PWD #05: Break Time
Break Time
Summary: Iphigenia studies. Cole distracts.
Date: 31 Dec 2012 (OOC Date)
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Iphigenia Cole 
Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
31 Dec 2004

Iphigenia looks tired. She's taken up one of the small tables, a plate with breakfast and a half-drunk coffee cup abandoned to one side on it and the majority of space taken up by books. Three are stacked; one is open in front of her. In a display of bad manners that would make her mother wince, she has her elbow on the table, the better to support her head, and she's frowning enough that a little cinch appears between her eyebrows. Now and again she writes a note on a pad in a delicate cursive.

In Iphigenia's tired and occupied state, she probably doesn't notice the man approaching her table in full flight gear, complete with the helmet tucked under one arm. This makes it difficult to balance the tray he carries in his other hand, the plate piled with only a variety of vegetables. No meat. No legumes. And a cup of tea. "You'll give yourself a headache." Is his only greeting as he plops down across from the priestess, abandoning his helmet in the seat next to him and carefully sliding his tray in front. Long fingers pluck up the cup of tea from his tray and smoothly trade it out for the half cup of coffee Iphigenia has ignored.

She looks up in the way that people do when they're startled from intense concentration. She doesn't spend hours locked into a pilot's harness, but the weariness on her face is no less telling. "It's important." she says, and brings her hands up to rub at her temples. "You have time to breathe? I heard the DCAG has you all on alert."

Having relinquished his hot tea for her coffee, his nose wrinkles slightly as he drinks it. Cold. Not as if that stops him. For the darkness under his eyes, he still seems in a remarkably good mood. "We still have shift changes, so we're getting rack time. Alert-5 is active, but we're not sitting hot in the tubes." Which means they have to eat when they can, and be able to drop anything in a moment's notice. He stretches his neck up to try and see over the top of the book as to what she's reading. "What's important?"

"Dreams." she murmurs. The stack of books contains references on dream symbolism from both theological and psychological perspectives. She doesn't go int much detail beyond that, probably because she can't.

Gently and reverently, Ari reaches out to fold the cover of the book closed and set it aside. "Break time." He declares simply, nudging the cup of tea with a little poke of his index finger which makes the brown liquid inside slosh like a little miniature tidal wave.

She gives him a smile that is odd and enigmatic; like she doesn't know how to respond to someone showing even the smallest consideration for her needs (strange, because she's lived much of her life with servants striving to anticipate them), and with the amusement involved when realizing roles, however momentary, have been swapped. And possibly a little like a moment's kindness might make her eyes brim. It's all complicated. No sniffling or eye glistening however; she dutifully picks up the cup in both hands to cradle the warmth before sipping. "And how are you sleeping these days?"

"Same as always, after I've thoroughly exhausted myself. Sleeping is easy, it's the dreaming that's the difficult part. But you," Cole dips his coffee mug in the direction of the books she's surrounded herself with, "already knew that. I talked to the interim CAG, by the by. I've clearance to help you during my off hours with building our Chapel on the surface. So you let me know what you need, and I'll see that it gets done. I look pretty good swinging a hammer, if I do say so myself."

Iphigenia looks pleased at that. "Nags seemed pretty skeptical about the idea that you'd even volunteered in the first place. Could I trouble you to be my liaison to the DCAG? I'd like to request raptor assistance for both moving what I've got here to the surface, and possibly for moving the lumber. I received the clearances for the site, the space, and for taking down the lumber just the other day." Does he look good swinging a hammer? Well, they're going to find out.

"Nags knew me before I gave my soul over to the Orphic religion, don't blame her for believing that a leaf can't turn." Ari speaks on occasion as a man who learned Colonial as a second language, his terms sometimes too proper where slang would have suited much better. "And sure. Bumper and I have a good working relationship already, I don't see that as a problem. I'll try and convince Thaddeus to volunteer as well, which will take some of the burden off."

"I rather wish I could have known you prior to the present circumstances." Gen confesses quietly. "I think you would have quite turned me on my head." Whatever that means. At the mention of Thaddeus, she smiles. "I think Dub would be happy to. We have a good relationship. His sister sent me a gift, I'll have to show you sometime. It was a happy coincidence, it coincided perfectly with one of my birth dedication goddesses."

"Hey. I'm religious. Not in a coma." He comments quickly to 'turning her on her head', but there doesn't seem to be any offense taken the way he smirks into his (her) coffee cup before taking another sip of the cold liquid. "Wait. I missed it? Why didn't you tell me?" Or maybe she did and he was too consumed with something at the time to remember.

Whatever Gen meant by it, she doesn't explain, but the latter does confuse her, if merrily so. "Missed what? Him giving it to me, or my showing it off? I haven't had opportunity to wear it yet. I wish I had at Saturnalia."

Ari tears off a tiny chunk of his roll and lobs it at Iphigenia. "That you were close with Thaddeus. What was it then?" He finally starts paying attention to his meal, consisting of mostly root vegetables. Cole takes up his fork, smashing them all together with a healthy heap of butter and then adds salt and pepper from the shakers stationed on the table.

Iphigenia chuckles. "We haven't had much time to chat lately, but yes. She sent me a sea shell. About yea big." She curves her thumb and forefinger. "Mother-of-pearl sheen, one of those beautiful pieces that nature makes and no man can duplicate. I had it bored at the edge so I can wear it as a pendant honoring the Foam-born. It's really lovely."

"Sounds lovely." Cole concurs, not having to lay eyes on it to believe the Sister. He's quiet for a moment, politely not talking with his mouth full as he eats his chosen meal. He swallows, a bit hard as if the food is sticking in his throat. "I, uh…well, not to mix business with pleasure, but I need to schedule another session. Just a heads up, too, Bumper is going to want a review with you."

"I'll make sure to put you back on the schedule. And of course." She doesn't want to say too much about the pending review with Bumper. "My counseling schedule has gotten heavy this past week. It must be a full moon somewhere."

Cole grins again, wide enough that it thins out his lips. "In the Colonies, there is /always/ bound to be a full moon somewhere. It's not an urgency so it can wait. I had a run in with Bennett I'm not particularly proud of, but. Like I said. We can save that for later. Drink your tea." He nods down to the cup, as if she's forgotten it. "Then maybe have a nap."

"Can't, but the idea is appreciated." she says, her grin almost, but not quite matching how thin-spread his is. She doesn't press on the details of his fight with Bennett. That's for later. "Would you like a follow-up on my meeting with Bumper once it's out of the way?"

"If permitted." Since coming aboard the Orion, Cole has become almost obsessive with keeping his Jacket clean of instances, striving to become a model officer and maybe break the cycle of being a perma-Lieutenant. Reaching over, he lays a hand on top of hers. "Promise you'll rest when you can. You really aren't pretty when you're all…scowly like that." Teasing, to be sure.

"Oh dear, there's nothing more untoward than an unattractive chaplain. I've found being pretty helps me keep people awake during sermons." Her smile broadens a little, but she does rub at that little wrinkle between her brows. "I will sleep, I promise. And there's nothing wrong with my updating you on the meeting unless he explicitly advises me not to."

Ari pushes aside his tray so he can stand and lean across the table to give her a quick peck on the forehead. "Food in my belly, fresh off an eight hour shift. Sounds like the perfect time for some rack. Don't be jealous. I'll see you soon then, Gen."

"I'll try not to writhe in envy." she murmurs lowly, her tone wry as his mouth touches her forehead. "Sleep well and deep, Ari." she says, this latter more loudly and meant for his ear.

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