AWD #044: Cameras and Superstitions
Cameras and Superstitions
Summary: Two people come to wish a certain Petty Officer luck. Superstitions are triggered as well.
Date: 19/02/13 (OOC Date)
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Cassie Kelsey Zachary 
Hangar Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
19 February, 2005

Big surprise, Kelsey is here early. Their Raptor is off to the side and still has the arming pins in all the bombs and 'Remove Before Flight' tags on all the missiles and sensors. She's in her flightsuit and just stepping out of the Raptor, a couple duffel bags already settled inside. She's got a Fiveseven on her right thigh and a rather beat up, padded camera case strapped to her belt on the left hip. The wanna-be pilot heads over for the workbench in the bay and opens the storage doors underneath.

As is his want whenever a flight is leaving the Orion for an extended period of time, Zachary has made his way down to the hangar to check things for himself. Cup of coffee in one hand, he carries a small bag in the other as he looks towards the craft and the CAG can't help but to give a small smile as he notices who is already hard at work. "You know, Wescott, I have never seen any of my cookies regifted before." he offers for an ice breaker.

Kelsey comes out of the cabinet with, of all this, window cleaner. She uses a boot to slide over a foot stool and hops up on it at the canopy glass and goes to work. That's a Deck detail, but some habits die hard. She looks clean, rested, chipper, and wide awake. Hearing the words, though, she looks over her shoulder and grins. "In all fairness, sir, I've never actually had anything you've baked. I just trusted that they were good and worth of giving to someone who felt awful. I just say the cookies and my brain immediately went to who needs them more than I do, yanno?"

Drawing from his coffee, Zachary is not going to stop Kelsey from playing Deckie if she wants. She'll learn in time, there will not be time for such things once she is a pilot. That's why they are deckies. "Well, that's a downright shame. Fortunately, there seems to be a couple of chances coming up. Delacroix wants me to make her a cake for her wedding, and apparently I owe Cole a cake as well." he chuckles. "But if you don't want to wait." he offers the bag. "I made you some cookie bars. They keep well, and don't make a lot of crumbs."

Cassie comes in, flight suit donned but helmet nowhere to be seen, making why she's here and partially geared up a mystery. A deckie is stopped and spoken to for a moment before she's pointed towards where Kelsey is at, the newbie nugget and the Major approached with no apprehension in doing so to be found.

Kelsey works at a spot on the canopy glass, cleaning it and making it perty. If she's going to fly something, it should be shiny and clean, dangit! "Oh, I keep forgetting that the Captain is getting married! That's so awesome, sir," she blurts and doubletakes to the bag. She grins and hops down off the stepladder and plays coy as she approaches. "Did you make me cookie bars, or are they for everyone on the crew?" she asks with a laugh. "Because, sir, I'll totally not share if I can avoid it. I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Figured I'd get something when we get to Picon."

"Those are yours, Kelsey. The crew have their own in their seats. You can give one to Marcus if it makes you feel better, though." Zachary offers with a mild chuckle. "But those are a snack. You will eat a good breakfast, that's an order." he comments. As he notices Cassie, he raises a brow. "Where are you going all gussied up? CAP today?"

"Aaaayup," Cassie answers at the same time she regards Kels fondly, her eyes bright. "Came down a little early to wish a certain someone good luck on her trip." At that she reaches out to pat the younger woman on the shoulder. "Take care of you while you're gone, alright? And make sure the TACCO stays out of trouble." The latter gets her mouth to tic up at the corners some.

Kelsey snatches up the baggie and hugs it to herself. "Mine!" she pipes happily. "The Colonel will get one only if he's Mister NiceGuy." She turns at the hips and hops up onto the winglet. Kels ducks inside to drop off her treasure and then back out. "You're going to order me to eat breakfast? Aw, c'mon, sir," she laughs. "Fiiinnnnne. I'll go eat powdered eggs and toast. But after I finish getting her ready, sir. Thank you for the cookies!" She hops down off the wing and waves to Cassie. "Hi, sir." She grins happily at the mention of keeping the TACCO out of trouble. "Pshhhaw, sir! I accept no responsibility for keeping him out of trouble. I at least need officers pins before I can do that." She looks at both of them and something suddenly occurs to her and she begins playing with the camera case.

"I haven't seen Marcus about this morning." Zachary says towards Cassie. And he offers her a smile and a polite. "Good morning." As the women chat amongst themselves for the moment, the CAG starts his own check of the Raptor. It never hurts to have a pair of eyes that have been at this for going on twenty-years to do the usual PMCS checks as well.

The way they get looked at by Kelsey is notice but Cassie lets it be, that left alone to keep from potentially embarrassing her. "Are you ready for your big debut," she asks instead, her tone kept light and conversational. Zach's watched before she chuckles, shaking her head. "And good morning to you as well, sir."

"Totally, super, completely ready. Once I get breakfast." Kelsey removes the camera from the case and turns it on. The thing is covered in green and brown spraypaint, marked with CMC serial numbers. One of their recon cameras? Probably not something Kelsey decided to pick up on her own. The digital display turns on and she grins. Its lifted and aimed at Cassie, then the lends turned to focus. "Smile pretty and say 'I didnt get cookies!'" she laughs. She then turns and aims the camera at Zachary for another photo. "Kachow! Looking good, sir!" The camera is then extended to Cassie. "Sirs, could I get a picture with the Major? Please?"

Zachary continues his checks, apparently not noticing the shutterbug at work as he pauses at the engines giving them a once over. The checklist is memorized by now as he frowns, but decides whatever he's looking at passes muster as he continues on his walk-through.

Cassie oh's! Pictures? Okay. She's not exactly the most keen to have pictures of her taken but it's Kelsey and Cassie's more than happy to humor. She even smiles nicely while quelling the urge to stick out her tongue or flip the camera the bird. "There you go… oh, sure, Kels." The camera is taken and pointed at where she thinks they should stand, her foot tapping while she waits for Zach. "Hey sir? You mind getting your backside over here? The little lady wants a picture taken with you."

Kelsey grins. Photo snapped. She steps over by the canopy glass and waits for Zach to come this direction. "Pleasssssse, sir. It'll be my first time flying some for real if its nice weather, sir. I wanna remember it and get photos. Besides, you donated cookies and cookies are signs of friendship. And friends don't let friends go to Picon without a picture!"

Zachary freezes in place as soon as he hears the words pose and pictures. Suddenly, the Major cannot back away fast enough from the idea. "No." he says finally, looking between the two. "…I never take a picture with a crew before a mission. I'll gladly do it when you get back, but never ever before." Superstitious tripped, as he tries to at least look apologetic.

Cassie has never seen Zach in this situation before so is baffled by his reaction which gets her to frown a little and her brow to crease deeply. "Are you alright, Major," she asks sincerely, sounding like she is worried. "I… I am sure it'll be alright if we wait," she adds softly, "right Kelsey?" No sense in pushing the issue, especially since it seems like he is entirely discomforted by the suggestion.

Kelsey watches this reaction from Zach and seems like she might pull him over but stops. Remember, be an officer, Kelsey! She stops her foot. "Damnit," she mutters and looks back to Cassie. "Okay, just me then!" She stands at the front of the Raptor on the pilot's side and dips at the knees, making a Y out of her arms. Kelsey goes for 'fabulous'. "Processed cheeeeeeeeese!"

Zachary offers no further explanations, but for once, he actually looks a little spooked. The Major doesn't even watch Kelsey getting her own picture taken before the mission as he finishes the checks. "The bird looks good, Wescott. Take good care of it and pay attention to the Ensigns and I look forward to hearing good things when you get back." There's a smile given and a brief salute before he turns to head back out of the hangar area.

*click* And the picture is taken. "Here you go, Kelsey," the camera held out while Cassie keeps a very careful eye on Zach. It's is as if she's expecting him to fall down with a bout of the fits at any moment. "I swear, there are times I just do not get him," she mouths to herself after she's sure he's not going to have a seizure or something, her head shaking. "Men. And they say we're complicated, Wescott. Don't let them for once convince you that they're not just as frakking confusing. Because they are."

Zachary stops long enough to gather some fresh coffee, but is way out of earshot at Cassie's comments. Which is probably a good thing.

"Thanks, Major!" Kelsey announces once the photo is snapped. She takes the camera back from Cassie with a whispered 'thanks!' and puts it back into the case. She seals it up and watches the Major go. She sighs and looks back to Cass. "We are. But only because we reserve the right to change our mind. Or be righteous bitches should the mood strike us." More cursing from the Sunny Side Up? "I choose to make up narratives for people in these situations. I believe that he was once involved romantically with a camera and that this camera eventually scorned him when it left him for a camera issued by the Marines. She still has photos of him, little pieces to remind her of him in the quiet moments when the Oorah!Camera is out drinking with his friends or coming homedrunk and yelling at the girl camera. Poor guy."

There's an effort put into not laughing, the Viper jock not wanting to laugh at Zach's expense. Cassie manages to do well at it at first, the laughter kept at bay, but then she makes the mistake of snorting. It turns into a snicker which becomes a giggle, that then shifting into a full on belly laugh. It's loud and body-racking, the kind that leaves her teary in no time flat. "Gods," she gets out before another peal of helpless laughter catches hold.

"See? Its not me," she continues. "Miss Redeye can totally appreciate storytime and not get grumpy. Or remember such frivilous things like 'rank' or 'decorum'. 'Tact'? What the crap is that?" Kelsey sighs heavily, shaking her head. "Annnnywhoodle. I should probably go get breakfast. Major ordered me to eat something before I left. I suppose I should before I get sent to Aerilon for ignoring more orders."

Cassie shakes her head, reaching up with both hands to swipe those tears from her face. "Didn't you get the memo? It's Shoes now, Wescott. Anyhow, you go and get fed. They'll need you at your best. I got patrol to go on and need to get ready to go out. Stay safe." Kels is given a wave before she goes to fetch her helmet from wherever it is she had stowed it.

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