Battlestar Deimos (BS-93)


Early Mercury-class ship?


Name Begin Date End Date Role Ship Location
Ekho Lin 1992 1994 Viper Pilot VFA-147 "Argonauts"
Atalanta Franklin 1997 2001 Viper Pilot VF-519 "Widowmakers"
Emilia Hallick 1998 2001 Raptor Pilot VAQ-221 "Tempests"
Aristides Cole 2001 2002 Viper Pilot VF-492 "Lancers"
Nicodemus Gallo 2001 2004 Raptor ECO VAQ-221 "Tempests"
Jess Karlsson 2002 2004 Viper Pilot VF-492 "Lancers"
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