MD #189: Bunkroom Banter
Bunkroom Banter
Summary: Conversations are had which Emily doesn't enjoy.
Date: 13/10/2017
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Emily Toby 
Naval Enlisted Berthings - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Housing a couple thousand naval personnel is never easy, but the fleet has managed for many decades. The enlisted barracks are divided up into sixty-bunk berthings and spread out across Deck Three. Each bunk has a small blue privacy curtain to keep out the light and prying eyes, but at least each individual has their own space. The drawers beneath each bunk and the lockers provide additional storage space. Between each stack of bunks is a single table that comprises a single section, each barracks holding five sections that are divided by thin bulkheads.

She didn't sleep through the morning and working in the Galley went about as well as expected. She had no idea what she was doing and nobody let her forget it for a minute. Few people wanted to take the time to teach her anything, either. When you don't know what's worse, work or leaving work, life is a giant stressball. When her shift was over she realized that she knew what was likely going to be worse. Returning to her bunk people were just snickering because she found a couple of ashtrays dumped across her sheets and clothes - the clothes she was supposed to put into her locker but didn't. Given that she represented everything they were fighting against, and she didn't do as she was told and lock things up, this is no surprise. But all that ash and the cigarette butts. She's sweaty and tired and she ends up just sitting on the edge of her bunk and she stares at the floor.

Talking of tired and sweaty, in walks Toby. He's still keeping hi shead down in the bays, to avoid awkward situations with the Chief, and sometimes that means taking the shit jobs no one else wants. Today appears to have been one of those days, as when he finally makes it back to his bunk he's half covered in oil and grease. Needless to say his first call is to start stripping off to the bare minimum needed to take a trip to the head and shower. He either hasn't noticed Emily's presence, or doesn't care as he strips off his tanks to reveal his tattoos, then attempts to grab a towel while holding onot as little of it as possible.

Emily looks up at the man undressing. This isn't something she is used to. The girl tries to -not- stare by looking off to the side, but she can't help looking at his tattoo's, too. One of the other women in the bunk row throws a balled up piece of paper at Emily and laughs when she flinches. "Wassa matta, girl? Never seen a naked guy? We'll get an eye-full of you in the showers and you can look right back," she laughs. Emily's stomach sinks and she hugs herself, looking down, then back to Toby's tattoo's.

Toby glances briefly over as he catches the flight of the ball out of the corner of his eye. That of course leads him to look to Emily, then frown slightly as he notices and he takes in his new neighbour. "You're the one they were making a racket about last night I take it?" he says gruffly, doing a really rather good impression of a grumpy old man. Noting her look at his ink he frowns again, "what, you never seen a Tauran before? Well take a good luck, there are many of us left thanks to your mates."

Emily is singled out by Toby and everyone sorta quiets down. The guy has a reputation, dontchaknow. Maybe he'll be the one to slug her. Maybe it is a good thing to stand up. Maybe not. She's in her greens but isn't even wearing rank pins, which means for once Toby outranks someone in here. "I don't know what a Tauran is," she says quietly. "Mates? I'm unwed. Why- who-" she stammers. "I didn't do anything. I just want to be left alone."

Toby eyes Emily hard for a moment, trying to work out if she's taking the piss out of him or not. "mates, friends, the machines," he states, slowly, "and if you wanted to be left alone why the frak did you come in here? What the frak were you expecting? Hugs and kisses before bed. Lot of people in here lost a lot of family and friends to the Skath, cylons before them. We've got long memories."

Emily looks away to the other people watching and looks back to Toby. "The Machines do not have friends. They are certainly not friends of mine." The girl seems to have decided that saying as little as possible on that topic is best. "The Admiral ordered me down here. I did not wish to come to these quarters. I intend no affront." There's frustration growing on her face. "I did not kill anyone's family. I've done nothing wrong. All of you, just leave me alone!" she calls at everyone looking at her. The last word has her stomp her foot like a demanding child.

"Admiral eh?" Toby replies, looking perhaps faintly amused, "my aren't you mixing in lofty circles. Mind, she's from Virgon if I remember right, so probably used to dealing with royalty." Dithcing most of his kit into a laudry bag he starts to check what toiletries he has, and what he's likely to need. "Expecting officer accomodation were you?" he chides, "good luck with that. Although if you don't like it in here you could always try the marines across the way. I'm sure some of them would be .. accomodatin, if you asked nicely."

This is just frustrating her further and people are starting to snicker at the 'princess' getting all riled up. "I don't know where Virgon is so I could not say. We are not chummy. And no I was not expecting to.." Her fists ball as she looks around at the other faces looking at her. "I did ask for the Marines." Her anger is starting to grow. "I'm sure they would be, if it were permitted. I have no desire to be quartered with bullies and louts. I am trying to make my way with your people, not invade your privacy - a courtesy I am clearly not afforded." She's probably referring to her dumped-out clothes and the ashes dumped across them.

"Virgon doesn't exist anymore," Toby suppiles easily enough, "it was the Admiral's home planet, had a King and Queen and everything, til the Canners, thats the cylons, destoryed it. Like they destroyed Tauron, my home planet, and others. Your mates, the Skath, so far that we really care about, destroyed Piraeus, Arpay, and Caprica." In that order of importance for him it seems. He's just about sorted and ready to move out when she mentions asking to join the marines, and at that point he can't help himself but outright laugh. "You asked to join them? Oh frak me." Then, not leaning into her personal space, but leaning a little close he fills her in on a few facts. "They don't let their former enemies join, we're unreliable you see. It's been over fifty years for me," technically, "and I'm not allowed. What makes you think they'll even look twice at you?"

A planet that no longer exists. Cylons did that. She seems to be only mildly familiar with what a Cylon is or was. "They're not my mates. Stop saying that." The anger is mixed with no small amount of indignity. The idea of mating with a Machine.. no. Even in his terms, no. The rest of the planets doesn't draw any other reaction. But his laughter does. She looks like she wants to hit him at first, but the fight seems to drain out of her, as does the anger. "The Admiral said they would possibly let me try." Then there's the realization that the statistic possibility of that may be near enough to 0.00001%. She tries to stoic up, not having an answer, but its clear that those words deeply upset her, eyes looking down while awkwardly trying to figure out if she should fold her hands in front of behind. She settles on behind.
"Awww lookit, princess pouty looks like she's gonna cry!" one guy laughs, a cuple more around him joining the laughter. "Squeeze us a tear, princess! Give us a show! I'll bet her tears cure diseases and feed the poor! ..How bout it, girl? I bet you even think you're a good person! Looking out for your people, right? You did the best you could?" another woman mocks, talking cutesy. "You're just another frakkin traitor, bitch. Marines won't take you and we don't want you."

Toby does not look particularly intimidated by her look of anger, more mildly amused, but he doesn't laugh this time, just shakes his head and turns back to collecting her shower stuff. "If you really want to be a marine," he starts, almost sounding like he's giving genuine advice, "try again in fifty years. They'll then tell you you're too old and unreliable, but thats life for you isn't it. You've got to get used to it I'm afraid, that or admit defeat and bug out to the officer corp, if they'll have you of course. Best thing for now though? Make sure those potatoes are properly peeled. I'd say it's an important jon, but it's against my faith to lie." With everything he needs now in hand he just leaves it there, and heads off to go get clean.

Anyone in the room can just watch the girl get her pride chopped at the knees, then the waist… and then the last remark from Toby is the beheading. Its already late in the evening and she's tired but there's no chance she's staying here. Watching Toby leave, she then turns and reaches under the ashed blanket and takes off her bedsheet. She turns and walks out with the bundle, folded up in her arms.

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