AWD #190: Browsing
Summary: Mahasti and Phin scan the shelves and compare ink.
Date: 15/07/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mahasti Phin 
Library — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
AWD #191

Mahasti is milling, she has a few books in her arm and is browsing the movies, her cheeks pinkened like normal as she does so. She's browsing movies that she clearly hasn't the faintest about. A violin concert dvd is pulled and added to her arm, her right pointer finger resting on a sad Leonese romance movie - the sort that ends depressingly and has subtitles. She seems mostly quiet today, unlike normal - no squeaking or fussing on her part. It is afterall -allegedly- evening.

Phin is a ways from the movie section. He's combing the non-fiction shelves, at the moment. Colonial history. He picks a volume up and tucks it under one arm, moving out of that area. More casually browsing now, and moving toward the more entertainment-oriented parts of the library. It's closer to where Mahasti is, though he doesn't seem to notice her yet.

Mahasti smiles "Hello Lt. McBride." she chirps, very softly, her small frame shifting "What are you renting?" she asks, curiously, her arm shifting as she looks him over, just slightly tilting to read his tatoo curiously, her weight shifting to do so. "Sorry for being so rowdy the other night." she offers, adjusting her things and setting the movie on her pile. "Are you well today?"

"Huh?" Phin turns his head at the sound of his surname and rank. "Oh. Hey, Doctor. Rowdy?" He doesn't quite seem to get that, but he just shrugs. "Uh, no worries. I don't know. Just wanted to look at the titles. I've seen most of what I want to see out of the collection by now, but it's as good a way to kill time aboard as any." He notes her studying his tattoo, standing up a little straighter.

Mahasti laughs "Don't do that, all of you are too tall." she smiles "I was trying to read it, sorry. I didn't offend, right?" she asks, looking at the title "I can understand that. I never watched most of these when they came out initially, so most of it is new to me." she offers, that soft, defined Leonese accent piping through. She grins a bit "I couldn't remember your first name, sorry. I'm Mahasti Nasreen, if you'd be so kind to remind me of your name it'd help me a lot." she offers with a bright smile. Still not offering her hand.

"Are we?" Phin grins at being called tall, though he seems a little surprised. His own height is dead average for a man. "I guess I have been a little surprised by how tall some of the Viper pilots aboard are. When they did our physicals before flight school, most of the guys who were over six-foot got put in the Raptor pipeline. Viper's a tight space, especially if you need to eject out of the canopy and don't want to get tangled up in anything. But anyway. I guess some guys score well enough in other areas that it doesn't matter so much." He sets his book down so she can get a better look at his tattoo, if she's so inclined. "No offense." He doesn't seem shy about it, though he doesn't preen particularly as he shows it off. "First name's Phin. Callsign's Dolly, if you want to use that, though mostly just other flight officers and some of the Deck bother with those."

Mahasti laughs a bit "Well take into account that I'm barely over naval minimums for height too. Now tell me, as I've never seen Luc or Warren in their vipers, do their knees hit the whatchacall it.. The instrument panels?" she asks, grinning lopsidedly. "I'm always nosey about tatoos if people will let me be properly nosey." she offers, taking a moment to read it. "I like it, its quite nice." she offers. "I'm sure I have nicknames, but nobody calls them to my face." she offers up with a lopsided grin.

Phin laughs. "Not quite, I don't think. There are lots of different controls, but instrument panel works as well as anything else." He shrugs, which has the effect of seeming to make the dolphin on his shoulder jump. It's rather jauntier than the scripture that laces his arm below it. "Got this one before I left Scorpia. Just something I wanted to remember. Do you have any ink?"

Mahasti covers her mouth, laughing at the dolphin jumping. "Oh er yes, but its kind of personal." she shifts her hand up "I couldn't think of anything that suited me." She extends her hand "I got it when I left Hedon." she offers, showing the tatoo clearly on her wrist, a plain, rod of Asclepius - the medic's staff on her right inner wrist near the bone, where it would easily be seen. "Boring, right?" she offers with a laugh. "My father shouted at me so sternly when he found out about it." she offers, looking a little embarassed about it. "I like the script better, but the dolphin is pretty amazingly done."

Phin grins when his dolphin performance gets a laugh. "It's for my callsign. Like Doll-phin. Sort of. Anyway. Got it down on Piraeus, though I heard one of the Deckies, PO Alexios, can do ink better if you're looking for an artist." The script's older, by the look of the ink, and he doesn't volunteer a further explanation for it. He leans forward, to get a closer look at her rod. "I figure it's not boring if it means something to you. That's the whole point. Something you want to carry around as a part of you, or that reflects something that's not on the surface."

Mahasti smiles "Well, it means I'm a doctor and that I'll help anyone to feel better if it is within my abilities." she leans and pokes it with her gentle finger tip "I've thought about getting others, but I always get timid about it. I've seen his work, he's a little gruff but nice enough." she offers, "Er I would hold my hand up closer but I feel like it'd look weird." she offers, grinning. It isn't large, or obnoxious, small and simplistically done. "I used to wear a bracelet over it but I lost it on Picon." she murmurs.

"I asked him about it once, though I don't feel like I need to get anything else right now. He said he takes books in trade for it. If you've got a personal collection. I don't think the library wants stuff just disappearing into the enlisted bunks somewhere." For her own ink, Phin nods short to himself. "I don't know what the regs in Medical are about that kind of thing, but it doesn't seem like they'd mind. It's simple, and the meaning's pretty clear. What else would you want to get?"

Mahasti shrugs a bit "A swirling treble clef or something, I was an accomplished violinist in my youth." she offers. "I need to figure it out, it took me quite a bit of time to figure out what I wanted then. Warren once suggested I get it on my lower back but I don't think I could ever even manage that." she offers with a laugh.

"If you aren't sure about it, I wouldn't bother, honestly," Phin says, picking up his book again. "It's something you've got to live with forever, after all. And it's not like it doesn't hurt. I mean, I don't think it's that bad, and it's something you kind of have control over. But not worth it unless it's something important to you." As for placement, another shrug. "I don't know. Only really had the arm done. I think I'd just add to something else there, if I got another."

Mahasti laughs a bit "Even at my drunkest I can't pull it off on my lower back. A tramp stamp? My father would roll in his grave." she offers, laughing a bit harder than necessary "So if it doesn't break a rule, tell me, is Warren fitting in well enough? Luc seems fine enough, the scars are a little bad." she pauses "Warren is a pretty good friend of mine so please excuse the nosiness. I really didn't think they'd ever let him back in a viper after the fire." she admits, cheeks a little red.

Phin chuckles when she actually calls it a 'tramp stamp.' "I mean, I don't know. Not like I ever had to worry about my parents disapproving of much. But…that's totally up to you, Doc." As for the question about Warren, his expression gets more serious. Shrug. "Seems to be doing fine? We've all been in combat by now. Not like we don't know what can happen out there. I figure that kind of thing's none of my business, if somebody doesn't want to talk about it. "

Mahasti smiles a bit "I was worried he wasn't on his game, you know? I'm glad things seem normal. Thanks for not thinking I'm weird for asking." she asks, She reaches to adjust one of her braids. "If I ask him, machismo - which I do admire from time to time - kicks in and he chest puffs at me." she offers with a grin "So I thought I'd ask another pilot how he's doing." she grins a bit. "eh it might not be my business, but, I naturally kind of worry about friends." she offers with a grin "annnd I think Warren and Luc both know I'm pretty nosey about checking up on them by now." she offers, chuckling a bit.

"I haven't had a chance to fly with him yet. Hard to really get a sense of another pilot until you do," Phin says. "Seems like a decent guy, though. Like I told him, another gun on the flight line is pretty much always welcome. I didn't know you knew Bigmouth that well."

Mahasti laughs a bit. "I didn't meet him, he met me. He's feeling better - you can tell because he's full of shit again!" she jokes. "Bigmouth is quite possibly the most appropriate call sign I have ever heard. He was one of the first people to make me feel welcome here on board." she offers with a lopsided grin. "Warren however, I've known way longer. He was one of my first patients as a naval doctor. Comfortable friendship. I used to sit on his bed while I was off duty and play my violin for him to help cheer him up." she comments.

Phin smirks slight. "Yeah, it pretty much suits the guy." About Bigmouth's callsign. "But he's a good stick. Glad he recovered. Anyway, good to have people you can call friends aboard. This kind of life's hard to take sometimes without somebody who has your back." He picks up his book, a volume on the string of Virgon-Leonis wars pre-Colonial unification. "Anyway, I should get this checked out, head back to the berths."

Mahasti nose scrunches "A note for you to keep in mind, don't bring that up to a Leonese woman." she offers with a wink "I should get some rest, I might have a night shift to pull off, I'm on call." she smiles "Eh Luc is a good friend. He is a little noisy but its nice to see someone lively bouncing around. It would be nice if he'd just take my word on my swimming skills." she looks around "I'm terrible at swimming. I sink like a stone." she offers with a grin. "Have a good night Phin, be safe. If you need anything have me called up the the medbay."

"Don't bring what up to a Leonese woman?" Phin seems honestly puzzled. And a little wary. He lingers to hear this.

Mahasti taps the war book "It can spark some bad vibes." she offers with a grin. "I'm also teasing you." she offers, stretching out and taking her books and movies to check them out. She looks slightly tired.

"This is for work," Phin says. "I mean, sort of. The Vipers've got to do some recons in the asteroid belts in Helios Beta. Space is too tight for the Raptors to fly in lots of places. Some of the areas were mined during the wars, and the Colonial government never got around to ripping them out. I don't think we've flown far enough out yet to hit them, but we will if we keep pushing in. It's not like this'll help to know their placement or anything but…I don't know. I like knowing why stuff is the way it is."

Mahasti takes a moment reaching to touch his forearm, very gently "If you want some emergency Leonese phrases, I will be more than happy to teach them to you. I'm homesick and hope people are still alive back home. If you see anything standing on Leonis, let me know." she offers, voice soft. It is clear she is very homesick.

"I know a few. Some of the country ones, at least. Spent my Academy years there, and my best friend's a native. Wouldn't mind learning more of the language, though." Phin's posture straightens again when she reaches to touch his forearm. It's not welcoming, exactly, but he doesn't pull away either. When she asks about the planet itself, his expression grows apologetic. "I won't be doing flybys of the planet. That'll be for the Raptor crews. Vipers aren't great for recon. Sensors aren't as good, and no jump engine in case you need to bail quick. So they're only used where the Raptors can't really go. I'm sure we're sending a team, though. Might want to talk to the D-CAG, Major Franklin, to see who exactly's going out."

Mahasti smiles a bit "I have more prying matters to talk to her about. I'm sure I'll hear more when its time to hear it." she with draws her hand, apologetically smiling "Sorry for touching without permission. I'm hoping to eventually put a stone in my traditional family grave site for my parents someday" she offers, calmly with a shrug "I should get going and you should get some rest, again, sorry." she looks embarassed and like she might withdraw entirely for the evening.

"No worries, Doc. Later." Phin looks half-apologetic, but he doesn't add anything more than that as he turns to go.

Mahasti waves a hand, muttering something soft and sweetly toned in Leonese, "Always find your way home." she comments, adjusting her books and adjusting her books to begin humming an old Leonese symphony to herself.

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