AWD #010: Bringing Zach Home
Bringing Zach Home
Summary: Sebastian brings Zach back to Eden after the DCAG falls ill.
Date: 15/01/2013
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Zachary Sebastian Eden 
The Sheperd Apartment - Sheridan - Piraeus
Where Zach and Eden reside.
15 January 2013

Luckily there is not smell of burning food this time around. Perhaps Eden has decided its best not to waste food on her attempts at being a homemaker. That said, there are the distinct squeals from the apartment that might signify something that is not all together human as they are rather high pitched.

There comes the humming of a song and then a crash as a woman gasps out. "Penelope!" And there is the thud of footfalls. "Get back here!"

"Here we are." Zachary murmurs, still on his feet, even if barely. He fishes his keys out of his pocket to open the door, and then he hears the crash and his brows raise. "..she was supposed to take them to the Ag center."

Sebastian is supporting his pilot. Heterosexual work partner is heterosexual work partner, dammit. "Steady, Pie." Sebastian says, and chuckles wryly. "Sure you don't want to go to the med bay for a relaxing few days? There's a doctor there that has huge tits and likes to get drunk. I'm sure she'd be very entertaining if you're into that sort of thing."

Hearing the keys at the door, Eden is soon there, the aforementioned Penelope tucked under her arm. The door is held open and she steps back. Her hair is a bit in disaray but she smiles for a moment until she notices the state in which Zachary is in. She pauses and then it fades. "Sweetheart?" She asks in mild concern and giving Sebastian a questioning look.

"Hi, honey." Zachary offers, with a faint smile. She knew he was pale this morning, and now it's only worse. "Got a sick day at work." he murmurs. "A little too much fun, so Sebastian brought me home." he straightens back up to start to move forward towards the foryer.

"You know the man." Sebastian says, almost conversationally, "Combat drops, recons, CSARs, making little petty officers cry. It's a wonder he doesn't die from excitement." The light, wry words hide his concern, though.

"Got sick during the meeting. I'm going to strongly suggest as his ECO that he gets at least two days of leave, then a medical check before going on duty, and I'll take that recommendation to Wizard." That with a hint of a disapproving frown at Zach at that. Sebastian does smile wryly at Eden, though, and adds, "Just as well I drove him down here. I was wanting to talk to you two."

Hmmming thoughtfully as she gets slightly different stories and gives Zachary a long look. "I will put some coffee on if you want, tea perhaps. Please, come in Lieutenant Teague." She smiles and closes the door after them before she moves to place Penelope in her makeshift pen of turned over chairs, arm of the couch and wall. That done, she heads for the kitchen to wash her hands.

"You just couldn't help but to keep one, could you?" Zachary asks as he offers Eden a smile and a quick brush of his lips on her cheek as he goes to find a place to sit. "Tea, if it's all the same to you, hon?" She can't.. burn.. water.. right?

"Tea works." Sebastian says easily, "And please, call me Sebastian. Or Seb." He gives the scientist a wry grin, "For the time being, Pie and I are partners. That makes you family." He rolls his shoulder, and pointedly looks at Zachary until he sits down, and moves to flop down on the nearest safe place to sit.

The little piglet roots around but will cause no trouble for them. She had her prison break for the hour. Eden pauses near the threshold to the kitchen and nods, "Tea it is then." She can burn water, she has. Poor Zachary. The sound of the pot being put on is heard and then she is coming out with a plate of fresh snickerdoodles. "Zachary baked these yesterday…" She explains and sets the down on the coffee table. "Can I get you anything else Sebastian?

Zachary takes over the small love seat opposite the recliner and makes room for Eden to sit once she joins them. He offers a small smile, but still looks utterly beat. "You said you wanted to talk to us about something? If it's a wedding invitation, you'll have to have it planetside so Eden can attend."

Sebastian shamelessly snags several cookies. A small pile, even! "It is." Sebastian says, easily, "This isn't a military event. I wouldn't wear uniform if I had a change of nice civilian clothes. We're going to have to worry about frat, and the best thing we can do to avoid issues is to focus on this as a civilian wedding."

He wrinkles his nose, and says, "You mentioned settling down here. Have you picked the acreage for your farm yet?"

Looking between them, Eden stays on her feet for now - see not burning tea. She smiles at them both, "Congratulations by the way, I had not realized it was you that had gotten engaged. You know, the greenhouse has some lovely spring bulbs alreayd starting to bud out if you were wanting something soon. I could arrange for us to…oh! Why not at the greenhouse? That would be lovely." She offers lightly and then looks between them. "I don't think we have.."

"Not yet. We were going to look at plots once the summer came. Eden was here with the last tour and wanted me to look at them when I came with her." Zachary says as he does not eat a cookie. It won't sit well in his stomach.

"I want to settle here once the War's over." Sebastian says, calm, conversational, and full of utter, offhanded certainty that there will be an end. "Thaddo wants to retire and start a farm. I was thinking the four of us, and his sister once we get her off Picon, could all go together, start a group farm. Pool resources to really get a nice chunk of land, and work it together." Sebastian nibbles a cookie.

Sliding onto the arm of the couch loveseat next to Zachary, she lowers her hand to run over the back of his neck, rubbing lightly to help remove tension. She takes care of him in a silent watchful way as she listens to Sebastian. "That, would be lovely. I am not sure what Zachary has told you, but I have a secondary degree in Soils and Crops Science, I am extremely excited to look at land. I want to take some auger samples of the soil horizons and see if I can't beat others to the punch in finding the best land for a high yield.

Zachary chuckles. "She even tried to set up a farm on Pallus once." he comments, leaning against the rub. It feels good, and it starts to work him down, finally. "That's how I met her." He eyes the pig and looks to her. " sure you really want to keep that guy until we find a farm, love?"

To Sebastian, he lifts a bow. "I don't know, we barely know each other. That's such a big commitmengt." he comments with a small chuckle. Eden knows him. Slow. Very slow on some things. Like marriage proposals.

Sebastian's eyes don't glaze over at the talk of augie samples and horizons in the ground. He's a scientist after a fashion himself, after all! BSc degree in computer sciences! "Thaddo was raised on a farm. Him and his sister both. They have good practical knowledge." He mentions. He then shrugs one shoulder at Sebastian. "I'm good at figuring people out, Pie. We flew together in a pretty hair-raising situation, and I like to think we did it flawlessly." He smiles, wryly, "I have faith that things will settle down. That there'll be an end. But I'm practical enough to know that it'll be a while before it does. That's plenty of time for us to get to know each other, and call it off if it happens. But I will have a farm on Piraeus, with Thaddo and his sister. I'd like it to be with you two as at least neighbors."

Looking to Zachary as he take the slow route at best, she frowns a little and glances back to Sebastian, her smile returning. "I think, dear, that he has the right idea. Consider it. The colonies have been hit, we all need neighbors…families." She smiles all the more at Sebastian and starts to rise to go check on the tea as she adds. "I think its a lovely idea, we should have you and Thaddo…" she tests the name on her tongue, "For dinner. I have small kiwi's sprouting in the greenhouse."

"Which means I'll be cooking." Zachary says, watching Eden as she walks away. The DCAG is clearly still in love with the woman. " I'll have to find a good dinner to incorporate kiwis." a little amused sigh and leans back. But he doesn't push further, he trusts Eden with the homefront, his job is literally in the air.

"Thaddeus cooks too." Sebastian notes, with a small little smile at Zachary, as if he understands what he's feeling completely. "Mostly Gemenonese cuisine, but his curry is divine. If we pick a date, I can get'm to make something and bring it." His smile goes softer, warmer, "Be a good chance for you two to talk, get to know each other. I won't say he's not usually like he was at the meeting, calling Butch a wanker and frak like that, but there's more there."

He then nods towards Eden. "She's right, though. About needing something more than the constant military grind. We need hope. We need something to fight for past the blood and vengeance. We can spend every missile we have, we can even tear out our eye teeth to use as weapons, but in the end, it won't bring anything back." He shrugs his shoulder. "It's part of why I'm marrying Thaddo, making it official, instead of just going on the way we have been. I need the stability. He does too. And everyone else needs proof that life goes on."

Kitchen. Eden has disappered to let them talk, but can hear most of what is being said. There is a soft hiss of breath and light yelp followed by a metal tink. The sound of mugs being pulled down can be heard and then its quiet. A soft humming comes from the kitchen and then she finally steps into view. "its bagged tea, I hope you don't mind. Black currant, my favorite." She explains and then offers them both a mug. "Let me get the sugar and cream."

When he heard the yelp, weakened or not, Zachary is pushing himself to his feet. "Sweetheart?" he asks worriedly, and studies her when she comes back in view, taking his mug and sips it straight. "I know she's right. I just gave a whole speech on when she told me that." he smiles faintly. "And yes.. there has to be proof it goes on." he says a little cryptically, a smile offered towards Eden when she returns with the cream and sugar.

"Down." Sebastian gives Zachary a nasty look, expecting him to stay down. Because, look! Eden's fine. "I've tried getting Thaddo pregnant. Over and over again, until we're both blue in the face." Sebastian says conversationally, calmly, "And he's done the same. But at the end of the day, we'll have to just hope a marriage is enough to make people feel some hope." He then grins, wryly.

Zachary was taking a sip of tea and coughs as he hears that and the tea spills on his uniform. "Don't stick that image in my head again and I won't refer to you in an effiminate way again. Deal?" he asks wryly as he reaches for a napkin to dab off his uniform.

Sebastian chuckles at Zachary. "Deal." He says, with a crooked grin. He glances towards the kitchen, and asks, "Any word on Canceron yet?"

"Not yet. I don't know what's holding that recon up, but if it doesn't happen soon, I'll load up my raptor and take it there myself." Zachary comments simply, a glance to the kitchen to make sure Eden is still occupied. "She's Aquilian. I want to be able to tell her what's happened to her world. She doesn't know that Leonis is a prison camp yet. I didn't tell her." he admits with a sigh. "My sisters adore her, you know? They were all so excited to meet the girl that got me to smile, laugh, and not just think about work all the time."

"My mom is on Canceron." Sebastian scrubs his face. "I don't have much in the way of family… My father's side is extinct since my brother died on the Reese." He shakes his head. "Thaddo's sister was stationed on Picon. He was almost happy to hear she might still be alive."

"Maybe we'll find out if she is when we take Hall back to Base Anvil. If it's still there." Zachary lets out a short breath. "I feel like I missed an opprotunity there, maybe we can make up for it. But when we go, it's going to be with a full combat load. We're not going to jerk around this time."

Yes, she's heard everything, but Eden comes back out, a brave smile on her face that looks by all means genuine. "Enough talk about work. You are here to relax. If you aren't careful I will sic Penelope on you both." She tsks them and then moves over to place a kiss to the side of Sebatian's head. "Thank you for bringing me my husband. I never got to thank you for your work with him and that goes for today as well." She has her finger wrapped.

"Good. Glad we're going back." Sebastian says to Zach, and gives Eden a sheepish sort of grin. "Sorry. I'll leave you to your rest, then, Pie." Sebastian gets to his feet, "I want to snag Thaddo for a few drinks. He'll probably want to bitch about something or other, and it usually goes better if he's drunk." He chuckles, expression fondly happy.

Zach feels that little danger sense pulse in the back of his neck, but he offers a smile. "Be sure to apologize for my upchucking at the meeting and find out when he wants to have that dinner." he offers as he starts to rise to show Sebastian out.

"Thank you for coming to visit, Sebastian. Never hesitate to." Eden says and allows the two to head to the door and reaches down to clean up the tea slowly. She glances towards Penelope who is trying to edge her way out of the makeshift little pen.

"If you ever need someone to take you surveying, give me a ring." That to Eden, earnestly, "Either I or Thaddo can take you out. I'm not as bad a pilot as most ECOs out there." Zach is also given a grin. "Don't worry. Thaddo's a lot of bark. And I think everyone understands. We've all been under huge pressure.

"Yes, well, I still should have kept it under control. Good night, Booboo." Zachary offers, opening the door for his ECO to let him head back home. And then he closes the door to turn around and head back for Eden.

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