AWD #082: Bravery In Private
Bravery in Private
Summary: Cole and Afton take a much needed break, but they can never escape.
Date: 29/March/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Any regarding Ari and Aerilon, and Afton making kissy faces with Knox.
Afton Cole 
It's storage. Things are stored here.

We join our scene already in progress (aka we lost the beginning of the log)

The chamalla joint in hand, the second behind her ear and Afton gives the hatch a look. It's been barred and jammed by Janitor so they should be free to enjoy themselves and unwind. Gods know she needs it. The PO twists the joint between her fingers and motions to him. "I suppose walking around with those you likely have a light." A hand scrabs over the bottom of her tanks and she takes a step closer, boots sounding on the grated floor as she waits. "I haven't had one of these…since I was eighteen…my mother had quite a bit of chamalla…she was a priestess though." There is a fond smile on her face. "Where did you get it?"

The tattoo in honor of Afton is now once more obscured from view, the green footprints on his ass will forever be a reminder of his ordeal on Aerilon and just who he owes his life to. Maybe it's that fact alone that Cole's merely shrugged off the rumor that Saint James was seen making out with one of the newly outed skin jobs. "I have a stash down on the planet. My wife…" There is a pause, his brow furrowing deeply as he has some inner debate. Finally, the man chooses past tense, "Was. My wife was a deeply religious woman. We used to have many a communion with the Dionysus. Either that or we just had some crazy stoned sex." There is a crooked smile on his lips as he fishes into his pocket and procures a lighter, his thumb flicking the flint wheel once before it catches true and he holds the flame out for her.

Leaning in towards the flame, Afton pulls and it lights and the lurid smoke trails upward and twines around her face. Tendrils escape her nose slowly before she fully exhales. Wetting her lips, she smiles and nods her head, trying to gloss over the past tense in favor of happier thoughts. "Dionysus is good for that, a great excuse and there is nothing wrong with crazy stoned sex…" She turns her fingers, the joint moving, smoke dancing as she looks at it and then places it to her lips again and pulls in deep, holding it a time before she lets out that slow release. "It has been forever…don't tell people you have this stuff or you might get mobbed." There is a pause and she makes a motion with her hand. "I want to say thanks, Janitor. For wanting to talk to me."

"Only people that know are you and Thaddeus, and he's dead now, so." One shoulder rolls in a half shrug. "That leaves you." Cole takes a little shuffle backwards, stepping out of her personal space once the joint is lit so that he can spark up his own. The skin around his eyes crinkle as he takes a deep drag and holds the smoke in his lungs for a long moment. Finally, "Don't be ridiculous."

The mention of Thaddeus makes Afton go quiet, just a mere nod of her head before she pulls again from the joint. A sigh escapes her with the smoke and she laughs, short and relaxed. Finding something to lean against, she eventually pulls herself up to perch on the crate. "It's not ridiculous, Janitor. Though you aren't overly brave as we are in a storage room together and its not really advertising that you are hanging with me. Tell me…what do you make of all this? The skinjobs?"

"I'm only brave in private, it's true." Cole leans back against a shelving and winces, rolling instead to rest his shoulder against the upward brace. "The rest is just false bravado and winning good looks." The chamalla joint is rolled between his fingers and pondered while he considers how to answer her question. "Well. It's scary, for one. We'd be stupid not to be scared shitless. /I'm/ scared." Another toke is taken, and when he speaks it's in that pinched way where he tries not to exhale. "Aren't you?"

Smirking slightly, Afton turns the joint, giving it a look before she tilts her head up to exhale. THere is a lazy smile on her face until he admits to being scared. There is a passive acceptance, a nod of her head to follow before she breathes a lungful of the smoke in and her eyes lid. "Yes, of course. I am scared…I am scared of these skinjobs as a whole, because …well they are unpredictable. That makes them even more scary." Trailing her teeth over her lower lip, the PJ adds. "But I trust Knox…don't know about the other. I know what he feels…how do I say it? I have felt it? Its hard to explain, its like I could see into his heart.." her hands make motions, as if to shape the organ in front of her.

"Well that's nauseating." Cole snerks at the sentiment, but it's a flippant sound. "If you say 'he completes you' I'm revoking your awesomeness status and with that goes the privilege of smokey treats." A nod as if to emphasis that he's not kidding in that regard. "So that leaves us in the land of Scared. Then we travel to Paranoia World, which has the greatest population. Just offshore is Anger Island. People are going to have to figure out where they want to live, and those are the three easiest places to set up a homestead."

"Oh shut it, Janitor. You are not catching my drift, like I actually felt it….as if they were my own feelings. It was just so very strange." The joint gets waved around and then she just seems to give up, snorting at him before she takes a toke and fill her lungs. She releases in a large plume of smoke and eyes him for a long moment. "I figure once the paranoia has worn off, Anger Island is going to be full up. Scared, that is just part of Anger Island, Janitor. Often why people are angry is because they are scared."

"Because they fear what they don't understand. And being angry is a lot easier than admitting you're afraid. I know first hand." Cole watches the tiny bit of ash fall off the end of his joint, as if that's far more interesting than Afton herself. But then again, he looks a tad bit guilty about something. "So you're saying you…felt it." Easier to focus on her than his own issues. "Like some out of body experience? I don't know if I'm high enough for that yet."

"Yeah well…" Afton has nothing in regards to anger or fear, in fact, she knows he's right and she sighs for it too. The question however draws her gaze and the PJ watches him from over the blunt, taking another greedy pull that has her eyes watering already. "I am not sure what it was…I just know I could feel the overwhelming sense of …love? Perhaps companionship. But it was real…" A soft laugh and she eyes the disappearing joint. "I would agree…it was a trip. Feeling what he felt for was, it was a trip and scared the crap out of me at first. It also made me trust him."

"But the rest of the ship can't mind-meld with him like some Sci-Fi movie. So we have to take your word, and while that's good enough for me, it's going to be an uphill battle for most. Before this, we laid the blame to some generic metal scourge for what happened to the Colonies. Now there are faces. Faces with names that we know and have said 'hi' to, and flown with, and shared meals with. And it's going to be a lot easier to blame those faces." Cole takes another drag that results in a deep rumble of a contented sound in the back of his throat.

"It's going to be a lot easier, but its not going to be the answer," Afton supplies. "We all have done a lot that is not so easy, it may take a while but this is just one of those things we should be able to face as well. Eventually. The question is when that time comes, it may be too late." That makes her face screw up a bit, nose wrinkling as she wets her lips and then settles back, pulling on the last of her joint and savoring the way the smoke drifts from her lips. "We have to plant this stuff on the surface. We really have to." She leans her weight back into her hand on the crate and tries to make what so little is left last.

There is a smirk from Ari at that. "Think we can convince them it's basil or some shit?" The bit of a smile is wiped away by him rubbing his palm over his lips and cheek scruff. "When I was on Aerilon," He starts talking about it so easily, as if he hadn't been bottling up the memory for over the last month. "The resistance encampment I was in erupted one night. They had a woman. Tied to a tree. She had been shot and beaten, inches away from death. They said she was a Skinjob. Said they had killed one just like her." The viper jock seems to ramble, no doubt his tongue loosened by the drug.

"It wasn't the Captain was it? I mean what did she look like?" Afton is curious despite everything else, the comment of Basil lost as she slips off the crate and takes the last desperate pull from what is left. "They were sure then…they bleed, likely feel and so much like is in many ways despite who they fight for. What will we become if we go on a hunt for the rest?" There is a breath indrawn and despite the slight loose feeling she has from the chamalla.

"Then we'll be…just like them." Aristides brow sits heavy over his eyes, making the hazel darken underneath his fringe of dark lashes. "She was," He dredges up the memory, through the cobwebs and dust. "Blonde. Maybe early thirties. I can't tell you what her face looked like, she was so…broken. They were going to kill her and I…I had to step in, right? I stayed with her through the night. I stopped her bleeding. I did what I could. The next night her husband came to camp on a rampage. She had a husband. She had someone who loved her."

His words give her pause and she stares at him. "A husband…" Her voice trails off and she trails her teeth over lower lip. A soft sigh escapes her, "This is so frakked…" Her voice trails off some and rubbing at her face, her teeth bite down again on the full curve of her mouth. "So frakked. I bet she wasn't one…I bet she wasn't. We are going to turn on ourselves if we don't get over this and try to adapt." What a sobering image, the woman and her husband that she never got to see. "She wasn't there when I lifted you off…did he get her away?

"I let her go. To die." And there is not enough Chamalla in his entire pack to stop that declaration from harshing his buzz. "And before the rest of the encampment could turn on me, we were overrun with Centurions, which is where you came in. So did I let her go, and with her dying breath she told them where we were? Or did she die, and her human husband went off and let them know? Or was it just some great frakking misunderstanding?" Cole shakes his head, "I don't know. I just don't know."

Afton goes quiet for a time, lost to thought before she reaches out to touch his arm from a distance, giving it a squeeze. "You did what you could, that is more than any one of those other people would have done. If we aren't careful, we are going to do that here. Granted, they admitted to being enemy agents." BUt she draws a breath, a slight hesitation before she adds, "You did what you could for her, you weren't in much of a state to take care of anyone, let alone yourself. We got you out of there in time, barely."

Ari looks down at the hand on his arm, and a small smile reappears. "And here I just wanted to not think for a while." He plucks her hand from his arm, giving her knuckles a brief chaste kiss before releasing them.

"Well you were the one that..well no. It is my fault." Afton smiles for the gentlemanly action taken. "Well what the hell, we need to go drinking. Why are we not down at Charlie's?" She takes his hand then and gives him a tug. "I am off duty, I know you are. Let's get off this ship if we can." She starts for the hatch still buzzed.

"I'm only brave in private, remember?" Cole hitches his head towards the hatch. "Get out of here. I'm gonna sit around, smoke one more, and give myself permission to keep hiding from a well overdue apology."

There is a soft sigh and Afton hesitates, turning to look Janitor over. "Sure thing…" Pause, "Thanks again." There is a warm smile that spreads further before she steps up to him and offers him a quick one armed hug. "So I guess some of you pilots are okay," she winks as a she teases him and then heads for the hatch, turning on her foot and working out the piece jammed into the wheel to let herself out.

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