Ensign Brandy "Amazon" Aphrodeen
BSG-Brandy.jpg Aphrodeen, Brandy
Ensign Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
24 F
Hair Eyes
Blonde Grey


Brandy was born on Scorpia to the Aphrodeen family, a polygamist grouping, and was raised in modest means in an urban communal house. She went to the local schools and helped out as a seamstress for the family. Show is a big proponent of this life style and devoted religiously to the admittedly particular brand of worship in her family to Aphrodite, and after her to the other Lords and Ladies of Kobal.

She excelled in school and kept herself on the right side of the law, not always a family trait. As she approached graduation she announced her desire to continue and attain a degree and a pilot's license to work on the various shuttle characters around Scorpia. The family pooled its resources and sent her off to the University where in proper fashion, Brandy quickly enrolled in the ROTC program to ease the burden and make her own contributions.

Upon graduation, Brandy applied and was accepted to the Colonial Flight school, training as a Raptor pilot. She completed her training and and was assigned to Fleet headquarters on Picon, where she and her ECO officer were shuttle crew, taking new and replacement crews to their various assignments in the fleet.

At the time the bombs fell, Brandy was returning to Picon, and was able to find a window that allowed her to make it to the planet and link to the forming resistance. There she served and honed her combat skills as a Raptor -F pilot on support and evac missions.

Recently with the linking of the Orion to the Picon Resistance, Brandy requested transfer to the Orion in hopes of being able to find more intell and seek the fate of her family back home on Scorpia.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Brandy attended the University on Scorpia in the ROTC program and Fight School on Picon to train as a Raptor pilot. Her assignment for the first two years of service was personnel transporting to various duty stations and fleet assignments from Picon Fleet Headquarters and the Picon Academy.

Brandy linked with the resistance fighters on Picon and assisted in various support and evacuation missions as a Raptor pilot.

She has recently moved to the Orion's flight crew as a Raptor pilot by request and is deeply interested in any news on the fate of Scorpia.

Recent Logs


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