AWD #488: Boys Should Fear Us
Boys Should Fear Us
Summary: Following Drive-a-tank-day, the girl-marines get ready for a night out on the town to open up their 24hrs of shore leave!
Date: 10/22/2016
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Randy Kapali Gray Angelis 
Near Crandall
09 May 2006 AWD #488

The humvee right back is, more or less, uneventful. After all. There aren't any /actual/ posted speed limit signs. So it's up to the best judgment of the driver to make the best time possible over the available terrain. So maybe everyone in the truckbed had to seriously hold on, and maybe Kapali drove sort of like a maniac, but totally under control maniac, before down shifting to a -sedate- pace as they roll back into the parking space designated. Nothing to see here. So what if there'd a caked layer of dust all over the humvee save for the swashes of clean windshield space. No one said she had to return the humvee in /exactly/ the condition that they checked it out in. She tosses the keys over to who ever is waiting for the keys, offers a big ass grin to go with the tossed keys then shoulder punches Gray before dismounting the vehicle. "Next time I drive, you get to pick the tunes AND navigate," she promises with a laugh before her boots hit the dirt and she heads back to grab her gear.

Gray grins as he jumps out of the Humvee, bag in hand. "Deal." Nevermind the fact that she probably just made the rest of the squad check their pants or wish for airsick bags…he, at least, had a blast on the way out.

Angelis was pretty okay with the mad-cap driving too. She mostly just held on and absorbed sunlight. Once the vehicle grinds to a halt and everyone dismounts, she follows suit, grabbing up her duffle that appears to be half empty as she does and slings it over a shoulder. She inhales deeply then grins, "Man… smell that freedom!" She comments to the group as a whole. "I think it's time to go find us a watering hole, yes? All that excitment has made me thirsty…"

Randy dives into her little snoozing spot as soon as possible, knowing that if she isn't asleep or semi-unconscious by the time Kapali starts the truck, she's frakked. Luckily, mental preparation goes a long way. How she can actually sleep after all that adrenaline pumping through her body is anyone's guess. What's an even wilder guess would be how she can sleep through Kapali's driving. When they arrive, she yawns and unfurls from her corner. She hucks her gear over the side of the wall of the truck bed and then hustles out herself after it. "That sounds like a brilliant idea," Randy says as she's bent over, picking up her gear. She wears the rucksack backwards and her duffel on her back, hands through the small carry straps. She's standing by virtue of planning and counterbalances.

Shrugging her pack over her shoulders, Kapali tugs the ballcap out of her back pocket again and fits it on over her hair once more. She shares another grin with Gray before aiming a nod at Tabi, "Ok, that's one vote for booze." She laughs as she angles a second nod at Randy, "Motion seconded," the points one finger at Gray, "You're the deciding vote."

Angelis grins and rocks back on her heels. "First things… let's get out of this…" She plucks at her black combats, "And into something more comfortable, and I could really use a shower, too. 'Cause it was pretty hot inside those tanks. And then beer. And shots." She bounces on her toes, and laughs, "Man… freedom feels so good… even if it's only for twenty-four hours."

"Let's hit up the Head on base and get sexy," Randy says with a nod to Tabi's idea. Although, left to her own devices, she might have wandered to buy a bottle of cheap liquor off some Ensign. "Then we regroup at," Randy looks down at a watch she borrowed for this occasion and spouts out a time. "Last one there is a rotten egg."

Kapali exhales a bit of a sigh then eyes the contents of her kit rather forlornly, "Oh alright. But I refuse to wear makeup and heels are out of the question. You guys are in charge of sexy, I'll be in charge of drinks and seating arrangements." She points at Gray, "You're in charge of Private PeePee and keeping the creepers away from Tabi."

Angelis blinks… "Uh… I don't have anything… ah… sexy." Yes, Tabi actually blushes when she says that. What? She's a down home country girl at heart, sexy isn't in her vocab. "But yes… sounds good. And no getting drunk before we're all together, otherwise it's no fun then." She laughs, only half serious as she adjusts the weight of her duffle on her shoulder and heads off in the direction of the Head.

"Sexy equals clean and whatever you feel good in in my book. Nothing sexier than a comfortable girl," Randy smiles, closing her eyes briefly. Yes, she's on leave for sure. "So just wear whatever, nothing, who cares!" Sergeant Flynn frowns at Angelis' stipulation. "Can I pre-game a little or are we doing drinking games tonight?" They're all headed in the same direction, and she's going to gab away while they all get squeaky clean.

"Define pre-game?" Kapali wonders as she walks alongside Tabi and Randy. "I feel like that's a thing we do in advance of going to a pyramid game. Which includes wearing team colors and putting on face paint. Which is not what I think you mean!" she adds with a laugh.

"Oh shite…time to educate," Because Randy's been to uni and suddenly realizes as the daughter of an Aquarian bootlegger (among other things), she needs to do it proper. "It's when you buy cheap liquor and pound it with your friends beforehand to offset the cost and guaranteed shittiness of the dive bar you're going to. A warm up, if you will."

Glancing between Kappa and Randy, Tabi shakes her head slightly and laughs, "If I wasn't so secure in my upbringing, I'd swear I'd missed out on some sort of vital life-transitioning-stage. Pre-game.. sports…" She shakes her head, "Sounds like another universe to me. Not that I'm complaining… but sure, we can pre-game."

"I grew up with mostly construction workers as 'play mates'," Kapali explains with a shrug. "I was the kid on the job site, most of the time. I learned all sorts of useful things, like how to use a nail gun for target practice, how to clean up asbestos in the rain, and how to swear in several languages and make rotgut booze. And how to decipher man-speak 99 percent of the time." She tips her head in a nod then, "Ok. See. That's just smart. Ok so we hook up with booze first, then drink the ridiculously over priced swill at the bar or where ever we end up, and don't go broke in the process."

"You both did," Randy teases, grinning broadly. "I learned everything in uni on Caprica. I faked it till I made it," Randy grins broadly. Course she can't mean her schoolwork since no one can fake their way through the majors she chose. "I spent my time growing up with miners. That must be why we speak the same language," Randy teases Kapali. "Different dialects though…Precisely my good friend." She fingerguns Kapali. THAT'S HER FIRST FINGERGUN SHE'S CAUGHT THE BUG! "As long as we keep the pre-game handicap roughly equal, drinking games can still commence with everyone's dignity intact." Because no one wants a sore loser claiming it was the pre-game liquor's fault. It's only helping out after all. "I brought a bottle, but we should wait till we're off the base." Randy steps out of the shower, because time is magic, and throws on a tank, some skinny jeans, and starts to roll her the sleeves of a button-up to her elbows, not having buttoned it up yet, so to speak.

Since it's all summery warm, Tabi steps out wearing what were probably once jeans, but long since cut off into a pair of shorts that're held up by a plain brown belt, a pale blue tank top that matches her eyes and some well worn, but clean, sneakers. At least someone came prepared for summery warmth. It's not unlikely that the girl's got a swimsuit on under that too. Though it's not readily visible. The braids are pulled out and she's busy tying her hair up into a ponytail. And dang… there's piercings too! Several in each ear, a mixed bag of hoops and studs, and even a dangly feather in her right ear. She's nodding, "Probably a good idea to wait till we're off base." She agrees with Randy as she finishes tying her hair back.

"We're such an odd grab bag, you know?" Kapali remarks once she's done changing. "I grew up with construction workers. Tabi grew up literally learning how to do all the cool stuff. And Randy grew up learning other cool stuff. Between the three of us, we can build anything, hunt/cook anything and blow up anything. The men ought to be properly afraid of us, just to be clear." She didn't pack MUCH in the way of civilian clothing that isn't climbing gear. But she comes up with a sun dress worn over a pair of shorts that can't be seen beneath the dress itself and sandals.

Randy gives her hair a good towel dry, flipping her hair over in the process. It's getting so long, she's not really sure what to do with it, so she lets the natural waves, frizz, and split ends do their thing. Wiggling bare toes, she pulls a pair of worn black low-tops that she usually wears, coming up just over the ankles. She fiddles with the top of her shoes to make sure they are just right after tying each of them and hiding the knots under the tongue to sit against her ankle socks. Apparently, she's very fastidious about these little details, even if her ensemble is pretty plain. The new thing about the shoes? Some neon orange laces. They look /almost/ new! Naturally, she shrugs that first-war bomber jacket on, even if she still hasn't grown into the sleeves and never will. Her makeup is kept very natural, just a light application of black-brown mascara, a touch of eyeliner, and a little bit of some homemade stain for her lips. Fear. "That's right. We don't need 'em." She shoots a toothy grin in the other girls' direction before checking her messing mop of hair. "Oh, Pen. Apparently I don't need any permission to frak with my hair. So we should totally just bzzzzzzzzzt," she makes a motion like she's shaving her head with clippers. "Maybe when we get back?"

"Do I smell good?" Randy asks randomly, directed at either, both of them.

"To you, not what you think a man would like," Randy makes absolutely clear as an afterthought.

Angelis leans over toward Randy, inhaling deeply… then laughs, "You smell amazing, Sarn't Flynn." She grins at the woman, then shakes her head, "Nah… you totally shouldn't shave your head." Tabi's own hair /does/ seem to be reasonably well kept. All things considered. No split ends here! "It just needs a trim, then I could put it in braids for you?" She'd totally do that, too. A look to Kappa and her hands go to her hips, "Well, of course. We're just a mixed bag of awesomeness, the boys should fear us." Sage nod.

"Do /not/ call me that when we're out. It's Randy okay? There's nothing worse than girls who are only in it for the uniform. Frakking groupies," not like Randy knows if any of that crowd are still alive. Randy arches a brow at Angelis. "Do I look like I'm trying to bag Aerilon Sandy?" There's reference to a popular film about a little backwater girl that no one but her will probably get. "Besides, that'd be a bitch to do before battle," she teases playfully before bouncing over to the door, dropping her stuff in a heap. "Ready? Ready? Ready?" she asks in quick succession, bouncing on her heels.

Kapali finishes fussing with the sandals she's wearing and straightens, fitting her skinny wallet into one of the pockets that she's wearing under her sun dress. "JUST to be on the safe side, I'm wearing a bikini under this dress. AND I have my condom packs, which I'm not going to use. But," she points a finger at Randy, "STI's are gross and I'm prepared, as always." She hooks an arm through Tabi's and grins, "They should fear us. And probably do. And…" she squints, comically, at Randy. "We could shave your head bald, yes, but it's really cold when you do that. Plus no cushion for the top of your head beneath the helmet. Which sucks."

"What Penny said.." Angelis comments to Randy, "And plus, the awesomeness of braids? You can just leave them in for as long as you like. When I had full braids I only re-did them every two weeks or so. It doesn't take long, and you just wash your hair like normal." As Kapali loops her arm through hers, Tabi shakes her head slightly and blushes, "I didn't even bring… well… they're in my kit bag. I don't think I'll be using them. Though maybe I should grab them for the boys…" She doesn't sound committed though as she looks to Randy, then Kapa again, "So… shall we be off?"

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