the guys, sporting subdued Lieutenant's pins, lifts his chin. "We'll be seeing the inside of your left biceps now. Or we can drop you off back at the field. Your choice." Those eyes swing lazily between them. These people have been fighting on their own for more than eight months, probably no wonder they're a bit salty.

Lleufer isn't offended by their caution, well earned paranoia. His own rifle is likewise held pointed up, finger off the trigger as he studies the faces around them. "Good of you to check, but haven't been jacked." Lleu uses his good hand to undo his left sleeve and roll it up and up. Nice, nasty scars with freshly healing skin and muscle up that arm but the inside of his left bicep is clean, unblemished. No tats either. He glances to Chase to see that she is also complying before he adds, "Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr, Orion, sir."

Apparently they are thinking the same way as Chase and as she notices the guns pointed at them, both brows lift. Moving her rifle to stand between her thighs, she rolls her left sleeve of her fatigue shirt up to her elbow presenting a much cleaner forearm than the others there save for Lleu, no tats, but unlike his, hers has no scars. When he gives his name, honey colored eyes flicker over him briefly before looking back to the speaker. "Corporeal Chelsea Baca."

The Lieutenant looks at the arm on Lleufer, ten to Chase. He seems satisfied and indicates it so with a nod. The guns lower and people seem to start paying more attention to the firing ports. The female in the group ducks through and slides herself into the turret gunner's slot and powers it up. The el-tee settles back in the seat and watches the gunner's console. "Major wants first crack at you. We'll be there in about twenty minutes. Until then, we'll be keepin quiet." Its not so much a request as an order to everyone else in the infantry fighting vehicle.

Quiet is SOP so Lleufer only says low, "Yes, sir." He lowers his sleeve and rebuttons it, making no explanation for why two of his fingers on that hand are taped together. He glances to Chase and offers her a faint smile in the hope she'll not be tense. As for himself, he sits quietly to wait, listen to the sound of the PANDUR chugging along, and takes his leisure to continue studying these people, their gear, how they behave.

Once her arm had been inspected, Chase rolls the sleeve back down. It was cold out there! Once it's back around her wrist, she picks up her weapon careful to keep it pointed up and away from the others who already seemed paranoid enough. Shifting her feet on the floor once her gun is in hand, she remains as compact as possible in what little space there is available. Chase is always quiet so the order is easily obeyed and she stares at each of the people with open curiosity.

The people in the IFV look a lot like the ones around the small 'camp' they stop at in the middle of the woods. Its a familiar thing to anyone who has spent time with Knox. A lot of the rigs they were are rubberbanded, sewm, and clipped together to work more for them personally and whatever they are assigned to for a task. Nobody swaggers, though. There's nobody to compare themselves to. The crew sure as hell does not look like professional military judging by the haircuts and uniforms, but its the same feeling one might get with walking into Spree's command post. Huge pines, massive trunks at the base, climb several hundred feet overhead and leave the forest floor pretty open to maneuvering a vehicle or staking a camp. There are 18-wheelers with armored trailers and home-made brush bars on the front dispersed around the area with one in particular holding several antennas. Its this one that the pair of Marines are escorted to. They are brought up the rear stairs and through a hatch and inside its a much different story. There are tables, computer banks, communications panels, SIGINT equipment, maps, and at the back end is a dark-skinned gentleman staring at them and gesturing them past everyone else and to his map table.

Lleufer is the professional military looking sort, all clean, high and tight, shaved within the past 12 hours, decent uniform, all his gear in top condition if not new. He looks around the camp with watchfulness though out in the woods with tall, ancient pines suits him just fine. Smells good too. Always nice when he can get earth beneath his boots. Lleu walks quietly through where they are directed and once in through the hatch, he looks around more. He's no ECO or techie to know what half the stuff is but he's interested anyway. His attention then goes to the man who directs them to come back towards the map table. The Aerilon stops and inside doesn't salute though he takes off his helmet, "Major Jankovic?"

Disembarking from the PANDUR, Chase ducks her head and holds her weapon in both hands prepared to either use it as a club or shoot someone if need be. Neither happens and she follows to the rear end of the one of the trailers. Stepping up the stairs, her boots make a muted sound on the metal. The equipment isn't what she looks at first, it's the dark skinned man staring at them. At his gesture, she follows along with the Sarge towards the map table, offering a snapped salute upon arrival.

The Major watches the two of them make their way up, eventually nodding when Lleufer takes off his helmet. "Yeah. Unless someone else wants this frakkin job." There's a glance to Chase and he gives her a cockeyed expression at the salute, then a look back to Lleufer. "Does she always do that? I think that's the first time I've been saluted in months." He waves it off and leans forward on the table. "SO!" he pipes up. "You are are the poor bastards Spree and Jameson sent me." He laughs, shaking his head. "Man, I hope you guys know what the hell you volunteered for. And, I should probably tell you that just about every swingin dick or set of tits in this camp would love to gut you right now. We've been down here fighting like this and any one of them would gladly sodomize you with a crowbar to get a chance to pop off a round at Adar. Y'all understand? The idea is insane, but its a pretty high order honor." He glances between them. "I'm not sayin you need to watch your ass. But watch your ass."

The MP smiles, "Yeah, she always does that. I figured you weren't a stickler for salutes out here, sir." he quiets at once to give his full attention. Lleufer thins his mouth before he answers, "Understood, sir. Though I thought the whole point in bringing us in is that your crew's faces may be known, and ours … aren't. No knock'n them for their skill to do the job."

Yeah she always does that. But since he doesn't ask her, Chase doesn't reply. Only when he waves it off does she drop it and stand at ease, hands holding her rifle. Her face doesn't crack into as mile at all even with the controversial words of the Major. The warning for watching her ass has her hand tightening on her rifle, her expression taking on a neutral expression. "Yes Sir."

"You figured right." The Major hears the rest and chuckles as he leans around Lleufer. "Lieutenant Morgan! What's your head worth as of yesterday?" This woman leans back in her chair and grins. "Uptown penthouse, Major, plus a sportscar of their choice." One of the other woman back there swats her with a hat. "Braggard bitch," she crumbles, both laughing. Jankovic looks back to the freshly arrived Marines. "You're here because they're all known. You? Probably less likely unless you make a habit of killin skinnies up close. Anyhow, we've got business to attend to." He tugs another map up onto the table. "Alright. Adar is scheduled to make a few appearances over the next week. After next Sunday rumor has it that he's going dark and they're moving him to a baseship. Right now he's been operating as the main face of the government. Next Sunday is voting and the Cylons, in their infinite wisdom, will be allowing the denizens of Caprica to hold a vote." He sneers a bit and looks to them. "Ever heard the expression 'Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner'? You can guess how it relates." He looks back down. "Nobody expects this vote to put anyone into office the canners don't want. So after Sunday, the President is pretty much becoming sort of like the human version of an ascended God in our own time. He's Mister Cooperation and gets everything he wants. No telling -what- he wants, but he's getting it. Who knows, maybe the dickhead wants to be uploaded. Point is, he's gone after Sunday. Between now and then, he's making three public appearances to help ramp up voting turnout or something. He's making two speeches and pressing palms at a third event. Both speeches will be fairly public. The first one is downtown. The second one will be done from his private residence outside of the city, but has more cans around that area than… well, its frakkin ugly. But there's trees and trees mean cover." He shrugs. "The third one is him walkin a parade of Cylons down Madison Ave towards Avery Hall like some kind of conquering hero. So you got your pick, but all three have seriously nasty downsides."

The Major has his attention. Lleufer listens, glances down the way at the two gals and is probably just as glad not to have a price on his head. Oh wait, if he lives through this, that'll change. Haha. He shares a look at Chase before he grins, "Perhaps liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting that vote. Preferably with a lot of friends." Ynyr gives a nod about Sunday and mulls over their options. "Maybe he thinks uploading would be a form of immortality." Who knows? Not him. Lleufer shifts his jaw as he considers their options, "Buildings and other people running around are also cover. Maybe better than trees, even if I have a bent towards things uncitified myself, sir. Trees won't give us much help against thermal optics. I'd like to have a looksee at maps, and ask how you plan get to us when we've done what we came for?" A flick of his pale eyes between them, "Can't hurt for you to spell out the nasty downsides, sir. You know the locations better than we do and how they are likely to respond."

The price on Morgan's head was incredible. No wonder they all turned on each other. As they joke about it, Chase can't help but relax slightly. Sharing that same glance with Lleu, she nods.. she gets it too. The statement about the skinnies though has her brows shooting right back up. "I've killed a One once.. and I kidnapped a different One. Neither were regenned or whatever the frak they do to be reborn again. Should be safe." The references to the democracy and the sheep dinner is amusing and she finds herself smirking in response. Something the MP says has her shaking her head. "Not so sure they're going to be the ones getting us out, boss. As it is, I can hide in a tree and shoot from there… I may not be getting out, but as long as Adar is dead then I'd chance it."

"Yeah, I love that sayin, too. I'd just prefer to be a well-armed wolf, myself." Listening to the two, he strokes his goatee and nods. "Alright, well your shot for the one in public is here:" He points on the map to one of the most recognized spots in the Colonies. "Caprica Buccaneers stadium. This place will be packed to capacity with loyal fans. Personally I'd love to nuke it on that date but I happened to be all out of nuclear weapons at the moment. And chances are some are just there punchin a card so nobody hunts down their families." Room for 115,848 people. In the stands. "That's a lot of people that are going to see it and be looking for you guys after the shot. A LOT. The parade…" He points to Madison Avenue. "You've got a lot of places to hide, but the wind up there is going to make the shot hard as hell. You won't have many ways to gauge it and the weather forecast for that day is, you guessed it, a little breezy." He then slides the map farther and moves out to the forests north of the city. "His private compound is out here on Lake Llamar. Cans are everywhere. We've tried to get in there, but they use dogs, too. I've lost two teams trying to get in. Frakkers left both of them hanging from highway signs nearby, boobytrapped with live grenades. They'd had all their fingers and toes cut off. Ears, tongue, eyes. A hundred little cuts. But it was the bullet in the heads that probably killed all five of them."

Lleufer huffs a breath, "I'd hardly be worried about 115,848 people trying to locate us. Easy to blend in with them. Problem is that all of them will surely be screened carefully before they go in so no chance we can stream out unless there was a panic. Which might be an idea, if the shot were planned to take place a brief instant before all hell broke loose and put people into a panic. 115 thousand people trying to get out at once would give the Cylons plenty to keep them busy, but might also get a lot of folk hurt or killed. Hmmm." He glances to Chase, "Any thoughts you want to add, Corporal?" Lleu of course still likes the woodlands idea but yes, dogs adds to the things they'd have to deal with. "Parade is a maybe. Windage we can deal with if needbe and with two of us, doubles our odds. Again, would need the layout mapped." The Aerilon's thoughtful, "The lake itself could be useful."

Chase steps up a stride to get a better view of the map committing the locations to memory. Ah.. the stadium. One hundred and fifteen thousand people all looking for them. Sharing another look with Lleu, she realizes this more than likely wouldn't end well. And the realization was there in her eyes. "I'm committed to this mission Sergeant. I'll do what I have to do to make sure it succeeds." Her resolve only hardens when she hears about the fate of the ones who tried before.

"That's an idea, the diversion I mean. That's a lot of people to blend in with. But a lot of innocents have already died. To be perfectly blunt, I could give less of a frak. If it means getting Adar, it means getting Adar. Collateral damage is going to happen, especially with another mission I've got bubbling for your aircrews. Spree has the details on that, though." He stands off the lean. "We can get you maps, layouts, everything. We've got a skinny who has been volunteering us intel for about a month and a half now. One of the Nines. Calls herself a Sister or something. One of the ones that Spree told us might be defectors. So far the intel has proven reliable as hell and she's even saved a couple of our guys. I don't like her, but I've got a grudging trust. I think what we have here is good. You've got schematics of the stadium, his parade route, and a rough map of the compound for his home, but I won't lie to ya. The compound is a bitch. There's pressure sensors everywhere. She said she thinks she got most of 'em mapped, but it doesn't provide for a lot of tactical maneuvering in case things go sideways." He shrugs and pats his pockets. He eventually comes up with a pack of smokes and sparks a cigarette up.

"Obviously," Lleu says low, "we'll have to study and discuss these." His gaze flicks up from the maps on the table, "You've got one of them who knows about this?" He doesn't like that, trustworthy or not. The Sergeant thins his mouth into a line as he thinks about that. Not eager to loose his ass in this affair, the Aerilon nods, "Yeah, as long as we get him, finding our way back out is our problem. Some of yours making an after the fact diversion could be helpful to give our asses some cover. You think that could be possible, sir?"

Chase was listening and looking at the maps, just passing the time while planning things half-assed in her head when he mentions the nine. And sister. She perks up, whispering one name. "Ceres.." Eyes fly to the darker eyes of the Major, a silent question in them. "You said a Nine?" Glancing warily at Lleu, she can't help but just know it's Ceres, no other nine would have a reason to help. "Next time you see her, tell her the tribunals went well, would you?" The plan Lleu speaks of has her considering it. "If they make a distraction for us to get out, I want to make sure it puts no one else at risk."

Lleufer huffs a breath, "There's always risk." He looks at Chase though, "You don't think she's really dead? Downloaded somehow?"

"Tell this one yourself. Look, I don't like her much either but if you want first hand intel, she's here. You can talk to her. She's volunteered to stay here with us while you guys are on the op just as an act of 'good faith'." There's some point to those words. "Trust me, her intel proves bad? That Nine is going to know pain and suffering the way she wished she'd never imagined. I've been Special Projects for the last ten years, started in psychological operations." That'll be pain. Bigtime. "As for the diversion, I doubt it. Getting out of town is your own gig. We've got cars we can use, but they're damned risky. It would be easier for you guys to get back to us, honestly. But we can provide a variety of gear." He takes a log drag of the cigarette and blows it towards an exhaust fan. "We can provide you explosives, grenades, mines, anything you're looking for. For precision rifles, we've got the Millrem 700 or the Picon S-18. The 700 is going to be more precise and shoot a 762 by 54 round." He says each number with the same precision of the rifle. Its the go-to sniper rifle. "But the S-18 is going to fire an eighteen millimeter. We've got some high explosive anti-tank for it, too. You don't even need to actually HIT Adar with an eighteen mil to kill him. Just pass within seven inches."

"No, I don't think she's dead.." Chase says quietly back to the Sarge. "She went down on Picon, she had to have downloaded." When he mentions that she's there, she stiffens. Right.. "Do you want to know what scares skinjobs the most? I was at the trials, I know what they are afraid of… what the Cylons hold over their head to get them to remain loyal." Though he probably already knows, so Chase doesn't clarify more. Her eyes almost glaze over at the mention of the 700.. she grew up around guns, shooting with her family from an early age. She had a hard-on for rifles. "Can I keep the 700?" The first grin of the week curves her lips at the question, clearly expecting a no way no day.

Lleufer has gotten quiet, his good hand is at his jaw with a finger and thumb to either side of his stubbly chin as he thinks through some of their options. His healing arm is tucked in close, his taped together fingers not entirely obvious. "Big gun might help our odds of getting him. But it'll be cumberson and we might have to ditch it. Could be handy if we get a little distance and something nasty is coming up our tails, though." He eyes Chase, "No need to choose now. Not until we decide which of the three we'll try, and thrash out our plan." No comment on the skinjob. Lleu's still trying to do research and learn more about'm.

"Hell I'd love to know what scares 'em. Most of 'em we just take out back and shoot like a dog. I'm big on pain before they go but Spree in her infinite wisdom thinks that's a bad idea. Soemthin' about making pretty with certain ones. Frakked if I know, Corporal. And no, you don't get to keep the rifle. Not unless you guys can guarantee we can get replacement arms. Most of our gear is coming up on five to seven thousand rounds. The barrels could use replacement. Ammo ain't a problem, just need barrels or new rifles." He looks to Lleufer, then. "If you gotta ditch the rifles, no problem. We just can't afford to lose it to the fleet if its still viable. We've got the artillery if you want it." He lifts his voice. "Gunny, get your fine ass over here." A Sergeant in her late thirties, standing by the door moves over. Even under all the dirt and gear, its obvious this woman should be posing in a Swimsuit Issue somewhere. What the hell is she doing in a unit like this? When she joins them, Jankovic looks back to them. "This is Gunny Jenna Holtman. She's one of our intel specialists. She'll help you out with any questions. I gotta get back to something else I've got running. She'll take you to see the Nine if you want. If there's nothin' else?" He gestures towards the door. "No offense, but you all might be captured. Not looking to have you know too much."

"Can't speak for rifles, sir, but barrels aren't hard. I'll pass it on." Sergeant Ynyr gives Jankovic a curt nod, "Understood, sir. Captured or dead is easily as likely as our gett'n back out." The look he gives Chase suggests Lleu'd shoot her in the head and himself too before he'd let them get their asses captured. He doesn't bother saying it out loud. One doesn't always get that choice anyway, what with Cylon's gas and Gods only know what. Instead he focuses on the Gunnery Sergeant, "Gunny, Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr." Yep, some Aerilon drawl in there.

"They're scared of being boxed. Stuck in a nothingness for eternity. They won't die, they don't live, it's limbo." Chase shrugs. "That's all I know." As for the gun, she'd expected it so it's not a surprise, but she still lusts after it. "If you ever see a One, kill the mother frakker cause they're badass and they don't give a shit about anyone else." Considering that about the weapons, she gives herself a mental note. "I'll see what I can get done about the replacements or even the barrels you need if there's anywhere on Picon we could raid and drop to you guys, I'll make sure it gets done." When he dismisses himself and intro's Jenna, she nods to the pretty Marine. Catching the look, Chase gives him a nod of understanding. "If I'm getting captured and unable to shoot myself, do it for me and make sure I'm dead, right?" Oh SHE said it out loud, she meant that shit too.

Jankovic watches the exchange and turns up to grab a radio, drawing on the smoke once more. There's a Look to Holtman and she takes up the maps, rolling them quickly. She gestures for them to follow and leads them outside the trailer and down to the dirt. She stops and turns to them. Rifle, grenades, the full battle gear and a radio on her back with the same kind of long-range antenna Knox carries on his radio pack. "We've got a table set up by the Nine or we can use a truck hood over here. What's the play, kids?" She might almost look familiar to them. Maybe.

Lleu draws a breath and smiles thinly to Chase, "Ditto. No way I'd want those sons of frakk'n bitches to get /anything/ useful out of me. Not stupid enough to think I could keep'm from it if they got hold of me." He's kept his comment to her low before his attention returns to the Gunnery Sergeant. When she leads'm out, he follows, watchful. No recognition for the Gunny. Ynyr pauses to look at Chase, "You want to talk to the Nine." It's less a question than a statement.

Familiar, sure. Though the option has her hesitating. If the Nine saw her and recognized her and was a worm it would be bad news, so as much as Chase wants to meet her, she declines. "Nah, no Nine. Let's go to the truck." Glancing around, she feels a little uneasy, lifting her free hand to rub the back of her neck. Squirrelly feeling. "So.. ah, you look familiar." Every Marine watched porn right? Dogs, the lot of them. "How do I know you?"

"Best you two keep that attitude, but we'll be relocating after you leave regardless. No offense, but if you chicken out and get captured, you're not worth this pair of squadrons." She looks between then and nods to Chase. "Fair enough. Personally, I like her. She's got personality. Not like the rest of godsdamned skinnies we run into." She leads them over towards the PANDUR and up onto a hand-built stage that allows them to look at maps on the front armor plate without having to jump. "Yeah," she sighs. "I did a couple movies. I did a porn knock-off of that Marine special warfare flick called Acts Upon Her Two. Lots of special forces women with big tits prancing around with guns. Sleeping with the enemy." She growls. "I got attached to this guy in special warfare because of it. I joined the Marines. Did three years in infantry and got breast reduction and went into Force Recon. Wish I'd never done that godsdamned movie." Popular flick! "Alright, so, here you are. You've got your options. Debate it. If you've got questions, I'll try and answer 'em. But most of this is coming from Lady Luck Number Nine."

Lleufer looks from Chase to the GS. He never was one much for watch'n vids. Always out working with the horses, or hunting and camping, reading, or /doing/ things rather than sitt'n around watching /others/ do things. It's the Aerilon Way! As he follows over towards the truck hood, Lleu comments, "Wise of you." to the camp relocating. He's not offended by good sense. He does however raise a brow at the Gunny's story. Instead of being distracted, he steps up to start looking at the maps more closely, "I want to see the stadium layout, the parade route, and the lake grounds. And best guess of what Cylons to be expected at each location, and where." Yeah, it'll take a few hours to pour over this data.

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