AAR: Calabar Beans Requisition


22/05/2006 (AWD #501)

FR: SGT Randolph Kae Flynn
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, MJR Elias Gray
CC: MJR Alastor Fairfax, CPT John Amos Ommanney
RE: Calabar Beans Requisition


After landing and traveling on foot to the warehouse the rest of the way without incident, we entered through the loading dock. Once inside, Lance Corporal Angelis, Specialist Zahav, and Sergeant Flynn continued on to locate the beans while Private First Class Mallas and Lance Corporal Anderson setup the HMG at the loading bay juncture just inside the warehouse. After locating the beans, Lance Corporal Angelis reconned the floor for hostiles while Sergeant Flynn investigated some security wiring accompanied by Specialist Zahav. After regrouping with Private First Class Mallas and Lance Corporal Anderson, Sergeant Flynn alerted Rhino-1 of an advance plan to draw the exterior patrol while evacuating and loading the beans.

From there, Sergeant Flynn, Lance Corporal Angelis, and Specialist Zahav ambushed the only identified combatant from Angelis' sweep. While trying to lead the damaged Centurion back to the HMG, Sergeant Flynn suffered a GSW to the chest. Specialist Zahav retrieved the forklift while Lance Corporal Angelis laid down smoke for Rhino-1 in the courtyard, the HMG was setup outside for cover, and Sergeant Flynn cut the security cables leading to the lights. Cutting the security cables found caused an alarm to be tripped and the loading bay motor to die in an open position. Sergeant Flynn then rejoined Specialist Zahav to escort her to retrieve the beans and load them. Rhino-1 drew the exterior patrol, but there was incoming on DRADIS and on ground. During the loading, Lance Corporal Anderson took a hit that knocked him to the ground but he was pulled aboard by Private First Class Mallas with Sergeant Flynn's help. Rhino-1 was able to climb and jump back to Pireaus space without further incident.




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