Corporal Callen Methos
Callen8.jpg Methos, Callen
CPL Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Rifleman
Age Sex
25 Male
Hair Eyes
Dark Blonde Blue


Callen Methos was just another kid who didn't have much in the way of apsirations, one who wasn't exactly content with his life, but neither ever really found reason to change what he was already doing.

Growing upon Aquaria, he was the younger son to a former soldier, named Talon Methos a single father of two boys as their parents divorced a couple of years after Callen was born. In his retirement, Talon opened a garage for the off-road dune buggies that littered the beaches, even enough to able to rent some out during the busier times.

So Callen grew up in a garage, and was even happy to learn about fixing your usual trucks, cars, dune buggies as he came into his teenage years. He was the opposite of his brash and loud father and elder brother, spending more time by himself when he wasn't working.

Once he finished his schooling, Callen had found himself at a loss. He didn't mind working at his father's garage, it wasn't that bad, but was it something he really wanted to do? He had always considered himself pretty plain in the long run. There was nothing really remarkable about him: he could play the harmonica and shoot pool, two things imparted to him from his father, but he never really saw anything grand in him.

His older brother was going to take over the garage, he knew that much and for a time it felt like he'd become more of a hinderance at best, and a rival at worst. And that wasn't something he really wanted. It a conversation very much like this he had one day in a park where he was trying to practice his harp, overheard by a bystanger. It was a simple conversation, and in the end, the man offered him a card for his recruiting office. It was either continue being lost, or at least try doing something.

So he joined the military, much to his brother and father's surprise. Granted, his father wholly endorsed the idea, just never expected it from him. It was there, while training in the general infantry that Callen found something he could consider himself good at: marskmanship. He was fond of the use of stealth in the field, and he was a good shot and even as he progressed, he got the impression he was being evaluated for specialized training after CMC

Never got the training he thought he'd get, just some focus on accuracy, which he was already good at to begin with. And Callen was just fine with that.%r%rAfter graduation, he moved on serve from post to post, mostly on one or two stations and a handful of ships, but they were the standard amount of time. He was stationed on Picon when War Day passed by, Callen finding himself apart of the resistance there under Commander Spree. And like every other time, Callen was quiet, doing his part but hardly ever asking for any other interaction, which got him labled something of an introvert, a personal stigma that hasn't left him since CMC. When the resistance there went south, and whoever was left was evac'd to the Orion. He's been there ever since, staying out of everyone's way and out of the limelight.

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