MD #286: Calument Target 03


Mon Aug 06 2049

FR: S-2 3/8 Marines
CC: {$cc}
RE: Calumet Target 03


Mission objective is to make a covert insertion via raptor, march to the objective on foot, and destroy the target. The Marines must then withdraw to an LZ where they can be extracted. If reaching the extraction LZ is not possible they can also try to reach friendly troops. Due to the atmospheric interference on Calumet and the need to keep the Skath in the dark about Orion’s intentions, there will be no air support and an emergency extraction is all but impossible. Colonial equipment will not necessarily tip off the Skath given the amount supplied to Calumet before the fall of the Colonies, but ID and insignia need to be left behind and Arpay mods concealed. It may be possible to get local guides or other resistance support if you request it but don’t expect too much.


The target is a radio direction-finding installation on a mountain top (elevation 500m) surrounded by a chain link and razor wire fence. Aerial photograph below. The surrounding terrain on the mountain-spur is predominately large rocks and brush. A security perimeter has been cleared for 100m around the site, but due to the steep terrain you may be able to approach within about 30m before coming into direct observation, depending on route.

A single switchback dirt road runs up from the valley floor to the site. The main hardware is a 100m tall metal tower studded with antenna (think big cell tower) and a small bunker at the base to house the associated equipment. A single Quonset hut serves as storage and living area. Based on Arpay intel this appears to follow the standard Skath layout for such a site. Standard compliment would be 2-4 Skath walkers and 6-10 loyal humans for guard and patrol duty.

There are no indications of air defenses on site. Given location, Skath air response will take at least 15 minutes, and ground response a minimum of 1 hour. Destroying the tower and the equipment in the bunker will prevent the Skath from getting accurate locations on signals for several hundred kilometers around this site.


(Aerial Recon - click for detail)


#1: Skath temple within a human settlement. Clerics and Skath present on site and more likely to respond within a relatively short time. Old (pre-invasion) sewer system provides a possible route into and out of the target area. Destroying the temple and/or killing Clerics and Skath would provide a morale boost for the resistance.

#2: Mountain railroad bridge and tunnel. Destroying the bridge and/or tunnel will reduce rail traffic through this area by forty percent. The Skath are obviously aware of this as they have a small security contingent guarding the bridge.

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