AWD #596: Burpees
Summary: Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr has taken over a portion Doctor Samtara Nadir's training for her Arpay embedment behind enemy lines. While most of Sam's exercises focus on speed, hand to hand, deception, and basic survival, there is also a measure of simply pushing her limits both physically and mentally.
Date: 07/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Observation Deck, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the ship where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with the rest of service in the fleet. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and sealing it tight.
Fri Aug 25 18:04:19 2006

Kris has just come off of CAP, the pilot still in her flightsuit, her helmet sitting on the sofa next to her. She has a distant look as she stares out the viewport, almost looking as if she's attempting to see past the stars that are the furthest away from the ship.

Having had the earlier rotation, Scott has managed to get some food before he made his way to the obs deck. He's just stepped into the room, pausing as he spots Kris. He waits a few moments, before he moves further into the room, to find himself a seat at one of the other sofas nearby.

From the direction of the chapal, two 'Marines' who went running by in full kit a few minutes ago, come back to the Observation Deck as they complete their lap of his level. Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr is in full combat kit, camo fatigues, heavy armoured battle vest, helmet, pack with weight in it, combat boots, the full nine yards and even carrying a rifle. Just like the Marines do from time to time on exercises that take them through the ship and often up to Deck 1. Just now, no one else is with Ynyr except for Samtara! Only, it may be hard to recognize their CMO kitted out like a Marine in full combat kit, like a Corpsman.

Ynyr comes into the Observation Deck and stops in the clearest portion of the floor up before the huge bay window that overlooks the magnificent view of Picon. The planet gleams spread out like a giant opal against the dark stary expanse of space with swirling weather patterns over the planet's surface. Ynyr grips his rifle (unloaded) with no magazine in it, and barks, "20 burpees, NOW!" He is all sweaty and clearly he and Sam both have been at this for a while already. She's not even spared the heavy pack!

Lleu squats and his rifle hits the floor, then kicks his combat booted feet out behind him. With his hands staying on the rifle crosswise on the floor to him, he does a Devil Dog's pushup, then pulls his legs back under him to stand up from the squat and leap up into the air with his rifle up over his head. Then by the Gods, they get to do /that/ 19 more times!

On any given day, while on board and most days even before the war, Sam loves a good run. An hour in the morning, an hour at night? Perfect opportunity to listen to charting notes on headset to keep abreast of all of the charts of any patients that need to be kept tabs on. A good run clears the mind, it's good for the body, and it ensures she can keep pace while hurrying through the halls from patient room to the next, from surgical suite to recovery and back around again. Never let it be said that she dawdles or is lax with her own physical training regimen. Plus, lets just face it, she likes to run.

This said, there is a marked - drastic - coin flip - night and day - difference between a nice long run and what Ynyr considers 'running laps'. It's possibly not even in the same category in the dictionary, though the doctor has half a mind to look it up anyway, just to be sure.

Weighted down with everything that the marine had handed her, the normal kit that she recognizes and the heavy armor that she's only worn a few times before today, a 'run' is not the same thing as 'don't die while continuing to keep breathing'. Dropping down as she's learned to do, without tripping over anything (namely herself) or dropping anything (never wants to see THAT look again) or smacking her face against the deck (!! must not have a cleaning OCD fit !!) Sam adds the sweat that's dripping off her face to the .. (don't think about it) grime that's on the floor as the rifle is braced to the floor with both hands for balance, kicks her legs back, does the pushup, then shoves to her feet, rifle held crosswise. Then back down again, kick back, leap to feet, and again.

"Hey" That's the greeting Kris gives Scott, the other pilot not yet known by name, his face something she recognizes and not yet anything else. She almost - ALMOST - strikes up a conversation but then the Marine and Marine-like lady are coming in, doing their thing. Which just happens to distract from the view outside the thick window. Sighing, she watches, one corner of her mouth quirked in amusement. "At least there's some eyecandy, huh," she huffs under her breath as she eyes Lleufer a little, then, as she waves towards the pair as a whole, "and a bit of entertainment to go with it." She doesn't interrupt, knowing that to do so probably would be ill-looked upon, instead just watching and letting the dynamic duo have at.

"Hey," comes the reply from Scott, before he offers a brief grin. "Anything particularily ineresting out there?" It's said a bit lightly as he nods towards the view of the outside. At the new arrivals, he turns to watch them, shaking his head a little lightly. "Looks like someone's really decided to put on some entertainment," he offers, with a brief smile.

Lleufer gives Kriss and Scott a nod, "Hey!" And then he drops to the floor to kick out another burpee as he and Sam rip through the set of 20. He is breathing hard, smells of male and sweat, then jumps back up again. "Doing great, Sam! Keep it up! Last set!" -How- many times they have stopped to do sets of burpees, the Gods only know (and Ynyr). Sam probably lost count. Lleu finishes the first ten and working towards a dozen when he huffs between breathes, "Get you … a thick … protein shake … after this. Give those …. nanites something … to help you … rebuild faster." Gah, even thinking about food or drink might make the poor Doctor want to wretch.

Sam doesn't count. In fact, counting doesn't help. It, in fact, is the opposite of helping. "Not," said between one burpee and the next, "helping," breathing is required, "to," there is sweat dripping off the tip of her nose, "count," and her chin. Who knew sweat could drip off of her chin? is that even healthy? "Salt. Electrolytes," she huffs these two words in rapid tandem as she keeps moving. She blinks rapidly, trying to clear her eyes, managing a disjointed nod at Scott and Kris.

"Yes! We'll … drink … those … too!" Samtara can slurp down all sorts of things to rehydrate, as well as build muscle. But she doesn't get that reward until they are finished. His own chest is aching, as well as his left leg and arm, but Lleufer is well used to pushing through the pain to keep going. His eyes sting and his pack is even heavier than Sam's.

Finally, by Gods, they finish the set and Ynyr stops to stand and suck air for several seconds before he says to Doctor Nadir, "Rest, time your pulse and respiration, starting on my mark, now." Lleu is watching his chronometer while he has two fingers os his left hand pressed against his neck to count his pulse, timing to see how long it takes to return to his resting baseline. This will take a few minutes. Surely Sam appreciates the break.

Kris smirks. She doesn't know either of those PTing here so she can only assume that Sam is also a Marine, maybe a sign that when she checked in with medical that the CMO wasn't the one who received her file and all that. "What did she do to merit this? Pissed in your coffee or something?" Tilting a look to Scott, now, she whispers, "Seems that way. Not sure if that's exercise or punishment, myself…" Sam gets a nod hello and then she 'golf claps' upon seeing the PT conclude.

Standing with the rifle braced against her side, at and angle and pointed down (she learned THAT one too), Sam has her fingertips resting against the side of her neck while she listens to her heartbeat hammering in her ears. Heck with ears, she can feel her pulse in her toes. In - her - toes. Her mouth is hanging slightly open, and much as she'd like to wish she were capable of breathing evenly after running laps with Lleu she isn't able to do more than fight the need to suck in oxygen like a hapless guppy trying to survive.

There's a brief grin as he listens to the PT crew now, and Scott shrugs a little. "I've heard about a few very interesting versions of those drinks athletes use to drink," he offers, before he nods at Kris again. "Me neither," he offers back in just as quiet a voice.

He's still counting and watching his watch, but Lleu answers Kris anyway, "Not a punishment. Getting Doctor Nadir into shape for an assignment." A few more breathes, still counting his own pulse to himself before he adds, "When I'm done with her, she … -might- want to piss in my coffee." Ynyr gives the CMO a crooked smile, standing there dripping sweat. He's rank and in serious need of a shower. They've only been doing PT for two hours this morning. Could be a lot worse.

Just wait until it's Lleu's turn to scream his brains out for five hours straight after the ear grafting, to stimulate neural connection growth. That'll be Nadir's payback time.

As entertaining as this is, Kris really needs to get a post-flight shower. With a groan to go with a few creaky joints, she grabs her helmet and nods to the trio. "I should get ready to hit the rack. Got a busy day ahead of me." She waggles fingers as means of a parting gesture, almost a wave but not quite, and then she's out of there.

"Never. Ruin. Coffee," Sam's words are spaced between breaths as she talks around the pulse she's still counting. "Unsanitary. Beer? yes." only warning. She blots the sweat from her forehead and face onto the sleeve of the combats she is wearing then blinks the sweat out of her eyes. Again. "Thank you, Sergeant," she adds as she gets her pulse better under control, along with her breathing, and wrinkles her nose at the smell coming off of her AND the one drifting off of Leu. "Ech. We stink."

Scott shakes his head a little as he listens. "Well, would you really notice adifference if she had pissed in your coffee?" That is offered with a grin to Lleufer. "I mean, not like the coffee up here is the best…"

Lleufer laughs once, softly to Sam and Scott both, "If it's crappy beer, I probably won't notice." He lowers chronometer after clicking the time elapsed (well ahead of hers) and waits for Samtara to finish her time and record it. Nice, easier, slow breathes now. A nod to Nadir, "It's not a good workout unless you stink like hell, after. And hurt." He is patient as he's in better athletic shape than she is for his heavy workout. Gives Sam time to rest, "I want to followup with hand to hand practice with you tonight, after shifts and after you have rested. But I think Major Valloy called dibs. So I'll meet you at the Fitness Center at 20:00 and see what she has planned for you. If not, I'll take you through a lesson myself, Major." The Sergeant shrugs, "Depends on the coffee."

"Major Valloy, yes." Sam clarifies as she straightens and shares a nod with Lleu. "I'll set aside the time specifically then, I know i need as much of that, as well, as I can get. And Sergeant, there is never anything good or redeeming about beer," she clarifies as she swipes at the sweat on her forehead again then squares her shoulders. "Race you back through the ship," is out of her mouth a bare second before she's off, again. No quarter asked for or accepted.

The brief look Nadir gets at her challenging /him/ to a race back makes it clear that Lleufer Ynyr is pleased to see Doctor Nadir taking both the physical and mental abuse so well with a good attitude. After that, he's too busy hustling his ass to catch up with her!

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