AWD #572: Brief and Salient
AWD #572: Brief and Salient
Summary: Majors Gray & Nadir have a brief and salient, if not entirely cordial, conversation.
Date: Monday 16/Jan/2017 (OOC Date)
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Elias Samtara 
CMO's Office - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Durable gray, industrial weave, carpeting covers the floor from wall to wall in this small, utilitarian and ruthlessly organized office. The left and right walls are covered in white boards with metal filing cabinets stacked side by side beneath each board, the tops of which serve as additional space along with room for a coffee maker and cleaning supplies. A pair of uncomfortable looking chairs take up the floor space to either side of the door and a heavy desk with a worn looking chair made equally of battered looking metal consume the rest of the space not occupied by shelves. Above the desk is a printed poster listing the periodic table of elements alongside a wall mounted lightbox for inspecting x-rays and other images.
Tue 01/Aug/2006

There is a palpable buzz of excitement in sickbay at this moment. While no patients are actually being treated at the moment, all medical personnel have been thru even if they're not on watch at the moment. The door to Nadir's office is open, coffee is on, and she is standing in front of one of the white boards in her office writing out a to-do list on the board.

Elias arrives at the hatch to the CMO's office, dressed in his duty blues and carrying his trusty clipboard. The young Major doesn't tend to get out of CIC much since his promotion to Tactical Officer, but he looks much the same, and still smells of cigarettes. The changes Sam might notice are mostly in his manner — he's always been the guarded sort, but now there's a sort of hardness to his manner that might seem older and far less approachable. Time is not his friend, and he wastes none of it today. Knocking on the hatch, the TACCO is stepping into the office without waiting for the CMO's word. "Doctor. I need to hear about your meeting with Doctor Jimenez before I brief the Admiral."

"Did you know, Major, that their physicians are the core of their diplomat service? Or maybe it's that the core of their diplomats are comprised of their physicians? It makes sense, once you think about it for a moment. Who better to actually grasp the reality of any cultures maturity than to bring a physician with to speak to other physicians? Absolutely fascinating," Nadir replies as she continues the list she's marking on the board. Even a cursory glance at the board will see that she's outlining the flow chart necessary to make certain procedures possible for the personnel who have returned with their Rally Point guests. "Absolutely brilliant," she continues in a calm aside, "their medical advances, their scientific applications, the logic of the two rolled in with their absolutely clear guidelines of what is and is not acceptable - and why it's not acceptable. Hope, Major, it's hope, light lightning in a bottle, only better," she adds and only then turns to aim a look at the Major directly. "They've brought hope, and for that - even if that's all - it's more than anything else they could have unpacked from any crate or box."

"Yes," Elias confirms that he too learned the full importance of Jimenez's role while in the first meeting with their 'guests.' Fascinating as it may be, he doesn't dwell. "It sounds as if you would characterize your meeting as … positive." One glance at her whiteboard cause the TACCO to take a second, closer look. "I'm told some of our people are volunteering for … medical procedures. I assume you'll be investigating those before approval. Any high level points I can take to the Adrmiral now?"

"The procedures, and there are elective ones that are being asked for, but primarily a restorative one that I'm keenly interested in, are all being parsed for potential hazards or medical draw backs," Nadir responds even as she turns back to add another line to the flow chart on the board. "Before I sign off on anything, or suggest anything, all the parameters will be outlined and explored. And only IF all command staff have agreed will the go ahead be granted." She turns back and nods, just the once, at Elias. "They have a clearly defined mandate that they are the living embodiment off. I didn't quite grasp that while she and I were speaking. Our personnel are calling them Arpay, but that's not what it is. It's R," she pauses a beat for clarification, "P," another pause. "Rally Point." With a mild shake of her head, an a look in her eyes that is a rather unexpected foil to the look in Grays, " In her words, Major, they have an irrevocable military charter. Their doctors? Part of their oath as a physician addresses specifically their commitment to fight for their patients. Literally, if and as need be. The sidearm that Dr. Jimenez is wearing? That's no a stage prop. She knows precisely what she's doing. Absolutely brilliant, just to make that point again. Absolutely brilliant."

"Mmm," Elias makes a noise of agreement for the approval plan Samtara lays out. "Understood. No objections here." The he makes a quick note on his clipboard while listening to the Doctor's clarification. The TACCO quirks a brow. "Quite possibly. I hadn't made the connection yet myself." Nor does he seem willing to speculating about it now. There is a slight, amused twitch at one corner of his mouth as Sam gushes about Jimenez's position and capabilities. "I … don't think we can spare you, if you're thinking about going home with them, Doctor." There's only a brief pause before he is back to business, informing the CMO, "Ensign Penta and I both underwent treatment with their razer device. To learn their language. Were you briefed on this procedure? Any medical concerns?"

Nadir pauses for a moment, eyes narrowing subtly, head angling just a bit, "Hmm. I hadn't even thought of that. Do you suppose they'd let me go back with them, if I asked? I'm sure I could be useful," her tone of voice is so calmly speculative that it isn't until she casts a sidelong glance at Elias that it's clear she's actually attempting a minor bit of a joke. "Both briefed and processed on it myself to negate the need for a interpreter with medical training to speak for the two of us. Very tidy, that," she adds with another nod of approval then taps the tip of the marker against the board. "Speaking of, I'd like a look at their medical facilities and Dr. Jimenez has indicated she'd be amiable to such a visit, so long as I get someone in command to sign off on the permission slip."

Elias' response to her is very dry, deadpan look. "Their military advice is to evacuate the Twelve Colonies completely. Not that it's immediately possible, but we may all be going with them. Someday." Just not anytime soon. And then he's quick to nod when the Doctor requests permission to visit the Arpay vessel. "Mmm. Send up the paperwork and I'll get it signed." Another note is made for this item, and then Elias' mouth tightens a tad. "Did you discuss the skinjobs with Doctor Jimenez, and what was her reaction, if so?"

Turning toward her desk, after she caps the marker, Nadir lifts the form from her desk and offers it, along with a pen, to Elias for his signature. "I believe in being prepared for all possible paperwork requirements," said even as she gives a mild shake of her head. "I don't believe that I have the authority to be discussing military data with our guests, Major. I did make her aware of the practice that the enemy has employed with regard to the altering of civilians, specifically children, and turning them into weapons against our soldiers. Beyond that, I would imagine that you would prefer to be handling the dissemination of necessary data."

Elias eyes the paperwork and gives a reluctant nod. He sees plenty of that these days. Stepping forward he reaches to take the sheets from Sam. Then there's a moment of consideration when he hears that she has not discussed skinjobs with Jimenez. "I see." He doesn't seem able to decide if that's good or bad, but he also doesn't dwell. "I've informed Commander Chapman and Major Valloy. They were … troubled. And they wanted to end our meeting to discuss it with their doctor." Once this information is relayed, Elias looks down to scan and sign the forms, assuming she's passed them over.

The form, such as it is, is indeed exactly what Nadir has handed over for his signature, after all, that's the point of getting the permission slip signed for the class field trip. "Dr. Jimenez has a refreshingly blunt manner, Major, and having a discussion with her is as refreshing as the first gulp of non-canned or recycled and filtered air. So I'll be blunt. Are you asking me to share the details, such as they are, or would you prefer that I refrain from allowing it as a topic of discussion?"

Elias' mouth compresses into a tight line at Sam's question, but he finishes scrawling his signature the required number of times, then passes back the papers before answering. "I don't see the point in trying to withhold information from the Arpay, Doctor. Either they'll help us, or they won't, and we don't have a great deal of time to find out which. The only thing I do ask is to clearly separate facts from supposition." There's only a briefest pause before he assures her, "Not that I'm overly concerned about that, in your case."

Giving the form a thorough survey to confirm that it's completed in its entirety, Nadir folds it neatly and returns it to the precise place upon her desk that she'd drawn it from, the pen squared alongside it once more. "Then my preparations will have not been conducted in vain. I'll give Dr. Jimenez several blood and tissue samples drawn from the Skinjobs that we have interfaced with and will trust the sensitivity of their testing equipment to make their own conclusions. Beyond that, I can only relay anecdotal summary drawn from interactions, which are situational at best. Perhaps it should be considered pertinent to have one of the resident models interact with Dr. Jimenez in a direct manner. I say this as a suggestion not as a plan of action. Again. Military decisions are not medical decisions, which I am not making, also to be clear."

Elias has put his initials and signatures in all the correct places. Paperwork complete. He listens to Samtara's plan and proposal, giving a quick nod of agreement. "Assuming it isn't a deal breaker, I expect they'll want to meet with the skinjobs. Once I've spoken with the Admiral we'll need to bring the Lines up to speed." Then he weighs a further point, and exhales slowly before going on. "Given Doctor Jimenez's role, I suspect you will have more influence on the Arpay decision-making than I will, Doctor. Militarily, we need the skinjobs. We need them to secure the Colonies and assist in our recovery. And they agreed to turn on the Cylons in … less than ideal situation, because we needed it. Promises were made." Promises that he believes will need to be kept, from the sound of it.

"As I understand it, Major, the skinjobs are fighting for their lives as much as we are. And for the same reason; for the right to exist as free individuals, not just cloned copies as replacable foot soldiers to be thrown into one fire fight after another and endlessly recycled like a pair of socks worn again and again. I don't imagine that Dr. Jimenez would consider the skinjobs to be disposable. The skinjobs aren't any more or less human than we are, than they are, regardless of their point of origin, speculative or not. All life has value, Major, or none has value. That's still just my opinion, of course, there's nothing binding that statement as a broad spectrum mandate. But it's not our mandate that you should be thinking on, but theirs. We're scientists, the doctor and I, we speak the same language. You know perfectly well that I won't exercise any influence, undue or timely, in any inappropriate manner," her words are rather stiffly and precisely spoken at the end. "I don't want to sign any more death certificates than I absolutely have to, sir, and I resent the suggestion that I'd say anything to turn this situation into one of discord."

There's a paitent, focused expression on the TACCO's face as he listens to what Samtara has to say about the skinjobs, and he seems satisfied. Perhaps even a little relieved. When she brings up the idea of inappropriate influence, however, his gaze hardens once more. There's a pause where he seems to be considering a response, but all Elias says is, "Understood, Doctor." He slips his clipboard back under his arm, preparing to depart. "Is there anything specific you'd like me to bring up with the Admiral?"

Without changing so much as a subtle nuance of her own expression, Nadir studies the Major for a silent moment in return before she turns back to the white board and uncaps the marker once more. "Their physicians fight for their patients, they defend them, with weapons and anything else that happens to be at hand, at the very least, Major. They take an oath? They keep it. I would imagine that it's the same with all aspects of their charter. They don't make promises they don't intend to keep, and they'll keep those promises that they make. They have a warrior society, not one of indolent utopia riddled with lazy bottom feeding floaters who would prefer to lounge about and feed off of society instead of contribute. I also imagine that they say precisely what they mean, and treat those they encounter with respect in advance of having something in which to respect. It's a fascinating aspect of not just putting the best foot forward but also paying it forward. It says something, and I think it's something very important, about getting back what you give first." She studies the chart then starts to write again, "Thank you for stopping by, Major."

Elias' pen can be heard making a quick note as he listens to the points the CMO wants relayed to Jameson, then he tucks the pen away in his breast pocket. "I will pass along your assessment," he confirms in a businesslike tone. There's a short "Mmm" to acknowledge her thanks, and then Elias makes his exit. She has her flow chart on the white board, and he has to a different decision-making tree to try to navigate up in CIC.

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