caprica.png Caprica
Ancient Name: Capricorn
Population: 4.9 billion (Pre)
Patron God: Apollo
Capitol: Caprica City
Major Cities:
Caprica City, Delphi, Phoebus
Delphi Museum of the Colonies, Atlas Arena, Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport, Graystone Industries, Apollo University, Pantheon Bridge, Ionian Islands, Orpheus Park
Pyramid Teams:
Caprica City Buccaneers, Delphi Legion, Phoebus Suns

Current Status

The seven large cities that were nuked took a lot of lives, however the relatively small 'tactical' size of the nukes accomplished the mission of psychological warfare. Much of the local infrastructures were wrecked, but in twenty-two years the Colony has largely rebuilt. Being the primary seat of government, and with no intent to change that, people all over the colonies were in dire need of food and medicine. Caprica was one of the places where people of all professions were brought to begin the reconstruction. Cities had to be cleared and completely rebuilt in some cases. Construction is a massive undertaking on Caprica and the jobs in the field are plentiful. There is far more work than there are people for the task. Despite some early labor abuses, the industry is now heavily regulated and the workers are given livable wages and healthcare. Families were and are still fit as close to job sites as possible and the housing communities have found people putting down roots of all kind. Those not involved with construction are more than happy to set up business nearby and make money off the wages paid to the crews. Its a mutually beneficial arrangement.

However, most Capricans are reluctant to be involved with many of those related tasks — except the lower income folks who really need the work. With much of the colony in need of highly skilled people to set up the government all over again as well as build the tech infrastructure for the colonial capital, complete with Arpay technology, those with the skillsets came out of the woodwork and were flung far and wide across the planet.

Massive, highly secured networks had to be built and with Arpay suggestions, the site is being outfitted with ground-based defenses. Cylon Saber and Forge SAM systems have been built across the countryside. More construction projects have been completed and are on-going with building replacement and additional fleet air stations. Caprica has become one of the most well-defended planets in the known galaxy, according to the Arpay.

Today, many of the construction teams are still working, but even more have sprung up. They've honed the arts of rebuilding and the companies have taken their business models and descended on the rest of the colonies in need. Caprica City is once again the democratic capital of the remaining colonies and the seat of government. Despite losing two billion people during the war, the Colony has nearly returned to pre-war population levels. Most of the big cities show very few signs of the war anymore.

Pre-Leap Status

Caprica was very lightly nuked. The military bases were hit with, largely, conventional strikes or very small nuclear devices but little other physical damage has been done to the planet’s infrastructure. The Cylons are suspected to have made huge landings on the colony. There are currently between 4 and 6 basestars in orbit at any particular time. After the Picon Invasion by the Colonial Fleet, the Cylons have reinforced. The resistance commander is Major Martin Jankovic, Naval Special Projects, 55th MCCS.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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