AWD #042: Event - Building The Temple: Phase 2
Building the Temple: Phase 2
Summary: The second phase of building the first temple to the Lords of Kobol on Piraeus is completed.
Date: 16/02/2013
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With one main road running north and south, the road parallels a snowmelt river the flows south towards a large lake and the planned site of the CMC Camp. To the north the road runs off towards the future site of the Naval Air Station and the ALS Jolie Point, the First Batallion's landing ship, then past and deep into a narrow ravine that runs along with the river. With the camp located on the west side of the river valley, there is a large bridge built to accommodate the construction crews working on the Presidential bunker out in the mountains. To the east is a mountain range that stretches for more than two hundred miles and quite a bit of the lower altitudes are grassy mountain valleys.
AWD #42

Slowly but surely, this river-side temple, the first temple on Piraeus, is being built. The wood that had been collected has been shaped as needed and is now ready to be put into place; likewise marks indicating where things are supposed to be put into place on the foundation have been laid out. Today's focus - moving the pews and altars which have been built by Fischer and his volunteers into place, installing windows, and putting the finishing touches on the roof and the walls. There's also a team working on setting up the hydrokinetic watermill that will provide power. And as ever, there are people whose job it is to make sure that the construction workers are well hydrated and well fed. Music has been set up via a battery powered stereo; a pile of mix tapes and cd's are next to it in a box.

Phin is on hand to move heavy stuff around. That's presently his official job. Moving pews. He's presently taking a quick glug of water while he hangs around for someone else to be available to pick up the other end of the one presently waiting to move. Blue eyes flick about to the various altars that've been prepared with a studious sort of curiosity.

Being couped up in the confines of the Battlestar, Agrippa is willing to use any feasible excuse to come down to the planet or Piraeus because the only other time he would be able to stretch is legs is when he receives permission for shore leave. So even it is volunteer manual labor, the Viper pilot joins the others who would be participating as well, looking forward to spending time on planet.

With his work gloves on, Agrippa begins to wander around to see where help is needed, ready to put his own manly muscles to use though they may be just more for show than for use. Seeing a fellow Viper pilot situated at one of the pews, Punchdrunk goes to join him, waving a gloved hand, "Hey, Phin. Can't carry that yourself?" The friendly question asked in jest as he approaches the pilot.

Over at the watermill, there's cussing of a type that will probably have to require a good cleansing once this is all said and done. For a moment, power flickers and goes back out again and Augustus growls. "Ya frakking piece of puss-filled drippin gods damned.. WORK!" he rumbles and hits the turbine with the wrench, putting a nice dent in it before he moves to start checking the connections again, more curses involving cords, sockets and sticking them up random Lords and Ladies unmentionable parts without lubricant comes rolling out.

Iphigenia for her part is on water duty. Oh, she helps when called upon, hefting pews and moving to situate altars - the idols aren't in place yet, and won't be until closer to the dedication date. But she moves through the work going on with water and such, chatting with those helping out, and as requested by some, offering blessings or brief shared prayers. Despite the good work being done, Gen's smile is a little stiff at times, and she is caught up in a moment's woolgathering. But for the most part, her work is cheerfully offered up in the name of the Lords of Kobol.

Stone is off and helping out as well. Having done so last time and same this time. Helping out with moving the things and such. For now, and perhaps one of few times, Fischer is getting to boss around his own platoon sergeant as he is moving around and helping with moving the needed things for the time being.

He worked on getting these pews built, so of course Fischer will help getting them in place. Moving in to lift one end of one of the pews, he smiles a little bit now. Keeping quiet for the moment as he looks around to see if there's anyone that can help him with this part of it. "Hey, Gunny. Mind giving me a hand for a few moments?" he offers to Stone now, offering the man a bit of a grin.

"Yo, Alex, dude," Phin offers to Agrippa, raising a palm to semi-wave. "This planet's unreal, right? Whole new world that nobody back on the colonies knew existed." He still has a trace of wonderment about it, even with everything that's happened back on the colonies themselves. He snorts at the jest. "My super strength's down today, man. What can I say?" He finishes his water in a gulp. "Grab the other end." They're long benches, so it's semi-awkward hauling even if they aren't heavy for two people. The sound of Augie's cursing makes him wince a little. Phin is on his Best Behavior in the near-chapel.

Augie's cussing has perhaps an unexpected reaction from the priestess. Iphigenia bursts out laughing, clamping a hand over her mouth as her shoulders heave. "Water, Augie?" she asks of him as she gets near, once she's gotten her chortles under control.

Nodding his head as he approaches, Agrippa does look around the area with his eyes once more, "Yeah, it is, really nice planet. Even better after you're stuck on the Orion for a bit." As for the super strength comment, Punchdrunk manages a laugh of amusement before nodding his head, "Uhhuh, should've eaten your Wheaties today." He was already heading to the other side of the pew when Phin made the suggestion, which only resulted in yet another nod from Agrippa. When he gets there, he waits to see if Phin is ready to lift.

Stone grins in return to Fischer and nods, "Of course, corporal." He offers and moves over. Following the instructions from the other man. "Just get a hold of this then?" He asks and just moves along for now. "Don't get used to this though." He teases and his eyes to flit around a bit as he studies everything that is going on around them before looking to the task at hand.

A hand sticks out from under the turbine. "Five more minutes. Gimmie five more minutes to get this damn thing up and running, Geni, or I swear to gods I will stick the leads up Athena's arse and have her frak-start it." Augustus offers in way of a report as he sticks himself out half-way from the turbine to look up at the Chaplain. "Thank ya kindly. Water power. No wonder this shit was considered antiquated when I was a kid." he mutters, and drains back the water to pass her back up the container. "Time it. Five minutes!" he promises, and slips back under the turbine to work.

"What can I say, man? Got a weakness for sugary stuff in the morning," Phin says to Agrippa. "On three. One, two, three…" He hefts at the end of the countdown. And, presuming Agrippa's ready to go, starts hauling the thing toward what'll be the front of the chapel. "Y'know, this is the first time I've been in a chapel in like six years." He sounds kind of bemused by that.

"Don't worry, I won't," Fischer replies with a grin, nodding a bit at Stone. "Yes, just pick up that end, and follow me as we move to get it in place," he offers, before he starts lifting his end. Looking more at ease than he has for the longest time now, it would seem.

"I'm sure it will bow to your will accordingly." Gen assures Augie, adding, "Perhaps an appeal to Hephaestus? He is ever fond of mechanical things." With another chuckle, she starts to head toward Fischer and Stone, apparently intending to check on each grouping.

As the countdown is initiated, Agrippa's gaze focuses on Phin and then when the number three is spoken, he lifts up his end of the pew before moving in sync with Phin to carry this large piece towards its designated location. "Yeah… six years. I'm not sure if I've been to a temple in six years, or more." This particular Viper pilot is apparently not the religious type, only when he is shouting angry words or asking for divine intervention futily is religion involved.

Stone nods and does lift his end and moves along with Fischer. "Well, it's lucky this one isn' too heavy then." He offers in return. Continuing along. Perhaps his words not really needed, but he does enjoy getting the last word. He does soon enough glance the approaching woman and offers a brief nod towards her.

"No wonder this shit ain't working." Augustus offers. "HEY, HEPHAAETUS?" he asks the turbine as he works on it, tightening the connections. "Act like this lead if your shaft and lets try to get it into Athena's happy box so it'll purr this time, deal?" he plugs it in and it shocks him. "Ow! Frak you too, Lord Thigh Dribbler." he growls, but at least this time the turbine cranks to life and starts to thrumb with power.

Fischer grins a little bit as he looks over to Iphigenia as she approaches. "Things going well, I hope?" he offers to her. Moving along with the pew together with Stone for now, but keeping enough of his attention on the chaplain as he does. "I hope the furniture is good enough too, of course. A bit of pride for one's work is always a good thing."

Phin grunts as he sets the pew down, once they've got it more or less in place. He then straightens it out some, which requires more shoving than real lifting. "I went through a Fist - one of the Ares schools - for high school and stuff on Scorpia," he says to Agrippa. "That was, like, mandated temple. They were hardcore about most things, though. After that I kind of…did not want to go anymore for awhile. I kind of miss parts of it, though. Gave things a kind of…structure, y'know? And this place is kind of nice. Does feel good to be outside after all that time on-ship."

"It's beautiful, Edward." Iphigenia does not so much directly answer his query; or at least, she answers the question in so far as the temple. She pours some water and holds it out to the Corporal, returning Stone's nod, and adding, "Thank you so much for heading up this portion of the project. Your father would be very proud of the work you've done, I'm sure." Augie's invocations make her turn to look over her shoulder and prompt another laugh, as she shakes her head.

Stone smiles and nods to Geni as well. Continuing on for the time being. Glancing towards Fischer with a confirming nod about what Iphigenia had said. "It is indeed and I am sure if all so." He offers. As for pride, he chuckles. "Pride is indeed nice, as long as you don't get full of yourself, corporal."

#360owering the pew at the same time as Phin, Agrippa also nudges it into place before taking a step back to look at their accomplishment, quite proud of doing this one thing without a problem. When the other pilot shares a little bit of his past, Punchdrunk looks over and nods his head, having heard of the Ares Schools though never been to one himself, "Must've been a strict school, sounds like boarding school but full of religion."

And after a few moments of power, it goes out again. Just as Augustus was finishing that last connection, there's a surge and it all goes dark. Augie takes a moment and then there are swears and invocations involving an orgy or Lords and Ladies with the dead strippers at the Jiggle Hut, the Purple Clam and the Reach Around as the DCO is furious at the turbine and hits it a few times with the wrench to dig back into the connections.

"I'm glad you like it," Fischer replies, drinking the offered water with a brief smile, before he pauses at the mention of his father. "Thanks," he replies, before he adds, "And I'm just glad I was able to help." Offering a grin to Stone, "Speaking from experience there, Gunny?" he asks, a bit lightly.

You invite Dell to meet you for RP.

"Uh, yeah, that's basically it," Phin replies to Agrippa, kind of vaguely, as to his schooling. "I don't know. I guess it was as strict as it needed to be. Wasn't the easiest group of guys to deal with. And they got me into the Academy so, can't be ungrateful." He nods with some satisfaction as the bench is nudged into a more-or-less straight position. All ready for sitting. "You ready to get another one?" Augie's creative swearing makes him turn his head. And stifle a chuckle. He turns it into a snort and cough semi-believably.

As the lights go dark followed by a string of curses, Agrippa can't help but laugh as he also look towards the source. He then nods his head to the other Viper pilot, "We can do that, unless you want to head to where the Lieutenant is and offer unsolicited, bad advice on how to get the power back on." Which most likely would be a lot more fun but would then result in a wrench being thrown at their heads. Punchdrunk's bruise below his left eye is fading but the stitches on his forehead is still in place but the cut there looks to be healing nicely.

"Your craftsmanship is very well done." Iphigenia assures Fischer before turning and offering water to the sergeant. She's got an eye on the young viper pilots, but she'll get to them in good time. "Thank you for all your help, Gunny." the priestess says to Stone.

"Let's try this Geni's way. Alright, listen up all ya Lords and Ladies. I'm sure ya had plenty of souls to ride hard and put away wet." Augustus says, leaning a greased and sweat stained forehead against the turbine. "But this Scorpian Stallion? He's still down here. And I know ya already think ya did me enough good by putting Ducks in my life, but ya know, this is me, tryin' to pay it forward. So if ya could let me get this fixed or get some gods… rI mean some help to get this shi.. stuff straight, I'd appreciate it." he mutters as he grasps the wrench and pries open the access panel. "I need someone to check the connections from the turbine to the power plant!" he calls out as he continues to speak to the gods. "So, what say ya? I've been a good little follower. Ain't gone outta my way to insult ya too much. Even doin the right thing by making Mrs. Garrido an honest woman. So do me a solid and I'll keep doin' my thing. Deal?"

Stone grins at the lightly offere words from Fischer, "Wouldn't you like to know?" He offers in return just as lightly. Grinning quite a bit still. Taking the offered water as well, "Thanks for the water. And of course, always happy to help." He offers in return. The only indiciation of if he heard Augie's speech is the grin on his face. Although that could be from several reasons.

Adelphi has been on Piraeus the entire time. The fact she keeps herself hip deep in work and doesn't really speak to anyone when she can avoid it is enough to keep most people unaware of her presence, but tasks do get completed as she wanders past them. Now she finds her way over to Augustus, grey-blue eyes thoughtful as she considers the man and his current conundrum. She walks with perfect posture and her hands buried into the pockets of her fatigues. Her brows knit together delicately as she listens to the entire speech, stopping midstride. Then she very quietly steps into place beside Augie and lowers the duffel bag from her shoulder with a shrug. "Extra set of hands might do you some good, Lieutenant. Let me get this over here." Not that Augustus isn't making progress on his own by this point, but Dell manages to insert herself into the process and appears to be getting something done.

As Dell assists, the power thrumps back on and stays steady this time as Augie grunts. "Glory praise be Aphrodite's swollen labia." he mutters as he slams the panel closed. "Ya can wrap up here, Sarge - I'm gonna go gut those fish I caught earlier and get them to frying."

Phin chuckles at Agrippa. "Nah, I think he might clock us if we tried. Kind of taking a break from stuff that leads to that. Could use some more water, though." For his part, his black left eye has turned a less swollen brownish-yellow as it de-bruises. It doesn't look particularly painful anymore, but it's still obvious. "Whoa!" This exclaimed when the power comes back on. It's a glad sort of exclamation.

"Maybe," Fischer remakrs to Stone, before he nods a bit at Iphigenia's words, just listening to the others for now. Unable to hold back a bit of a grin at what he hears from Augie, he shakes his head a bit lightly.

Point taken, Agrippa appears to agree that getting knocked around by other people's fists tends to be a bad idea. "Water is good, we can go grab a drink after grabbing another pew then?" He still has enough energy to move another one of those lengthy pieces before self imposed breaktime to pat himself on the back for a job well done. His eyes then looks around again as the power comes back on, "Guess it was a good idea not to go there and offer advice then."

"I'll leave you both to it, then." Gen says to the two marines with a parting smile, and makes her way over to Phin and Agrippa. "Gentlemen," she greets brightly, "How are things coming along?"

At the word Sarge dell actually looks up from her work for a moment, but then she nods. "Yes, sir. I'll clean up for you, make sure we don't have any… wires crossed. Let me know how the fish comes out." For the occasion of working outside Dell has donned a green fatigue cap to match the rest of her outfit, her hair spilling along her neck at the back of it. It largely hides the woman's face as she works, making her almost unrecognizable from a distance. The duffel bag contains a tool kit and Dell ends up on one knee beside it as she works. Everything Dell does is calm, methodical, and relatively inobtrusive.

"Hey, Sister," Phin greets Iphigenia in kind, giving her a little inclination of his head. "Good, I think. We were just going to get another bench moved before breaking. This place seemed to come together really fast."

When Iphigenia approaches, Agrippa slows to a stop and gives the Lieutenant a smile before nodding his head, "Doing pretty well." Only a few words spoken but he does nod his head in agreement to what Phin says, as if showing that his own words would've mirrored his.

"I'm thankful for that." Iphigenia admits, "Considering this was all done on a volunteer basis, using materials either acquired locally or donated." There's a pause and she admits to them both, "I do wish Captain Cole was here for this. He would have wanted to be, I'm quite sure. But we'll have him back very soon."

And true to his word, Augie starts gutting and scaling a mess of catfish, tossing the heads aside as he finishes them, adding them to a pile of fish guts. A large barrel has been set up and filled with cooking oil as the filets are rolled in corn meal and flour and tossed in to be fried up.

"Yeah, me too," Phin says somberly, about Cole. "We're supposed to be headed back to Aerilon soon so…yeah." He speaks not of his own optimism about getting the captain back, but he picks words that more-or-less signal agreement that it'll get done. He pauses a beat and then asks, "Do you know if Captain Cole had, like, a patron deity or anything? If it's cool to ask."

Stone nods to Fischer and Geni both. "Alright then. Thanks and shall we continue." Speaking with them both before continuing with their current duty. Though he does seem to be a bit quieter and mostly focus on the work for a bit longer.

Fischer nods a bit as he works on continuing the carrying and placement of the piece of furniture, with a bit of a smile. Otherwise keeping quiet.

Having not met Captain Cole, Agrippa isn't able to offer what he feels the Captain would want but hearing about the man gives him a starting image of just what kind of man the missing Viper pilot it. AS for the mission to Aerilon, Punchdrunk offers Iphigenia a confident and reassuring grin, "We'll get him back, no problem, Lieutenant. And he'll come back to a very welcoming sight."

Adelphi has mostly disappeared into her work at the mill, although her boots are visible from a fair distance. The toolbox is similarly tucked in beside the building to keep it aout of the way, a reflex borne of working with large groups in close quarters. She whistles softly as she works, some quasi-religious Caprican folk tune, but otherwise the woman simply works.

"The CAG wanted someone on hand for humanitarian assistance if it's needed, so I'll be going as well." Iphigenia admits, adding with some regret, "I'm afraid Captain Cole's religious affiliations are something he's wished to remain a private matter. But if you want to make an offering, something for Aurora's altar up at the chapel would not go amiss, as she is also the revealer of the way home." She smiles at Agrippa. "Thank you for your assistance, by the way. And belatedly, welcome to Orion."

"Aurora?" Phin nods. "That works. Yeah. I'd like to leave something before I take off, once all the altars are settled and everything." There's a flicker of surprise on his face when the chaplain says she'll be going along. "Umm…" Ahem. "Oh. I mean. If the D-CAG says it's OK. I'm sure he'll keep you from getting into anything too heavy." His head kind of bobs to the whistling, as he catches it. "Anyway. We should probably move more stuff."

Yeah, Augie will just be over there, frying up fish for the staff and crew as the DCO puts on some crunchy twangy music to scoot some boots too and adjusts his hat as he works.

Agrippa makes a mental note to perhaps leave something at the Altar of Aurora himself not just to help guide Cole back to the Orion safely but also for his own rescue, changing what seemed to be at the time the end of the road but rescued by a Raptor from the Orion. As for the welcome given by Iphigenia, the Viper pilot flashes her a smile, "Thank you Lieutenant, I'm glad to be aboard and glad to help out here. It's the least I could do."

"This temple won't be ready until Colonial Day, but the chapel on Orion is open at all hours." Gen clarifies adding with the faintest of smiles, "I promise you, Ensign, I'm combat ready, even if my role doesn't involve being in the thick of it. I know how to stay out of the way." She smiles faintly at the pair, "Don't let me hinder you." And with that, she's headed back toward Dell.

Slowly but surely, this river-side temple, the first temple on Piraeus, is being built. The wood that had been collected has been shaped as needed and is now ready to be put into place; likewise marks indicating where things are supposed to be put into place on the foundation have been laid out. Today's focus - moving the pews and altars which have been built by Fischer and his volunteers into place, installing windows, and putting the finishing touches on the roof and the walls. There's also a team working on setting up the hydrokinetic watermill that will provide power. And as ever, there are people whose job it is to make sure that the construction workers are well hydrated and well fed. Music has been set up via a battery powered stereo; a pile of mix tapes and cd's are next to it in a box.'

And provided for something like water delivery is a Raptor pilot who had only arrived a few short days ago to Orion. The music is what she is enjoying the most, scooting her boots to the twangy music as she carries it to each individual person, stopping first at where Stone and Fischer seem to be carrying pews around, muscling them. "Hey guys, looks like you could be thirsty. Like something to drink?"

"Might need to replace that- let's see here…" Dell is murmuring ot herself now, lost in her work. The whistlng picks up again periodically, soft and sweet, as she can at least carry a tune, but it seems that it is dying off as the work continues. She's yet to emerge, relying on tactile sensation in order to select the correct tools and continue about her business. If she's aware of anyone nearby she doesn't show it.

As he pulls out the first batch of fried fish, Augustus takes the next batch to gut and cut off the heads off, adding them to a nice pile he's making as guts the poor catfish to roll up in cornmeal to toss into the boiling cooking oil to fry.

Late to the party, Ceres tucks a small item on a chain behind her tanks and works her nearly ruined left hand up with her right to collect her hair back away from her face only to give up at readjusting her dark ponytail and allow the strands to fall free about her face. Rolling her shoulders, she sighs and moves towards the more stable section of the group. Augustus - cooking. This gives her some time to get a look about and figure out where she might be needed. "Hello, dear…what are you doing?" She asks, that heavy Virgan accent coloring her tone as she studies the fish and his cleaning of them.

Phin nods in understanding to Iphigenia as she goes. "Chapel. Gotcha." He motions to Agrippa, and strides over to grab one end of another bench. While he does it, he tries to pick up the whistling coming from Dell. He seems to vaguely know the tune, so it follows along serviceably.

Moving to the end of another pew, Agrippa looks over to his moving partner and nods, this time it is he who is counting down. "Three, two, one…" Then there is a life before he begins shuffling towards the next marked, open area where a pew is suppose to go. The whistling tune that is started by Dell and now being picked up by Phin is recognized by Agrippa but he doesn't join in, just listening to the whistling.

As he tosses in some of the fish, Augustus is singing along with the music, hips bobbing along with his hat, "The first time we did it I was scared to death, Ceres snuck out in that cotton dress, jumped on in and we went on down ta Piraeus. Put her hand on my knee and said I can't wait, I had everything we needed in my backpack. Turns out my Duck loves to…"

And then Ceres is right there next to him, and the DCO gives her a devil may care grin. "…fish." he teases her with the song, "Missus Garrido wants to do it all the time, early in the morning," And his hand slips into hers to twirl her around on the grass. " the middle of the night, she's hooked and she can't get enough. Man, that gal, she sure loves to.. fish." A wink is given towards the Viper Captain. "Geni's making her rounds, she should be by soon to give ya some idea of what needs to be done, or ya can help me.. fish." he teases her, gesturing to the fish as he leans over to kiss her cheek.

Fischer pauses for a few moments as the pilot makes her way over, and he offers her a quiet smile. "Thanks," he offers, with a bit of a nod now.

Amusement paints her expression as Ceres listens to Augustus sing as he works on the fish. That is until her hand is grasped and the Captain is brought into a spin near him. A short laugh escapes her as she stumbles and then catches up, edging some grace into the movement at the last second before she stops. Stepping in against his side, she slips her arm around him and looks at the food when he kisses her. A hand rests on his chest as she turns to look up at him. "Hmmm you really don't want me cooking. Fair warning." She winks and then leans up to quickly kiss him back before she laughs a little. "I will let you fish alone for right now, maybe later, hmmm?"

Stone smiles and nods to Maia. He did drink not too long ago, but he could always take a bit more. "Thanks." He offers and sips from it before turning back to work. Eyes do study the more unknown woman for a moment. Perhaps not having seen her around before.

"Sergeant? Are you getting on alright?" asks Gen as she nears Dell. "Would you care for some water? Everyone's working so hard. I'm very thankful." She offers a small at the blonde woman, seeming content to wait until she gets to a pause point in her work to reply.

Phin's whistling is interrupted by a grunt as he hefts the pew after 'one' with Agrippa. He picks it up again as he starts hauling, though. Gives him a rhythm to work by. Eventually they get it into the right place and plunk it down, nudging it to straighten it parallel with the one in front of it.

"Fishing alone is no fun, especially when you have a steady partner in the boat." Augie points out to share. "But yes, maybe when things have calmed down we can go to our favorite fishing hole and you can help me cast a line and see what we can reel in tonight." he says with a wink. "Go mingle, Missus Garrido, I'll be here when you get back." A soft murmur to Ceres as he goes back to frying up the fish.

"Staff Sergeant," comes the response from Adelphi after about ten seconds' pause. She finally slides out from where she is working, propping herself on one elbow. There's a wrench in her left hand, though to what purpose might be unclear. Perspiration clings to the blonde brow and she takes a moment to wipe it away with her left sleeve as she looks up at Geni. "Or Staff is fine, sir." A couple blinks follow, shedding sweat from her eyes. "Mmm. A little water would probably be for the best. Put in as much as I lose." She's still squinting a second. "Things here are fine. Just a few- small things left to do… Everyone else making out alright? This can keep if I'm needed somewhere else." She takes a deep breath, slowly.

Iphigenia's brows raise just a brief flicker at the correction, but she makes no comment other than to pour Dell a cup and offer it to her with a smile. "I think everyone is doing quite well. Your expertise is best applied here for the moment, I believe - it's quite crucial to the temple's needs." There's a sidelong glance at Ceres and Augusus, and for a moment Gen's expression, softens in an odd combination of wistfulness, worry, and perhaps a little envy before her easy, serene expression returns.

Leaning up to offer a quick kiss to Augie's mouth, Ceres slips away from him and heads towards Dell and Geni. "Geni," Ceres offers and then glances to Phin, Agrippa and Dell as they are in the same area. She offers a faint smile and smooths her hair back. "Anything I can help with?" She offers up, slipping her hands to her hips and resting them there.

"Yes, sir. I'll stay right down here then. I want to make sure everything is on the level. Some of the bearings concern me a little bit. It's probably nothing, but…" Then Dell pauses for a second, taking the cup of water carefully with her free hand. "Thank you. Ah, do you prefer 'sir' or…?" She ends the sentence by sipping at her water rather than continuing, blue-grey eyes intent on Iphigenia's features for a moment as she does. "I might be at this a little while. No substitute for checking everything over twice by hand."

Augie has no problems with Dell doublechecking everything. After all, his repair abilities are more to fixing what's broke over setting up new things. The DCO finishes up making the fish and calls out, "Chows on!" he says as he goes to wash off in the water as he watches everyone else and settles near the radio.

"You're welcome to call me whatever makes you feel most comfortable, Staff." Iphigenia, distracted from her worries, focuses a smile on Dell. "It's even within regulations to do so. So, Lieutenant, 'Sir', Sister, or even Gen, if you like.

"You're welcome to call me whatever makes you feel most comfortable, Staff." Iphigenia, distracted from her worries, focuses a smile on Dell. "It's even within regulations to do so. So, Lieutenant, 'Sir', Sister, or even Gen, if you like." And then there's Ceres, for whom she keeps that merry face and admits, "What you're doing is just fine, unless the staff sergeant here could use an extra hand?"

"You mean watching, Geni?" Ceres says and smirks a bit. "I would be glad to help the staff sergeant if she needs it. Don't mind the hand, it still works." Flexing her left hand, she offers a smile and then her right hand. "Captain Ceres Delacroix, soon to be Garrido." She makes a motion back at Augustus who cries out that chow is on. "Or we can eat and finish later."

"You guys go ahead and eat. This is really a one person job. The Lieutenant- ah, your fiance, sir, congratulations- did a good job. Everyone makes a mistake once in awhile, though, and we want this thing to stay running for a long time." Dell glances over at Ceres without really turning her head and offers a brief smile, then gives Geni a faint nod. "Yes, sir." She sets her cup aside then and slides back into place, wrench still in hand. There's a faint clattering accompanying her movements as she begins again. "Don't mind me down here. I'm not hungry just yet."

"You can call her Redux, as well." Augustus offers. "or Southpaw, but she doesn't like that too much." he adds as he looks over the repairs Dell's made. "Hell of a job, Staff. And heh. I usually break stuff." the large DCO offers as he sticks his hands into his pockets, offering Ceres a brief smile of amusement.

Phin spots Ceres when she glances his way, offering a slight smile and open palmed semi-wave to the other pilot. "Redux? Hey." His latest bench work done, he strides over to meet up with her and the group she's hanging with.

"Then we'll leave you to it." Gen offers to Dell easily, and nods to Ceres. "Shall we, then? The smell's making my stomach rumble, in a good way." She offers her arm to the pilot compnionably.

Glancing up at the sound of Phin, Ceres smiles at the Ensign, "Dolly." She says and considers Dell a moment. "If you say so, Staff Sergeant. I have no qualms helping." But that comment from Augustus earns him a look. "Redux works just fine." She reminds him. Geni's arm is taken and she reaches out to snag Phin when he gets closer. "Food awaits and I would hate to see a put out DCO when no one comes to partake. He's sort of big and gruff and has a big temper."

And indeed, on cue, Augustus puffs up that big ole frame of his and puts on the menancing face. Which, when he actually tries? Isn't really all that scary. Apparently scary face is only brought up when he really is genuine upset. "Sup, Dolly." he offers to the young pilot. "Grab some fish. Nice and fried, just like they used to serve it back home at the street vendors, screw that fancy restaurant stuff."

With Stone studying her, Maia offers him a somewhat friendly grin along with the water. "Sounds like break time anyway. Go take a load off, looks like you fella's have been working hard." Looking between the Marines. "Would you both care to join me before he comes bellowing after us?"

"If I need help with anything I'll be sure to let you know, but this is pretty straightforward. I'll join you all in a bit." Dell returns to working and, shortly thereafter, she picks up her whistling again. Clearly the staff sergeant has no real intention of emerging, as she seems more relaxed at work than she was in conversation.

Waiting a few moments now, as he considers that, Fischer looks to Stone. "We've almost gotten it in place, anyway," he offers. "Just a little bit more, and we can probably take a quick break?" Looking between Stone and Maia, he offers them both a smile now.

"Good to see you out and about," Phin says to Ceres. He does glance at her hand, but he doesn't ask about it, and he doesn't stare overlong. A friendly, "Hey, sir," is offered to Augie. "Yeah. Smells awesome. They seem to have some decent fish on the planet. Makes me want to see what the beaches are like. I've heard about them from some of the guys who've flown over those parts of the planet, but I haven't gotten the chance to see them yet."

Iphigenia walks with Ceres, offering Phin a smile at his approach until they finally make it to where Augie's putting out the food. She smiles faintly at his remark about fancy restaurants, and plucks up her fish, blowing on it before taking a nibble and making an approving noise. There's a stump not too far away; she eyes it a moment, and then goes to sit down, staring for a second at the empty spot on the stump next to her before resolutely enjoying her fish.

"As long as the beaches here don't end up all frakked up like the beaches there." Augustus comments. "I love it here. Clean air. Wilderness. A new start.." a fond glance is sent to Ceres. "More than I could hope fer." he shrugs his shoulders. And with her glance, he moves to sit on the stump next to her, the two of them thick as thieves these days. "Shit, this place has provided more than I ever wanted."

Stone smiles and nods to Fischer, "Sounds good. I am sure a break can be taken soon enough. We should finish as much as we can." He says and offers a grateful smile to Maia for the water. Letting her move along with them if she wish. "So, which department are you with?" He asks her, not recognizing her after all. "I'm gunnery sergeant Colt Stone. Platoon sergeant for the dog platoon of the marines." He introduces himself in correct, but way too long, fashion.

"Maia Kane, Raptor Pilot." Simple and too the point, yeah. Though with humor in her gaze, she falls in line with the two Marines. "Nice meeting you, Marine." Shortening his as well to something more manageable. If he'd rather she call him something different, then he can correct her. Giving the other marine a curious glance, "And you?" Neither one of them are familiar.

"Less drunk Vernal breakers here so far," Phin replies dry to Augie. "But, yeah. Lived my whole life in cities, so I can't say I mind it exactly, but it's nice to be able to go somewhere and actually breathe." He gets himself a plate of fish, and another cup of water to chase it with.

The cup of water shiver as the ground beneath it trembles. Faint shocks, in time, one after the other, creating ripples which gradually become miniscule waves running back and forth across the surface. Dell is still whistling as she works away, her tools setting the syncopated rhythm. It's not a cheerful tune, but it has a solid beat and carries fairly well without being loud. She might as well be in her own world right now.

Pausing a bit as he hears Maia introduce herself, Fischer offers her a brief grin. "Ah, one of those that bring us where we need to go. Thank you for that, sir." A brief pause, before he adds, "Corporal Fischer, Edward Aur… Edward A." Not going to mention his middle name, it seems.

"Same, Kane. Gunny is fine though. Or whatever you like." Stone offers. Not being too fussy about it. "Which rank do you hold by the way? It could be good if running into you while on duty." Offered rather lightly and then letting Fischer introduce himself. "Oh, indeed. Thanks." As for Fischer avoiding mentioning his middle name, he does look at the man for a moment. "Don't mind him, he get nervous." He teases the other marine a bit.

"No shit on that one, Phin." Augie agrees, the two of them knowing all about how much humanity screwed it up, and now, it's a second chance. "So, Geni." the big DCO offers, "How many folks are already lining up get blessings when ya open this place up?" he asks the Chaplain.

Iphigenia's attention is diverted by the goings on at the water wheel, seeming to brighten as she hears it rumble to life. "Oh, that's a sweet sound." she murmurs, pleased. Looking over at Augie, noting with a faint smile, "Well, the first wedding's been arranged, at least."

After moving that last pew and then grabbing some water, Agrippa had went off on a little walk to take a look around the area, as it was the first time he had been to this part of Piraeus. But with the sound of chatter as more people have shown up in combination of food that was cooked, the Viper pilot's finds his way back to the area.

Phin offers Augie a short inclination of his chin before digging into his fish. He eats eagerly, and without an excess of table manners. Not that this is really a setting that calls for them. Spotting Agrippa, he offers the other Viper pilot a wave. There's food and stuff.

"Lieutenant, Junior Grade." The words are automatically given, Maia nods to Fischer, "Nice meeting you also, Fischer." Opting to roll with Stone on this one and going by last names. "Nervous?" Amused at the thought, her gaze lingers on the Corporeal for a moment. "That so?" As they walk, she looks towards where the fish is, but her gaze lands smack on a Viper pilot. Her expression doesn't change any, but if Agrippa happens to look her way, she'll just offer him a nod.

Food and stuff, a Viper pilot's best friend and that is what Agrippa hunts for right now, letting his nose lead him though he does shoot Phin a wave in return. The nose is a good guide and soon Agrippa's eyes are locked on target, the fried fish that is calling out to him. Sadly, that means that he does not see Maia looking in his direction, so no nod was offered or returned for the time being.

Fischer shakes his head a little. "No, not nervous. Gunny here just likes to have some fun," he explains. "A pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Kane. I hope you are well today?" Glancing around at the other people for the moment, then back to the two he's speaking with.

Stone ahs and nods. "Sounds good." He says and continues on. Grinning a bit as Maia echoes his word. Getting it settled before he will take a break as well. "That so." He answers for Fischer with a grin. "He is quite fine. It's just fine to tease him." He explains himself. "Now. Break." He offers and smiles. Spotting her looking over towards the fish. "Hungry?" He asks and grins.

Phin leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Maia looks back at Fischer when he clarifies the lack of nerves. "Is that right? Are you two a comedy team because I'm amused." Now that the works is finished for the two, she hitches the canteen over her shoulder, "I'm doing well, Fischer, thanks for asking. As for hungry.. just a little, it's been a long day so far." Now that they are closing in on the rest of the gathering, she looks between them, "Honestly, fish is about my least favorite thing, but it does in a pinch. Let's eat."

"Yeah, well, Ceres is already got me calling her Captain Garrido. Part of me wants to just skip the formalities of it all, and get on with it already, Gen." Augie says with a snort. "Especially if it means I don't have to wear the greys fer anythin."

Arriving at the fish, Agrippa grabs one of the disposable plates and utensils before spearing one fried fillet of the fish, then a second. He almost went for a third but decided to hold back for now as he could always come back for seconds. Next is to search for what sause is available, adding that to the plate, the aroma of the cooked food in combination of some hard physical work done resulting in a grumbling stomach.

"You could do that." Iphigenia admits. "You could get a civil marriage signed off by the JAG's office on Orion, if you wish. I'd still advise you both to at least give offerings to Hera and your patrons if so."

Fish has caused Ceres silence until Augustus speaks as he does. She watches Iphi a moment and clears her throat, swallowing a bit swiftly and coughing. "No.." She manages to say quickly. "We will wait for the temple." She eyes Augustus and coughs again, eyes watering a little as food went down the wrong tube.

After a moment Stone does nod and smile. Studying the woman for a moment longer. Perhaps recognizing her though having a hard time placing her. "I see, well it is indeed better than nothing." He offers to her and moves along. "Ah, I think I have seen you on the wall in the enlisteds barracks." He tells Maia. "When we first came here." He explains tilting his head. "I think? Miss May, right?" He asks her. Still slightly uncertain.

Augie reaches over to give Ceres' back a pat and chuckle. "Sure, sure. I guess I can let you torture me fer one day." the DCO says with a barking laugh. "Anyone offered to throw ya a hen party yet, Ducks?"

Iphigenia smiles faintly. "I rather suppose I could manage it unless perhaps the ladies of the Air Wing may want to undertake the responsibility. They might have the better temperament in collective."

Ohhh… overhearing something that sounded interesting to Maia, she looks at the speaker, Iphigenia. She seemed like a buffet of information. Just as she is about to speak to her, she overhears the Gunny beside her and smirks. The wall of the enlisted barracks. The bane of her existence. "Ah, wasn't me. Just someone who.." and there she goes, reciting the same excuse she'd been giving for a couple of years now since the spread came out. "looks a lot like me." She doesn't linger overlong on the denial but she does forget to approach Iphigenia now.

Managing to clear her windpipe, she lets out a breath and laughs softly. "I have not…had anyone approach me for a party. Really I don't even know what to expect of one so maybe its best not? Unless people want an excuse for a party, than by all means. Not about to linger on the option though…" SHe's not really a party girl, not entirely but she does pluck off another bite of food.

Listening to Maia and Stone now, Fischer is unable to hold back a bit of a grin as he raises an eyebrow. "Ah, the wall of the barracks. Knew you looked familiar." He raises the eyebrow again as he hears Maia's denial. "Ah, I was going to say it was a lovely picture of you, but if it wasn't you…" Spoken a bit lightly for now.

"Howdy, Gunny, Corporal, new gal." Augie offers to the threesome. "Grab some fish and join the party."

"I've been to a few hen parties, believe it or not." Gen says with a grin. "I'll see what I can arrange, make some inquiries, and I'm sure something fantastic will be put together." She seems almost relieved to be talking about the hen party, letting the prospect of other people's happiness distract her.

Stone grins and nods, "I see." IF he believes MAia or not is another point. But for now he will just go with it. Grinning to Fischer as well. "It was a nice enough piccture. I admit, I only saw it a few times." Nodding to Augie and joining in with getting the fish. "Let's get the party started then." He offers and grins.

"Wasn't me.." Maia repeats, but she's still good natured about it. "Couldn't be me, I look far better than her." The smile she gives is full of self depreciation and mischief. At the invitation, she offers a bright smile to those present. "Thanks, I'm hungry." Pulling out a plate, she deposits one piece of fish before walking over towards Gen, "Hello.. I'm Maia Kane, I was wondering if sometime I might have a word with you about a few things." Odd sure, but something she had said had caught her attention.

Dell continues to work away. However the staff sergeant does ease herself from beneath the mill and settle the wrench back in place. Taking a slow, deep breath she squints as she takes in the lighting, rubbing away beads of sweat from her forehead. "Mmm." Adelphi slowly sits up then and picks up the nearby cup of water, finishing it. Tools packed into her duffel bag once more she climbs quietly to her feet and heads toward one of the other work sites nearby. She's discrete, though her footsteps do sound softly against the earth. The lack of whistling might give her away.

Augie squints his eyes a little at Maia, and then unobtrusively takes out his wallet and lays out some cubits, whispering for a moment to Geni and Ceres to see if they want a piece of the action. Hey, it's playful gambling, not the serious stuff.

Augie whispers to Iphigenia and Ceres: 10 cubits says she brings up her faith first.

Iphigenia looks up as Maia approaches her, setting down her plate. "How do you do," she offers amenably, just as Augie murmurs to her. Whatever he says, prompts a brief but very amused smile before she offers, "I'm Sister Arden. What can I do for you? Do you need a bit of privacy? We could take a little walk if you wish, or did you want to talk later?"

Fischer chuckles a little at Stone's words, "That was only before you noticed the entire thing too late, Gunny." Nodding a bit as he gets hold of some of the fish, not too much, though. "Had so much fish when I grew up, after all," he remarks to Stone, before he watches Maia approach Iphigenia now.

"If you would like, Geni. I would be glad to have you put something together." She smiles and then blinks, looking at Augustus as he pulls out cubits, her head tilting as she puts the last piece of fish into her mouth and sups away on it. Oh, she might have to get more. The offered walk with Maia gets her up and smiling. "I am going to go grab more food…" With that she grabs at Augustus and starts to drag him with so that Maia and Iphigenia can have a moment.

And with that, a DCO and his cubits are soon parted as Augustus gets pulled away by Ceres. "…I was just gettin comfortable." he complains as he walks with his fiancee. "Unless we're going to our fishin hole, that is totally not cool."

"Excuse me, Fischer, Stone. I won't be long." Shifting her gaze now to Gen. "Later is fine, maybe I could have an appointment to come by and speak with you, Sister Arden? I don't want to interrupt the party here." Maia offers a warm smile though. "Thanks for offering though, and honestly, I would like the first available appointment you have."

A new task located, however perfunctory in nature, Dell settles in quietly, duffel bag and all. She looks over toward the people eating their fish nearby for a moment, propped on an elbow again as she does. There's no hurry, apparently, the engineer taking slow, deep breaths as she considers each of them in turn from her new vantage point. The local star we shall refer to as 'sun' is setting behind her as the evening picks up, just giving birth to new shadows.

"You're not interrupting." Iphigenia assures, just as Ceres walks away. "I have the time and the means if you've something you wish to get off your chest, but if this is too public an environment, I quite understand." A gesture invites Maia to sit next to her, if the blonde is so inclined.

Maia does take a seat next to her, leaning her head in a little to say something quietly to the Sister, her shoulders stiff, her demeanor somewhat cautious, the fish.. untouched for now.

Maia whispers: I wanted to see what all is involved in getting a divorce. Am I able to do that here?

Iphigenia nods to Maia, upon listening to what the other woman has to say, and lowers her own tone to speak a quiet reply.

You whisper, "Certainly. You can obtain one through the temple, or if you prefer it, through the JAG's office on board Orion…much like with a wedding. Both marriage and divorce are under Hera's purview."" to Maia.

Once Ceres and Augie are a safe distance away, he suddenly grunts, and with a grin that speaks of mischevious intent, the large DCO grabs the lithe pilot and lifts her and throws her over his shoulder. "Ugh." he grunts as he gives her a smile. "We go now. Find spot. Make home." he teases her, being every part of the Neandrathal she is so fond of calling him of being.

There is a look of relief on the Raptor pilot's face as she listens to what Gen has to say. "Thank you, could you maybe guide me through the process sometime soon?" This time Maia doesn't whisper, just speaks quietly.

Fischer just remains quiet for now, eating his food a little thoughtfully for a few moments. Expression a bit thoughtful as he glances around.

"Of course. I presume the other party is on board?" Iphigenia asks. "I'll need to speak to them as well, just so you're aware. That's the case whichever route you elected. But I'm happy to help. Stop by the chapel sometime this week…after the Aerilon operation, if you don't mind."

Dell simply continues working as the evening begins in earnest, content to hammer away at her newest task for an indefinite period. There's no indication she intends to stop any time soon.

"I'll do that and yes, he is. Thanks. I'm just going to go and wander around a little, look around." Maia rises, offers another smile, "I appreciate all the help and I'll definitely come by." Not wanting to impede on her time so much.

"I'm happy to help. It's what I'm here for." Iphigenia says promptly, offering a final smile as Maia gets up to leave. And then it occurs to her that now she's alone with her thoughts…which is something she's been trying to avoid all day.

Dell, of course, just remains nearby, amongst the last working. While others have found time for food and relaxation she seems content to wander from project to project, checking other people's work. Just now she is emerging again and scooping up her duffel bag once more, hat returning to her head.

Augie and Ceres wandered off and were eaten by a Grue. A Grue named Augustus. Just ignore them.

Iphigenia takes the opportunity to take up a new plate of fish once she's finished with hers, and brings it over to Dell. "Staff? I wanted to make sure you got some." she holds it out in offering, smiling pleasantly.

Maia leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

"Hmm?" Dell takes a moment to slide out, followed by a soft clatter as she withdraws her latest tools. "Thank you. I… Guess I probably should." She sits up slowly, turning her head a bit so that she can settle those blue eyes onto Geni once more. About a half second of contemplation follows and then she reaches out and takes the plate of fish. Both hands touch it before she withdraws the item in a surprisingly formal fashion. "Just trying to make sure we get everything together…" That's just a mutter, possibly as much to herself as Geni. "Things here look like they're almost done. I'll wrap up, and you should think about being done for the evening. I'll bet you've been out here all day."

"Oh," says Iphigeia, her smile increasing. "I've kept busy. And everyone's done a marvelous job." And with that, the day's work has ended.

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