AWD #425: Bucket List
AWD #425: Bucket List
Summary: Two marines share a drink, discuss a pretty decent bucket list, some suggestions are made while other important information is shared.
Date: Tue 07/Mar/2006 (OOC Date)
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Kapali Knox 
Checkpoint Charlie's - Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
Sat 20/Aug/2016

Dusty from a pickup game of pyramid with a random gaggle of off duty personnel, and sporting not one but two skinned knees, a pair of bruised elbows, a bit of road rash (so to speak) on her left shoulder where she'd rolled THEN slid, Kapali looks pretty pleased with her accumulated damage as she works her way toward the bar at Charlies. Ordering a beer, then using the torn edge of what used to be the sleeve of her tshirt to wipe off her face, she tips her head in time with the sound of the music coming from the sound system that churns out the blend picked by the last person to fiddle with it. The clack and slide of a billiards game can be discerned through the general noise in the room and Kapali tries to see who's playing even as the barkeep slides her beer toward her and takes her coin in return.

Knox wanders on in wearing a blue jacket with a black shirt and khaki pants. Over all, pretty casual. The usual mixed reactions with some people staring and some people waving. And the haters. There's always one person shouting 'f'ing skinjerb!' or something, which usually goes ignored. Spotting Kapali at the bar, he heads that direction and takes a lean forward onto the wood. "One whiskey. Neat. And a glass of water, please." He looks over to Kapali and smiles. "Eyy Kappa. How's the Marines?" Cooper has been stuck in Sickbay helping out for now.

With one hand curled round the bottle of beer, Kapali turns away from the partially obscured view of the game and aims a wry smile at Knox. "Hey Coop," eyeing the ones in the crowd who don't look amiable enough, in her opinion, before turning a smile sidelong at Knox. "Every day above ground is a victory, Coop, you know that." She then angles her head to the side, "I'm with you, on the whiskey, neat, but why the glass of water?" curiosity evident in her tone of voice, the same curiosity matched in her expression.

Coop smiles over at Kappa, a neutral and casual look. "Yeah, true. I'm just a bit jealous. I put in my request to be re-instated a few weeks ago. Ommanney wants a meeting with me, but he's been working opposite shifts the last two weeks. Kinda frustrating. Every time I get down there, he's usually peaced out for the evening." The whiskey delivered, he sips it and reaches for the water. "Ah, this is something that one of the other Sixes was convinced to do. Wanted to try it. The water cleans the pallet and throat. Lets you enjoy the whisey a little more. So I'm told." He sips the water. "Not much of the things they did do I want to even try to emulate."

"Hm," is the sound that Kapali makes as she eyes the water, then the glass of whiskey, then Coop again. "So long as you weren't going to do something crazy like dump the whiskey into the water, because you'd lost your mind somewhere along the way. Just making sure," she adds with a quick flash of a sidelong grin. "I mean, there's drinking and then there's wasting a perfectly good drink. Gotta have standards, Coop," she adds with a tip of her head in a firm nod before she drinks from the bottle she's holding and props one elbow against the edge of the bar. "Sounds like you have a list."

"You let filth like that leave your mouth, Kappa? You go frak right off. Can't believe I'm standing next to someone that considers watering down whiskey. Pft." Knox gives a faux-serious look at Kapali before grinning and taking another sip. "I dunno. Maybe. Most of the stuff they did was really dull and drab or I've already done. Though I need to ride a rollercoaster, race a car, scream at the sky from the top of a building, and be a dad." He shrugs. "Last one is a little bit harder since we can't have kids, though. Oh, and a one night stand. But that's assuming myself and Afton ever break it off."

"Hey, I said it was crazy, did I not?" Kapali counters immediately, adopting a shocked tone of voice herself. "JUST in case you'd lost your mind, I was prepared to smack you upside the back of your head until you had a brain reset moment!" added with another quick flash of an easy grin. "All you need is a clean enough glass to drink out of, or just the damned bottle itself, ice cubes are for fancy schmancy drinks," a brief and slightly comical eyebrow wobble accompany the words 'fancy schmancy'. "You so need to try a rollercoaster," she agrees immediately. "Pick the front car," she advises, "make sure that the bar holds firm in place though, then you can go hands free and enjoy the ride. How have you never raced a car?" shocked incredulous there. "Hell, Coop, there are PLENTY of abandoned cars to pick from now! All we need to do is pick out a couple, get 'em running, and clear a strip of road to use and bam!" she smacks one hand on the edge of the bar, "you've got yourself a racetrack AND a stolen hotwired car too, that's several hat tricks in one." She tips her head back then, eyes squinting, "You can't just pick any old building, though. You've gotta have one with some serious height, maybe one that you have to scale, THEN scream off of THEN .. .. base jump off of, yeah." She elbows Coop, "You ought to write this down, expand your list. Good ideas though," before she makes a mild snicker of sound. "One night stands aren't all they're cracked up to be though. Mostly it's some abbreviated fumbling and some awkward after chatter followed by a neat dance of lets not exchange data, or do this again, thanks," another snicker is exhaled before she sighs before drinking from the beer bottle again.

Knox just lets her go. He smiles while she does, letting the opinions fly. He does, in fact, grab a pen and make a note on a napkin. "Unfortunately I doubt the Cylons are going to leave happy funplaces with rollercoasters intact. But I'll keep my eyes out for one. From the memory I have? The Six did not want to go. He thought it was stupid. He was yelling and laughing by the end. As for the car?" The guy shrugs. "I've driven at high speed on a freeway before. But not, you know, on a racetrack. With other people. The memory is exhilerating. I'm up for that. Not so sure about jumping off a building, though. Planes are fine. Planes have altitude. Jumping off a building doesn't strike me as particularly smart. ….Though I suppose there are some places high enough." He sips the whiskey again. "No comment on the family thing, eh?"

"Base jumping sure looks like fun, though," Kapali notes with a sidelong smile before emptying the bottle and signaling for another one. "And rollercoasters are stupid, and fun. Some of the stupid and fun things are actually worth doing. Plus, you never know when we'll have to do something like that for real, as in, in the middle of an actual mission, Coop. Knowing how to do so, and not get knocked senseless by the wind the minute you leap off the roof seems like a damned smart skill set to have. Hell, I wonder if we can talk the captain into that one," mild speculation and narrowed eyes before she accepts the replacement beer bottle then exhales a breath. "I guess.. to have an opinion on it I'd have to have an opinion on the whole family thing that isn't in the category of no way in hell. Those nutters, the ones on Caprica, who wanted me to go with them because I could have many healthy babies? Frak that, Coop. Even if I wanted kids, and I don't, I'd sure as hell not want them even more because of the crazies. Plus, again, with the no. And if you don't WANT kids then you ought not to have them, in my obviously biased opinion. Also," and she frowns, "why can't you and Afton have kids? Just get drunk, go park some where. You know the saying: Don't drink and park, accidents make kids."

"You're saying that one day we might have to get into a minecart and run through a mine to escape a bunch of slave-driving canners who are shooting at us." Because that's not directly out of a movie he's seen. They've all seen. Its iconic. "Not that it wouldn't be cool. Just saying. And I'm not sure base jumping is an asset skill so much as just something people do when they are bored with cocaine and black tar opium mainlines." To the point about the kids, Coop nods. "Wow. People like that on Cap. Sounds like you ran into some of the loyalist brain-bugs. Those people are F'd. They're trying to out-breed humanity's next generation. That way they will have the pure numbers over the survivors who are resisting. Like you said, warriors don't have time for kids. That's a choice made by every individual. So the loyalists use it against us becaue they have no soul." Coop shakes his head. "Well as much as I'd love to, it doesn't work that way. Skinjobs are sterile. We can't have kids. Trust me, there's been a lot of effort to overcome this. One of the Sixes, though, moved in with a couple who had a toddler. The husband was killed during a protest. The Six sort of filled in the spot of the father figure. Mom hated and resented the Six for a bit. It was complicated. But the kid really started to care about the Six. And the Six cared about him. A lot."

Kapali calmly squints at Coop while she's drinking from the bottle of beer that she's holding, and half snorts some of the beer up her nose midway through the last of what he's saying. "You mean you're shooting blanks?" doesn't come out quite nearly as quiet as she'd obviously intended. But with the eyes watering and booze up the nose and the burn in her sinuses she lost several inches of ground on the tactful field. She uses the torn edge of her sleeve again to wipe at her eyes, "Sorry," aimed sidelong once she stops trying to sneeze the awful feel out of her head.

Coop watches the reaction and doesn't seem terribly embarassed by it. "All good. You got.. your nose.." he points to her where its dripping. "Yeah." He clears his throat and nods. "It's a genetic thing with us. All blanks, all the time. There's always rumors about how it could be done or someone trying to experiment. Some of them are real. Its kind of ugly. But yeah, Afton won't be having any kids from me."

Kapali shakes her head, again, and uses the sleeve once more before cramming it into one of the many pockets of her khakis. "Beer, nose, ow," succinctly before she exhales a breath, head angled away so she doesn't breathe beer breath on Coop. A frown forms on her face after a few moments until she finally angles a look back at Coop. "How do you know it can't be done though. Just because it hasn't, doesn't mean it can't. It's the whole /It's impossible until it isn't/ mentality," she shrugs one shoulder but the frown remains. "Wait. What experiments, what the hell?"

"Can't be done. It's a science thing. We're not compatible with each other or humanity. The fact that we look human is a miracle in and of itself. The odds are astronomical. But we're also artificial lifeforms, really. Even if legally I'm not. Sperm won't fertilize the egg in any combination. It's been tried for years. Three or four at this point, I think." He sips the beer. "Yeah, there's a lot of shit going on. Ugly stuff. You know those brain-bug fraks, there's some people who are being taken and have no itention of being returned until there are successes. They're using humanity to try to develop a war to produce offspring in some combination. It's a Cylon directive coming from One. Nobody wants the work so it's mostly canners and Ones doing the work out there at the homeworlds."

"Well, huh," comes Kapali response after a moment of thinking on Coop's words, "that's just stupid. Why go to all the point and bother of making you look like a flesh and blood human with all the joys and pitfalls that go with it, if you don't have all of the stuff working the way it's supposed to work. Why bother?" curious and confused at the same time. "Plus, don't you guys like share memories when you download? That would REALLY suck," emphatic tone there followed by a huff of a laugh before she sobers again, a grim set to her expression. "I have a serious hate on for the Ones, by the way. Canners too, but they freak me out so I can't really set that aside. But what the frak are we doing if we aren't making THAT stop."

"Not sure. We've asked the question many times. The only likely answers we come up with are that we weren't supposed to be able to because it was on purpose, or because there's something missing we can't figure out. And yeah, we do share memories. The female lines are like sisters. You do not want to know how much I hate carrying around memories of sleeping with my sister. It's not fun." Newp. Kappa's last point has him shake his head. "If we knew where it was, what could we do about it? Nuke it? Kill everyone there? They'd just rebuild. We're talking about machines, six months is meaningless. We've gotta convince them that this is not in their best interest - all of it. Not that I don't want to but…" What can you do.

"Gahh, why did you have to say that, jeez Coop?" Kapali's voice is aghast and amused and appalled at the same time, shaking her head as a reluctant laugh escapes. "Man. New phrase I want you to keep in the front of your mind from now on. Unwanted Mental Image Violation," stressing each word clearly. "UMIV, Coop. You have GOT to figure out some control alt delete option! Jeez," this time the laugh is less reluctant and more wry. "Ok. question time. do the canners think for themselves or do they just follow orders like a wind up toy? I mean, YOU think for yourself, and the others of your line, and those that aren't trying to exterminate us like ants. So. Can they be reasoned with or is it about a binary solution of ones and zeros and someone entering the correct key strokes then, wham bam, update time, and voila, end of extermination program on to painting fences in rainbow colors and watering the daisies?"

"Oh, come on. If I have to live with the memory of sleeping with my sisters, then you can also hear about it. I sure as hell don't want them. I wish I had a brain scrubber. But no, its just better to share them. In fact, I should probably give you projection of what it was like." Mwuahahaha. Okay, so coop really has developed some kind of sense of humor. It could be a lot worse though, especially since he isn't serious. The rest has him shake his head. "The Cylons are machines. They can reason. They feel things like fear and anger. Revenge, as a motive. On some levels they can be reasoned with but you're not going to find them entering into philosophical arguments. But you should keep in mind that there's something else at play." He sips the whiskey and leans in. "Skinjobs aren't Cylons. They never were. That's intel that is just now being spread among command. But I haven't been ordered to keep quiet about it." He comes back to lean against the bar and shrug. This is not the face of a man who looks like he's kidding.

"Hah hah, no thank you, seriously UMIV," Kapali is exhaling a laugh that is accompanied by a decisive shake of her head. "Absolutely no thank you, check please, thank you and good night," still half laughing, slightly appalled, mostly entertained until he leans in and makes the funny go away, laughing trailing off as she turns slowly to stare at Coop. That frown forms on her face again, not having had enough beer to seriously impair her ability to connect the dots in some sort of linear order. "You're not a cylon." She doesn't ask that, but states it, like testing how the words sound when assembled properly. "You're not a cylon," maybe saying it twice will help it make more sense. "Marine to marine, what the frak are you talking about Coop?"

Coop sips the whiskey one more time before putting it down and taking up the water. Another sip. "I'm not a Cylon, Kappa. I never was. It's why you've never heard me say that I'm a Cylon. Because I'm not. I'm from here." He lazily gestures his finger in an arc. "Piraeus. At least I'm pretty positive about that. All of us are. The skinjobs? The Lines? They've been hijacked and are being used as slaves by the Cylons. Not sure how it was done, though." He sips the water again.

Slowly tipping her head in a nod as Coop speaks, Kapali follows his word with all the attention that she'd focus on any mission briefing; which is to say, absorb, memorize, apply. She is silent for a thoughtful length of time, nursing the beer that she's holding, listening to the music playing somewhat disjointedly in the background, probably a track that's scuffed or didn't record correctly. The group around the billiard table racking up for another set while arguing over who has to pay for the next round. The weight of the bottle that she's holding and the way the label is peeling up just a bit from the condensation on the side of the bottle itself. She works the edge of one thumbnail around the label and peels it slightly up until she works the label off the bottle entirely and sets it on the edge of the bar, the warm air making the curl of paper tip then topple over onto the floor. Then she begins to laugh. Not loudly. Not unhinged. Just a quiet laugh, shoulders shaking subtly, the sound almost completely lost in the general noise of the room itself. she laughs until she has to gasp for breath, one hand braced against the edge of the bar, leaning forward, laughing until tears run down her face and she's turned slightly red with the lack of adequate oxygen. Her words, when she finally manages a coherent reply, are wheezed between gasps of breaths. "We are so fraking stupid," wiping at her face with the knuckles of one hand, "wow. How long have you known?"

Knox watches her laugh, but he isn't laughing. He's actually a little concerned someone is going to think he roofie'd her drink. The bartender eyes him so he picks up a coaster and uses it to fan Kappa, making sure she's getting air. "Nobody is stupid. The odds are astronomical, bordering on statistically impossible. Why would anyone have even guessed? Did you know its more likely you would have run into alien lifeforms that look like stompy robots than it is to run into an artifical lifeform that happens to look perfectly human? even outwardly test that way?" The fanning continues. "I found out just before Warday. There was no time to act. After the bombs fell, it was no longer a smart play to tell anyone."

Kapali laughs harder, actually ending up seated on one of the three legged stools, both elbows propped on the edge of the bar, her face in her hands as she laughs until she is winded, red faced, even her ears have turned that alarming shade of red. The bit of air that Knox is fanning in her direction does help as the laughter trails off into hiccups and she uses the hem of her outermost layer of shirts to wipe at her face. "It's laugh or scream, Coop," she finally wheezes, hiccups interrupting her words. "Scream doesn't help. Laughter is better." She sighs and tips her head back, eyes closed, struggling to control the hiccups and breath normally. "No longer a smart play," rueful now. "You're a gods bedamned alien lifeform, not a cylon, not a walking talking canner. You're an actual alien, native to this fraking planet." She scrubs one hand over her face, exhales a breath, another hiccup, twitches visibly then sighs. "You're not an alien. You're a gods bedamned marine. And I'm not going to punch you in the face just because this changes everything, though frak if I don't need to punch something."

Coop takes a seat on the stool next to her and keeps fanning her while she laughs. Another sip of the water and he's leaned on the bar. Mostly he just wants to make sure she doesn't faint from lack of oxygen at this point. "It's not that it was no longer a smart play. People had started to figure it out. When someone said that this ghost Captain on the planet looked like a Five, it was time. Too much was left in the open and if I had sat on it quietly, nobody would have wanted to hear it later." He takes a long breath and shakes his head. "I'm a Marine. I'm human. I look and test exactly like a human. But I'm apparently from a human civilization that was destroyed five hundred years before the first people even left Kobol. This is pretty much impossible and I've got no explanation for it. …At least I'm not a chest-burster."

Resting the side of her face on one hand, Kapali angles so that she can eye Coop, the hiccups still lingering every few moments, rather annoyingly. "Is that why you were so mad, in the mess, when I said that maybe this whole planet was a trap or a trick or a con of some sort? How cylons had been invented only forty or sixty or what ever years ago, yadda yadda?" she wonders. Then snickers out a laugh. "Coop, if you were a chest bursting alien you'd be filthy rich by now with all kinds of vid deals and a syndicate show and legions of fans wanting your sig."

"Sort of, yeah. I mean it's not that I found it offensive. Its just that I was so used to trying to protect that information that I forgot that it didn't matter. I know this place is my home and hearing that it's a trap sorta made me lose my temper a little, too. But you were dead on about how long Cylons have been around. It's just simply not possible. I don't get it. Here's the other problem, Kappa:" Coop swills the whiskey. "Humanity left Kobol for Earth four thousand years ago. If we came from the same place originally, this would have been really obvious in testing. That's even assuming the thirteenth tribe is anything except a legend. My money is that its a legend."

Kapali makes a small movement of both head and shoulders, both a nod and a shrug at the same time. "I insulted your home. I'd probably punch you in the face if you insulted Caprica. Well. Before the little horror trip to Caprica, that is," her voice is careful there, "some stuff never heals, Coop. Seeing my home world like that, it just doesn't heal, no matter how many times I try to get it right in my head, it doesn't get any better. And I didn't mean to insult your home, you know." She exhales a slow sigh of sound, "I'm not going to be the only one whose default setting is Punch first and have a rational dialog next, you know. And If, is a big word, so is assume. And legend, that's another big word. We're marines. We're supposed to dumb it down to point, shoot, and keep moving. Dumb it down a bit more and maybe everyone else will get it when you explain it to everyone." She picks up the beer bottle and points it at Coop, "Also, you do know i have a first name, right? Not just a last name. Just saying. And you looked like you were going to have a rage smash moment, by the way, I was pretty impressed that you didn't break anything."

"Yeah I heard something about a shootdown on Cap a month or two ago. Guessing that was you. Sounds like you had a simply /wonderful/ time. And yeah, I get it. You thought this was some rock and I'm not mad at you. This stuff isn't personal. I don't remember anything about how this planet used to be so it hurts less. But I do know it was my home. Hearing that the Captain is a Five just confirms what I already knew." Coop shakes his head, sighing. "As far as other people go? I imagine this is going to spread like wildfire. Mostly I suspect I won't be around when people find out. In the time it takes to get to me, questions will form. The biggest thing to take away from this is that it changes nothing. Major Grey confirms that." A pause. "Penny." He grins a little. "I like Kappa. Seems more fitting. But I'll call ya Penny if you prefer."

Making a sound that confirms that indeed his intel is accurate, Kapali finishes the bottle of beer and…. calls for another one. Down the rabbit hatch requires lots of beer, apparently. "Don't know about that, Coop. If it isn't personal, than it's just .." she frowns, "well then what the hell is the point. I mean, stuff SHOULD be personal. Or why do anything. If it isn't personal than all of this could be done remotely. We build machines, your crazy One sends canners, we could all just do this remotely or on screen and settle it the old fashioned with. Over a sand table while someone brings us booze and something to smoke. We could exchange sly, snotty, insults and pointed verbal jabs while deliberating over individual movements of tokens on the board and arguing over points of order and scoring inaccuracies. If it weren't personal, then it wouldn't matter if this is your home or not. If it's just some dumb rock that happens to have a habitable atmosphere, then it wouldn't matter that all of this doesn't make a damned bit of sense." She gestures with the empty beer bottle again, "It changes nothing? Hah," she makes a snort of sound. "Either work. Just saying I do have a first name and it isn't Corporal, though I think that's going to be my first name forever, if I play my cards right. Look," and again that gesture, "it does change things. Wars are fought up here," she taps her free hand against the side of her head, "in here," this time over her heart, "and then every damn where else that a body can go to and get into a fight. It matters what we're fighting for and why. Screw with the what and the why along with the who and the how, and it changes things."

"The remark isn't personal because of intent, Kappa. If you had known it was my home then you probably wouldn't have termed it a trap. Or would have at least considered that before saying it. I can say that because I know you, Penny. I'm not looking to hate you and you aren't looking ot hate me. There's no reason to take it personally. The rest of the war? Sure. You can make it personal if you want. I don't like to. It's not because of a philosophical point, its because of how I operate. When I get mad, I go into overdrive. When that happens, life ends. People, machine, inanimate object, if it gets in my way then I will destroy it with maximum violence. That's why I don't get mad - or try to avoid it." The explanation of why it does change things gets a waggle of a flattened hand. "I guess. Major Gray doesn't think like you do. Strategically, it doesn't change anything. Only really in terms of why we fight. You've been fighting to free people from the threat of enslavement under the Cylons." Coop shrugs. "You still are. Just many more people than you originally though. We're getting a lot of allies. Six, Nine, Eleven, they're all throwing in to break from the Ones. I think Twelve is, too, and it sounds like Seven also. This constitutes the bulk of the combat Lines. We're about to get more friends to fight alongside, Kaps."

"Hey, I can do a pretty good impression of a narrow minded beady eyed loud mouthed bigot, if you REALLY want me to," Kapali counters with a grin. "I might have to dumb it down to one or two syllable words but I could probably pull it off. I'd need to hit my head on something for a while first, just to kill off a few billion brain cells or something, but I'm adaptable," the wry grin broadens into a genuine one before she accepts that third bottle of beer. "I can't dumb it down to just point and shoot, Coop. I also can't quite get out of my head the sight of that Five's head exploding, either, so it's a jumble up here," one fingertip taps at her skull again. "I see that ghost captain and it pisses me off. I see that walking talking yammering about something she called an Ark and her pointing a gun at me and I want to bash her brains in with a rock like some sort of primitive. You say that they're slaves, right? They're what, brainwashed by the Ones? It's hard to set 'bash over head with rock' aside and rationalize around to 'If she knew what she was doing she wouldn't do it', because that goes into the same category of 'just following orders' which isn't a defense any of us are allowed to use. Then spin it back around to ignorance but spin it BACK to genocide and back again. It's enough to make me want to drink a hell of a lot more than I already do, Coop."

"Careful, Kappa. You kill off a couple billion brain cells then you'll only be as smart as a Viper jock. Then what good are you to us?" The guy grins before sipping the whiskey again. "The ghost captain was talking about an Ark? Or was the Five on Libran talking about the Ark. Because if the Captain is talking about it, then I'm kinda wondering just whiskey tango foxtrot is going on." He shakes his head. "But yeah, they're essentially brainwashed. They think they are Cylons, I guess. I suppose I never asked. But I do agree with you. 'I was only following orders' doesn't absolve you of atrocities. But I would forward that there is a significant pain that goes along with the full realization of what the Lines have done. When it hits the individual member as to what they have done and who they really are? It's soul crushing. Ceres was reduced to tears and painful sobbing for hours. This isn't a 'whoops' moment. It hurts. A lot. And it never leaves. The first two weeks after I got into this new body after downloading, I was a wreck. I remembered every person they'd ever killed and watching the colonies go up in fireballs." Nothing about what he says is smiling or thought of as amusing in any way. He's serious. "The only reason I didn't kill myself is because I knew I'd just download again. That's how dark the hole of depression is."

"I can't imagine that, and I don't think anyone who has ever done something that they regret, not just feel bad about but have nightmares about it, wake up sweating and sick, would want to go through that, Coop. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone, no matter how much it pisses me off," Kapali says after a moment of silence and sighs. "And who ever is in charge of how your memory system works needs to be punched in the face," which is her default setting for handling things that piss her off. Punch first, discuss later. "I personally volunteer to help out with that, if you ever figure it out." She taps the edge of the bottle against the bar while staring in general direction of where a flat screen would've been if any were rigged above the bar. "And it was the Five that was on planet, on Libran, I mean, not the ghost whatchamacallit on planet. I suppose being mad at her isn't fair, either," not -quite- adulting hard enough right there.

"It's traumatic. No two ways about it. But it's the price the Lines have to pay for freedom. They have to know what they've done. Some people will never forgive them. But that they want to fight and help humanity? That's a start." The guy doesn't smile, though. It's not even excuses. He doesn't include himself in their own business. It's not like he participated in the nuking of the colonies. "I'm guessing One controls the memories. I wouldn't mind bashing a few of their heads together." As for the Five? "I won't mention rational acts or feelings. Everyone is accountable for their own actions. But what they due with their truth is also their own. If that Five feels nothing? Burn 'em. Burn 'em all that feel nothing."

"No. Trust me, the smell of burning bodies. Bad. You don't want to go that route. Now, bashing some heads together, some face punching, knocking out a few teeth, that would be ideal. Rather punitive, but you ought to keep it on your bucket list of things to accomplish. After the whole rollercoaster, race car, screaming, one night stand, have a family thing. Pencil it in before the family thing, though, it's way more logical that way. Who knows, maybe somewhere in that soup of memories that they're controlling is something that'll solve that problem for you," she shrugs then frowns again. "Maybe the fives will have a come to their senses moment and start to remember who they are, I think that's how you're saying it works, right? Maybe they won't. Maybe even if they DO they still want to throw their lot with One, but hell, who knows if they never get a chance. What's the game plan on that one?" She grins suddenly, "You do have a plan, right?"

"Well that's more of an expression than a projected punishment. Smelled plenty of burning bodies. I think airlocking might be more in order." The guy grins a little at the idea of penciling things in. "Bashing heads is something I've done. C'mon, I'm a Marine, not a priest. I've been in a couple bar brawls. But no, I doubt there is anything in there on how to modify the memories. One would be stupid to leave that in." He leaves the now-empty whiskey t othe side and takes up the water. "They need to put boots on the ground on Piraeus and spend some time there. They also need to be willing to accept it. Kidnapping them and forcing them to undergo it unwillingly is a gross violation of rights — which is another way of saying it would turn the lines against us. They need to want to be free. But my plan? My plan went into effect before the war started. Nines infected their lines. Now more are on the way. That's about the only plan we've got. Once we have the numbers, we can take the fight to them."

"If you're going to use logic, we can't have these discussions, Coop," Kapali remarks with a grin. "Right. So. No kidnapping and forcing them to come to grips with their inner selves or have a moment of inner peace or attempt find some sort of zen moment of ultimate cosmic wisdom. No hand holding. No group hug. No therapy sessions. No one is going to be forced to go with her or her emotions, etcetera etcetera. Frankly, if I never see anyone go with his or her emotions ever again, Coop, I just might die happy," this last is followed with a quiet laugh. "Alright. Well. It goes without saying but hell, I've had three beers, so I'm saying it. COUNT ME IN. When you figure out the where, you'd better believe I'm volunteering to help. Keep that in mind. I'll pack extra explosives. I'll bet Tiny will volunteer to."

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