AWD #618: Burn before reading
AWD #618: Burn before reading
Summary: Randy asks Kapali to find & burn her diary if she should die and Kapali outlive her. Funeral arrangements are discussed, preferences are outlined, and other topics are talked through.
Date: Wed 01/Mar/2017 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Sat 16/Sep/2006 (IC Date)

Randy is fortunate beyond words, but right now, it doesn't feel like it. The fact that Clara was able to keep her alive in the Raptor and the Medical team could get her to surgery was no small feat. Currently, Medical isn't letting a swarm of people in to see Randy, but given it's just Elena snoozing in a chair beside Randy's bed right now, there is room for more visitors. The officer looks like a loosely wrapped mummy right now, with blankets layered on top. It seems like from head to toe she's got something going on. She's got a tube of oxygen, an iv, heart monitor, the works. She's lucky she isn't intubated.

Entering the recovery ward with obvious reluctance, as she doesn't particularly enjoy visiting medical for any reason at all, but especially when she's not actually wounded and needing to be in here on her own, Kapali stops by to visit Bell for a few moments before heading over to where Randy is resting and Elena is snoozing. "Well, you look… fantastic," she offers this as she eyes Randy and all the tubes and bandages and . . stuff.

Words. Randy hears words kind of…again. "I hear," she murmurs as she lifts her eyelids, still mildly swollen and bruised. "I see…you're an arse," she says as she finally focuses down on her visitor. "I thought I was dead…Mallas. Is he alive?" If she tries to move, it's all in her head because her body doesn't move but an inch in places, just presenting the effort of trying to move than anything else. The heart rate monitor flips out a little but then settles back down.

"Hey, don't do that," Kapali mutters as she sees the monitors and stuff making beeps and noises, a worried look cast around at the ward then back, "don't make one of them come over. They'll probably want to sedate your or something." She skims one hand over the side of her face then moves a few steps to a slightly better location so that Randy doesn't have to crane her neck so much. "Of course I'm an arse. Someone has to be. It's my job." She clears her throat softly then shakes her head, "No. He went down about ten feet from the Raptor. I got him into it, but he . . no. He was to badly wounded, there was nothing Mercier or Bell could do."

Randy obeys, because if she tried to move, she's sure she'd fall apart right there on the bed. At the news of Mallas' death, Randy lets her eyes close for a few moments, before Kapali even finishes speaking. Then she opens them again. "We never should have been there…I don't remember much, just that everything went to Hades." Her voice is hoarse. "Any more casualties?"

"It . . doesn't matter," she says softly, "whether we should have been there or not. That way is madness. Second guessing. Hedging. Twenty twenty hindsight. We had orders, we did our best to carry out those orders," Kapali replies in a quiet voice, making sure that the volume at which she is speaking isn't loud enough to disturb anyone else who's resting in the ward. "Specialist Bell was wounded, he's over there a few beds down," she adds. "He'll be fine though, just surly until he's released."

It's difficult to read Randy's expression just by her eyes as she listens to Kapali. "If we…don't question. How can we get better?" She's the officer, but for a moment it's as if she's a child, asking some naive question of her elder. There's an edge to her soft voice, a hint of earnest desperation that seems to emerge and dissipate in the same sentence. "Where is Ellie? Is she okay?…Listen. If I don't make it through this…I..kept a diary. I want you to burn it."

"That's not the same thing. We review what we did, both the tactical and intel steps leading to the mission itself, then walk through what we did in the mission itself and our ex-fil all the way back to the ship. We learn, we review, we study, we get smarter because we're still alive. We learn from our mistakes. But we don't," and Kapali stresses this quietly, "we don't say that we just wasted the life of a fellow marine because we shouldn't have been there in the first place. We're marines. We go where we're told to go, we do our damnedest to carry out what ever mission it is that we're sent on in the first place, and we trust our officers and command to spend our lives for the most expensive return as possible. What we learned yesterday will save lives. No other marine units will be tasked to 'liberate' that stronghold. No other ground force will be sent to try to rescue prisoners. IF there are prisoners, and I didn't run across any while we were there, I'll eat not just my hat but yours. That's a training camp and those people? They're already brainwashed into APF soldiers." She uses both hands this time rub a their face, looking as though she hasn't slept much since returning from the mission. "She's sleeping in the chair beside your bed. And why would you keep a diary if you only want it burned and not read when you finally kark it after being to much of a bullet magnet?"

"Thanks." Randy needed to hear it. The word is a little elongated, probably due to the amount of morpha swimming through her veins. "Bastard will be missed," she mumbles, about Mallas? Probably. "Really wanted to promote him," she continues meandering along the train of thought. When Kapali tells Randy where Elena is, the officer blinks blearily and her eyes shift left and right, straining to see. It's a lost cause, but she doesn't seem upset. "You get her a cookie for me?" Not real food…not some coffee. A cookie. "Because there's things I can't tell people…" Which doesn't explain Randy's compulsion to write them down. "I don't want Ellie to see it."

"Just frakking burn it okay? Promise me." Randy rasps and then clears her throat.

Kapali angles her head slightly to the side to peer at Randy from this new perspective, "Well, alright. I promise to burn before reading, not burn after reading. Alright, where is it? I'll make sure to take care of it, IF the need arises. But I'm giving you one in return," she shakes her head, just once, side to side, and gives Randy a level look. "If I kark it before you do? Keep an eye on the list of survivors that come out of Caprica City. You run across anyone else with my name, tell 'em how I lived, ok? Not just how I died. I hope my grandparents made it, but if they didn't, I have a fleet of extended cousins and," she runs both hands up through her hair and makes her hair stand on end, "a half brother and niece."

"I keep it behind… rack," Randy gets out before working on getting some more air in her lungs. Thank you oxygen. The Aquarian always understood a deal. She doesn't look put out when Kapali turns the tables on her for a favor too. "Deal. If there's any left. I'll find them and tell them. I was good at stories once." She pauses, closing her eyes against the pain. "And you can read if you want…and send me back to Aquaria. Make sure Ellie knows." Randy has never spoken like this, in all the time they've known each other, and before, even when doing the walk to disarm a bomb. "How ugly am I? Enough to scare Canners?"

"Behind the bookshelf in your rack, check," Kapali confirms and hooks her hands into her front pockets while literally waiting for Randy to breathe and get enough air back into her lungs to speak again. When Randy does, Kapali lets out a snort of sound. "You're an ass, too, you know. And I won't read it, I'll just make sure Ellie doesn't. And do you want to be cremated then sent back to Aquaria or do you want them to load your carcass into a body bag stuff you in the freezer and wait until your land side before dropping you in a hole in the ground?" she wonders, somewhat tongue in cheek somewhat serious. She then makes a snicker of sound, "Oh, screaming ugly. You're going to scare small children into fits, farm animals are going to be nervous now and everyone is going to point at you and wonder what sort of melted slag monster you are." So - much - sarcasm - there.

"I know." Randy replies to Kapali pointing out she's an ass, and the reflex of laughing is cut down in it's infancy. It just comes out as a, "Heeeeh," that trails off. "I want to be put in the ground, with my dad…unless you donate my body to awesome Arpay science that lets me still be around and freak you out, even if I'm not all there." Is she joking? Sometimes it's hard to tell with the morpha bluring all her finer control of things to shit. "Brilliant. I will tell the best ghost stories now. Hey you think I could scare a Piraeus ghost with a ghost story?" Randy doesn't linger on her appearance. A part of her doesn't expect a straight answer, another part of her doesn't want one, and then the rest is too loopy to remember what she was talking about, because…ghosts listening to ghost stories.

"Wouldn't a ghost story to a ghost just be a story story? I mean, category wise. It's only a 'ghost' story when you're not a ghost while telling it. That's my position on it, and I'm sticking to it," Kapali adds, a quick grin chasing her words. "Alright. You want your marine corpsicle to be planted alongside your dad, OR your corpsicle body parts to be donated to some awesome science that'll let your corpsicle bodyparts still be around in some manner to freak people - including myself - out, in some weird sciencey sort of way. Check." She eye-rolls, mildly, but it's an eye-roll all the same. "I want to be cremated. Just.." she pauses then exhales slowly, "when it's over, it's over. Cremate my remains, if there are any, and just have someone take 'em back to Caprica. There's this big city park in downtown Cap city, I used to play there as a kid, my gramps would play chess. Just . . send me home. That's all I want."

"Nooo," Randy protests. "Not if a ghost doesn't know…doesn't know they're a ghost," she explains emphatically as if this were some 101 bit of knowledge. "My dad couldn't be cremated. I won't be." Solidarity. "Least I can do is rot somewhere and keep getting flowers from gorgeous women." Yep…she's on morpha. "I'll take them. I know the park. The one with that part where they have the big tree and the seating and the field where everyone waves their hands around. I played Kasta there once. We should play chess sometime. Did you beat him?"

"Yeah, that's the one," Kapali confirms with a nod then grins. "Once. ONLY once. And he made me sweat for it every damn move of the way. I was just getting good at it before I got assigned to the Kimber," she sighs at the memory then nods at Randy. "Alright. I get it. I'll make sure it's done. Just -you- make sure that you let your wife know that these are your wishes. I'm absolutely not going to try to fight your grieving widow over your last wishes if she doesn't know what they are," she lightly swats one of Randy's blanket draped feet. "Loop her in."

"Good man," Randy remarks of Kapali's grandfather. Her smile is in her eyes, the slight way they crinkle, one can imagine the rest of what her face might look like. Her eyes squint harder, air hissing inwards even just at the light swat. "I will. I'll…try to remember…No one wants to fight her." Baddum ching! "I don't blame you." The redhead does have a feisty reputation.

Kapali makes that snort of sound, again. "Not that I couldn't win, idiot. Just don't want to hurt the pilot. You know how delicate they are," she retorts with a grin. "I'll rustle up a chess set with all the pieces and we can take turns looking like idiots while playing. And yeah," she says in a softer voice. "He is. That's why I believe he and grams are still alive. And i have enough cousins to have had a least some of them survive. We're like ants, see one? there's a hundred more beneath the floor boards and behind the walls," she sounds pretty certain of this, or willing to believe in, six of one half dozen of the other, it all balances out to belief/willing-to-believe. "We should arrange a service for Mallas."

"Snowflake egos," Randy lets out another strange, flattened giggle. This is what happens when one can't flex their abs and use their core apparently, or at least Randy does. "Fun." As Kapali talks of her family, Randy looks over in Elena's direction, even if she can't see her. Then she looks back, "Fireants. So hard to get rid of the Kapalis. I hope I don't dream about ants now. We should. We need to talk to Major Ommanemey." Yep, she frakked up his name.

Kapali huffs out a startled laugh, pauses for a beat, head canted subtly, then tips back and laughs, really hard, louder than is probably a good idea in the recovery ward but goddamn she laughs hard. "Yes! Exactly! Fire ants! LOVE It," she almost leans in to slug Randy on the shoulder, reconsiders mid lean, and settles for patting Randy VERY CAREFULLY on the shoulder. "Damn right. To damn right. Kapali's, like fire ants, are so hard to get rid of. Perfect!" She chuckles, or really possibly chortles with a sick sort of glee, before sobering with a breath and nods. "I'll take care of that, as you're going to be in here for a while."

This time, there's no hiss of pain from Randy. Whatever there might have been is swallowed up by the sweet embrace of morpha. "I want to go. When it happens. If I can." She's pretty much at the mercy of her own health now, but at least it's good to know what makes Randy Randy hasn't gone anywhere. "Fiiiireant. Yeah. You are one. Did you live in a hill?" Ant hills. Okay her jokes might be worse. Hopefully she hasn't suffered any lasting brain damage. Everyone else would suffer for it. "My arse…" Randy starts out, but she's already been awake for at least twenty minutes and apparently that's all the energy her body can spare right now. She fights to keep her eyes open, but it's a quickly lost battle.

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