MD #029: Callsign Court - The Next Generation
MD #029: Callsign Court - The Next Generation
Summary: The Air Wing gets together to drink. Oh, and bestow new callsigns.
Date: 07/05/2017 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
Wed Nov 22 2028 (MD #29)

Checkpoint Charlie's has been commandeered by Carrier Strike Wing 11 for tonight's festivities, and the place is wall to wall with pilots and ECOs — only those few poor bastards stuck on duty are missing. The bar is open and someone must be picking up the tab, as the drinks are going out without money is being taken in. One corner has been cleared out a leather armchair have been raised up on boxes, elevating it a few feet above the floor. A yellow paper crown rests upon the 'throne', and the whole thing is decorated with garish gold tinsel and purple paper streamers. Niko is standing near the raised chair, talking with Admiral Io. The CAG is in his blues for once, though with the top button undone and he has a drink in each hand. One of the glasses is offered up to the Admiral, however. Even he is not getting /that/ fast a start tonight.

Entering into the bar, Garrett gives a swift smile to a few that he knows, but mainly he sequesters a seat towards the back in order to settle in. He only orders a single ale from the local growers, pretty much intent on nursing it for most of the night as he settles in for the festivities.

Melissa has time to change and shows up in her civvies. Fitted blue jeans with an off-white sweatshirt that has some stenciling about volleyball across the front. She's wearing a dark brown scarf that match the riding boots. The cowboy hat was apparently left at home tonight, but she looks happy and comfortable. Heading right for the bar, she orders herself a beer and moves to take a seat out amongst the rest of the pilots. She does lift her glass to Robin and Niko, though.

Robin is also in her blues, as per usual. It's like even though it's been over twenty years she still doesn't have any civilian clothing…does she? She takes an offered drink and lifts it in a toast to the CAG. "Please. I'm just here to witness the carnage. By all means. I'll certainly break any ties, should it come to that." Ioke takes a sip of her drink and allows her eyes to stray as people begin to filter in. "Ah, your court is assembling Scythe." She lifts her glass again to the SL of the Gentleman Ghosts in turn.

Elena walks in, tall and proud in her blues, a tinsel tiara perched atop her head. She goes to the bar to grab a drink — she brought her own paper umbrellas — and heads over to Niko. "Sir," she says, formally, tinsel glittering.

Niko gives a chuckle as Robin begs off, then pauses to raise a glass back towards the Raptor squadron leader, flashing Melissa a grin. Turning back to the Admiral, he nods. "If you says so. You can be final arbiter and guest of honor." Then he spots the glittering Elena approaching and laughs at the DCAG. "Nice 'Lanx. I'm going to get this party started and then we can trade off? Unless you want to do the honors."

Casey steps into Charlie's, familiar with it by name, given they are in her hometown. She's walked by when things got rowdy on certain nights, but she's never walked in since she's never been a member of the fleet before. She's sporting some dark blue jeans, a raglan shirt, and a dark gray cargo jacket and a pair of scuffed up matching work boots. When she steps inside, she looks about the place for a moment or two before heading to the bar.

Dressed in a faded t-shirt, equally faded jeans and a pair of sneakers that are almost disreputable, Diaz arrives with the others viper jocks who are most recently filtering into the bar. The ten moves easily through the crowd, looking for a place to stand and only detours toward the bar to snag a beer, all the better to blend in with the crowd if she's holding a drink.

Drawing in a drink from his ale, Garrett glances down at his collared button up, slacks, and polished loafers, and for a moment, feels a little overdressed for the occassion, but shrugs ruefully at the idea before he sets down his mug again to continue to enjoy in the going's on.

Elena walks up to Garrett, all military bearing and square shoulders, and carefully places an umbrella in his beer. "Next time I catch you improperly equipped, you're going to clean the head with your toothbrush."

A loud whistle sounds above the general hubbub as, drink in hand, Niko climbs up to stand beside the high seat and snag the paper crown. "All right people, listen up!" He waits a second for the noise level to lower a little. "Our guest of honor Ioke," the CAG waves the crown towards Robin, referring to the Admiral by her old callsign rather than name or rank, "has decided she'd rather drink than hold court tonight. So that means you're stuck with me, and it is all her fault." He grins and slip the paper crown on his head. "And now that we're all drunk enough to get started, here's how it goes: I will call forth a victim. If you have a suggestion for a callsign, shout it out. The rules are pretty simple — you have to be able to say it clearly over the wireless, it can't be confused with any established radio call, and most importantly, it should be embarrassing. Because as we all know, Fleet Aviators are just short of the Gods, and we need a little dose of humility to keep from offending them. Or ending up commanding Battlestars." This last bit is said with a grin at Admiral Io, and then Niko raises his glass to get things rolling. "To our first victim! Captain Bloodfeather, front and center!" He takes a drink, then slouches down in the armchair 'throne.'

It's a party. For drinking and mayhem, yet when Captain Idris Bloodfeather arrives, you'd think he was ready for a cocktail party. Crisp and sleek as ever, he's dressed in a light weight white cashmire turtleneck with fine wool dress slacks. These are matched up with glossy patent leather black shoes and slim belt. No jewelry, not even an earring. He moves carefully, recovered from his recent gunshot wound and returned to duty, but still a little stiff through his torso. He stops in at the bar first to request a list of drink choices.

There's a slow blink of confusion when Elena addresses him, and Garrett tries to figure out what he did wrong - he's looking around to see what item of clothing, what article of decoration he may have missed, before the umbrella is plucked into his drink, and he ohs softly, mouth forming a perfect little circle as he fishes it out and twirls the paper and toothpick between his fingers a few times before saluting with it. "Sir, yes sir." he offers, before setting it back into place.

Robin grins back at Niko. It might be terrifying to those who've worked with her over the years. It certainly is a rare sight. She raps on her table with a measure of Virgon reservedness when Niko announces Bloodfeather as the first victim. After that, she just stays off to the side, mingling with anyone who comes her way in her direct style.

When Idris' name is called, Elena marches over to him, salutes, and sticks a paper umbrella behind his ear. She offers her arm to escort him to the hotseat.

Can they make him a gin and tonic? Light on the tonic. They can? Outstanding. Idris collects his glass and no sooner than he thanks the barman than Niko has put on his paper crown and starts speaking. Bloodfeather takes a sip of his drink, quite sober thus far, then lifts a black brow at his CAG. "Very well." So, he starts to make his way up front and center - Elena intercepts him and sticks the paper umbrella behind his ear. Another raised brow, "Is that strictly necessary?" But he lets her and walks with his arm linked with hers as long as she's mindful of his healing side. "I would have hoped for the opportunity to be less than entirely sober for the occassion." Nonetheless he smiles a little and turns to look out over the others, "What shall it be? Lord? Chieftain? Emperor?" Har, har.

Getting a look at Idris as Elena escorts him to the fore, Niko gives a wolf whistle. "Looking good, Captain. You're gonna end up with something like "Vogue" if you're not careful!" And upon hearing Idris' suggestion, he shakes his head in amusement. "Or Hubris!" Niko looks around at the crowd for something, and it appears things are too quiet for the CAG's liking. "All right, you people are clearly /not/ drunk enough yet. Everyone, down their drink and start shouting!"

"Yes," the DCAG replies firmly. "It is /strictly/ necessary."

"Cosmo." comes Garrett's suggestion finally. Cosmos. Cosmopolitain? Maybe he just needs to drink more.

Diaz accepts the bottle of beer and turns toward the 'throne' before she calls out, "Joker" which is a full 180 away from Idris's so serious persona.

Melissa settles back in her chair and sips the beer, sinking in to watch with an amused smile. The scarf is unwound and she leaves it hanging loose down the front while she enjoys the chilled beverage. "Lomo! Short for loudmouth!"

Elena laughs. "I like Joker. Crisp and easy to say, also funny as hell." She sips her umbrellaed beer, eyes twinkling.

"I like Vogue," Casey calls out her support for the CAG's original fall back plan from the bar. She waits and watches the Lucky Strikes' SL for what seems to visibly irk him the most as she waits for her beer she ordered.

"Joker! Joker! Joker!" That's Shay chanting in the back somewhere, more than a little inebriated as she points at Idris with her little paper umbrella.

'Lomo' gets a look from Idris, who often won't say much. He knocks back a good bit of his gin and tonic as the CAG 'ordered' them to down their drinks. He's no sooner done so than a woman who's not even a server snags his mostly empty glass out of his hand and puts another glass into it. With /amber/ liquid in it instead of clear. Bloodfeather smells of it dubiously. Stick in the mud he might be, looks looks vaguely amused at the suggestions getting shouted about. Shay clearly is trying out for the Gentleman Ghost's Cheerleading Association.

Wait, no. Casey's got a point. "Vogue!" Shay calls out instead, easy to convince.

"Dandy?" Elena offers, by way of productive contribution. "That sweater has /got/ to cost more than my good boots."

Niko laughs as 'Joker' is proposed, and lifts his empty glass in Diaz's general direction. Now people are getting into it, and the names are starting to flow. "Vogue. Cosmo. Joker. Lomo. Dandy. Gotta say, I like Joker." He has to think a second to make sure he's gotten them all. Then the CAG calls out, "All right, last call people! Shout out your vote!"

"Dandy." As nice as Vogue is, Dandy seems to fit, as Garrett hears the last call and takes his suggestion off the table.

"Vogue!" Casey re-shouts, now turning from the bar to scan and try to find a seat. With everyone crammed in here, it's hard to tell if there's one even open. "It's the lamest sounding!" she points out before spotting her squad commander. She starts to edge her way to the side of the room.

It's some kind of bourbon, Idris would guess after a taste. "Dandy … lion?" The captain lets out a breath and threatens, "Just wait until it's each of your turns." At least he's not being made to wear a glittery tiara. Yet.

Around them people are setting out munches, swiping empty glasses and passing out more drinks. The jutbox is cranking up with music to get the party mood flowing. While the pilots are gathered about Niko's 'throne' a few others are playing pool and shouting an occasional encouragement.

Laughing as she tips the beer bottle up, Diaz eyes Idris, squinting for a moment as she does so. "Hot Stuff, cool dude, snazzy dresser, classy air, he's a 'toff', I think is the old word," she calls out then laughs. "Lion, no, that's way, absolutely way to cool."

"Between Dandy and Vogue, I gotta go with Vogue!" Niko announces, pausing long enough to hear Diaz's stream of additions before shaking his head. "Unless Ioke is overruling me," he says, giving the Admiral a glance, "you're stuck with "Vogue", Captain Bloodfeather. Congratulations!"

Elena cheers from where she's seated on the table next to Scythe's feet, raising her drink. "To Vogue!"

Robin simply lifts her drink to Niko and takes a sip. "Nothing to overrule!"

Melissa lets off a long hoot and then a two-finger whistle at the announcement, then laughing merrily and lifting her beer in cheers. "Vogue!! Welcome to the wing!"

Kent makes his way into the bar having reported for duty and got sent to Checkpoint Charlie's. He pauses after entering the bar for a moment to take everything in, "I'm gonna need a drink or two to catch up I think." He makes his way towards some of the younger crowd figuring it's safer for now.

It's all in silly good fun. Idris refuses to get annoyed over it. He simply raises his glass to Niko and the rest of them, "As you wish." Very Princess Bride of him, then takes a drink. "Who's next?" Bloodfeather has a pink paper umbrella for YOU.

Shay raises her glass too, and places two fingers to her lips for a sharp wolf whistle at the captain. She's sitting atop one of the pool tables, dressed in a tee shirt and jeans with shit-kicking boots on.

Niko joins in the cheer for Idris' new callsign, then lets the noise subside to a dull roar. "Shouting over you all is thirsty work. Someone get me a drink!?" Niko calls out from his perch on the raised armchair, festooned with streamers and tinsel. "Captain Wescott. Word is you're not too keen on "Doodle?" Front and center, Captain. Let's see if we can't make it worse!"

Melissa clears her throat and rocks back before going forward to stand. She lifts her glass to everyone and then proceeds to chug down the whole thing. She nearly spills the last bit from her lips and ends up hanving to wipe her chin on the back of her hand. Stepping around the table she moves to stand in front of the CAG and she sketches a salute with twon fingers before turning back to the room. "I need a drink!! Who has the tanker??" Tanker. Tankard. Booze. Whatever.

Elena hops down fron the table and intercepts before Idris can hand off his umbrella. No. She wags a finger at him. That is /his/ umbrella. She gives Melissa her own umbrella, tucking it into the Captain's hair.

"You're going to need a keg!" Diaz calls with a laugh as she watches the called-on captain to head to the spotlight.

Idris thinks about it, "How about Poodle instead of Doodle?" He tastes ihs bourbon and goes hands off the pink paper umbrella, moving over towards Melissa, but Elena intercepts him. Instead of tucking it back behind his ear however, he drops it into his very unfruity drink.

"Poodle? Same idea.. but Pigeon.." Garrett offers and takes a drink. "Cause she's always shitting bombs on the Cylons."

"Haystack," Elena suggests. "She's a farm girl, after all."

"Poster girl," Shay calls out with a shiteating grin. Because they did all those Fleet ads together, and if Melissa gets slapped with it, that means she can't.

"Pinup!" Elena crows, jumping on Shay's suggestion.

"Poster Girl?" Bloodfeather looks at Shay, "Are you suggesting her /real/ Callsign should be Pinup?" Now, Idris looks to see if that makes his fellow Captain blush!

"Poodle, Pigeon, Haystack," Niko repeats some of the names thrown out so far. "Poster girl is a little long. Pinup? That I could get behind!"

Casey tips her beer back and watches the people in the crowd as much as she does the main spectacle. She's certainly not anywhere near enough to hand over a beer before someone else gets to helping her out. She almost spits out her beer as Shay calls out exactly what she was thinking. Oh yeah…that's the other girl. Casey stares at Shay and then laughs to herself.

"Not Poodle or Pigeon, nothing cutesy," Diaz counters, taking the moment to squint at Melissa this time, instead of Idris, laughing at Pinup but still shaking her head.

Beer in the headlights? No, she's sans beer. But her eyes are wide as the suggestions start to come rapidfire. She's starting to blush long before anyone gets to Pinup. "Ohmygawds," she rolls at hearing pinup. The woman starts laughing and leans forward, hair providing a very handy shield for her covering her face.

Kent glances down at his hand where a beer has appeared in one and a glass of whiskey in the other and blinks, "Well then not cutesy what about Scylla? A multi headed tentacle monster that feeds on passing sailors?"

Shay winks at Casey, and laughs as her suggestion turns into.. pinup? "Y'all are too frakking drunk to know those aren't the same thing!" Kent's suggestion gets a weird look, and she considers her drink thoughtfully.

Elena spits out a mouthful of beer in response to Kent's suggestion. "Gods, I adore you, Cavanaugh."

"Or Siren," Diaz she counters a half beat later, laughing, and meanders to the side through the crowd and taps the side of the beer bottle she's holding against what ever Cavanaugh is drinking. "She's got the looks, she's got the voice, luring all these brave men and women to enlist!"

"Don't let your wife hear you Phalanx," Robin chimes in with one of her patented commenting out of the blue to make everything more awkward moments.

"Or Harpy! No offense, Captain." Garrett quickly ducks behind his beer.

"Billboard!" Shay tosses out, knocking back the rest of her drink and hopping to her feet to go fetch a new one.

"That may be too subtle for us," Niko says, chuckling in response to Kent's suggestion. "Siren. Harpy? Oh! There we go! Billboard!?"

"Billboard is more Shay, since she flies like one!" Garrett calls out and grins at the other poster girl in the room.

Garrett gets a middle finger waved in his general direction for that one, courtesy of Ensign Ynyr.

There's a drink passing by. Melissa snags it, not giving a shit what it is. "I got your number, Garrett!" she calls out before taking a big swig of it. There's a nasty face, "What is this? Cranberry juice?!" She shakes it off and looks around at the suggestions. Its like watching your professional career circle the drain. Or sharks.

"Can call her Billy for short," Casey observes before kicking back the rest of her drink. She moves towards the bar to try and get the bartender's attention. "Billboard!" she shouts out a second without looking back melissa's way. "Beer. Something dark if you have it?" Oh ignored. It was a try. The bartender moves to someone else.


"valkyrie," Diaz counters and grins, "Billboard is still sorta cutesy."

"Hey now, Ynyr will get her turn," Niko yells over to Garrett, laughing. But he's quick to nix Valkyrie. "Negative! Too cool! Okay people. Let's find a consensus. Are we going with Billboard? Pinup?"

Idris smirks, "Harpy has a nice ring to it. And I still like Pinup." He knocks back his drink, starting to relax. Probably helps his side too where Major Donovan tried to blow out his lung. "Valkyrie is too majestic. One should earn that Callsign most honorably. Perhaps later." Melissa could certainly do that, right?

"You better not drink that like cranberry juice," Elena warns. "It's special juice."

"Well, a Harpy is half bird, half woman, who carries her victims off on the winds.." Garrett shrugs his shoulders. "I just figured, concussion bombs, ripping her enemies apart with her talons. And supposedly beautiful. Hell, who knows."

Kent grins and shrugs as he takes a swig from one his drinks… Oh the burn it's the whiskey. "Well if ya'll aren't lookin for subtle then Pinup wouldn't be subtle." And another drink of his whiskey, "Or Centerfold. It's like a billboard?"

She looks back at Diaz and makes the 'cut off' gesture to Valkyrie. Nope, she won't even accept it as an offering. She then looks back to Elena with a 'WTF' gesture of her arms. "This is cranberry juice!" She shoots the rest of it and holds up the empty glass with another shrug before putting down. She has no idea what she just drank, to be honest.

They are warming up to this callsign name throwing thing now. The music helps, and the booze. Idris has parked himself next to Elena as he nurses his third drink along. People keep picking his glass out of his hand and giving him something else to drink. He has no idea what this opaque yellow drink is but it has alcohol and citrus so that's good enough. His dark eyes watch the others as they go around with their suggestions and then it's time for the CAG to make a selection based on their suggestions. Bloodfeather watches Melissa for how she's reacting to all of this.

"Okay, okay, okay!" A lot of names flying and not a lot of agreement. Niko decides to cut to the chase and exercise his authority as the guy with the paper crown. "I'm gonna have to go with Billboard! Let's hear it for the CO of the Ghosts, people. Not sure that's a step up from Doodle, but it's where you've ended up, Captain!"

Elena drops another umbrella in Idris' drink with a shit-eating grin, before raising her own drink. "Congratulations, Captain Billboard!"

Robin seems pleased for whatever obscure reason, nursing a ginger and whiskey.

Melissa looks at Niko and claps a hand to her forehead. Oh Gods. She laughs, though, and steps off. "Who am I blaming for Billboard?!" she laughs. "Frak you all, frak you very much. I'm going to get drunk, then revenge. Perhaps not in that order." She shakes her finger into the sky.

Kent raises his drink up, "Hear hear Cap'n Billboard!" And then drinks the rest of his whiskey down before chasing it with a good pull from his beer.

Who is she blaming? Well, that would be Miss Shay Ynyr, who is presently killing herself laughing as an amused bartender slides her over a drink.

A pair of Viper pilots present Niko with an entire pitcher of some sort of alcohol, which he leans down to accept with both hands. He raises the vessel on high to salute Melissa, then cuts in after the cheer subsides. "Here's your first chance, Billboard. Back to the Viper jocks. Lieutenant Fawkes, front and center!"

Plucking his umbrella from his drink, Garrett waves it at Elena. "Next time get the little plastic swords, sir." he offers, as he grabs a shot to deal with this madness.

Elena raises an eyebrow at Garrett. "If I say it's colorful paper umbrellas, it's colorful paper umbrellas, Fawkes. Now get your ass front and center."

Casey finally gets the bartender's attention after he's done serving Ynyr. "Right. You have any dark beer?" She names off a local brewer, saying they were supposed to be brewing some. He checks and nods to the ECO before going to grab a chilled bottle. "Only have a few left out here," he says as he hands it over without having popped the cap off, still chuckling to himself. Casey takes the beer and uses the side of the bar top and her palm to strike down and pop the cap off. It takes two tries since the first time it slips.

After grabbing the drink, Garrett salutes Elena with the umbrella and drops in as directed. "Reporting as ordered, sir." he offers up to Niko before settling back.

"Swagger!" Shay manages to call out in between fits of giggling, before Garrett's even reached the CAG.

Melissa wanders over beside Shay and whispers something to her, looking at her with a faux-angry expression. There's humor there, and something like fondness. "I frakking hate you. Your time is coming. Ohhh your time is coming." She just laughs with it, obviously enjoying herself and ordering some kind of mixed drink.

Taking the empty bottle back to the bar, Diaz gets a refill and a spare before leaning back against the bar, a smirk of amusement on her face.

Niko carefully tips the pitcher of booze, managing to drink some without wearing any. This time. "Swagger? Might be too cool…" He muses, grinning at Garrett. "Rooster maybe?"

Shay shoots Melissa a wicked grin, though something the woman says to her causes her to blush. Hard. Alcohol, alcohol is good. She takes a big gulp of her drink, and mumbles something half into the glass.

Ugh, -another- paper umbrella. How do you drink anything with those in the way? Bloodfeather, aka Vogue, lifts his drink to Melissa, "To Billboard. May it bring you fame." He'll drink to that. Definitely loosening up with booze. Fast as Idris can take a drink than somebody's slipping up with a bottle of vodka to top up everyone's drinks. Doesn't matter what's already in the glass, watch out!

Idris calls out, "Peanut!"

Kent calls out, "Harpy!"

Peanut gets a chuckle from Niko. Harpy? Outright laughter. "Hold on, hold on. Why Peanut?"

"Rooster," Shay muses. "I like it. Rooster!" She flaps her arms like a chicken, making sure Garrett catches a glimpse of it.

Casey chuckles at Idris' suggestion, but nearly chokes as Kent throws out Harpy again a moment later. She coughs, holding her bottle aside as she covers her mouth with her free hand.

Melissa looks off to her fellow squadron commander and lifts her new drink. Its pink and froofy and damnit it tastes good. "To Vogue and Billboard," she calls back. "Gods help us." She tilts the glass and sips from it heavily. She glances back to Shay and leans against the bar. "Both, actually. It should be good. I think you'll like the program." She sips again and looks back to the court. "Rooster or Peanut! You can't call one pilot a Harpy, damnit! We'll all respond!"

Idris shrugs, "He's a good man, self starter. I think he'll make a fine officer and Squadron Leader in his own right eventually, perhaps. If he lives. Peanut seems rather humiliating and the opposite." And you know, they are less and less sober so things are getting silly.

Shay gets that middle fingered salute returned to her as he downs the shot and just blinks wordlessly as his SL just tosses him right under the Viper sleds.

"I like Peanut. His head is kind of shaped like one," Elena pipes up, squinting at Garrett.

Melissa actually gets a -wink- out of Bloodfeather at her toast. He might groan in the morning when he realizes what he's stuck with.

"Rooster or Peanut?" Niko looks over the crowd, his focus starting to look a little fuzzy. At least he's sitting down and well provisioned. "Seems like we've got two options. What's it going to be, people?!"

Idris adds more soberly, "I assume we will each of us earn better Callsigns in time, once we are more properly veterans. Most of us are as yet, rather green at this war."

"Too bad Cockadoodle is too long. We could have kept Doodle in the family," Robin remarks without much regret. Then she pushes up from the table to make her way to the bar, eyes sliding over to Melissa and Shay for a moment before they slide out of her vision.

Shay looks over at her SL's drink, and smirks. That froofy mess clearly needs more umbrella - so she obliges by fishing one out of a jar on the bartop, and plunking it inside. "Yeah, you put it together yourself?" she asks, slurping on her drink. Garrett gets a big, noisy air-smooch from the bus driver. "Roooooooster!" she barks out.

Kent shrugs as he takes another drink from his beer figuring that his suggestions would be shot down quite often he's not drunk enough for the bad ones yet.

Bloodfeather looks down into his glass of strange mixed drink, "Rooster might suit him better. Give him something to crow about." Idris smiles.

"Rooster!!" She has jokes. Ohhhh Melissa has jokes.

Kent calls out, "Cockatrice"

"Rooster," Casey agrees with the general consensus forming.

"I'm not hearing much love for Peanut," Niko ventures, looking around once more. A few more for rooster. Kent's suggestion gets another laugh. "You've got a mythological bent there, Ensign. We'll get back to that when you're on the hot seat," the CAG promises. "All right. Let's hear it for Rooster. Well done, Lieutenant. I'm sure that's the last you're gonna hear about that!"

There's a thumb towards Shay and a grin offered to Niko. As in, please, her next, as Rooster struts off, Garrett putting his umbrella back into place in his drink as he takes a drink to return to his quiet observations.

Niko drinks a toast to Rooster, then calls out the next victim. "Ensign Ynyr!" Niko is happy to oblige Garret's request and give the bus drivers another turn. "Front and center. And I gotta say, as the first pilot of the war to need a rescue mission, I'm going to throw 'Princess' out there, as a starting point."

"Princess? Frak no." Garrett laughs. "…so, before I give my suggestion - the reasoning. She's short. Sarcastic. Explodes.. alot. And was in the press. My suggestion for the the Ensign is.. Squib."

Elena sashays over to Shay, pinching her cheeks. "Such a pretty princess," she coos, putting an umbrella in her hair. She commits hardcore to dumb jokes in Charlie's. There is historical precedent.

<FS3> Shay rolls Reaction+body: Success.

Well, she couldn't dodge it forever. Shay mutters something along the lines of 'wish me luck', and peels herself off the bar in order to strut on up to where Niko's waiting. She holds her glass in one hand, arms out and does a little spin and a curtsey.

Kent hmmms as he polishes off his beer and heads to get him another… Spotting Diaz with a spare drink he just steals hers as she's not looking, "On the same line of… Ahhh screw it still not drunk enough going after mythical bents." So he starts working on his stolen beer, "Eh Andromeda"

"Get your butt up there, Ensign," Melissa hoots, laughing. Time for more to drink. Princess has her nearly snort it all out, laughing. "Ina!" she calls out. ee-nah. "She had to get rescued by Marines. 'I Need An Adult!'"

Idris snorts softly where he leans against a table, "I'd suggest 'Rescue' but no pilot needs to be reminded of being shot down. We do not forget such things. Perhaps we should call her, 'Lucky', like some stray cat brought home."

"When she showed up, she had the most unregulation hair I've seen in my mumblety-mumble years of service. Bruiser, because it was ridiculously blue, like a bruise," Elena offers.

Diaz snickers, in general, but surrenders the beer she isn't drinking to Kent with a laugh. "Or just plain Blue," she calls with a shrug. "Or Berry," laughing again as she props one elbow against the bar. "Frostbite!"

Shay shoots pretend daggers at Melissa for her suggestion, but most of the others are fairly tame at least. She hops up onto the nearest table (at least it isn't the CAG's lap) and chugs her drink while she waits for a decision.

"Pinup." Hey, if Kent can use Harpy against him, why can't Garrett use Shay's own suggestion against her?

..she's pretty sure it's not the CAG's lap. Ynyr's had a few drinks, after all.

Elena grins and points at Diaz. "First callsign for a Raptor pilot, named after a small fruit? Berry is a fine and admirable callsign, if I do say so myself," says the woman once called Cherry.

Casey chuckles warmly at the CAG's starting suggestion and then takes a few gulps from her bottle as she scans the crowd to spot the other Ensign and the sashaying DCAG. "Are all carriers like this?" she wonders aloud, smiling to herself. "If we're going for fruit, might as well be Bananas."

"Or Frosty," Diaz says next then eyes the now empty beer bottle and sighs, seeing as how Kent has her spare, and twists so that she can plunk the empty down on the bar and reaches for a new one.

Casey gestures as if her suggestion is obvious when Shay jumps up onto a table.

Climbing into the CAG's lap might upset his royal beverage, so that's a good thing. Niko chuckles at the rapid fire suggestions, looking for a thread to latch onto. "Blueberry? Ina I like, but it's kinda short. Kiddo?"

"Shortbus, because she has special needs." Garrett offers to noone in paticular.

Idris snickers. Yes, yes he does.

"This is tame, kid," Elena replies to Casey's question. "Everyone's still dressed and no one has been tied to anything. This one time when I was stationed on the Sphinx, we tied up the CAG and forgot where we put her…"

"Come on people!" Niko encourages the wing. "We've got an Ensign standing on a table /daring/ you to do your worst. This can not stand."

"Shortbus!" Garrett repeats with more authority than he perhaps meant to.

Shay smirks at Niko's assessment, finishes off her drink, and holds the glass upside-down as if to make it obvious she's without alcohol here, people. Hurry up and name her, gosh.

Kent grins as he drinks a bit more of his beer, "Kiddo, Shortstack, Princess, Peach, Damsel, Pinup…" A pause for a beat, "Well Boozer, and if she starts dancing so much worse is sure to come?"

"Half of those are all right," Niko says for Kent's suggestions, though he doesn't leap at any of them. "Lady? Or maybe Violet, as in 'Shrinking Violet.' Could cover the hair too."

"Kiddo or Blue!" Casey just shouts out because she's drank enough. She looks over at Rooster when he suggests Shortbus again, obviously not having it.

Bloodfeather finds his floofy drink about half gone, "I vote for Kiddo. I like it. She may outgrow it in time but for now, it suits." Idris passes off his fruity drink to a passing server with a tray. He's had enough of that. Oops, there goes Elena's pink umbrella.

Kent shrugs a bit, "PomPom?"

"She's my pilot and I'd LOVE to call her 'Kiddo!' Melissa laughs.

Elena climbs up on the table and starts bedecking Niko with umbrellas. "Pick something already, /sir/" she grins.

"Why not just shorten it to Kid." Garrett suggests, apparently letting the idea drop.

Garrett adds, "Like a goat."

Speaking of bedecking with umbrellas, Garrett is promptly bedecked with Shay's, for that.

Garrett wears it proudly behind his ear.

Kent takes another sip, "Pipsqueak?"

Diaz laughs, "Or just Squeak. OR something dance related, like Mambo."

"Okay, okay." Niko takes the DCAG's direction with a laugh. The drinking may be catching up with him a little. Umbrellas are received without complaint. "Pipsqueak is good, but I hear a lot of Kiddo. And a recommednation from her CO has got to carry some weight." He grins at Shay and tells her, "Take a bow and get off the table, Kiddo."

Elena applauds the new Kiddo, then steps forward to the edge of the table, putting an umbrella in her hair. "I've been Phalanx for twenty-two years. It's a frakking cool name. However, it's an old name from an old war. We've got a new war, with new people. Also, I know you assholes will love this." She holds her arms out to the sides, fingers spread. "Do your worst."

Diaz exhales a slow breath that turns into a whistle, "Ginger. Carrot Top. Red Hot. Siren," she leans on that one again, calling out the first things that leap to mind.

Niko drinks a toast to Shay's new callsign, then waits for things to die down again she he can bring the formalities to a close. But then Elena is stepping forward to make her announcement, and the CAG blinks, squinting as he tries to focus on her. He grins at Elena, but it's a sad, nostalgic sort of smile. "Holy frak."

"And we already gave Kiddo to Ynyr?" Robin snaps.

Shay hops down off the table, with a look on her face that says she got through that one relatively unscathed. It could've been a lot worse. She makes a beeline for the bar, for a refill on her drink, and does a doubletake when she sees Elena step up next. Huh?

"You really gonna do takesie-backsies on that face?" Elena says, affecting a pout and pointing to Shay.

"Wow," Niko says when he hears Robin's suggestion. "Yeah. That's a real dilemma there." He chuckles and shakes his head. "Are you making a formal ruling, Ioke?"

Kent finishes up his beer and looks around for the bar before glancing back at the new callsign getting decided, "Oh I was so thinking Ginger… But Vamp, Freckles, Ginger, Mermaid, PomPom, Harpy, Shortstack, Matchstick…"

'Vogue' has gotten quiet. He hasn't gotten himself a fourth drink and folds his arms over his chest, relaxing against the bar with a pleasant buzz. Idris is content to watch the others horsing around but then Elen.a proposes to ditch her veteran Sixty Callsign and he frowns. No, doesn't look like he likes that idea but she does look /younger/ than himself. He lifts a hand to idly rub his very short goatee without making any suggestions.

"It's up to you and your court. I won't strip a callsign from someone, especially when her CO approves of it so heartily…So it would need a second from her CO," Robin reasons easily. "Or we could come up for another terrible name. Or we could always go back to Cherry since she doesn't like the name I gave her."

Elena rolls her eyes. "I love the name. I got a frakking tattoo of it. This is for morale, sir! I am the sacrificial lamb upon the altar of shenanigans."

"And I'm setting up the stockade for you Major," Robin quips quickly.

Kent grins, "BC"

"The hair is how she got Cherry," Niko tells Kent as he rattles off some red-related suggestions. "But if we're really doing this … I'm thinking something more like 'Mother' or 'Mama.'"

Elena shoots a look at Niko. "It wasn't the hair, if you remember. Piers made a crude joke…"

Niko laughs at Elena's reminder, quickly shaking his head. "Seriously?" He grins slyly (or maybe just drunkenly) at DCAG. "/I/ thought it was the hair."

"Phoenix," Diaz says after a moment of squinting at the beer bottle she's holding. "Fiery rebirth and all that."

Kent hmms, "Granny to go with Kiddo?"

Shay doesn't, for once, have anything smartassed to say. It's the DCAG, of all people. She chews on the corner of her lip and swallows some more drank, mind churning over the possibilities.

"Nanna! Crone!" Casey shoots out. The beer is keeping the ideas flowing, but they come out before she can think of how they might come across. Oh yeah that's the DCAG right? She quickly moves to the bar, weaving through people.

Niko gives Elena a 'you asked for this' sort of look, laughing and shaking his head at the names tossed out. "Looks like they're on to your age. You should have gotten distinguished like me, you know?" Then he calls out. "Granny?! Nanna!? Crone!? Is that where we're headed people?"

Elena's side-eye is killer. "Didn't have a choice about whether I aged or not, Pony. Gods, don't let me be a granny yet. Michael knows about condoms. Right?"

Kent chuckles and shrugs, "Well? It's that or Ember, Fire Top, Cherry?"

"Bard," Shay proposes after some thought, half mumbled into the hand her chin is resting on. "Cause she likes telling stories."

Robin points when Shay says Bard as if to second the idea over her own. Then she grabs another bottle from the bartender and pops it open.

Casey points when Shay says Bard as if to second the idea over her own. Then she grabs another bottle from the bartender and pops it open.

Kent takes a drink from his bottle and nods a bit, "BARD BARD BARD BARD…" (gotta make up for the lack of a peanut gallery now)

"Bard or Crone!" Melissa calls out. "You stepped into the fire there, young lady!" she laughs.

"Oh right," Niko flashes an apologetic smile at Elena. "Bard?!" he wonders loudly. "Okay, I gotta say I like Crone for a callsign better than Bard. What do people say?"

Shay shrugs her shoulders, grinning. She gave her suggestion. The last of her drink is knocked back, and the bartender's starting to look a little dubious when she asks for another. Is she even old enough to be drinking?

"Crone!" Casey waffles back and forth every time Niko calls for a vote, and by her own laughter, she seems to know it's going on.

"You're gonna make me decide this?" Niko looks around and finally back to Elena. "It's like I'm in frakking command or something." There's a sigh and a momentary break to gulp from his pitcher. "All right! Crone it is!"

Elena grumbles, rolling her eyes. "Crone it is." She fingerguns at Niko, mouthing, 'I'm going to get you', then sits down crosslegged on the tabletop. A fresh drink gets pressed into her hand.

Shay laughs as the callsign is decided, pitching a glance over her shoulder at the poor DCAG. Hey, she got 'Kiddo', which is hardly better. "Ugh," she tells the nearest person to her, face in her hands, "I'm going to have such a hangover tomorrow."

Robin shrugs. "It's like fate has a say in these things," she says glibly, finding a certain level of amusement in dissatisfaction with callsigns.

Kent glances over at Shay and shrugs as he polishes off his drink, "Don't stop and you won't have a hangover… Perfect drunk logic!"

Melissa cackles with glee at the names being doled out. "Excellent! I love and hate you all!" She swills her drink once more before pounding it down. She intends to tie one on tonight before making her way to a hotel or actually catching the last Raptor up.

Shay giggles at Kent's observation. He has a point. She gulps down the remainder of her drink, points the bartender at what she wants for a refill, and eyes the other ensign for a moment. "How'd you manage not to get called up tonight..?" There's a pause like she's searching for a name, but her inebriated brain can't come up with one.

"Right! Here's to the newest members of the callsign club!" Niko drinks again. "With all the new faces coming aboard lately, we'll probably be doing this again as soon as Medical stops squawking about the sick call that we're going to see tomorrow. So drink up! We've got a war to fight, but not tonight."

Casey gives a bit of a clap as Niko announces Elena's callsign, but quiets up when Niko starts a small toast and announcement. She drinks when she's supposed to, but still for the most part isn't really engaging anyone directly. "When is the last Raptor going up?" the rook asks to no one in particular after Niko seems to be done.

Kent shrugs a bit, "Guess I'm too green for a callsign so Cavanaugh will have to do for now I suppose." He waves the bartender down for another drink himself so he can drink to the newest members of the callsign club.

"Hell if I know," Shay demurs with a glance to Casey, then reaches for her glass in order to toast.. whatever it is they're toasting. Callsigns! "WOO." Kent just gets a mellow looking grin.

Elena hops down from the table. "You kids have fun. This old crone needs to go find her rack." She grins affectionately and waves, setting her glass in a bus tray on the way out.

Kent glances around a bit and hrms, "So how long out of the academy are you all?"

"I guess it doesn't really matter," Casey says with a shrug and takes another gulp of her beer. "They warmed up on you. Next time you get to take it out on me," she teases Shay lightly, obviously not meanning a thing. Alcohol. "I don't think we actually have met yet by the way. I mean, you look familiar. I think your family got their horses shoed at my dad's place once or something?" Her father was a mechanic on the outskirts of the city…he was the /only/ mechanic given how the farmers and ranchers were the only ones allowed a quota for clean vehicles on the planet. "I mean you'd probably remember the place more because…he was a mechanic." She looks over to Kent and shrugs. "This is my first posting actually."

With the formal Wing festivities over, Miri makes her way over to the pilots. "Gods, those things are always hella fun to watch," the medic grins, sipping her beer. "This was a good one. No one got named after underwear."

"Who, Quinn?" It's not like Shay has to think too hard about it. It was often her taking their car over to the mechanic, or the horses in to be shoed. Her, gazing at the stars instead of watching where she was going. She squints at Casey. "I think you were in a couple of my classes, too." Kent gets a grin for his question, and a nod Casey's way. "What she said. How 'bout you?"

Shay gives the arriving medic a finger waggle, but no comment on the underwear. It might not be too late for someone to rename her, so she's not going to tempt fate.

Kent nods a bit, "Same here first posting. Shocked I don't really recognize either of you." He grins and offers the medic a nod of greeting, "Hey there and they do that? Name folks after underwear… That could get embarrasin fast."

"Isn't that the point of this whole thing? Pilots give each other shitty names as some weird bonding thing? I don't know man, it's weird pilot shit. You're all frakking insane. That's why you're fun to drink with," Miri says, raising her glass. She's clearly had a few. She introduces herself to the people she hasn't met yet. "Miri Zahav. Chances are I'm going to get to stick my hands inside of all of you at some point. Hope I don't have to, but I probably will."

"Yeah, Quinn. Casey actually," in case Shay forgot Casey's name or anything. She smirks lazily as Shay squints at her. "Well yeah at the Academy but not before that," obviously, since she was older than Shay. She nods to Kent and then looks over to Miri, who she only noticed as some people began to filter out or shift around. "Casey Quinn," she offers to the medic over yonder.

Niko carefully sets his over-sized drink down before he descends from the elevated arm chair and joins the crowd. He talks with various wing personnel here and there, wandering slowly towards the bar. On his way he pauses by the group of Ensigns to lean in and interrupt. "Congratulations Kiddo," he tells Shay with drunken enthusiasm. "Just think … you're an old hand now. Help these kids out, all right?" Then he pauses, noticing the medic and giving Miri an odd look. "Hang on, you're not in the Wing. Are you?"

Kent chuckles and shrugs, "I dunno I think pilots are pretty frakkin awesome… And yeah they're crazy as crazy gets but thats what makes 'em awesome." A pause for a drink, "And I'm Kent Cavanaugh, a pleaure to meet you doc. Hope you don't need to put your hands inside me anytime soon but we might need help in the mornin I think we're all gonna be hungov-" Blink blink, shhhhhh, "It's the CAG."

"Okay, gross," Ynyr concludes decisively, with a fingergun in Miri's direction. Casey gets a little once-over with her pale eyes, and a lopsided smile. "I'm Shay." And then the CAG's wandering over, and she beams a smile up at him. "Thanks, sir."

Casey's eyes shift down to her drink and flick back up to meet Shay's smile. "Nice to meet you." Then as the CAG starts to roll on through, she chuckles. "That sounds like an order if I ever heard one." Then she looks from Kent to Shay and mouths, 'Help us,' followed by a smile.

"Nope, but there are other people in this bar and I figured it was a safe time to go and chat up some pilots, sir." Miri waggles her eyebrows, then squints at Niko. "I've done your stitches. You've got a birthmark on your hip that's shaped like an iguana. Unless that was another pilot. The Second War was a long time ago and I've seen a lot of asses since then." At Shay's comment, her hand flutters to her chest in exaggerated mock offense.

"You're godsdamned right," Niko laughs at Casey's comment. He seems to miss whatever dampening effect his presence may have on the conversation, instead reaching out to slap Kent on the back. "Relax son. You're in the clear." Then he turns to Shay, squinting at her. "And you. Try not to lose your head," he advises the raptor pilot. The CAG starts to disengage, moving on toward the bar, but pauses to respond to Miri. "If you'd seen my ass, you wouldn't forget," he laughs boisterously. "It doesn't have a mark on it. But carry on, doc. Carry on." Onward he goes, in search of another drink.

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