AWD #079: By the Numbers
By the Numbers
Summary: There are Cylons amongst us. Several pilots stew about this.
Date: 26/03/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Treason; Takes place just before Special Announcement of March 26
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Rec Room — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #79

Phin is just getting off-shift. He wasn't actually slated for CAP today, but he managed to swap out with someone last night. After…whatever happened in the chapel. And…whatever happened after that. Flying today seemed like a good idea. It always puts him in a better mood. Though it's unclear if it worked. He's freshly showered and changed into off-duties as he makes his way into the Rec Room. The first thing he does is head to the coffee pot, and fill up his ceramic 'Silverstars' mug. He pays little attention to anyone else present there, and in general looks very thoughtful and frowny.

Ygraine is sprawled on her stomach, taking up a whole couch. She has her earbuds in, a trashy romance novel, and a big bowl of microwave popcorn on the floor where she can just reach down her hand and stuff it in her maw. She is blocking out the world to the best of her abilities.

Phin makes a slight face as he test-sips his coffee, but it's only a slight one. He's used enough to what's available in the rec room that he's long ago stopped expecting it to be good. He opens three sugar packets, sweetening it severely and stirring. He spots Ygraine, while looking around. And, once he's finished coffee prep, strides over toward her couch. He steals some of her popcorn, before offering a, "Hey." It's loud enough to theoretically be heard through the buds, though not too shouty.

Ygraine's eyes flick upward, and she smiles faintly. There's a short list of welcome distractions from what she's currently indulging, and here one is, live and in person. She sits up, shifting so she can share the couch. "Hey." she says, tugging out her earbuds. "Ya ain't gonna believe the meetin' I had this mornin' after CAP."

Phin returns her smile. It's a little wan, but not forced. She can usually make him smile genuinely, which isn't as common as those who don't know him well might think. He flops down on the couch next to her. "You OK?" he asks her, first and foremost. Though he doesn't ask anymore right away. It sounds like she has news of import.

Ygraine nods. "Petra and Buzzkill confirmed that Ceres is a Cylon. She's a traitor against her race and she ain't the only one we've got." She says it quietly. Very quietly.

There's a blink of…not surprise, exactly. Phin had done a pretty abrupt emotional pivot on his friend and mentor Redux, so it can't stun him at his point. But it wasn't what he was hoping to hear about this. A deep breath, which he lets out slow. He's silent for a moment. "They knew." It's not a question. "How long?"

Ygraine shakes her head. "I don't know." she admits solemnly. "But from what I hear, she's still tryin' t'insist she's not a Cylon." There's a snort. "I can say I'm a duck all godsdamn day long, and I'd still be a human." She then repeats, "She ain't th'only one we've got, Phinny."

"I'm taking this to Storm," Phin says firmly. "If Command wants to keep a pet toaster, I can't do much about that, but frak if I'm flying with that thing." His knuckles tighten on his coffee cup. He makes himself put it down, before he gives into what must be an urge to throw it. "I saw the CAG's little announcement when I got in from CAP. Love how he evoked my name. Right. Because having my brother on board - who, even if people are frakking morons, can actually verify that I didn't come out of a test tube - is something you can lump in with that." He keeps himself from yelling, though it's plainly an effort. "Yeah. I went to Sickbay last night. Heard her crying about how she was human and bled and cried and dreamed and a bunch of other bullshit." His head tilts back toward the blonde. "Not the only one?" It shouldn't surprise him, but this plainly does.

"Ya need t'stay calm, Phinny." Ygraine says tiredly. "I agree that Command is handlin' this like utter shit - Zach sat across from me at his desk and had the gall t'say that th'Cylon traitors have it roughest of all aboard this ship. But we can't do anything."

Phin takes in and lets out another deep breath, clamping down whatever he's feeling right now. He finally sags back into the couch. "Yeah, I'll cry myself a frakking river for her after I'm done mourning those people who died in the mess in her place. Gods, this is bullshit. But yeah. You're right. I'm not going to do anything. Except make it clear I don't want her in a Viper next to me with her hands on a KEW cannon." He tilts his head slight to look at her. "Yggs…about what happened in the mess…" He's reluctant to bring it up, but there does seem to be something he needs to say. "I'm sorry I…I'm sorry I didn't have your back better when you…I should've gotten out of your way. You were the only one who didn't have their head up their ass when it came to her."

"You pulled me outta fire, Phinny. What else could ya do?" she asks in genuine puzzlement. "Ya weren't Maia, throwin' yourself in front of Ceres or nothin'. We all just reacted. I'm - I'm not even sure I coulda pulled the trigger." She shifts, puts her arm around him, her head on his shoulder. "It's hard not t'look at her and remember her talkin' me through that Pred landing. And it's gotta be worse for ya."

"Not sure if you didn't pull me out first," Phin says with a half-smile, leaning against her, arm going easily around her back in kind. "But thanks." He nods a little when she says she couldn't have pulled the trigger. "I know I couldn't have, in your place. All I could see was the woman who'd shown me the ropes in the Strikes when I came aboard. She was my wing on my drill flight when Peacock gave me my callsign. And I…I let my guard down around her, Yggs. And she knew exactly what buttons to push to get my sympathy. I bet the Cylons train them like that. It's pretty standard infiltration shit, really. Well. Not going to make that mistake again."

"Ya could wind up losin' your flight status if ya put up a fight." Ygraine says, "But hopefully they won't force ya t'work with her as a wingman." She looks away. "I spent 24 hours with a Cylon, alone." She's horrified and sad by it. "I told him he reminded me of my brothers."

"I'm not going to do anything stupid," Phin promises. "But they can't seriously think we're all just going to swallow this and smile. Alone? For a whole day? Who was it?" Even after the shock of Ceres, the idea that there are more is something he can barely wrap his head around.

"Remember th'overnight I had on Piraeus to get my survivalist eval?" she asks, and then confesses throatily, "Cooper Knox."

"Sergeant…!" Phin almost yells it. Before he makes himself clamp his voice down. "The WireLo?" That's in a whisper that's no less emphatic, for it's quiet. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…" More inhaling and exhaling. "And what's Command and the CAG even doing about these things? Letting them serve and walk around the ship like it's nothing? This whole planet was supposed to be a secret. If they got information back to the toasters, we'd all be dead. All of us and all the refugees they want to bring here and…frak, this is so frakked up…"

"Command says they can't just flip a switch and turn 'em traitor. That's why they sent an assassin." Ygraine can see the logic, but still shrugs. "I dunno. I think it's crazy, but I also think…again, nothin' we can do. Buzzkill asked me to help if anybody tries to form a lynch mob."

"Gods forbid they break a nail after nuking our home planets," Phin snarks. "Whatever. They should be in the brig, at least. Under guard. Interrogated. They've got a couple Marines on Redux, but I swear they're more looking after her health than keeping her in Sickbay. But…I mean, I get that we can't just…people are paranoid enough. Not without reason but…yeah. It's not going to make people any calmer, though. Just calling her a pilot in good standing and letting it pass."

"I know." Ygraine agrees. "Believe me. But the only other option is one I can't speak to, and would only end up with people, includin' us, in bodybag. It's unthinkable. So we just go on, and watch our backs."

Phin wants to argue with that. But he can't, really. He certainly can't see another way. "Survive and adapt, darlin'. All you can ever do. And yeah, I mean, I got your back. Goes without saying but…yeah. Always."

"They gotta find this killer." she says darkly. "If he disappears into th'fleet - worse, if he gets past it, and back to a basestar…" she doesn't finish.

"I figured they would've caught him by now," Phin says, frowning. "You did wound him, even if he didn't drop. You and Crater. I didn't imagine he'd get much farther than the corridor." And yet, he clearly did.

"Maybe they have and they don't want us to know? I mean, we're at condition three." Ygraine says. "Did ya hear about Blackbird nearly startin' a mob, though? We can't have that kinda shiit around here."

Phin shakes his head. "I didn't. In Sickbay last night Redux said she came by to…I don't know. Don't know why I was there, either. See for myself if she was alive and looked any different, I guess. They didn't say anything about a mob, but can't say I'm surprised. Look, I'll help you…do whatever the frak Buzzkill thinks you can do to stop that, if I can, but it's going to come to something bad sooner or later." He sighs. "Everything is so frakked up, Yggs. I feel like I blinked and everything's changing. Again."

Ygraine cocks her head in surprise at that last. "Aww, Phinny. World's always changin'. Everythin' can only last so long. When you're a farmer, ya know that. Look. I think we - " she swallows. "If somethin' happens t'ya, is there anythin' ya want me t'do? Big or small?"

Jason arrives from the Recreation Hall.

Phin and Ygraine are huddled on the couch. The rec room is fairly quiet. But then, the atmosphere on the ship in general has probably been more tempered since the mess hall shooting. "Doesn't mean I have to like it," he mutters wry, about change. The question surprises him. "I…I mean, I've got a will. I wrote it after that first attack. After Caprica. I…most of my stuff should go to my brother, but I've got a few things…" Shrug. "The rest? I don't know. Remember me well, I guess. Well as you can. Remember something that made you happy, frak the rest. You?"

Ygraine nods. "Yeah, actually. Get back t'Leonis. Find my brothers. You'd do that for me, right?" the pair are speaking in surprisingly serious tones."

"Yeah. I promise," Phin says, turning so he can look her in the eye, just as serious. "Your family was always really good to me, Yggs. I want to see them again. I want us to see them again, and your place back on Leonis." He pauses a beat. "Oh. There is one other thing. I don't want you carrying my coin. Not that I figure you'd ask but…just to say it. I know where it's going, I think. It seems like…it doesn't do anything but remind you of regrets about people, or stuff that makes you sad. I'd rather leave you something you can look at and smile."

Stepping back in from the corridor, Jason doesn't look around as he heads over to get himself some coffee now. Humming a little to himself as he does, he seems a bit lost in thought for the moment.

Ygraine looks faintly hurt. "It'll go t'Bear first, but dammit." she says, and doesn't finish the sentence. She looks over at Jason. "Hey." she says wearily.

"Would you want to?" Phin sounds a little surprised. And like he's about to ask her to finish that. Though the sound of Jason's whistling makes him turn his head. Instead, he just squeezes his arm around her, in a quick half-hug. "Hey, Stand-up. What's the word? Good or bad."

"Hey," Jason offers after a few moments, before he shrugs a little bit. "The word? Not sure. Haven't really been paying attention to it." He pauses for a few moments as he gets his coffee. "How are you two?"

"Given the preference I'd prefer you be alive, but you deserve passage, and I'd be a poor friend if I didn't make sure ya got it." She looks over at Jason and snorts, shrugs. "As good as can be, considerin'."

Phin thinks on what Ygraine says. "I'll keep that in mind. I mean, I'll carry yours if you want. You know I'll take care of it, I hope. But, yeah. All things considered. Alive is best. We should make a no-death pact." He holds up an outstretched pinky to Ygraine. For maximum absurdity of how unenforceable such a thing is at this time, but he still does it. He just nods at the answer Ygraine gives Jason. "That about sums it. Still breathing, which I guess is a good day."

"Breathing can be good, yes. It's not every day I'm sure about it, though," Jason admits, before he chuckles a little bit. "Most time, though." Moving to find a seat not too far from the others. "But then again, some days are better than others, right?"

"Relatively." Ygraine says dryly. "In the meantime, the Cylons walk amongst us, and Janitor's in the slam. Not exactly a boost day for morale."

Phin frowns at mention of Janitor. "I thought he was amped off his ass last night in the chapel." He still sounds unconvinced Cole wasn't, though he can't seem to identify it as that, precisely. "Well. Janitor'll sort himself out or he won't, like everything else." He reaches his free arm over to reclaim his coffee cup and sip from it.

Jason nod a little as he hears that. "I'm sure that at least some things will recover a bit in time, although I'm not sure how or when." He shrugs a little bit now, glancing around the room. "Been trying not to think too much," he admits after a few moments of pause.

"Avoiding problems doesn't make them go away." Ygraine points out, and then asks Phin, "Did they make him piss in a cup?"

"Hope so, I told them it'd be adviseable," Phin says. He says nothing about the utility of avoiding your problems. Though he does shrug a little. "Some stuff you can't not think about. Anyway. I guess Redux is a toaster. For definite. Yggs said the CAG and Lieutenant Colonel Petra told her so straight."

"Well, some problems go away if you avoid them. Had one large problem that did so," Jason replies with a shrug. Knowing what he said isn't fully true, though. At the mention of Redux being a toaster, he nods a little bit. "Ah, I see…"

"That's a cowardly way to live." says Ygraine, flat out. "Yeah. And we'll be flying with her. So uh, go us."

"I'm still going to file a protest on that," Phin says, to flying with Ceres. "And I'm not talking mutiny, Yggs, and I'm not talking refusing to go up if I'm ordered to, or raising up a mob against her, or anything like that. But she's an enemy agent, and that's dangerous, whatever she says she feels. You've got to be able to trust who you're up with when the shit flies, or else you're lost already."

Jason shrugs a bit at Ygraine's words. "Maybe. But it kept me alive, and without being locked up somewhere, so I guess it worked out even though it was cowardly." He nods a bit at Phin's words. "Filing a protest would probably be a good idea no matter what. Shows you've tried doing something, even if it may not work," he offers. Taking another sip of his coffee, as he looks between the others once more.

Ygraine looks over at Phin. "I wonder how many others would be willin' t'go on record. Even though it won't change nothin'." She looks over at Jason. "What do ya think of all this?"

"I could draft something we all could sign," Phin says. "I mean, a rough draft. It'd have to be a thing we all agreed on if we do it formal and put our names on it. Doubt everyone'd do it, but enough might so the CAG'd know we aren't just going to make kissy faces at her and pretend nothing's wrong. I bet Storm'd make sure it was submitted to all the proper channels so it's on record, if nothing else." He looks at Jason curiously, for his answer to that last.

There's a pause as he hears that question, and Jason shrugs a little bit. "Like I said, I haven't thought much about it…" A brief pause and a shrug. "The one thing I've thought most about since that whole thing happens is how ironic it is that I haven't been hit by bullets spraying through the cockpit out there, but then I try and eat a lousy sandwich and end up with a bullet in my side." Another brief pause. "Not that I'll really try being best friends with her… it… But if she's known what she is the entire time, why haven't she tried killing us all yet?" He shrugs a little bit. "I guess it's all rather complicated."

Luc arrives from the Recreation Hall.

"Yeah, no kidding." Ygraine says. She doesn't add about there being more than one, though there's a sidelong glance at Phin. "We don't have a choice about flyin' with her, but if ya had th'choice?"

She addresses the latter to Jason.

"Because she's a Cylon, Stand-up," Phin replies to Jason. Without missing a beat. "You don't blow your cover when you're a toaster spy. Even if she says she's not now, she plainly was for a good long time. Gods know when she got all soft and squishy about humanity, whatever she's conned Buzzkill and Command into believing. She's just saying whatever she can to get inside your head. I'll admit it, she totally had me snowed. But not anymore. She's part of the enemy, we can't trust her, and now that we know better we shouldn't just let ourselves get fooled again. Or else she could turn her cannons on you up in the air one of those flights. Or Milkshake or Centerfold or any of us." Phin is on the couch, sitting next to Ygraine with Jason nearby. He's all impassioned and not exactly being quiet anymore.

A brief pause as he hears Ygraine's question, and Jason lets out a bit of a chuckle. It's the kind of chuckle that doesn't hold much humor though. "Would depend on the day and my mind," he admits. "After all, there are some days every now and then…" A brief pause now. "Some days a part of me hope I'm not returning…"

Holtz arrives from the Recreation Hall.

"Man, we all have days like that." Ygraine says to Jason. She's sprawled on a couch with Phin, and bends briefly to scoop up a bowl of popcorn that was sitting down there. "But ya didn't answer the question, Stand-Up."

Luc steps in as he hears Ygraine's last. "We do, don't we? I mean if everyone in the squadron said no, then there is little they could say. It is perhaps considered mutiny but still not. Since it could be considered quite wrong." He suggests but shrugs. "If enough people deny then there is little to do. Though it could mean others getting hurt perhaps." He runs his hand through his hair. "I still think we should study how they are built. Surgeons and robotics scientists." He suggests before sighing. "Though for now I will just follow orders. IT is what it is and we go with it." He offers and looks between them. As for turning cannons part from Phin, he shrugs. Just walking closer to them. "Mind if I join? And well, no one is going to bring me down when I am in a viper." Confident as usual. Frowning at what he hears from Jason.

"Again, I'm not talking mutiny or disobeying orders or anything like that," Phin says firmly. "Just submitting something through the proper channels to let Command that we think this is seriously frakked up. You think the Marines are going to love the idea of a Cylon flying point defense for their ship, or the engineers, or anyone in CIC who we're supposed to be protecting when we go out?" He takes a breath. "I mean, it's not going to say 'This is frakked.' It'll be more official-sounding than that. Anyway. I'm not saying, like, join onto this now. See what I come up with, and see if you want to be a part of it." A firm nod to Luc. "Yeah. Exactly. We're going to put our asses on the line with that thing, we've got a right to say how we feel. Not disobey orders. Just…protest the orders we've been given, properly."

"That's right, I didn't," Jason replies to Ygraine, shrugging a little bit. Listening to the others again, he offers a bit of a nod to Luc, although he doesn't speak for the moment.

"Whatever, Stand Up. Maybe someday you'll care enough about something important that you'll actually give a shit." Ygraine shrugs dismissively. To Luc, "The point is, would ya, as part of the right t'be able to do so, put your protest on file. Still obey th'orders, but it would go on your record."

Holtz shoulders his way past an enlisted rating who's exiting at the same time he enters. The big pilot is in an offduty ensemble, tanks over fatigue pants. He pauses near the entrance, though his eyes soon fall upon a knot of familiar faces, and his legs begin carrying him in that direction.

Luc nods as he listens to Phin. "We can speak our concerns and try and figure out if there is any way that we can truly assure that nothing will happen. Friend or foe, she is still a machine. Machines can always be manipulated by something else. Just look at the enemy in sims. Even if they act on their own for most of it, the one behind the main console can at any time change their action. If that connection is fully turned off or changed to us instead. Then maybe." Glancing to Jason and just studying him for a moment in wonder before it goes to Ygraine, "What record? I mean most is in ruins at the moment anyhow. We are all survivors now." Not seeming to have noticed the entrance of Holtz.

Phin spots Holtz approaching, and actually stands up from the couch. Coming around from behind it to address the Captain properly. He almost looks like he's about to salute, though he doesn't go quite that far. He's in his off-duties in the Rec, after all. "Storm. Sir. I saw Buzzkill's little notice about Redux still being a pilot. Still acting like she's one of us, and wanting us to treat her like nothing was different. I also heard the CAG and Lieutenant Colonel Petra flat-out admitted she's a Cylon. Like, they confirmed it." To Luc, "I'm talking our superiors, Crater. Our CAG and squadron leaders, and the Commander and XO. They're the ones who run this ship, and this is their decision. Which, we've got to do what they say, but we don't have to pretend we think this is OK."

Jason shrugs a little at Ygraine's words. "Maybe. Like my mother used to say, those that live will see," he replies, shrugging a little bit as he drains his coffee cup now. Looking to Holtz, he offers a bit of a nod, although he doesn't say much now. Looking between the others a bit thoughtfully. Shrugging a bit in Luc's direction too.

Ygraine shoots a baffled look Jason's way - from her expression, she really doesn't get him at all. With a shrug, she looks worriedly at Phin, but she also doesn't disagree. When Hotltz arrives, the fretful air around her dissapates, and she gives him a smile edged with relief.

Holtz looks briefly amused when he sees Phin stand up and all but come to attention, and he nods to the gathered pilots, his eyes lingering on Ygraine for a moment. That amusement quickly dies, though, when he gets close enough to actually hear the conversation. "Yeah, I saw that shit — " He stops abruptly as the rest of Phin's words process, and he narrows his eyes. He's silent for a second or two. "You frakkin' kiddin' me?" He looks around at the faces of the others as he pulls up a chair and sits, stormclouds on his brow. A muffled curse in his native Taurian dialect escapes his lips, his expression stupefied, yet not without a hint of anger.

Luc nods to Phin and shrugs again, "It is what it is. For now." He offers before looking to the others. Though the greeting to Holtz does make him look over and nod, "Storm." Only watching him without saying much.

Phin either misses Holtz's surprise or just barrels right over it. Dolly generally comes off as a pretty mild-mannered young officer. Almost goes out of his way to, outside the cockpit. He's bright-eyed and straight-shouldered and actually fiery just now, though. Even if it is in a very official sort of way. "Sir, I intend to file a formal protest against Redux continuing to serve in the Strikes and possibly fly with us again, if she regains the use of her hand. She's a Cylon, and a possible danger to her flightmates, the ship we're supposed to protect, and our ability to operate as a cohesive unit. Again, I'm not saying I'll disobey any orders I'm given or take any action against her myself. But I intend to do this on the record, as is my right as an officer of the Colonial Fleet. I'm not asking you to help or agree with me or anything, but given the CAG's already made his stance on this clear, as my squadron leader and direct superior I do want to make my intentions clear. Again, for the record, sir."

Ygraine looks like she isn't sure what exactly Holtz is cussing over, whether it's the declared intention for Ceres to return to flight status, or Phin's intention to lodge a protest. She's tensed up now, looking between the pair, hands starting to clench.

Getting to his feet again, Jason moves over to refill his coffee cup now. One hand moving into his pocket to pull out a small bottle of pills. Looking at it for a few moments, before he pockets it again, shrugging a little to himself. Looking over at Holtz and Phin for a few moments now.

Kelsey arrives from the Recreation Hall.

"Frak me." Holtz is back to muttering in Standard now, slowly shaking his head. "Have they all lost their frakkin' marbles?" he asks rhetorically, that glower still locked on his face. He pulls out a pack of cigarettes, lights one, and tosses the pack disgustedly onto the table in front of him. After what Ygraine told him the other night, he'd certainly had his suspicions, but it's another thing entirely to have them confirmed. "They think we're just gonna fly with a frakkin' skinjob?, all forgiven, all forgotten? After…" He doesn't finish the sentence. But then again, he probably doesn't need to.

"I hold to my statement. Turn them and make sure. Otherwise it's equal to risking our life. Even if they are or are not wanting to actually help us, they most likely are not in full control. They still pose a threat if they are machines. If we can change that in their brain. Or whatever they have, then fine. Until then… It's uncertain. Though as I also said, none is going to shoot me down either way." Luc shrugs and scratches his head. Eyes studying Jason for a bit. "You alright over there?" His arms coming to cross over his chest.

Kelsey wanders in, looking a bit tired. She's in her flightsuit and has taken to tying it around her hips like the other Cool Kids. She looks over the group of pilots and heads that direction. "Sirs," she greets and a smile that's faked well enough. Wescott keeps going, though, for the coffee at the back of the room.

"I was in the CAG's office this morning, he pulled me in after CAP." Ygraine admits quietly. "Lieutenant Colonel Petra was there. I asked them flat out, and they confirmed it." Ygraine says quietly. "And from what I've been told, she's still insistin' she ain't, like somehow I could say I'm a lion until I'm blue in th'face and be anythin' other than a human." She adds, "They said that her brain can't just be flip switched, and that's why the Cylons sent an assassin. After her and…the other one that's also here." She looks up then. "Kels." she says softly, and holds up her bowl of popcorn.

"Seems they do, sir," Phin replies to Holtz. His eyes do widen a touch. Did his SL not know this? Not that he looks particularly sorry for spouting off about it. "Anyway. I think I need to go to the library." It's nerdy passion. But he does what he can. He's standing by one of the sofas, addressing Holtz, though he's been projecting enough that he's probably audible to a good portion of the Rec Room.

Jason drains his own coffee now, shrugging a bit at Luc's question. "Me? Alright?" He looks a bit thoughtful, before he shrugs again. "I should get going to get some food. They told me I should take these pills with food, and not without them." Starting for the door, a bit slowly.

"Son of a kurg-sucking whore," Holtz swears again. Kelsey's entrance is, for the moment, either not noticed or ignored as he lets out a loud, derisive snort. "How the frak do they know anything? Because she told them? They're gonna gamble our lives on the word of a Cylon?" Another snort, this time at Luc. "Sure, Crater. Give 'em all the time they need to size yer back up for a knife." He's silent for a moment, before fixing a look on the standing Phin. "I don't like it any more'n you." His head slowly swivels as he looks at each of the gathered faces. "But I won't have mutiny among my pilots, either." A forestalling hand rises. "I know you said you'd keep it by the numbers, Dolls, and I believe ya. Just make sure it stays that way."

"Well, yes. You're the one I'm looking at. Don't make me hunt you down and pull words out." Only half teasing before he looks to the others and let out a breath. Hearing Ygraine's words about another makes him blink. Especially as she says Squire's name after, even if it was in greeting. "She's one?" He asks before he realizes that she is there as well and he looks over. Seemingly not to be paying as much attention as he usually does. "Oh, hi, Squire." As for Jason, he gain another nod. "See you around, Stand-up." As for Holtz, he raises a brow. "IT would be programming. IF you know anything about it then it would be easier to understand perhaps. Shut them down if anything happens and if able to take use of them. So far they have been set to not do anything. Who knows about a week from now. So if we can shut it down from within. Then perhaps. If that is the only way without having to go up against command full on, then I am willing to go with that. But otherwise, Phin is quite right." He finally just shakes his head.

Ygraine mothes the words kurg-sucking whore with some admiration. She doesn't even know what that means. "Is it th'right thing t'do? Register protest, but not disobey? I just wonder if it won't be regarded as somethin' worse." She blinks. "What? Squire isn't a Cylon! The Cylons are Ceres Garrido and Cooper Knox." There. Out of the bag.

Kelsey catches some of the conversation while she pours herself coffee, but there's nothing explosive to her. Just the same steady look. She looks like she got out of the sims or off a flight rotation, hair matted down from the helmet. "Hey Milk," she greets, taking a few from the offered popcorn. "Talkin about the Cylons, huh?" she asks intelligently. "What's the deets, sirs?" She lifts her mug to Phin in greeting, but doesn't say much beyond the questions. But after hearing Holtz, "Oh. Yeahhhhh." She waggles a greeting at Luc and gives Yggy a thumbs up. "Thanks, sir. I'm not exactly up for trying to correct any rumors like that. I'd like to actually, you know, not be deserving of that kinda hate, if its all the same."

"By the numbers, sir," Phin promises Holtz. "To the letter." And with that, off he goes. On a mission.

Offering another shrug and a grin to the room as a whole, Jason slips out as well now, expression a bit thoughtful as he does so.

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