MD #219: Breakfast Meeting
Breakfast Meeting
Summary: Toby and Melissa catchup after her fracass on Mother
Date: 13/11/2017
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Toby Melissa 
Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the battlestar is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.

It's breakfast for those on daywork and so the mess is relatively busy. The porridge appears to have burnt on the bottom of the vat used to cook it, so most people are opting for fried options, or toast. One of the former of Toby and as the knuckledragger grabs a coffee and turns to see what seats are free, his plate appears to mostly be filled with various forms of dead pig. Or as close as the galley can get. He doesn't head for the gaggle of his fellow deckies though, instead he pauses and scans the tables, as if looking for someone in particular

There she is. She's already been detached from her old squadron and is now wearing a Ghosts patch - which essentially confirms the rumour that she'd been stripped of command. Curiously, she is still wearing her Captain's pins. Sitting in her flight gear, from most angles it’s just like looking at Kelsey. But to see her from the front, she's in her flight gear with a plate of eggs and what looks like the turkeybacon option. There's coffee to the right of the plate but nobody else seems to be occupying seats beside her - which may be surprising. Or maybe not. What she did, assuming its true, would probably horrify some and be a point of pride for others.

Spotting his target easily enough Toby homes in. Walking over he drops into the seat directly opposite her without even pausing to ask if she minds. He takes a moment or two to arrange things so he can start shovelling food into his face and still reach his coffee, then glances up to Mels with an odd, hard to read expression. He's loaded one forkfull but pauses with it just short of his mouth and says conversationally, as if he's talking about something entirely mundane, "care to describe the fraker? Distinguishing features? Name if you've got it."

Melissa blinks at the face now sitting across from her. She is about to comment to something but leaves it alone. There's a sign from her and she eats a piece of bacon before sitting back in the chair. "I have the most minimal interactions with you for months. Now.." A low shake of her head. "I'm not describing him to you, Shackleton. Even if I could, I wouldn't. No more blood over this. There's already been too much."

Toby almost regrets not getting an apple, this feels like the kind of conversation where he should be slowly carving chunks off one. Still, dead pig-substitute is better in just about every other means, so he gets over it. Once he's finished chewing he cants his head slightly, "I was under the impression you didn't want anything other than a professional relationship." It's said flatly, not judgementally, or defensively, but he's clearly now re-evaluating if he got that impression wrong. As she denies his request he looks slightly disappointed, but not at all surprised. "Fair enough, he, or anyone else, says shit about her in my hearing though and I'm not going to politely walk away. I'll tell 'em you told me not to though, if the MPs ask."

"No, the message was received properly, Toby." It’s been a long time since he's heard that name in that voice. "It’s just.. Momma. I had a dream ‘bout her last night. We talked a little. Mostly she was just there with me." The other remark about getting even with anyone who says something gets a low nod. "I hope that everyone has learned valuable lessons on this. First, don't say shit about my mom. Second, don't pick a fight you can't finish. Third, don't frak with a Wescott." There's a little ghost of a smile, but it fades as she leans back forward to eat more. "It’s like I told the CAG… I sleep better after meeting her. I'd rather work through tough emotions about her rather than hate her for the wrong reasons. You were right about how broken she was. Wish I'd listened."

Toby slows down a little as she talks, but he's still shovelling at a reasonable pace. Apparently tasting food is not something Taurans do, or not this one at least. As she mentions having a dream he eyes her levelly for a moment, then, once he's got an empty mouth again says quietly. "I think she was on Ostia. Briefly. I went to see her husband, their kids," he doens't know how much she thinks of them as her brother and sister so keeps it more distant for now. "Dropped off some stuff for them. Civvies and such, help keep 'em warm. Anyway, as I was leaving, someone, who wasn't there, took my hand." He doesn't say more, just shrugs once and reaches for his coffee. "Don't worry too much about listening to me or not though, no fraker else does, and most of the time it doesn't matter which way."

Melissa listens, a low smile there. "I wanted to talk to someone about that whole thing but I've never been sure who it’s safe to discuss with. Or who might judge unfairly." She holds the mug of coffee, unsure if she wants to sip it yet. Her eyes linger on it as if deciding, but mostly she's lost in memories. "He came to see me before he brought the kids. He asked me if I wanted to know them and him, or if it hurt too much. I mean, I was shocked at finding out about them. I cannot even imagine how you must feel. I mean, you and Mom… You could have been my father." There's sympathy on her face, though. Melissa isn't trying to hurt him, just talk about deeper meanings. "You felt her there? I like to think she's there. Or here. Somewhere close. I have problems letting go of her now, which is strange. All those years I hated her so, so much. Then I get to know her just a little and all I want to do is.. put out my hand and just haul her back home to safety. I want to fix the broken. I can't tell if I've lost my mom, my sister, or my daughter, either."

When Melissa talks, Toby eats. He's a fair way through his plate already. "A load of the returners," he replies between mouthfuls, "they knew her, and will likely have seen the Ghosts too. Not everyone probably, but a good chunk." His tone is an attempt to imply that she can talk to him about it if she wants, but he doesn't want to be seen to be trying to push her into doing so. As the conversation turns to Bill his expression becomes more serious again. "It's fraking weird," he admits, "but she named the lad Tobias so what choice do I have? They speak Tauran an' all."

Melissa watches him, sipping the mug. She considers how to move forward with explaining this. "Yeah, Bill Decker." The pilots rubs her face and looks down at the tray. "He says he'd like to adopt me as a daughter, but I'm closer to his age than I am to his kids. And I look just like Mom. I'd been thinking that maybe I could give it a go being.. a Mom. Be Missus Decker. These kids are blood to me. I still haven't decided. I mentioned it in passing to Bill and he didn't seem to know how he felt about it, either. He still loves Mom but I know it’s gotta be hard raising two kids on your own. And plus.. being a wife to my mom's husband?" She sighs heavily. "Its weird. I'd have to work up to other 'things' with him, but it’s mostly how I would want to approach the kids as family." She sips the coffee, looking down. "See why I don't really know who to talk to? Awkward judgments?" Those would definitely happen if she got married, though. "I know about the awkward, though. She named her daughter Lydia. That's my great gramma's first name. Tauran isn't so terrible, though. Heck, I speak Tauran if you recall."

That admission makes Toby pause. Mid-chew even. When he finally swallows though he nods once and agrees, "yeah, that’s weird alright. My suggestion? With all my successful family experience that is…" Hah. "Get to know them a bit more first? I mean, there's the whole 'pseudo-aunt option. Then if the pair of you get on well enough the jump in there, but it's not something I'd rush into." He shrugs once. "Also, that kind of thing? Read the kids in early. They're half her, which means they're bright little frakers so best be honest upfront rather than have them find out some other way. Cos they will find out."

Melissa furrows her brow and uses her fingers to flit something away from her mind. "No. I'm not talking about jumping in bed with Bill. That's.. No. If I was going to try to be a mother, it would just be a mother and the other stuff would either work out down the road in time or not. Gods.." She mutters and flicks it away, taking up more bacon. The point about the kids does have her consider that, though. "Good point." She looks down. "Bill told me that he'd asked you to take care of the kids if something happened to him. He said that with my mixed emotions about Mom, it might be better that way cuz of how their family worked. I think he's right. Its why I haven't really had a chance to think this stuff to a decision. I imagine he'll expect one when we get back to Ostia, though." She looks across at Toby. "Mom said you'd come see me. She told me to tell you that she loves you for bringing the clothes. Bulls jersey, especially. Lydia wears it all the time and wants to spend time with you so she can know the other man her mother loved." There's no way Melissa could possibly know about that, either. "That's why I was mentioning the fact that I had seen you minimally until today. So. thanks for coming by."

"Yeah, he asked that of me," Toby confirms with a short nod. "Personally, I reckon it's a terrible idea cos I'm probably the worst kind of father material. If it needed doing though then I would. No doubt, if I was needed." He reckons Mels would be better for it in general, but then she has that whole flying thing, whereas he might be able to get away with 'retiring'. "Hopefully will never happen though," he s, then sees the clock. "Hate to run on you, but I'm due in the hangerdeck. Stay safe Wescott " and with that he drains his coffee and stands to depart.

"You wouldn't be alone, Toby. We can't fail the kids. We." Seems Melissa is working herself towards a decision, though it’s unclear which one. "Bill's not even old enough to remember the Second War. I was born six years before him, if that doesn't blow your mind a little. If something happens, we need to give them every chance we can and teach them. My mom loved you and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just random. You stay safe, too."

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