AWD #231: Caprica Caper
Caprica Caper
Summary: Three Marines embark to Caprica for a high risk venture to Assasinate former President Adar. Things get a little messy and only two Marines return.
Date: 26/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Caprica Capitol City
It's a big, fancy city with a parade down town.
August 26th, 2005

The Nine outlined on the map where the locations are for the local checkpoints getting into the city. It took them through some dirt roads but the intel seemed to pan out. Once they get into the city, there was more traffic to blend in with and the assassination team finds themselves moving with traffic. Just about everyone seems to be heading towards downtown for the parade. Families, couples, singles… There isn't a lot of joy on the other faces they see. A few people are even crying. There are innocents caught up in this whole mess who hate what's happened and are simply trapped on Caprica. These people might have been willing to fight back if not for the crushingly successful campaign to stomp out the resistance fighters that was advocated and argued for by Adar.

Getting into closer to the parade route isn't hard, but parking is heavily restricted. The closest they can get is about three blocks away and they have to leave their truck there. There's very few signs of war around and Capria City seems to have endured well despite the occupation. Shops are open and apparently doing business, but the shelves look a little empty and understocked. There are people everywhere, though, almost all walking towards the route. Centurions patrol the streets in pairs, a group almost always in sight somewhere, and uniformed police officers are all over the place.

<OOC> Dropkick says, "You guys are probably going to notice that the cops don't look like one would expect from police officers. Most of them arent in shape, have haircuts out of regs, and generally don't behave like they've had training. There are a few who do, but the overwhelming majority do not. Did the police quit? Were the original CCPD officers killed fighting during the invasion?"

Lleufer is the driver. He parks where they can, gets out and pulls his carry bag. He's in a police uniform and slouches a little to look bored, "Come on you two. Let's do our sweep so we can get back down to watch the parade, yeah?" Lleu tugs out his shirt a bit so he's not so neat and tidy himself and hopefully blend in a bit better. It's not far to walk, three blocks. The Marine keeps his eyes sharp for police vehicles parked along their walk that might come in handy, especially anything that looks more like an armoured van. Wouldn't that be nice? He's got a decent amount of jaw stubble and decides it's just as well he didn't shave crisp this morning.

Or were they taken and replaced with flunkies? Wearing her light vest over her cop uniform, Chase blends in by messing up her bun to make it a little sloppy, untucking her shirt partially. As she tromps along with the other two she does slow her steps and make them more of a saunter instead to fit in the others. Good thing they were a little early! Finding the appropriate spot along the parade route, she looks to the others, ready to get set up, nodding in response to the Sergeants words.

Erik had picked up the mood of the city immediately and also how the 'real' police look as well, which causes the Heavy Weapons expert to change his demeanor. Instead of looking like a well cut officer, the Marine's stance is now sort of slouched, hands are stuffed into his pockets and his steps are also dragging a bit, as if he doesn't really care about his job. His eyes do stare down random civilians from time to time, usually trying to pick out those that appear weak or who is trying to purposefully avoid his gaze. There's a smirk thrown at Lleufer as they walk, "After the parade, let's go grab a 'free' lunch at that place we usually push."

Everything looks fine. Lots of people out and lots of cops, as expected. When Erik goes blowing things up, there will be absolute chaos and some panic. Assuming they can move with it, it'll be excellant cover. Lleufer leads them to their destination building, chosen from several lower rise possibilities based on parade route and access out of town. One way streets in that case with fewer lights being optimal. He helps carry some of the gear in his own bag and once they are inside, goes on up the stairwell. About three floors up to the roof is ideal. It happens to be an older building that houses women's clothing on the first floor in small, high end shops. The upstairs floors are nicer private apartments but not anything really high end that would have good private security. Getting to the roof isn't a particular trouble though normally it's used for maintenance of air conditioner units mostly. "We can set up over there. Right up against that air conditioning unit over there. In the shadow. I brought a tarp in my kit to lay over your pretty, Erik. It'll look like somebody's had a roof leak if there is a fly over." Or well, one can hope. "Otherwise let's cap a sit like we are going to have a smoke and not be seen too easily from below." That more for Chase as Erik'll be busy setting up.

When they do find the area that seems to work best for them, low enough they could go to the roof and still manage to have a good shot at Adar. As soon as Lleu directs them where to go, Chase hitches her bag over her shoulder and takes the stairs to the top so they can have time to set up shop. So far it seems they are staying together and she casts her eyes towards the sky, looking for any 'air support' Adar may have for backup or waiting on the fringes to hinder any escape they make after completing the assignment. Further following directions, she opens her own bag to assemble her rifle and prepare for hell.

Heading over to the area directed, Erik follows Chase, not bothering to look up since they can probably hear a Raider screaming by if it gets close. He has the S-18 to set up as well, and there is no time to waste. He wants to check each piece over, a quick inspection and then assembling it before checking over the weapon, twice. Having it misfire now would be a colossal mistake, one they cannot afford right now.

Lleufer sees to the tarp himself, laying it out at an angle from the air conditioning unit so Erik has room to get under there and do his thing. The Aerilon looks around, "I'm going to do a walk around the roof like I'm checking things out. Which infact I'll be doing. Chase, I suggest you do the same. Find you a good place you can do your thing from, not close to Erik and with some shelter. Let's get ready but no pointing your rifle or mine down there until right before we go. I'll start to sing right before we go, and when I go to start the chorus, let's do it." Lleu proposes a well known song and presumably they've gone over this before to set the timing. All good?

Nodding to Lleu, Chase rises and does the same, walking. Hopefully the building connects to another and she can get into place there, away from the others so she can line up her shot and make it from a different angle than the others. She has her comm device and is on the pre-designated channel. "Found a place to watch." Vague in case anyone is listening in.

"I'll do a walk to find the best view," Erik says without looking up as he begins assembling his big boom stick, the inspection of the parts completed without any issues. When Lleufer suggests the extra, the smirk returns and he responds, "No reason to get cutesy, we don't need a song and dance." With the large rifle assembled, the Heavy Weapons Marine begins inspecting the weapon itself, before doing the same with the ammo he will be using.

"Counting down is so boring but if you insist." The Sergeant looks amused. Lleufer's determined not to get all tense and anxious. Time for that soon enough. He walks the roof himself. The Aerilon takes up a position where he can see below but also watch their way out incase of unplanned parties. Lleu settles himself to sit and wait and opens up his bag to get his own gear ready. He's chosen an air vent pipe to give him a tiny bit of concealment, such as it is while they finish their prep.

It takes a couple hours before the parade arrives, turning the corner onto Madison Avenue about three quarters of a mile up the street. Its exactly as the Nine predicted it would happen. Out ahead is a large pickup truck with a person in the back filming from the bed, his camera aimed at the man walking along the street. Men and women, likely Secret Service, walk beside him carrying large rifles. Behind him is what looks like a dozen centurions walking in a formation four deep and three wide. Beyond them is a parade of people waving and pressing flesh. Supposedly this is the group of politicians running for office in the coming elections in a week. There's probably a thousand of them strung out behind the Centurions with security walking among them. A breeze blows down the street, the cool autumn air bringing the smell of the city and a parade. Concrete, hot dogs, and popcorn. Thousands have lined up on the sides of the Avenue, though, and just as predicted this is being broadcast live.

Passing the time by watching through her scope as the people gather, Chase remains on top of the building in place just marginally higher than the others are. Her rifle is ready, just waiting to hear the order to fire from Lleu. Smells of hot dogs and popcorn permeate the air reminding her she hadn't eaten for awhile, but she pushes the thought away as the procession nears. Frakkin' Centurions all looking like they belonged among the people. Hardening her resolve, she assures her safety is off and sets her hair trigger.

The wind isn't as bad a Lleu had feared it might be. Still, it has to be compensated for all the same. Higher up it would be worse. His gear is ready. It's like hunting, but using a deer stand and having to be patient. The Aerilon sets a point in his mind where the parade will reach shortly that is as close to their location as it will get, and still be a good angle with faces clearly visible. Lleufer is careful to note any visual obstructions such as trees, light posts, stands for viewing and so forth so that Adar will be in the open for clear shots. He doesn't bring his rifle up until Adar is almost there, nice and calm to line up his shot and not be too close to the edge, silhoetted. "All right then… starting at 5. Five… four … "

After the S-18 was inspected properly and the ammo that is to be used as well, the large shell having the words 'SIT ON THIS AND SPIN' written on by the Heavy Weapons Marine, Erik did his own little casual inspection of how to position himself. With that done, it was only a waiting game and soon enough the time comes. With the parade marching in, the Lance Corporal doesn't have to be told twice to get ready. He's rather eager to accomplish the mission and soon enough he settles into position. Looking through the scope, he can see that the parade is moving as Intel has predicted, accurate information is quality information. Which means that his main mark will be walking into the area he had chose to make the kill and perhaps score some additional toaster collatoral. Now, it's just waiting for the countdown and there it goes.

The sound is goddamned tremendous. The eighteen millimeter round leaves the rifle and it sounds like an angry God brought down a hammer to the rooftops. The sound bounces down the street, echoing off windows and buildings. Its not an easy shot, though. Not by any stretch. At more than six hundred yards, its damned hard. But the three rifles firing at once nearly deafen them. The bolt-action rifle almost knocks Erik over when that trigger is pulled, too. Its like being hit in the shoulder with a punch by a lightweight boxer. Around them, heads turn with the sound, though. The rounds travel downrange by the 556 rounds, being smaller and faster, arrive first. Each one barely misses him and they spark as they impact the pavement. One of them ricochets off into a Centurion which gets an almost comical confusion from the toaster. The other round bounces off and a woman on the side of the road suddenly falls forward into the street. The larger round, though, arrives half a second later and the high explosive anti-tank round actually hits President Richard Adar. When it does, its hard to tell exactly where, but its above the waist. The impact and resulting damage is beyond expectations, though. His right arm separates from his body and goes airborne while the entire upper right half of his body vanishes into a puff of red mist and the man's face looks stunned. He takes two more steps before falling over face first into the street… and all of it was being broadcast live. The resulting anarchy is slow to arrive, almost as if the crowd couldn't believe what just happened. Even the Centurions stop. But after a second, people begin screaming and all hell breaks loose.

As soon as the processional gets closer, Chase prepares for the shot, aiming carefully. Breathe in, breathe out, keep calm. When she feels she has a good shot, she touches the trigger, releasing the shot. Without waiting, she's already up and rapidly dismantling the rifle, shoving the pieces in the bag she'd brought it in. She was practiced at this and she was prepared. In record time, she's on her feet and skidding over to help Erik. They owed the resistance the weapon back. "We have to get out while there's still chaos, before things settle. This confusion is just what we need."

Once the trigger is pressed, it is unmistakeable that there was no misfire, instead of click of absolute failure, there is the sound of the Thunder God. Erik can't help but grunt as well when the recoil causes the large stock to punch into his shoulder. Only thing that doesn't cause him to fall is training with the weapon. There isn't time to see if the weapon hit or missed though, he doesn't even look through the scope, knowing that the second or two to search could be the difference between the team escaping or getting slaughtered. He's also dismantling the S-18 as well, taking a little extra more time than Chase due to the weapon size but pieces are going into the duffel bag. "Understood."

It's still further than he would have liked. Lleufer counts down, watching carefully through his scope. When he hits zero, he fires as well though with distance and windage, he's not going to wait to see if he hit. Surely one of the others do and YES! Erik's round makes a great big, nasty, high impact mess nobody missed. "OK, let's get the frak'n hell out of here!" He slings his own rifle around on the shoulder strap and though he'd rather they left the big gun, he does what he can to help and then goes to the access door, "Hurry. We need to clear the building at least." Lleu starts down first.

Overhead there are Raiders descending towards the city street rapidly. The response time from them is only seconds and they're diving in to check rooftops. That blue tarp might make for a bit bullseye. Down below, Centurions are running towards the direction of the shot, but the man-made canyon bounced the sound around so much that it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly where it had come from. Citizens are screaming and running in every direction. Some even have the gall to hoot and hollar in celebration. Apparently not everyone here appreciated the President.

Chase doesn't hang around once she hears the Raiders, she's up on her feet, watching Lleu head inside. With the decision of the fire escape or having witnesses inside, she calls out, "Taking the fire escape." And she does, heading towards it at a fast clip, throwing herself over the side, feet flying down the ladder, bag slung over her back, sidearm ready. They have a pre-designated area to meet, and she plans on hoofing it there if she has to, not wanting any of the rest of the team in danger.

There was no doubt in Erik's mind that the Cylons would investigate immediately and they had the resources too, which was why he did not delay after firing the shot. Hefting the duffel bag and slinging it over his back, the Heavy Weapons Marine quickly moves towards the fire escape, "Going with the Corporal." Is the quick update and soon he is descending.

The Raiders are zeroing in on that tarp and one of them approaches the building just as the trio is departing. Did it see them? Its hard to tell, but it doesn't fire. Down on the street level, though, its complete panic. People are running everywhere. There's the sound of more gunfire from up the street by the other politicians. It sounds like a pistol running before a much heavier sound silences it with a pair of three-round bursts. Its impossible to see the body in the street anymore. Between people running and the security around it, its simply not possible. But the cameraman is apparently still filming and has moved to stand on the cab of the truck for a better angle… that is until one of the security detail shoots him and he falls forward into the bed. The camera crashes down to the street and probably breaks apart. Its complete anarchy. Farther up the street there's the sound of more gunfire popping. They've touched off something.

Lleufer goes quickly but watchful, not bulking at the other two using the fire escape. They did what they came to do and now it's get out time. He keeps his rifle handy but also carries his bag that lays partly over it, both on the shoulder strap. It obscures what kind of rifle he's carrying and for now, only the scope is removed and ditched. He practices a started expression as he hoofs it down the stairs and then heads for the door, keeping sharp eyes out for anyone who tries to stop him. He looks like a police officer, right? Depending on who's shooting at whom, this could get real interesting fast. Lleufer leaves the door and moves with several other people who are looking half paniced. He watches out for both other cops and Centurions as he starts to move away from the parade route.

They may have set off something and as Chase hears it, she hopes to the Gods that it's a rebellion! Boots hit the pavement below and Chase draws her sidearm, glancing towards Erik once. "This way," she tells him quickly. Into the comm, she says quietly. "It's a madhouse, let's find the car and get out of here before we are caught in the crossfire." Still trying to be vague and speak like one of the cops in case someone else is listening in.

"Frak, didn't think that would trigger a civil war." Because if the general populace chooses that as the signal for open rebellion, there will be a lot of them being slaughtered. But Erik doesn't have time to worry about that now, especially with the familiar sounds of gunfire going off. He's already double-timing it towards their car, his eyes constantly looking for any type of threat that may be coming at them.

As the trio make their way back, its not hard to disappear into the crowds but passing other police officers, they can overhear something on the radios that the Marines just don't have. Its a BOLO for three people dressed as police officers, two of which are traveling together. Orders are detainment and lethal force is authorized. Its a rather sudden turn of events and things aren't looking so good suddenly. Maybe that Raider did see them. But instantly every single cop in Caprica city is looking for them and staring at their faces, trying to place them.

Yes, but lots of fighting breaking out is good cover for them! Might get some serious shooting into the crowd but the confusion will be much helpful. It's encouraging to know there's fight left in some of these people, eager for the spark to set the flame into motion. These are the thoughts Lleufer has as he moves through the streets, trying to make for the car. Might turn out that too much chaos will make it impossible to /use/ the car but it's a meet up point. He jogs along but when he sees a woman knocked down, the Aerilon stops and helps her back to her feet, "Best keep moving, ma'am." That's when he overhears the snippet from a police car's radio. Sooo many cops though, they won't hardly know each other anyway, from different precincts all over the city. This could get hilarious, trying to detain each other. Meanwhile, Lleu cuts through and alley and looks for a dumpster or other cover he might use for a moment.

Hot footing it back towards their car, Chase overhears that bit on the radio about being on the look out for them. Oh. Frak. Traveling together? "Look alive boys." Course she isn't the ranking Marine. Since they are looking for two together, Chase lingers back a little more letting Erik go on ahead further. Course the vehicle isn't so far away now. Looking down, she tries to be as inconspicuous as possible so that others can't see her face, knowing it's a pretty useless tactic she hurries on.

By this point, Erik's primary goal is to get to the car so they can at least meet up and change plans if needed but the BOLO that is going out doesn't stop the Marine. It was only three blocks away, not that far and they have the chaos to move along with for the time being.

It's not much and he's not taking more than a few seconds. Ditch the uniform shirt, keep the undershirt. Rifle and things go into the carry bag. Can't do anything about the pants, just hope that moving with knots of people can help cover him from quick glances that might otherwise spot him. And then Lleufer's moving again.

Once they know they are being sought, its easier to notice people. And while the police are busy trying to detain each other and those they don't recognize, that would also include the Marines posing as officers. When Lleufer finishes in the alley he'll notice an officer doubletake at him from the end he had just approached from… and turn. "Hey!" he calls out. Meanwhile Chase and Erik are probably going to notice someone in the reflection of a car window, an officer, following behind them. He's staring at them hard, too. The reward given to an officer for catching the assassins of Adar would be beyond compare. A massive promotion and probably a nice big house anywhere they wanted.

"Hey, what? Can't a fella take a piss?" The carry bag is partly open and in his left hand. Lleufer starts walking right towards the cop, "Did you see the shit that just happened? I heard it. What the frak is going on?" Yep, closing in rather than making a run for it. His leg is still mending and Lleu'd not get far on it in a long, mad dash.

None of the faces look familiar to Chase and as she high tails it towards the designated meeting place, she notices the officer in the car staring at her, since she'd backed off some from Erik. Pointing across the street to where two cops were subduing two other officers, she takes off at a dead run.

Catching sight of the trailer, Erik makes note that they may have a potential hostile coming up on them. He doesn't react visibly though, not turning around the confront the man just yet but his hand begins to move to his sidearm, ready to draw if necessary.

Lleufer's officer looks over the Sergeant, eyeing that haircut. His face goes into a grim line. "Yeah! You can take a piss when you get home, asshole. You know damned well what happened!" He notes the pants and the duffel and his hand starts toward his gun slowly. "Stop where you are and put the bag on the ground. Now." He's only ten or so feet away, but he's in open view of the street and everyone running past.

Meanwhile the officer behind the other two slowly closes the distance and seems more and more determined. He says something into his radio, but its hard to tell what. Its not spoken very loud.

Still being followed in the reflection of the car window, Chase realizes the gig is about up. They've got to get out and get out now or they would never make it out. Withdrawing a grenade from her pack, she stops and faces the man, bag over one shoulder, sidearm in her hand and grenade in the other. "Back off frakker, or I send you the way of Adar."

With his partner stopping, Erik is forced to stop as well and this time he pulls out his sidearm, ready to assist Chase who is threatening the determined officer. His eyes are taking a quick look around, to see if any other officers are converging or not.

The Marine Sergeant moves fast. The bag comes up and Ynyr swings it when the gun comes out - to knock it aside and maybe out of the cop's hand. Only, even decently trained in hand to hand doesn't mean things always go right. His left arm isn't strong yet. The cop doesn't loose his sidearm. Lleu's right hand snags his knife to try and end this as quickly and as quietly as he might, but he gets clobbered soundly by the cop's sidearm. It staggers him a step, his footing on his mending left leg not at it's best. There's no fat lady singing yet.

The officer following Chase and Erik stops suddenly and he looks like he might shit himself on the spot. That's a grenade. "Oh frak," he breathes, staring at their faces. The hand freezes just above his sidearm and he doesn't move. The radio squaks again and they're left standing there facing each other. A guy fleeing the scene looks over and see's this then takes off running. A woman screams at seeing the grenade. Some of the cops turn to look their direction but the crowd makes it difficult to tell what's happening that far away. One of them starts towards the group.

After the cop hits Lleufer with the pistol, he starts towards the Marine, reaching for his handcuffs with one hand and the gun held in the other. People rushing past barely pay any attention in all the chaos.

A standoff… Frak. Now what? Chase has a now live grenade in her hand, but what was it? A white phosphorous? A smoker? HE? Gas? Even Chase didn't know, she'd just grabbed it. "Walk away man, I'm a crazy mother frakker, you don't want any of this." As she talks, she's walking backwards, intent on getting away if she can. She notices Erik stopped too and glances at him with an angry expression. "Would you get the frak outta here? GO!" Providing cover for his escape.

Approaching Chase and the officer that was facing them down, Erik's face is cold and determined. With a hard tone, he offers his own verbal warning, "Adar was a bad man, you know it, I know it, all Capricans know it. Your life is worth more than his, tell the others you identified the wrong people and move on. You don't have to die today."

Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Save Ass!.

Lleufer is still in close and no way he's letting this cop take him without a fight. Nothing is said, eyes intent. The knife comes from low, to gut the fella if he can. There's chaos all around the streets, people fleeing, some fighting, a slice of life right here in the alley. But also time ticking. The cop slaps out those cuffs to keep the knife at bay, trying to do two things at once but it keeps the Marine from getting shot. "Frak this." Lleufer brings the bag up and puts his hand in there to drop his knife and grab for his own gun. No need to remove it from the bag - shoot right through it at the cop's chest. Didn't Bennett wish him the luck of Apollo or something? Where is it?!

The cop standing there in front of Chase looks between them. "You-" Erik's confession gets a fearful expression. "You guys got no idea what its like here in the city. Its dog-eat-dog. We can't do nothin' about it. Don't kill me. I got a wife and four kids, man." His hand is shaking, sweat pouring off his brow. But the hand not close to his gun moves to his radio and he speaks into it, "Central, Two-two. False alarm." It crackles a 10-4 at him. But that one cop is about halfway there, walking around a police cruiser. He's going to be able to see the gun and grenade in about ten seconds. Decision time.

The cop fighting with Lleufer seems pretty cocky, convinced that this Marine is some dumb schmuck he can take down easily. He'll get alllll the glory for bagging this one on his own, right? Fat chance. Lleufer's gun fires and there's a renewed wave of screams as people run away from him. The round, though, enters just above the cop's vest plate and punches a neat hole through the heavy fabric. Hitting left of center, the man stumbles backwards, obviously shocked. He drops the cuffs and lifts a hand to the wound, staring at the blood. The gun lifts as his attention goes back to Lleufer.

And there is Chase with the grenade and the sidearm about to draw the attention of the whole of the surrounding cops in about ten seconds. Erik is too near for her to actually use the grenade, as are the cops and innocent bystanders. "Yes, we did it and we're not all there is. Caprica is the only colony obeying the Cylon rule, everyone else is fighting. JUST Listen, there are others, more like us, and we're fighting to free everyone. Don't give up, get your friends and join the cause. FIGHT BACK." Having had her say in a rapidfire of words, Chase assures the pin is still in place, sees the trouble Erik and her are about to be in with the approaching cops as well as the others and no sigh of the Sarge and makes a split second decision without further considering the consequences, she offers a distraction in the only way possible. The car, the cop car, is sooo available and she runs towards it, slipping into the seat and closing the door before anyone even realizes what she's doing, peeling out like the guilty party, giving the cops someone else to chase.

There's the instant consideration to simply try to knock the fella down and leave him wounded for his buddies to find but damn it, the guy knows his face and could get info spread over the cop radio and to the toasters, too. So grimly determined, Lleu doesn't wait. He fires a second round at once before that sidearm can come up and nail his own ass. No time for niceties, almost point blank to follow the first shot. The Sarge needs to get out of the alley before others show up.

Erika takes the opportunity to turn and face away, not bothering to listen to what the cop replies with. Its not that he's leaving Chase, but they've gotta keep moving. He's looking for a way out and by the time he turns around again, Chase is already running for the car. He tries to yell at her, but the woman is already gone. The cops, both of them, are suddenly running after the car and firing their sidearms. The rear glass shatters and they're already yelling on their radio. The CCPD car turns down a sidestreet and vanishes police cruisers begin giving pursuit. Nobody is even paying attention to Erik. He's left standing there, barely a block from the meet-up, and nobody even looking at him. He holsters the gun, shouldering the pack, and hikes off towards the meetup while trying to figure out what to tell Lleufer. If he makes it.

The officer facing down Lleu is trying to reach for his radio with one hand, fumbling across the wound and towards the radio piece on his epaulette. The gun shakes in his hand but Lleu gets off his shot first and the man collapses onto the pavement. Everyone is screaming and running, but the cops aren't paying attention. As he runs off he can probably hear the radio crackle about a female suspect identified and is fleeing the scene in a CCPD car. With only a block to get there, himself, neither man has far to go.

Lleufer isn't going to stick around. He also doesn't touch the cop or his things, "Sorry for your family, buddy." He runs on past to the mouth of the alley and as others are already running and screaming, generally still chaos, he jogs along towards their meetup point where the car was left. Gods only know if any of them are going to make it to the car, or whether they'll get far in it. The bag he keeps a hold of, ready to use again if someone else tries to stop him. Can't be far now, dangit.

The car is still parked there and unmolested. Erik is waiting nearby, doing his best to look busy. Most of the cops have fled the area but a few are returning to continue looking for the other suspects, but the herd has been thinned significantly. But the rest around here seem to recognize each other fairly easily. Its only a matter of time. Seeing Lleu, Erik stands up straighter and heads over towards the car. "She just went frakkin GTA on a police cruiser, Sergeant," he says quietly. "No idea where the hell she's going but we gotta move." The huge Sack Of Rifle is tossed heavily into the rear before he moves for the drivers seat.

"Shit," is all Lleu says low. He unlocks the trunk for Erik, then gets the doors unlocked. He was intending to drive but if Erik's wanting to, fine. They lost their best shot so the Aerilon takes up the passanger seat but keeps his bag. He starts reassembling the rifle so it'll be easier to use and checks for grenades, "Let's get out of here. She knows where we're supposed to fall back to if we can get out of town. Otherwise there's no telling where Baca's heading. We'll take what diversion it gives us." The doors are relocked, "Watch for roadblocks."

The car leaving is noted, though. A couple of cops notice that there are two male officers departing the area in a 1994 POS Virgan import. You know one of those crappy rustboxes built for narrow streets? Yeah. Erik drives them out and meanwhile a couple of officers head for their cruisers and move out to tail. The ride goes on for about ten minutes, the import already on the freeway and headed out of town. Its about now that the uniforms turn on their lights and blip their sirens, slipping out from behind the traffic they were watching through. The free has a decent amount of traffic, but enough to maneuver through. "Pull over? Or you want to run, Sergeant?"

Lleufer turns to look back at the flashing lights and thins his mouth hard before he says, "Depends, how good a driver are you, Erik?" He glances to his fellow Marine, "They'll ID the car so we'll need to ditch it. See if I can slow'm up first, get us off the freeway to loose'm before air support comes looking. Hold it steady as you can for a minute." Lleu crawls into the backseat with the rifle and sets it up to aim, "Slow a little, let'm catch up closer, but not real close." Armour piercing rounds should be helpful. Shall we see if he can crack their engine block?

Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Blow their Block!.

Erik snorts. "I guess we'll find out." He does as instructed, though. He taps the brakes a few times and starts to slow, turning on his blinker as he drifts into the far right lane. Right. Pull over. Then Lleufer lets go with a decently long burst. The rear window shatters into a thousand pieces and the lead cruiser disappears behind a cloud of smoke. Those tungsten-core rounds rip into the block and blow apart both banks of heads and coolant and oil goes everywhere. The engine seizes and twists the car to the right, sending it into a spin and then to the wall. The sirens go on from the other car and the other guy leans out the window with his pistol and starts firing towards the import.

Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Blow the Baby.

This is more enjoyable than the alley. Lleufer breaks out a bit more glass to make sure he can see, then aims for the second cruiser when it comes closer. "Let me nail him and then let it rip. Get ahead of them so they can't see us and then get off the freeway soon as possible." Wait, wait a moment, and then when the other car swings back around away from the frightened civie car, the MP lets his rifle rip another several rounds. He'll need to change clips. "Go, Erik!"

Erik takes a shot to the shoulder but does he cry? Frak no! Erik's a goddamned tank. "Copy that!" No, Erik just gets angry. The rest of the mag leaves Lleufer's rifle and it clicks empty as the hood blows off one corner of the cruiser. Once more, oil and coolant blow everywhere on the hot engine and produce a thick blue and white haze. The driver tries to keep it straight but a panicking mom in a minivan has hit her brakes and the police cruiser slams into the rear of it and both of them turn sharply and head towards the embankment and a roll. Erika downshifts and speeds away as the rest of the police department is left behind them trying to pick up the pieces. There's no sign of Chase.

Eject the magazine and toss it into the bag, grap another one and pop that puppy in. Lleu maybe heard the anger in Erik's tone as he turns to haul himself back into the passanger seat up front. "You OK? Put a compress on that soon as we can." Speeding past other vehicles, Lleu looks back and can see nothing but distant rising smoke behind a line of trees, "Clear, get off at this next exit. That'll take us south east. We can ditch the car in the woods and hoof it. Maybe pick up another car." Lleufer's not above stealing a car. Bust out the window and steering column, insert screw driver and see what a backwoods Aerilon punk can do to get them going again.

They had coordinates to meet up at, but as it turns out nobody is there. Only a large picture of a giant lizard with big hooked claws is spraypainted on a highway sign on this deserted section of highway. A raptor. How lovely. Getting off at that exit put them into an empty industrial area and it took an hour to find a car, get it hotwired, then get out of town. Apparently the intel that the Nine provided was good one more time because, while traveling all over the godsdamned place like a bee on LSD, they get to the pick-up site without a single roadblock.

Bennett, on the other hand, has a whole different ball of insanity to deal with. Every single frakkin radio on Caprica is lit up talking about Adar being shot. Its EVERYWHERE. People are celebrating, others are screaming in anger and calling for blood. The Cylons sound like they've temporarily lost control and its something like anarchy down there. The Raptor descends in and Raiders can't even seem to pay attention to the craft while they're busy strafing targets on the ground. But, like it was for the Marines in downtown, its only a matter of time. Pick 'em up, fly 'em to ANVIL on Picon ASAP, report to Spree.

Adrenline is good. Things have been so exciting since all hell broke loose that Lleufer's hardly had time to notice how much his left arm aches, or his left thigh. Man's going to be stiff and sore later, but heck, the taping his fingers together on his left hand worked just fine! Lleu directs Erik to stop the newly aquired vehicle under thick trees. There isn't much he can do for Erik's shoulder so he makes a compress out of his wadded up undershirt. It leaves him half dressed but what the hell, he's still got his dog tags. "Now we wait and pray like hell our birdie can get through to pick us up. If not, I guess we settle in to join the resistance."

The massive CRACK of the sound barrier being broken by a moderately sized object is unmistakeable, even over the general chaos running rampant in the streets of the city. It looks like the pilot did not want to chance dropping in from high atmo, and chose instead to perform a close-range — and very risky — FTL jump. The airframe is bristling with weaponry, but no shots are fired as it slowly pivots on its left skid and touches down on the asphalt with a low whine of engines throttling down.

Lleufer 's listening both for Chase's car, or the bird. He opens up the trunk so they can take the Solothurn with them. "Where the hell is Corporal Baca? Come on, lass." He starts to pace, anxious. And then BOOM! The sonic thunder clap announces something's arrival. And down it comes, their birdie. Lleu grabs and shoulders the big, heavy bag from the back, then goes to help Erik if he needs it. Two Marines make a run for the Raptor … but not three. Sergeant Ynyr looks back once more soon as he and Erik are on board, "Good luck, Corporal. Give'm hell." If the bird's not rising yet, Lleufer shouts, "We're in!"

Two. Not three. This, of course, is immediately apparent to the flight-suited pilot who does a quick scan of the road north and south once the hatch has been shoved open and the marines are hoofing it for her bus. "I was told there would be three of you, Sergeant. Was I told wrong?" The hatch isn't even shut before she initiates the takeoff sequence, fingers flying over controls while her backseater yells out FTL coordinates over the noise of the engines.

Lleufer shouts over the roar of noise as secures the heavy Soloturn and gets himself seated and strapped in, "We got separated! Corporal Baca's out there - Erik said she stole a police car. We'll contact Major Jankovic to see if they can pick her up." Not pleased, Lleu settles in for the bumpy ride.

Its been about six or seven hours since the shot was taken by the time they finally touch down at the command site on Picon. The approach vectors are always a bitch and take forever, but they're important. Once they're down a Marine Sergeant greets them and tells them to report to the Command Post. Traveling through the mountain, its definitely become more like walking through a ship. The walls are all properly built, the structural reinforcement is there, and even the floor sounds solid like normal deck plating on a Battlestar. The small group is brought into the post and there Spree, as promised, with a TV set up on a table. The woman turns along with everyone else to see the Marines dressed as Cap City police officers and there's a couple slow claps from people. Spree, on the other hand, only see's two Marines and two aircrew. "Report." Behind her Lleu can see President Richard Adar turning the corner onto Madison Avenue. The shot is only fifteen to twenty seconds away. The signal at the bottom seems to indicate that this is 'LIVE! From Downtown!'.

And a bumpy ride it was. Bennett's job is to get her passengers where they need to go, and to get them there in one piece; she makes no promises about comfort. She is the last to exit the raptor once they've touched down, and holsters her sidearm by sheer force of habit before clambering out after the marines. Her emotions, as always during a mission, are kept tightly controlled; it's impossible to say what she's thinking as they're drawn through the labyrinthine tunnels of the command post. And then they're filing into a room with Spree and a television, and her eyes go right to the flickering image of Adar. She even forgets to salute.

Lleufer's still partly in the CCPD uniform but meeting with the Colonel bare chested wasn't his plan. He's zipping up the flight suit Bennett lent him even as they walk in, still wearing the shiny shoes now covered in dust. There's a salute for Spree, indoors or not, at the order, "Yes, sir." A brief glance to the monitor before the Aerilon drawls, "You might want to watch the screen first. See for yourself, then let me talk?" Lleu motions towards the scene unfolding with the parade.

Commander Spree quirks a brow to the indication from Lleufer and then looks back to the TV. The view is up a bit high and being filmed as if from the head of the parade. Adar is waving to everyone and yelling 'Hello!' and generally just being political and playing the PR game. Behind him, the rows of Centurions can be seen and then the several hundred politicians marching with it. He just keeps walking, the announcer mentioning something about the elections on Sunday and how Adar's choice of tie was a bit banal. But for a split second, Adar looks off behind the camera towards something up a little higher in the distance. A pair of sparks hit the pavement at the President's feet, and then it happens. In full color, live on colonial-wide TV, Adar comes apart. The shocked look on his face is plastered there forever but everything above his stomach and on the righ side of his body just explodes into a fine red mist with some larger chunks going airborne with his right arm. He looks a bit ill and confused for a second, two more steps taken, then he falls face-forward onto the ground. The vehicle carrying the camera stops suddenly and the announcers go silent. Its then that the thunderous BOOOOOOM resonates through downtown, as if Zeus himself had thrown down a bolt from the blue. Then all hell breaks loose. People start screaming and the cameraman zooms in on the body while the announcers are left completely speechless. Security is going batshit and the cameraman climbs up onto the top of the truck to get a better view of the body. Is- is he snickering? It almost sounds like he's laughing. But the security personnel are yelling at him to shut the camera off. He ignores them, instead zooming in on the missing section of Adar's body and the face. There is no doubt that the installed leader of the Twelve Colonies is dead. And then, from out of frame, gunshots start ringing out and then some closer and the cameraman drops the camera and everything goes to a blue STAND BY screen. The Command Post? Dead silent. Spree slowly turns to look back.

Bennett's face is like a mirror as she watches the macabre show play out not ten feet away in the dimly-lit room; bright shots of colour shift and jag, reflecting off her pale features and expressionless not-quite-turn of her lips. She blinks slightly when Adar is suddenly torn apart, her whole body flinching away a fraction in the unaffected reaction of someone not desensitised entirely to such violence. And then her eyes, too, go the way of the two marines as the screen goes blue and that steady BEEEEEEEEEP fills the tense air.

Lleufer stands there with the rest of them, watching. After all, he didn't have time to watch before. He thins his mouth and says low, "Too bad about the camera man." That was to Erik probably. Wait, the Colonel is looking at them. At him. Lleu clears his throat, "With intel gathered by Major Jankovic's people and a Nine they have giving them assistance, we took up a position on the roof of a building along the parade route, sir. Corporal Baca's and my shots missed, but Lance Corporal Erik Jast's shot with the Solothurn Major Jankovic lent us, hit true. We didn't stick around as a Raider swooped and ID'd our retreat. We were separated in returning to our meet up position for pick up, sir. Corporal Baca stole a police car and took off. We lost contact with her." A breath, "It may be Major Jankovic's people can locate and pick up Corporal Baca." It's a hope he must express.

Spree listens and a smile slowly spreads across her face. She nods a couple times and glances back to the TV, then over to Lleufer. "Godsdamned nicely done, Sergeant. You made history today. You especially, Corporal Jast. I'm going to make sure you all get copies of this. We've had a recording running since the parade started." She glances over to one of the Petty Officers. "Jules. Get that pumped back out to our field units and make sure someone shows it to the Nines down in the cellblock." There's a quick reply fro mthe woman and she goes about looking the recording on her laptop and hooking up to a network. The screen behind Spree flickers, though and the buzzing slowly fades away. Looks like something else coming through.

"Thank you, ma' … Sir." Aerlion slip there. Lleufer lays his hand with the taped fingers lightly on Erik's uninjured shoulder and says low, "It /was/ a great shot." He smiles a little though it doesn't last, worried about Chase. Tired and sore, he looks over to Bennett then and adds low, "Glad you could make it. That's twice now I owe you for gett'n my butt out safe, Captain."

This isn't her mission, and so Bennett is mostly content to remain part of the scenery. She does flicker a small smile at Spree's words, however, and Lleufer's as well. Nothing is said of whether he does, in fact, owe her— or what. Instead, "If you want me to go back and look for Corporal Baca, sir, I will do so immediately," she tells Spree. Not a whit of hesitation. "Sergeant, do you have any idea of her whereabouts?"

The praise from Commander Spree was certainly appreciated by the Heavy Weapons expert and he inclines his head respectively, "Thank you sir." There is a pause before he raises his own concern, "Sir, when are we going back? We need to retrieve Corporal Baca." It sounds like Erik did not approve of Chase going off on her own to draw the attention away.

Lleufer is tired and crosses his arms over his chest, "I have no idea where she went to. Last time I saw her, she was heading down the fire escape right after we took our shots. She could be anywhere on Caprica by now." Nope, not going to mention possibilities of her having been caught or killed. He looks to Erik. Waits for orders.

The TV comes back on and Spree glances down to it, doubletaking. "You said Baca stole a police car?" Because on the screen, being filmed from what is apparently a news helicopter, is a police cruiser running up the freeway, heading out of town the exact opposite direction of where the meeting location was. The zoom is close enough to see that there's already bullet holes in the rear deck and the lights on top are turning. Behind the car are probably two dozen police vehicles and people are hanging out the passenger windows, firing like out of a bad movie. The cruiser swerves through traffic, clipping a compact and then cutting off an 18 wheeler. "This is Live on Freeway 112 where apparently the police are in pursuit of one of the suspects from Adar's incident." A lovely euphamism. The 18 wheeler swerves and drives off the freeway and into a guardrail while the cruisers pay it no attention. Nobody cares about the innocents when everyone in power is guilty. A raider sweeps in low and fires a pair of missiles towards the vehicle. One hits directly behind it and the other hits a few dozen yards in front. The vehicle bounces through the crater at upwards of 90 miles per hour, going airborne off the other side. One of the wheels departs the car and Baca's cruiser goes into a spin and hits the wall hard, but the door creeks open.

Bennett's attention drags back to the screen as she becomes aware that there is more news footage. She even takes a step closer, arms unfolding slowly from her midsection as she squints slightly at the swerving cruiser.

Once the door opens, there is no other immediate movement for about ten seconds. Fifteen. Suddenly Chase, holding two grenades, one in each hand alights. Realizing there was a life broadcast, she yells out. "There are more like us! Adar is dead, fight back! Caprica is the only colony following the Cylon rule, join the others and fight!" Launching one grenade towards the ones who had been chasing her, then the other just as the Raider makes another sweep firing and hitting the police cruiser which goes up in a fiery explosion taking Chase with it.

Both grenades explode among the police cruisers, instantly wounding several cops horribly. There are not roiling balls of fire with them, only the bright flash and a swirl of dust as windows and steel shatters and falls away. Do they hear her? The helicopter above has zoomed down on her face but the voice can't be heard over the noise. But her lips can be. The camera scrambles to pull back and focus as the Raider comes in and the car blows apart. Chase's body is ripped apart by the explosion and tumbles forward and the camera pans back as officers rush in. Everyone goes quiet once more in the command post and they all look back towards the Orion crew members. "Sorry for the loss," Spree tells Bennett quietly.

Bennett waits and waits, and even shoots Spree a glance in the interim, before the cruiser's door finally cracks open. It clearly goes against every impulse, every fibre of her being, to stand here and watch when she should be out there zeroing in on those coordinates. By the time the Commander turns to her, there is an odd, desolate look on her face. No tears, no anger, just vacant disbelief. "No," she answers softly, wide blue eyes still glued on the screen, "No, I am sorry, sir. I was tasked with bringing her home. I did not. I am sorry." And she pivots on her heel and — unless called to attention or otherwise stopped by Spree — turns to stalk out.

"Captain!" Spree barks. "Get back here." The second part is more calmed and she gestures for the Raptor pilot to return to where she had been standing. "Captain, that video took eight hours to travel all those miles from Picon. What you just saw happened before you even left the ship, but arrived here with the standard delay." Spree lowers her voice and goes more quiet. "So unless you have the ability to go back in time, there's nothing you could have done. So. Having said that," she glances to a Gunnery Sergeant nearby, and then nods. The Gunny leaves the CP for a moment and the Commander looks at Bennett. "I have a follow-up operation that needs executing. I'll give you the brief outline of it and then brief your CAG and the Wing direct next week." The Gunny returns with a roled map looking like any other and faces the table between the two women.

Bennett is, luckily, an obedient soldier. She stops at the bark from Spree, closes her eyes for a moment, and reopens them on the heels of a slow breath. Then, indeed, she turns back to the Commander and takes a step forward for the one she retreated. Her chin comes up a fraction, blue eyes pinning her superior officer. "Yes, sir, understood, sir." she replies smoothly, her voice lacking the volume and brisk cadence of most officers — particularly at her rank. Mention of a follow-up operation has a flicker of interest skimming her features briefly. She watches, waits, and listens.

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