AAR: Caprica City Raid


September 9, 2005

FR: MAJ Kurt A. Holtz
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta R. Franklin
RE: Bomb strike on Avery Hall, Caprica City


On the night of September 7, 2005, I and a contingent of seven other pilots and ECOs were shuttled to Caprica aboard a Raptor, where we overnighted with resistance forces under the command of Major Jankovic, CMC. The major provided us with a situation report and the use of four of his Predators for the strike on Avery Hall the following morning.

Because of the SABER system operating east of the city, I opted to approach the target low and from the west in a staggered formation, my and ENS Wescott's Predators in the lead section, followed by LT McBride and LT Kane in the trailing section. Although heavily defended by FOXFIRE and FORGE systems, I believed that the western approach offered us the best chance to approach the target and execute our strike without losing ships in the process.

Furthermore, intelligence indicated that a large number of Cylon Raiders were orbiting over the city, presumably to guard against an attack from space. By utilizing a low-altitude approach, we were able to avoid contact with both the Raiders and the SABER system before reaching our target.

At approximately 1025 hours local time, we achieved visual contact with the target: a ceremonial pavilion just outside Avery Hall. LT Salvatore, LTJG Degan, and LTJG Vashti each destroyed a local defense emplacement with onboard missles, clearing the way for our strike. ENS Wescott and I executed our attack run first, followed shortly thereafter by LT McBride and LT Kane.

All four Predators successfully executed their attack runs according to the strike plan. Casualties were heavy, and subsequent review of gun camera footage indicates that the pavilion with the puppet government's Quorum and Council members were completely obliterated, achieving the primary mission objective.

The flight proceeded to withdraw from the area, albeit under heavy fire from the ground defenses. All three of the flight's other Predators took heavy damage, and LT McBride was critically wounded by a shrapnel hit. As such, I ordered ENS Wescott to take LT Kane's wing and return to base while I saw to LT McBride.

We ultimately managed to effect a complete withdrawal, suffering no losses before successfully exiting the combat area. Although my Predator was hit and damaged by incoming fire from one of the FOXFIRE systems targeting LT McBride, LT Salvatore was able to reestablish control and pilot our ship home, LT Collins doing the same for the wounded LT McBride.

Upon landing, LT McBride was remanded to resistance medical personnel for emergency treatment before returning with the rest of the strike team personnel to Orion.




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