AWD #312: CAG's Office
CAG's Office
Summary: A summons to the newly appointed CAG's Office brings a surprise for Alejandro. Kiss goodbye to getting away with being a slacker!
Date: 29/04/2016 (OOC Date)
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Epiphany Alejandro 
CAG's Office
A nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets.
Mon Nov 14 11:35:54 2005

The CAG's office has been reopened. It'd been sitting dormant for a while. The previous CAG had… likely been transferred out. No one really knows the exact story. But now, there's a new Commander, Air Group, and the office has been re-opened. The dust has been cleared out and a coffee maker brought in… as well as a lounge chair of sorts. It's not in the best of shape, but it'll do. Probably quite similar to the sofas in most of the barracks. There's no personal effects, however. Not many folks that weren't assigned to Orion or Piraeus prior to the war have those.

Seated behind the desk with a spread of paperwork before her is Epiphany. The woman is… was in her blues. The jacket's been removed and draped over the back of her chair. Her hair is up and in a hasty bun, held in place with a pen. She'd sent a summons for the Viper lieutenant, once he was off CAP.

Alejandro arrives still in his flight suit but he's left his helmet somewhere else for the moment. His dark hair is sweaty and tossled much as she'll have seen before when he got out of the flight simulator yesterday. It could use a trim and he could use a shave but that seems to be common with Hobo. His gloves are tucked into his suit and his sidearm has been checked in. There is a light knock on her door frame, "Captain, you wished to see me?" His accent as always is a slightly strange mix of Scorpia and Canceron, both.

If the outside-regs hair bothers Epiphany, she hasn't seemed to show any sign of it. Likely, it falls under the purview of 'got more important shit to worry about'. She looks up to the man as he enters and gestures towards one of the chairs. "Yes. Have a seat, Hobo. I know that simulator yesterday was a bit dicey and I'm having an engineer look into the system, but… What are your thoughts on Raven and Chewtoy's performances?" The two Viper sticks that were in the grouping.

He takes a seat when it's offered and watches her, not sure what this will be about and expecting a chewing out, most likely. Judging by the hint of wariness in his eyes. "I think they both did rather well. Kept their cool, followed orders. If it had been a real fight, we'd have almost lost Zoe but I don't really think that was any fault of hers." Alejandro tries to relax, interlacing his fingers together lightly over his lap as he studies the Captain.

"In a real fight, any number of things can go awry. I was telling Squire recently that we train like this so that we can get as much buried in reflex as possible. So even if you're terrified, you can still do the job." Epiphany leans back from her paperwork, picking up a mug at hand for a long drink of what is likely cold coffee. "We're going to be starting operations on Aerilon soon. Air Wing has a big job. We have to do some initial clearing of the Cylon presence, then get people on the ground. That means a lot of protection and overlook for the Vipers. Do you think the Lucky Strikes are ready?"

"I know a little about that." Being shot down several times made that point clear. Alejandro quiets and hears her out, faintly cocking his head as he lifts a hand to stick a finger in his ear and wiggle it around, "Our regulars are experienced. But most of our new people I don't know well enough to say. Some of them definitely aren't. Need to hunker down hard and get some practice working together. /If/ it were possible, it'd do them good to do a couple of lighter, warm up missions before they are thrown into the fire, Captain."

There's a nod from Arrington, coffee mug held before her abdomen; elbows propped on the arms of the chair. "Well, Hobo, I'm in need of a squadron leader for the Strikes. They don't have one at the moment and frankly, I'm too busy to handle it myself." Nor should she. "I want you to step up and be their commander. We can consider it a trial. After Aerilon, we'll regroup and see how you're doing. But that means it's on you to make sure everyone's ready to go when the order comes down the wire."

"Me?" She means him! Alejandro is surprised by this and he has to digest that for a second. So he listens to the rest of what she has to say before he gives any kind of answer. "I can get them ready to go. I'll do my best." Hobo eyes the Captain. She must not have gotten the memo on his being a screw up, lazy, sloppy, smartass pilot. The universe is a strange place, yes ma'am. Alejandro still looks a little incredulous but doesn't know what else to say so he doesn't say anything. Finally he clears his throat, "Any specific orders, Captain?"

Maybe they just don't have many other folks. The Lucky Strikes lately have been filled out by Ensigns, JGs, and most of those recent transfers off of Picon. It's a changing environment aboard the Orion these days. Epiphany watches Alejandro and his reaction. She gives a tilt of her head in a nod. "No specific orders. Just start watching your wing, learn them, and if orders for missions come down the line, know who to put forward when I ask."

Come to think of it, most of the other experienced personnel are in other flight groups, raptures and so forth. So Alejandro shifts in his seat and gives a nod, "Yes, Captain. Understood. I'll get right on it. Anything else?" Not getting up and leaving until he's dismissed, no ma'am.

There's a small shake of the head from Arrington. Likely, just making sure that the pilot has processed things and understood where they stand. "Nothing else, Hobo. You're dismissed. Get to know your wing and make sure they're combat-ready within the next week."

Alejandro moves to stand, "Yes, sir." He takes himself out of her office and heads on out to do just that.

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